Gynaecological chair: Take a closer look

November 21 2011

 Gynecological chairs
 All women should be aware that you must visit the gynecologist at least once a year. But many do not attend check-ups, and only two reasons for this: the fear of the gynecological chair and the fear of pelvic examination Gynecological examination: an important component of women's health  Gynecological examination: an important component of women's health
 . And what about the girls who do not live sexual life? Girlfriends educate them about all the virtues of a pelvic exam, carefully describing the examination table, comparing it to the torture table.

 Gynaecological chair: Take a closer look

What does the examination table?

Gynecological chair is necessary not only for inspection. It is located in the small operating room, where the chair is carried out various procedures: abortion, diagnostic curettage Scraping - heavy and unsafe procedure  Scraping - heavy and unsafe procedure
 , Hysteroscopy Hysteroscopy - examination of the uterus inside  Hysteroscopy - examination of the uterus inside
 Introduction and removal of helices.

Gynaecological chair - a unique design that allows for optimal hold examination (bimanual palpation of the pelvic organs) as well as qualitatively and quickly inspect the vagina and cervix produce fence strokes.

 Gynaecological chair: Take a closer look

Construction gynecological chairs

Main gynecological chair - the chair itself is a so-called slingshot, or patella, where are the legs. Now let a lot of chairs of various designs, which allow it to comfortably accommodate the patient. This armrests, which can be grasped during the procedure or inspection, and soft leather surface patella, and do armchairs upholstered in any soft material. In contrast to the old, still Soviet chairs, which were slingshots, metal, and, of course, cold and chairs themselves were rigid, like a wooden bench, modern chair is extremely comfortable and beautiful. Inspection of this chair is pleasant not only women, but also a gynecologist.

Optional accessories in the gynecological chair is removable tray of stainless steel (for blood or foreign bodies), retractable table for medical instruments, casters and infusion rack.

 Gynaecological chair: Take a closer look

As placed on a gynecological chair?

Go right to the chair does not represent any difficulty. Many girls, and women too, is very often fall into the trap of not knowing how to sit on a chair. Such examples darkness every gynecologist. But do not be afraid and blush enough to ask the gynecologist who is available and politely explain how to lay down in a chair.

You must climb the stairs that everyone has a chair and sit on the edge. Then the woman should lie down on the seat, raising his bent knees and lower them to the patella. Pelvic end should be at the very edge. Even if the patient lay a little farther from the edge of the doctor and ask her will correct move.

 Gynaecological chair: Take a closer look

Preparations for gynecological examinations

Start preparing for the examination must be at home. Before taking the rectum and bladder must be emptied (to provide medical access to the pelvic organs). On the eve of a pelvic exam is necessary to take a shower and washed away. Douching is strictly prohibited. It is also necessary to exclude sex for at least one day before the inspection, or smear will be uninformative. The optimal time for a visit to the gynecologist - is the first phase of the menstrual cycle (it is desirable to come to the reception immediately after the end of menstruation). Use special intimate perfumes and deodorants are not recommended. Before going to the gynecologist should bring a diaper to lay it on a chair and socks, not to go barefoot to the chair.

 Gynaecological chair: Take a closer look

Gynecological examination

After the patient to stay in the chair, the doctor first examines the external genitalia and evaluates body hair. Then inserted into the vagina mirror. The mirrors gynecologist examines the vaginal mucosa and cervix. After inspecting the swabs are taken (from the cervical canal Cervical canal - the path traversed by every person  Cervical canal - the path traversed by every person
   and posterior vaginal vault). Further, the mirror is removed, and the doctor inserts two fingers of one hand into the vagina, while the other palpates the abdomen. On palpation determined by the size, position and shape of the uterus and appendages.

Anna Sozinova

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The results of colposcopy - how to interpret them

December 4th, 2012

 colposcopy results
 Colposcopy woman allows a differential diagnosis of various pathological conditions benign and malignant nature. This is possible due to the difference of the relief of the mucous and blood vessels in the normal cervical epithelium and its pathological changes. Colposcopy specialist interprets the results on the basis of an approved classification which allows to determine the location, the prevalence of the lesions in the neck.

