What is arthritis - when it hurts everywhere

May 2, 2013

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   The term "arthritis" is used to refer to diseases in which inflammation affects two or more joints. Patients with polyarthritis (inflammation especially four or more joints) are a real test for doctors - they put the diagnosis sometimes is not less difficult than cure. When symptoms characteristic of polyarthritis, there are many possible diagnoses. For example, acute arthritis can be caused by rubella, mumps, parpovirusom B19 and some enteroviruses; however, viral polyarthritis typically extends itself for 6 weeks, without causing complications. Arthritis is one of the signs that accompany the beginning of acute hepatitis B or Lyme disease.



If a patient is younger than 50 years old complains of pain in the joints Joint pain - how to understand what is going on?  Joint pain - how to understand what is going on?
 , Swelling and inflammation that lasts more than 6 weeks, as a possible diagnosis in the first place is considered rheumatoid arthritis Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications  Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications
 , Psoriatic arthritis, seronegative spondyloarthropathies other and systemic lupus erythematosus.

In patients older than 50 years of arthritis can also cause crystal idutsirovanny synovitis. In addition, a common cause of arthritis is osteoarthritis. In most cases, these diseases require special therapy aimed at controlling inflammation, preserving joint mobility, prevent damage and improve the quality of life.



For the diagnosis of the patient with the symptoms of arthritis is required of a detailed history and a thorough physical examination. When complaints about the decrease in the mobility of the joints in the morning, if the inactivity persists for more than 30 minutes, probably have the inflammation. Psoriasis is a personal or family history gives your doctor suggests that psoriatic arthritis patient Psoriatic arthritis: does not depend on gender or age  Psoriatic arthritis: does not depend on gender or age
 . Iritis, inflammatory bowel disease Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Symptoms and Treatment  Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Symptoms and Treatment
   and recent episodes of inflammatory diarrhea may also lead to symptoms of arthritis.

The typical patient with rheumatoid polyarthritis observed inflammation of hand joints and metatarsophalangeal joint of the foot, persist for 6 weeks or more.

Most of these patients younger than 50 years old are women, after this age the disease occurs with approximately equal frequency in women and men. Morning stiffness, joint stiffness is present in most cases. At the beginning of the disease symptoms is episodic, but after a few weeks or months, they become virtually permanent and significantly impair quality of life. A positive test result for rheumatoid factor is another argument in favor of the diagnosis of "rheumatoid arthritis", but in approximately 30% of patients with a diagnosis of this test gives a negative result. The presence of antinuclear antibodies may be associated with more severe seropositive rheumatoid arthritis.

Among the laboratory tests used to diagnose arthritis: a blood test for erythrocyte sedimentation rate, rheumatoid factor test, the test for determining the activity of aspartate aminotransferase (AST), the determination of serum creatinine and urine analysis. The test for erythrocyte sedimentation rate - an inexpensive way to determine disease activity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, but this analysis is not diagnostic, and his performance is not increased in all patients. If there are symptoms of arthritis for over a year, to do X-rays of the hands and feet.

The importance of the diagnosis of arthritis can not be overstated. If the disease is not treated in time, there may be damage to the joints and other irreversible damage.



If the patient has a mild form of rheumatoid arthritis, or is in the early stages, many doctors prefer to prescribe receiving hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil), because this drug is quite effective and safe. If the treatment for two months does not give satisfactory results, can be issued other basic anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs).

One recent study demonstrated the efficacy of minocycline in the treatment of arthritis. However, regarding the long-term effects of the drug is unknown, and X-ray studies showed that tissue damage and patients taking minocycline, continues at the same rate as those who took a placebo.

In patients with moderate-severe and severe forms of rheumatoid arthritis can be assigned metatreksat. This drug is quite effective and well tolerated by most patients. Sometimes in combination with methotrexate or other DMARDs used sulfasalazine. If medications do not help relieve the symptoms and can be recommended intake of low-dose prednisone.

The main objectives of treatment - alleviating pain, reduce inflammation and stiffness of joints, the maximum preservation of quality of life.

Psoriatic POLIATR occurs almost as often as rheumatoid. The grounds for the suspicion of the disease is the presence of psoriasis in the family or personal history of the patient, and chronic or recurrent pain in the back, the causes of which were unclear. Most patients with psoriatic arthritis and enthesitis observed bursitis.

To relieve the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis are used nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or, if they do not help, DMARDs.

Reactive arthritis occurs within three weeks after the development of urinary tract infections caused by chlamydia, or intestinal infection, caused by a salmonella, bacteria of the genus Shigella, and other microorganisms. First of all you need to treat the infection, served as the trigger reactive arthritis. Also assigned to receive anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs, steroids and in hard-to-treat cases, DMARDs.

