Interpretation of Dreams: Mind Games

December 9, 2013

 The first works on the interpretation of dreams appeared three or four thousand years before our era - they were written on clay tablets. Apparently, people have always tried to understand the meaning of dreams, and he still does not leave these attempts. Because the interpretation of dreams is very popular right now.


Interpretation of Dreams in antiquity

It is assumed that in prehistoric times some members of society do not know how - or simply do not consider it necessary - to distinguish between the dream world from the real world. They saw a continuation of the dreams a reality in which there were more opportunities than in the material world.

In ancient Egypt, priests were engaged in the interpretation of dreams. People who have seen particularly bright, realistic dreams, considered particularly, but the gift of interpretation of dreams, according to the Egyptians, was the blessing of the gods.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the dreams were considered in a religious context - I believe that they are direct messages from the gods or the dead. People at that time were looking for clues in dreams to solve pressing problems; they also believed that in dreams can see the future. There were special sanctuary where people went to bed when they wanted to dream a message with the response on the most important issues. Belief in the power of dreams was so strong that even the interpretation of dreams guided by political and military leaders. Senior military hikes accompanied by interpreters of dreams, from which would largely depend on the tactics of another battle.

Aristotle believed that dreams are the result of physiological processes and their correct interpretation of help available to diagnose the disease and predict the development of the disease in the future. In general, in Greece attached great importance to communication and treatment of dreams. So, it was thought that the people sleeping in the temple of Asclepius, the dream will be sent healing. The interpreters of dreams helps doctors make diagnoses.

In the Middle Ages, the images that come in dreams, were considered the devil's temptation. People believed that the sleeping person is most vulnerable, and it gives the devil an opportunity to fill his mind sinful thoughts, to try to knock him from the right path.

In the early nineteenth century it was widely believed that dreams come simply as a result of anxiety, noises in the house and even indigestion. In the late 19th and early 20th century, the theory began to appear, which are used for the interpretation of dreams today.


Freud: the dream - it is the road to the unconscious

Sigmund Freud wrote that dreams are closely related to human desires, often - with those that are hidden from him. The latent dream content is replaced with symbols - they seem intricate and obscure, but they have a definite meaning. For example, a house in the dream Freud considered the symbol of man, the authorities - symbols of parents, and so on. To interpret a dream, it is necessary to know not only the characters, but also to watch what they are - for example, looks like a house, the behavior of the authorities, as well as take into account the context in which all this appears.


Jung: archetypes and the collective unconscious

Although Carl Jung somewhat agree with Freud, he believed that dreams - this is more than a repressed desire. He suggested that dreams are a reflection of both personal and collective unconscious, and that they make up part of the soul that are not well functioning during wakefulness. In addition, he believed that the archetypes are also present in the dreams of a different character. These symbols, according to Jung, express relations, position of a person who suppresses his mind. Unlike Freud, who believed that the specific characters reflect certain unconscious thoughts, more or less common to all men, Jung came to the conclusion that dreams can be very personal, and to interpret them, you need to know a lot about a man who sees them .


Hall: the dream as a learning process

Kelvin Hall speculated that dreams - this is part of the cognitive process in which they are reflections of the elements of human life. Hall has analyzed thousands of diaries, in which people record their dreams, highlighting the major themes and schemes by which things are going, and in the end, created a system that divided the dream content into several different categories. According to the theory of the Hall to interpret dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 , need to know:

  • Man's actions in his own dream;
  • What objects and people present in a dream;
  • Features of interaction between people in a dream.
  • The purpose of the interpretation of dreams, according to Hall, is to understand not sleep, and the person who has a dream.


Domhoff: dream - a reflection of real life

In a series of extensive research by William Domhoff I concluded that dreams reflect the thoughts and concerns a man who occupied it during wakefulness. Although dreams are the result of the brain, which is more or less the same for all the people themselves are very individual dreams and analyzing them, we can penetrate deeply into human consciousness. Summarizing his research, Domhoff wrote that based on the 75-100 dreams a person can get a fairly accurate psychological portrait. If we analyze a thousand dreams, recorded over several decades of human life, we can write a description of his personality, which is almost as accurate and individual as fingerprints.

