Exercises for fibromyalgia: one step at a time

July 23, 2012

 exercise in fibromyalgia
 Once you are diagnosed with "fibromyalgia," do not need to spend most of their time in bed. You must start to do the exercises. Sports help to alleviate the pain. Step by step plan will help you start your own exercise program for fibromyalgia.

 Exercises for fibromyalgia: one step at a time

Step 1. Keep in mind that this may help

Exercise - one of the most effective ways to treat fibromyalgia, experts say. They help to deal with all the symptoms, including pain, fatigue and sleep problems Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams

Exercise helps to maintain bone mass, improve balance, reduce stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   and increase strength. Regular exercise helps control weight, which is important to reduce the pain.

Even if you do not want to move, it is important to believe that exercise will help. Please be really difficult, but then becomes much easier.

 Exercises for fibromyalgia: one step at a time

Step 2. Start slowly

Regardless, have you ever run a marathon before, or you've never played sports, it is necessary to start classes with small and gradually increase the level of activity.

For example, you can start by walking for five minutes every day - for weeks, and then add on a minute each week until you reach 20 or 30 minutes a day. Yes, it will require 15 weeks, but this is a normal pace.

For people who are not accustomed to physical activity, it is important just to increase the activity, do not necessarily call it exercise. You just have to move more, for example, a longer walk or climb stairs.

Even if at first you do is difficult to move, over time you will notice that the movements are easier.

A study in 2010 showed that regular daily activities such as climbing stairs, gardening, cleaning the house, can help reduce pain and improve the condition of patients with fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia: how to live a balanced life  Fibromyalgia: how to live a balanced life

This study confirms that any activity is good. It is not necessary that it was just exercises.

 Exercises for fibromyalgia: one step at a time

Step 3. Listen to your body

If you were active before they get sick, you may have to change their approach to exercise. Many people try to do too much too fast, but are frustrated and their symptoms worsen.

Sometimes doctors or trainers have to specifically train those who had participated in sports, to reduce the pace and listen to your body. But gradually you learn to understand what level of stress is optimal for you, and when to stop.

 Exercises for fibromyalgia: one step at a time

Step 4. Do something every day

To get the maximum benefit from the exercises you have to do them every day. Therefore, experts suggest that the most comfortable exercises are walking or training on simulators - they do not depend on the time of year.

Another good choice - swimming in the warm pool. Warm water has a soothing effect on the muscles and joints, reduces pain. But do not reject the "land" classes.

Biking, running, yoga, weight training - here are a few examples of activities that can help ease the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

It is important to find the kind of exercises that will bring you joy. Take a walk, go to the neighbors walking their dogs. Very well, if you can convince a friend or family member to accompany you for the exercise.

 Exercises for fibromyalgia: one step at a time

Step 5: Pan the exercise program

Regardless of the type of exercise - be it walking or group lessons, these tips will prevent injury and pain:

  • Engage at the time of day when the best feeling. For the majority of fibromyalgia is the time between 10 am and 3 pm. But you can be more opportune time.
  • Do stretching exercises Stretching exercises - Be careful  Stretching exercises - Be careful
 . They help to warm the muscles and relieve pain after exercise. You can stretch the muscles, lying down, standing up, sitting on a chair. Some people prefer to do the exercises in the shower or bath.
  • Take small steps. When you go, try not to wave your hands and do not make too big steps. Walk on a flat surface. All this reduces the risk of injury.
  • Be careful with power exercises. It is better to use elastic bands instead of dumbbells and start from one set of exercises.
  • Observe the pace. When doing strength exercises and stretching, often change sides and take breaks between repetitions.
  • Take breaks. Again, listen to your body. Maybe at first you will have to rest every few minutes. This is normal.
  • Pamper yourself. After exercise, relax in the hot tub or take a shower.

 Exercises for fibromyalgia: one step at a time

Step 6: Be patient

Although exercise helps relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia, do not expect an instant effect. Exercise - the best long-term treatment of pain and fatigue in fibromyalgia, doctors say. But there have been significant changes to take time - sometimes the results are visible only after six months.

