Sex with thrush - is there a danger?

December 19, 2012

 Sex with thrush
 Anyone who has suffered from thrush, in one voice declare that the disease is extremely unpleasant. Not only that, there is a constant irritation and itching of the genital organs that violate the rhythm of life, so also there is the possibility of complications. Yes, of course, thrush observe a lot of restrictions, ranging from compliance with the rules of personal hygiene and ending with a special diet. In addition, not least the question of sex with thrush - is this possible? Many women are turning for advice to her friends, not to see a doctor and receive the answer: "Yes, it is possible and even necessary." And it is safe sex for thrush and whether to go on about their own desires?


Separately, a thrush

Thrush - a vulgar name urogenital candidiasis. The disease is caused by fungi of the genus Candida, which are normally present on the skin and mucous surfaces of each individual and does not manifest itself until there are predisposing factors. These factors translate mushrooms from the category of opportunistic pathogenic flora in the category. In this case, the fungi are activated, start to grow and proliferate vigorously, thereby suppressing the normal microflora of the organism, in this case the vagina. It develops characteristic and familiar to many disease - thrush. Predisposing factors urogenital candidiasis include:

  • long-term use of antibiotics, cytostatics and glucocorticoids;
  • chronic gynecological and extragenital diseases;
  • surgery;
  • use of oral hormonal contraceptive pills Hormonal birth control pills - a modern method of preventing preg  Hormonal birth control pills - a modern method of preventing preg
  • lack of vitamins;
  • diabetes Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
  • endocrine disorders and more.

Thus, it becomes clear that the yeast develops against the background of weakening the body's defenses. Not least in the possibility of infection of urogenital candidiasis Urogenital candidiasis - an infection will not spare anyone  Urogenital candidiasis - an infection will not spare anyone
   It takes and sexual transmission.


The symptoms of yeast infection in women

Every woman should know the symptoms of thrush .  First of all it is necessary to early treatment, and secondly, not to be a threat to the sexual partner (too great a risk of infection men) .  A characteristic symptom of urogenital candidiasis is a dedicated .  Discharge is usually abundant, milky with lumps, like cottage cheese and has an unpleasant sour smell .  Moreover, thrush worried intense itching and burning genitals, many women describe this state as "fire inside" .  Itching may be so pronounced, leading to nervous system disorders and insomnia .  Usually irritation is enhanced genitals before and during menstruation, in the afternoon and at night, and during sexual intercourse .  Severe itching may cause discomfort and even pain during sex .  Therefore, if you suspect a yeast infection women should seek medical advice immediately .


Why is sex for thrush is contraindicated

Based on the above clinical picture, it is clear that sex is not desirable for thrush in the first place because sex causes severe pain in women. It is also necessary to exclude oral sex (we should not forget that the fungi multiply and fine in the mouth). Secondly, it is necessary to exclude sex because of the high probability of contracting partner that can subsequently transmit fungi other women. Although thrush in men Thrush in men - not such a rarity  Thrush in men - not such a rarity
 Usually asymptomatic, infection is possible even with a single act of intercourse. Thirdly, with urogenital candidiasis vaginal mucosa becomes edematous and friable and easily injured, even during intercourse. Microtrauma and abrasions not only aggravate the disease, but will require longer treatment and serious. And, of course, we should not forget that yeast often develops on the background of some sexually transmitted infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes, etc.).

Many doctors do not prohibit sex with urogenital candidiasis in women, but only to insist on mandatory condom use. Of course, having sex with thrush - a private matter of every woman, but it is necessary to postpone the event until full recovery.

Anna Sozinova

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Effects of yeast: the more fraught with neglect of health

November 21, 2010

  • Effects of yeast: the more fraught with neglect of health
  • Among women
  • Men
  • When pregnancy

 the effects of yeast
 Thrush or candidiasis - this may not be the most dangerous infection, but its appearance is very unpleasant, and the effects of time the treated yeast will not make itself felt all the time, including during pregnancy. Therefore, you need to treat thrush as it should, acting not only on the pathogen, but also on the overall condition of the body.

 Effects of yeast: the more fraught with neglect of health

Why do I get thrush

Thrush or candidiasis of genitals - a disease that is of particular fungi genus Candida, yeast-like structure having. The fungus Candida is almost always live in the mucous membranes, including genital mutilation, without causing disease.

Thrush appears in violation of immunity when reduced defenses. In this case, the fungi begin to actively proliferate and penetrate deep into the mucosa, causing disease.

Decreased immunity and contribute to the development of thrush hormonal disorders, endocrine diseases, vitamin deficiency, various long-occurring chronic diseases, antibiotics, glucocorticoid hormones and hormonal contraceptives.

If time does not treat thrush, it will go into chronic relapsing several times a year.

 Effects of yeast: the more fraught with neglect of health

The symptoms of thrush

In acute disease in the mucous membranes of the external genitalia of women there is redness, swelling, and white cheesy raids. When removing the plaque can be seen in its place superficial violation mucosa - erosion. All this is accompanied by severe itching, burning, and sometimes - in violation of urination.

Chronic yeast infection is less severe symptoms, but they can be permanent or repetitive.

In men thrush it is less common than in women, and it also has a value of reduced immunity. Thrush manifests in men Thrush in men - not such a rarity  Thrush in men - not such a rarity
   redness and swelling of the glans penis, odor and pain during sexual intercourse. It often happens that, in spite of the presence of yeast infection in women, a man is healthy, but the weakening of the body (this may be due to nerve overload) he shows signs of thrush in while my wife these symptoms have passed.

 Effects of yeast: the more fraught with neglect of health

What consequences can have thrush

Correct and timely treated thrush goes without a trace and has no consequences.

Long flowing chronic thrush Chronic yeast infection - how to win illness  Chronic yeast infection - how to win illness
   can completely disrupt the intimate life, also becomes chronic endangers the conservation of thrush during pregnancy.

Infection of the fetus mushrooms is rare, although the yeast-like fungi are found in almost 80% of pregnant women. However, occasionally there are severe attack of fungi Candida internal organs of the fetus, such as the brain. Usually, the infection affects the umbilical cord, skin, oral mucosa and respiratory tract. Even rarer generalized (of the body) affecting the fetus, which usually ends with a premature termination of pregnancy.

A newborn baby can become infected with candida, passing through the birth canal of women. In this case, he appeared characteristic signs of thrush in the mouth, on the gums and inside of the cheeks - redness, swelling and cheesy raids.

One of the unpleasant complications of thrush is a common infection in the urinary tract and kidneys. In these organs infection can occur for a long time, causing recurrent acute bacterial infection and accession.

 Effects of yeast: the more fraught with neglect of health

How to get rid of thrush

To do this, first of all, a correct diagnosis. The diagnosis is confirmed by yeast smears taken from the female genital tract, under a microscope, or microbiological research (sowing selections on medium to identify the infectious agent and its sensitivity to antifungal drugs). One of the most accurate analysis - analysis which revealed the presence of DNA of fungi Candida in the blood (polymerase chain reaction - PCR).

After establishing the exact cause of the disease the doctor prescribes a course of treatment with antifungal drugs, which kill the fungus Candida. For pregnant women, there are special preparations that do not have toxic effects on the fetus.

Simultaneously, the overall improvement of the body. In order to strengthen immunity Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system  Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system
   recommended intake of vitamin and mineral supplements, nutrition Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food  Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food
 , Moderate exercise, walking outdoors, with the exception of stress, heavy physical and mental exertion.