If you have twins: 10 Smiles

June 5, 2012

 Many parents of twins is hard to believe how fast time flies. It would seem that yesterday in the hospital you have stretched two sniffling convolution, and today the "convolution" are already in first grade ... But most of the parents of twins are happy to tell you what a great thing - two children born with a difference of a few minutes. If you have recently joined the elite club of parents of twins, and you still difficult to find a "plus" in your position, here are ten reasons to take a fresh look at the situation.

 If you have twins: 10 Smiles

With the twins do not have time to sit on the ground, so you have to move a lot

One American-female twins once counted how many times a day she has to go up and down the stairs from the first to the second floor you need to cook a meal, trace, sleep Children, or already awake, change diapers, change clothes and prepare to walk. .. The resulting figure it stunned 49 times.

When children grow up, you will not have to sit on their hands will need to catch them - in the kitchen, in the store, on the playground.

Since constantly have to carry on the hands of both children receive an excellent workout for the muscles of the hands. Yes, a couple of years you will have those biceps as Sarah Connor in "Terminator." Have you ever seen a full mom of twins? No? Now you know why.

 If you have twins: 10 Smiles

Unfortunately, all have to do twice ... Fortunately, all have to do twice

Many people find that very hard to bring the twins: twice as many worries and troubles, twice the costs and expenses ... What say? This is not entirely true, or rather, not so. If you have twins, you do everything the same as with one child only twice. Change diapers one - and doing the same for the second, preparing a meal for two, put them to sleep together.

However, often it has to be repeated twice own words. But this also has its benefits - so you will not forget what I said.

 If you have twins: 10 Smiles

I often need to shop

Mothers of twins often have to go and see in supermarkets and shopping centers: that pampers the finish (it is not a paradox - diapers tend to "suddenly come to an end," regardless of how many packages you bought the last time), the baby food ...

Indeed, twice a year to update a wardrobe full of children - is not easy, especially if you have a boy and a girl, but this is an excellent opportunity to improve your organizational skills.

 If you have twins: 10 Smiles

I've been saving both due to discounts and promotions

You would not believe how many of discounts and promotions you're missing if rarely in stores. Some large retail chains and malls offer special discounts for large parents, especially parents of twins and triplets.

So, with discounts (sometimes very significant) can be obtained in the following products:

  • diapers;
  • paper napkins and towels;
  • baby food;
  • cradles and cribs;
  • seat for transportation of the child in the car;
  • children's books and teaching aids.

 If you have twins: 10 Smiles

On the street I feel like a superstar - all the attention drawn to me

Any mom of twins will tell you that the street it feels Angelina Jolie - passers-by, especially the elderly, consider it their duty to come and meet you, admire the kids.

At first, the attention of many a frustrating and confusing, but eventually you get used to it and feel at ease if for a walk you will not hear at least one praise your twins.

Try to answer the questions of strangers, of course, if they do not go beyond the permissible. Fortunately, most are limited syusyukanem and memories of their own children.

 If you have twins: 10 Smiles

Sometimes strangers asking me personal questions

Yes, it's not the most pleasant moment. It's amazing how personal issues sometimes ask complete strangers. For example, often ask: "What about your twins conceived naturally or they are out of the tube? ". Or: "Your twins - Identical? ". Another: "I guess you and sit down once? ".

 If you have twins: 10 Smiles

Nobody asks where I'm planning next baby

I think others do not ask this question, molesting many mothers because everything is obvious.

 If you have twins: 10 Smiles

Twins do not need to entertain - they entertain each other

If you - mom of twins and doing housework, it is important that children do not need to come up with activities and entertainment, because they do an excellent job with this task. The twins from birth have a loyal friend, comrade for games and an interesting conversationalist. Agree: If the children were of different ages, you would have to look after them much closer. Yes twins invent crazy games, and if they thought the prank - beware.

 If you have twins: 10 Smiles

I enter the inner circle "of parents of twins"

Every day, members of the "secret society" Parents of twins are more and more. In this "secret society" includes mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, who defend the interests of each other, share advice, tell stories of life and support in difficult times.

 If you have twins: 10 Smiles

Twins - twice as many love twice as many hugs and kisses

When I first heard "Congratulations, you have twins! "You will feel confused. But, having overcome the initial shock, you'll realize that would not want other developments. Perhaps the birth of twins, their education will be the highlight of your life, your greatest achievement.

Yes, it will be difficult, but these difficulties will be forgotten, once you look at your kids. Every day, watching them grow and develop - a priceless gift. You know, what is the best feeling in the world? When you hug your children and they kiss you on the cheek. Simultaneously.