You must take your time and be patient, even if you think you need to achieve eternity. But gradually you will notice improvements, feel better and less observed symptoms. Exercise - the best way to start the path to well-being.

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Citramon P: time-tested friend or secret enemy?

October 24, 2011

 Citramon P
 Citramon II - one of the most famous and beloved means of a headache. Some people use it to relieve headaches for years, without recognizing any other medicines. However, this drug has side-effects and contraindications.

 Citramon P: time-tested friend or secret enemy?

How "works" tsitramon P

Citramon P is a combined drug, which is composed of aspirin (atsitilsalitsilovuyu acid), acetaminophen and caffeine. These drugs potentiating (enhancing) effect of each other has analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Thus, aspirin, refers to a group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). It has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic properties, prevents the formation of blood clots in the blood. At the same time, and aspirin has side effects: irritates the stomach lining and is a strong allergen.

Paracetamol also has analgesic and antipyretic activity. But it may have a negative effect on the kidneys and liver.

Caffeine - a means of stimulating the central nervous system. He is able to provide a fast exciting action, restoring physical and mental performance. But if taken in large doses and for a long time, it can occur nervous breakdown. By activating the body, caffeine causes shortness of breath, palpitations, narrowing of blood vessels and increased blood pressure - all this increases the willingness of the organism to high loads. In combination with analgesic agents (aspirin and paracetamol) caffeine potentiates their effects.

 Citramon P: time-tested friend or secret enemy?

Under what conditions are advised to take tsitramon P

Citramon P - this nonprescription drug, however, when the reception is necessary to adhere to certain rules.

Citramon P can be used as an anesthetic for no more than 5 days. It helps with headaches, especially migraine, during which there is a sharp widening of blood vessels which is accompanied by severe headache, often on one side of the head. When a toothache Toothache - itself does not take place  Toothache - itself does not take place
 Induced inflammation of the soft tissues of the tooth and periodontal tissue Citramonum P will not only analgesic, but also a slight inflammatory effect. Relieve pain and muscle spasm tsitramon well as pain associated with menstruation. In diseases of the joints it will reduce pain, inflammation and remove protective muscle tension.

In acute respiratory viral infections and flu, accompanied by fever, tsitramon P is sometimes prescribed as an antipyretic for no more than 3 days.

Citramon P has a number of contraindications. For example, it should not be taken at the ulcerative lesions of the stomach and duodenum, and also in the case before the patient was bleeding from the stomach or intestines. The drug has also hepatotoxicity, ie suppress the vital activity of liver cells, so it can not accept people suffering from some kind of liver disease, especially in the reduction of liver function. The same applies to the kidneys.

Do not take tsitramon P gout Gout - the "disease of kings"  Gout - the "disease of kings"
 , Certain types of enzyme deficiency (such as deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase), a tendency to bleed, prior to surgery, increased intraocular pressure, are hypersensitive to the drug, pregnancy (especially the first and third trimester), feeding baby Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice
   feeding. Children under the age of 15 tsitramon P is contraindicated due to the presence in it of aspirin, which can cause childhood severe complications.

Do not combine the reception tsitramona P with alcohol and certain medications (anticonvulsants, hypnotics, salicylates and rifampicin).

 Citramon P: time-tested friend or secret enemy?

The reception may be complicated tsitramona P

Tsitramona P has a number of side effects, which is why it should not take long and in large doses. Irritation of the gastrointestinal tract can lead to the appearance of nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, internal bleeding. Abnormal liver function can be expressed in a change of blood biochemical parameters, the appearance of pain in the right hypochondrium and jaundice.

Stimulation of the central nervous system may cause dizziness, palpitations and high blood pressure. Side effects are also tsitramona P increased bleeding and allergic reactions.

In overdose tsitramona n all its side effects are amplified. In this case, you should immediately wash out the stomach several times and take a few tablets of activated charcoal Activated carbon - old but indispensable  Activated carbon - old but indispensable

Citramon can not be taken for a long time and in large doses.

Galina Romanenko

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