 The results of colposcopy - how to interpret them

Normal Colposcopic picture

Diagnostic value has two kinds of colposcopy - sightseeing or simple and advanced. Survey method is considered simple colposcopy, in which to inspect the cervix without additional processing by special means. If applicable epithelial tests, then this type is called an extended colposcopy Extended colposcopy: detailed analysis of  Extended colposcopy: detailed analysis of
 It is the most informative in terms of the results of the study.

To properly evaluate the results of the colposcopy, you must carefully consider the following indicators:

  • surface epithelium, its condition, color
  • vascular test, that is, whether there are changes in vascular pattern
  • cancer, their shape, the presence of lesions
  • Interface description of the epithelium, its nature and localization
  • reaction to diagnostic tests with acetic acid and sodium Lugol
  • Detection limits the area of ​​pathological formations

If Colposcopic picture is normal, it is described as follows. It is known that in the field detected by two types of cervical epithelium - stratified squamous in the ectocervix and a cylindrical lining the endocervix. The epithelium of the ectocervix has a smooth surface, the color pink. If it is treated with a solution of 3% acetic acid, there will be a uniform change its color (becomes pale epithelium). Lugol solution is uniformly colored in shades of dark brown. The epithelium that covers the endocervical is for external uterine throat. Acetic acid causes a clearer picture, and Lugol's solution is not to paint the cells of the epithelium.

Particular attention is paid to the description of the transformation zone, which is located at the junction of two epithelia, while it can be located on endocervical and on the ectocervix. In this zone identified prostate (closed and open), vasculature and other elements which generally give an indication of the presence or absence of a pathological process in the cervix.

 The results of colposcopy - how to interpret them

Signs of pathological changes

Abnormal Colposcopic picture is to identify areas of epithelial damage, change in vascular pattern, finding other diagnostic findings. Assay using acetic acid reveals limited areas of epithelium, which changes the color from white to white thick. In the next stage, a cervical Lugol solution. If some parts of the epithelium are not painted in a dark color, it indicates a pathological state of the cells and the absence of glycogen. Only due to the presence in the cell glycogen can paint over it. The lack of staining called yodnegativnoy reaction. Such sites are not yodnegativnye rise above the surface of the epithelium, and often take a variety of bizarre shapes.

Another important diagnostic criterion is the appearance of atypical vessels.

These vessels are tortuous, irregularly branched and do not respond to treatment of the surface epithelium acetic acid. The appearance of atypical vascular pattern may be a sign of malignancy, so in case of detection should be carried out a detailed survey of women and aiming to take the material for histological examination. A combination of several anomalous features during colposcopy involves identifying abnormal transformation zone. If such regions are combined with the identification of additional or expressions of "plus" fabric that has a bumpy, rough surface, it is necessary to exclude the presence of a malignant process, for example, carcinomas Carcinoma - how to prevent disaster?  Carcinoma - how to prevent disaster?
 . A common finding during colposcopy can be mixed signs, they are difficult to be attributed to some sort of classification and interpreted. If the conclusion is given colposcopy and physician makes a preliminary diagnosis, it is necessary to bring into question. A definitive diagnosis can be set on the basis of morphological conclusion. A common finding in colposcopy are polyps, endometrial lesions in the neck and other pathological conditions.

It should be noted that the results of colposcopic conclusion affected by some factors that must be taken into account when conducting this type of survey. The first is the presence of signs of inflammation. If a woman has a yeast infection (or colpitis), you must first spend Vaginal, appoint a local anti-inflammatory treatment. In the absence of signs of inflammation may be performed colposcopy Colposcopy - how to prepare it properly?  Colposcopy - how to prepare it properly?
 Otherwise the results of research can not be considered fully authentic. It is impossible to carry out colposcopy, if a woman has bleeding from the genital tract. It is necessary to establish the cause of bleeding and hold the appropriate treatment.

Colposcopic picture and interpretation of the results depends on the skills of the doctor. The gynecologist, who led the study, should be trained to be able to hold not only the research, but also the right to make a collection of material for in-depth study. Providing the full scope of medical aid in the identification of pathological changes is determined by the specialist skills too.

Marina Solovyov

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