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How to teach a child to the pot - not a simple matter

February 7, 2014

  • How to teach a child to the pot - not a simple matter
  • Steps

 How to teach a child to the pot
   How to teach a child to the pot? Success in this case depends on the physical and emotional readiness of a child rather than by a specific age. Many children show an interest in the pot in two years, while others may not be ready for this and 2, 5 years.


Can I to this child?

Answer a few questions:

  • Interested in whether the child is potty or toilet wearing underwear?
  • Does the child understand simple directions?
  • Can the simple questions to ask?
  • Whether the child remains dry for more than two hours during the day? He wakes up dry after a nap?
  • The child predictable schedule bowel movements?
  • Demonstrates whether the child words, facial expression or gestures when he wants to use the toilet?
  • The child feels uncomfortable in a dirty or wet diaper?
  • Can a child himself off and put on pants?

If you answered yes to most of the questions likely the child is ready for potty training. If a large part of the answer is no, probably worth the wait.


What problems can arise and how to resolve them

  • The child does not sit on the potty because he is afraid of it. It may seem incredible, but look at the situation through the eyes of a child: in his view pot - something big, hard and cold. If you put it in the toilet, there still is the toilet - it even more harder and colder, publishes rumbling sounds, and what goes into it, is gone forever.
  • The most obvious thing you can do in this situation - not to put the pot in the toilet. Where to put it? Anywhere where the child feels comfortable and where there is no carpet (so they will not stain). In addition, you must make sure that the child thought his pot completely - and their belongings do not need to be afraid. Write the child's name on the pot (no matter that he had not read - he would still be pleased that his stuff is written his name), and / or let him decorate it with markers or stickers.
  • When the child is asked to sit on a pot, he refuses, and starts to cry. Perhaps the child is simply not yet ready for the pot. If you are in doubt, wait a couple more weeks and then begin to teach him to go without diapers. However, in most cases, the children behave so for the same reason that they do not want to go to wash or to go to bed: they found that the opposition is a tool of influence on the world around us. In such a case may the following recommendations:
  • Do not remind. It may be difficult to resist the constant reminders that it's time to go to pot, if you feel that the "incident" almost inevitable. However, too frequent reminders only cause the child a greater desire to resist you. Just put the pot in the place where the child will notice it and, when necessary, the child himself will sit on the potty (of course, to make things happen that way, he would not have to wear diapers).
  • Do not insist. If you often tell a child something like, "Well, sit down a little more, maybe something in and out" - are just fueling his rebellious mood, and then it can be understood that even in adults and bladder sphincters Urinary bladder - structure and function  Urinary bladder - structure and function
   It does not work on orders. If the child to no avail sat on the pot less than a minute, and then ran to play, do not disturb him. Indeed, defecation or urination may occur at the wrong time and the wrong place for this, but the likelihood that the child, when need be, he will sit on the potty, too, is quite high. Over time, the probability will increase as the pot will become more familiar to the child object.
  • Do not scold the child for what he has not had time to get to the pot. It is not easy to stay calm if you have to regularly clean up the child, but because of the anger (and especially - physical punishment) the parents of the child may have problems with defecation and / or urination caused by anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?  Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?
 . Any punishment for being a little man has not yet learned how to control the functions of your body is completely unfair, and can lead to serious problems.
  • Reward for success. If your child took the time pot, or did it, for example, during the week, praise him, and make a small gift (a new inexpensive toy or a treat). But do not encourage this way everyone march to the pot - so you can give your child a new tool to manipulate adults.
  • In addition, the child may refuse to sit on the potty because he constipation Constipation - Watch out for food  Constipation - Watch out for food
   and attempts to empty the bowel causing pain. If you suspect that a child has constipation, give him more foods rich in dietary fiber, such as whole wheat bread, broccoli, various cereal porridges. If this does not help, consult a doctor.
  • The child does not want to go to the potty in kindergarten. To begin, try to learn as much as possible about how the children in the garden go to pot. Perhaps teachers lead them to the bathroom in groups, and your child bother the presence of strangers. In this case it is necessary to talk with teachers and explain your child's needs: maybe they will be able to lead him to the toilet alone, or together with a best friend. It is also possible that the pot in a kindergarten for the construction different from that to which the child uses at home. If it bothers the child, buy a pot for kindergarten - exactly the same as what was used in the child.
  • The child went to the pot, and then the problems began - dirty panties, wet sheets, and so on. The reasons for this are usually any, even minor, change in the habitual way of life. For example, he began to walk to the pool, he bought a new larger bed, you come to visit friends - all this sometimes leads to the fact that almost form a habit like disappear. In no case do not need to blame or shame the child. On the contrary, encouraged him - as a rule, the children feel guilty when you do not have time to time to get to the pot, and they really need the support of loved ones. Gradually the child get comfortable with the changes, and will once again go to the potty; you may have to re-teach it to the pot, but this time the process will go faster and easier.

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