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Women's fears - men do not know

December 9, 2013

 Women's fears
 Everyone, regardless of gender, is afraid of something - it is quite natural. Fear helped our distant ancestors to avoid dangers - wild animals or people from hostile tribes - and survive, but today we are more and more afraid, not that directly threatens our life or health. Many women live in a safe, comfortable environment, and, nevertheless, they continue to torment women fear - it begins in adolescence, and does not end even in old age.


Fear not like

This fear, apparently, is a consequence of how the girls are educated in our society. Games are played by little girls, based on the interaction and social relations rather than on competition. Girls playing in the family (mother-daughter), while the boys - in the war. In the game "Mothers and Daughters" and other traditional games for girls are no winners. As a result, the desire to please others they develop much stronger than the desire to win. Out of fear, many girls do not like it, and then - women seeking to please men all forces (first of all - in accordance with their notions of beauty), and later often complain that marriage dissolved their identity.

How to overcome this fear? We must realize that it is much more important, Do you currently than how you are around .  If you can get to know yourself and love yourself for who you are, you will find that the opinions of others for you to lose value, and you will no longer seek to please others .  So the right question is not "How to please everyone around (or the man)? "And" How to please yourself? " .  To persuade his task, think of someone whom you really admire - it could be a relative, friend or a celebrity with whom you've never met .  Highlight features of this man that you particularly admire and who you think you are completely deprived .  The fact is that we often admire those traits in a person, which is in ourselves, but for some reason are hidden or undeveloped .  Perhaps realizing this, it becomes easier to love yourself - and choose the direction in which you want to work on a .


Fear to sacrifice family for work

Many women are constantly wondering whether their careers prevents family life. Modern women tend to do well at work, but at the same time they want to devote enough attention to his family. Because to do something, and the other, can not always, they have doubts, guilt and fear.

How to overcome this fear? Cease to do several things at the same time, and focus on the present moment .  In other words, when you play with the kids, just think about them, and is engaged in the work .  Even if communication with children have very little time left, spend this time with maximum benefits .  Turn off the phone, the TV and the computer, so that nothing distracts you from the children .  When I have time, read them aloud to go somewhere together, and do not forget to tell them how much you love them .  If you have to stay at work, or you are on a business trip, the children communicate via Skype - and let them see and hear you, despite the distance .  And when you work, do not let yourself be distracted by the thought that the children do not get enough attention - it just hurt to quickly cope with the job and get home for dinner .  Finally, if your husband is not very active in children, remind him that he was not the only person working in the home, and children need the attention of both parents .


Fear of breaking up with a partner

No matter who the partner - the next boyfriend or legal spouse, women are afraid of parting with it. They need strong relationships that last a long time, and it is desirable - for ever. As a result, she is constantly asking themselves whether it satisfied partner, whether it is good enough for him, so they wonderful couple, as it seems, and so on.

How to overcome this fear? Here useful advice on overcoming fear not like it - it is necessary, first of all, appreciate herself, and not themselves as part of a pair. Legend of the second half is beautiful, but it's just a legend: people can perfectly fit together, can live together all their lives, but it still will not (and should not be) one.

In addition, stop worrying about the future. There is nothing more important than the present, but an experience that could theoretically occur only takes away your energy, where you can find a decent application.

Finally, try to think of the relationship as an exciting journey in good company. If it ends and you see that before you a blank wall, you need to stop and leave the companion, thanking him for everything. When a relationship ends, it is better to think about how much you get from them, than to regret that they did not result in marriage, children, and grandchildren.


Loss of appeal

Gray hair, wrinkles, weight gain, flabby muscles - that women are beginning to fear with age. Specifically, they fear that they will cease to be attractive to her husband, they no longer look and compliments Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words  Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words

How to overcome this fear? Take care of yourself and watch out for health. Yes, in 60 years you will not be able to look like in 30, but if you just look good for my age, loved and loving man will still take you a beauty. In addition, it is also aging and, no doubt, it is also scary.


Fear of loneliness

The death of a spouse, children or friends moving many women scared more than his own illness or death. Many are beginning to fear that long before they reach retirement age - simply because they saw a lonely old people in the streets and in the shops near her house every day.

How to overcome this fear? Maintain old friendships and make new. Your circle of friends of all ages should not be limited to members of the family and a couple of old friends. Walk to interesting events, clubs, travel, and constantly expand the circle of acquaintances - it will help you get rid of the fear that the old age you will be alone.

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