Patients suffering from systemic lupus erythematosus are also very susceptible to arthritis. With the defeat of the internal organs appointed hydroxychloroquine. Symptoms of arthritis easier using NSAIDs, as well as low and moderate doses of steroids. If background underlying disorders patient developed the disease, that can cause serious damage to vital organs, it may be necessary reception immunosuppressants.

Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications

August 13, 2009

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   The term "arthritis" is used to refer to more than one hundred diseases associated with inflammation and damage to joints. It is the leading cause of disability in people over 55 years living in developed countries. The most common form of the disease is osteoarthritis, which commonly occurs in the elderly. Some forms of the disease affect people in a very young age.

 Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications


The joints are places where the bones are connected with one another. Ligaments hold the bones together and cartilage covers the surface of the bone, so they do not rub against each other directly. The cartilage allows the joints to operate without interference and pain. Around the joint capsule is - joint capsule, and inside it - the synovial fluid. It is produced by the synovial membrane - the inner shell of the joint capsule and ligaments and nourishes the cartilage.

Arthritis violations occur in the structure of the joints. Which violation depends on the kind of disease. This is due to thinning of the cartilage, synovial fluid shortage, an autoimmune disorder, infection, or a combination of these and other factors.

The reason for the development of inflammation in the joint may be local or general infection, allergy (including allergic against its own tissues or autoallergy), joint injury and so on. Until now sufficiently clear cause of rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis - debunking myths about the disease  Rheumatoid arthritis - debunking myths about the disease

Factors contributing to the development of the disease are hypothermia and increased physical load on the joint.

Fabrics joints, including synovial membrane (sheath that surrounds the joint) supplied with numerous blood vessels and nerve endings, giving them the ability to instantly respond to any inflammation of the internal or external influence. Infectious arthritis, infection, or misses the joint with blood and then develop severe, sometimes purulent joint disease, or blood products fall into the joint microorganisms, in which case the process is easier and usually disappears under the influence of treatment. In case of injury initially developed non-infectious inflammatory process, and then to the site of inflammation may be one way or another to get the infection, then the inflammatory process is delayed.

 Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications


Here are some common types of arthritis and their causes:

  • Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage loses its elasticity. The harder it becomes cartilage, the easier it is damaged. The cartilage that act as shock absorbers, in some places gradually wear out. When cartilage is damaged ligaments and tendons are stretched more than usual, causing pain. If, in the end, the bones begin to rub against each other, the pain can be very strong.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis - a form of inflammatory arthritis. The immune system attacks the synovium, mistaking her for a potentially dangerous alien element, resulting in symptoms such as swelling and pain. Rheumatoid arthritis is much more common in women than in men. Most of the patients with this disease are between the ages of 40 and 60 years, but in rare cases it affects children or very elderly people.
  • Infectious arthritis (septic) - infection of the synovial fluid and connective tissue. The causative agent in most cases, bacteria, infectious arthritis but also can be caused by viruses or fungi. The most susceptible to this disease are people who already have some form of the disease.
  • Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis - when the sore joints  Rheumatoid arthritis - when the sore joints
   (JRA) - is arthritis, which affects people younger than 16 years. There are three major types of JRA:
  • JRA, hitting some joints - the most common and milder form of the disease. Arthritis affected up to 4 joints.
  • JRA affects many joints - a more severe form. Significantly more joints affected over time the symptoms get worse.
  • Systemic JRA - the least common form. Pain in many joints, symptoms may be widely disseminated. This is the most severe form of JRA.

 Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications


Symptoms depend on the type of arthritis the patient is sick.

  • Osteoarthritis. Symptoms develop slowly. Joint pain occurs during or after periods of activity and / or after a period of inactivity. The pressure on the affected joints causes pain. The flexibility of the joints, especially in the morning to get worse. The patient becomes difficult to use the affected joints. Some patients experience friction in the joints. Around affected joints may appear solid to the touch nodules and / or tumor. Osteoarthritis most often affects the joints of the hips, hands, knees and spine.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis. Tumors, inflammation and deterioration of joint mobility. The most frequently struck by the fingers, hands to his shoulders and legs. The most severe symptoms are observed after waking up - for about 30 minutes, the joints are stiff, immobile. Touching the skin over the joint can be frustrating. Some patients reddens and swells the skin on the hands. There are rheumatoid nodules on the hands. Many patients with rheumatoid arthritis most of the time feel tired, often observed wanton weight reduction.

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