Sexually transmitted diseases - an unpleasant gift of the goddess of love

December 4, 2008

  • Sexually transmitted diseases - an unpleasant gift of the goddess of love
  • What is a sexually transmitted disease

 venereal disease
 Sexually transmitted diseases - are infectious diseases transmitted through sexual contact. Microorganisms, pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted from person to person through blood, semen, vaginal lubrication, and other biological fluids. Some of these infections are also not transmitted sexually, for example, from mother to child during pregnancy or childbirth, or through blood transfusions using a common syringe.

In addition, sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted by people who seem perfectly healthy and are not even aware that they are infected. Many infections, sexually transmitted infections are asymptomatic, so the experts prefer to refer to them the term "sexually transmitted infections through" rather than "disease, sexually transmitted infections." In its clinical picture are some infection, sexually transmitted diseases, are similar to other diseases, so they are difficult to diagnose.

 Sexually transmitted diseases - an unpleasant gift of the goddess of love

Symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases

Genital infections are characterized by a broad spectrum of signs and symptoms. That is why they can remain undetected until the appearance of complications or diagnose disease in a sexual partner. Here are the most common symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases:

  • sores or genital seal, oral or rectal area;
  • pain and burning sensation when urinating;
  • discharge from the penis;
  • vaginal discharge;
  • unexplained vaginal bleeding;
  • pain, swollen lymph nodes, especially in the groin.

Symptoms may appear as a few days after exposure, and after a few months, depending on the organism and immune status. In some cases, the symptoms disappear within a few weeks, even without treatment, but sometimes progresses complications or recurrent.

 Sexually transmitted diseases - an unpleasant gift of the goddess of love

When you need to see a doctor

Contact your doctor immediately if you are sexually active, and feel that we could catch an infection, a sexually transmitted, and also if you have symptoms of an STD. Also, make an appointment with your doctor for advice and conduct diagnostic tests:

  • If you plan to start a sexual life, or you are under 21 years old.
  • if you are going to have sex with a new partner.

 Sexually transmitted diseases - an unpleasant gift of the goddess of love

Causes of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Causative agents of genital infections may be:

  • bacteria (gonorrhea, syphilis Syphilis - punishment of Venus  Syphilis - punishment of Venus
  • parasites (trichomoniasis);
  • viruses (HPV, genital herpes, HIV).

Sexual activity plays a role in the spread of many other infections, but they can be transmitted without sexual contact. These infections include hepatitis A Hepatitis A - do not forget to wash your hands!  Hepatitis A - do not forget to wash your hands!
   and B viruses, Shigella, Cryptosporidium and intestinal lamblia.

 Sexually transmitted diseases - an unpleasant gift of the goddess of love

Risk factors

Any sexually active person is at risk of infection with sexually transmitted diseases. Factors which increase the risk of disease include:

  • unprotected sex. Vaginal and anal sex without a condom with an infected partner particularly increases the risk of transmission of some sexually transmitted infections. When unprotected vaginal sex the probability that a man infected with gonorrhea, the infection will give partner, is 70 - 80%. Misuse or irregular use of condoms can also increase the risk of infection. Oral sex is associated with a lower risk, but even during oral sex can transmit infectious agents, so you should use dental protective padding Feminine pads - talk about wings  Feminine pads - talk about wings
  • having multiple sexual partners. The more people there in your bed, the greater the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Frequent change of sexual partners, even if the relationship is monogamous, increases the risk of sexual infection.
  • venereal diseases in history. Infection with one STD significantly increases susceptibility to other sexually transmitted infections. If you are infected with herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea or chlamydia, and engage in unprotected sex with an HIV-positive partner, the risk of HIV infection is very high.
  • abuse of alcohol or soft drugs. Substance abuse can affect your sanity, which increases the likelihood of risky behavior, including unprotected sex with casual partners.
  • intravenous drug use. With shared needles spread many serious infections, including HIV and hepatitis Hepatitis - the scourge of our time  Hepatitis - the scourge of our time
   B. If you were infected with HIV through injection drug use, you can pass it on through sexual contact.
  • adolescence in girls. In teenage girls immature cervix is ​​composed of constantly changing cells. These unstable cells make girls more susceptible to certain microorganisms, sexually transmitted.

The first signs of syphilis - on what to look for

February 5, 2014

 the first signs of syphilis
 In the sick person is not immediately arises a full-blown disease. The first signs of syphilis can only be observed after the completion of the incubation period, which is characterized by the length of each person individually. On average, this period is about three weeks, while the most common elongation than shortening the incubation period.


What is the first clinical sign

The first manifestations of syphilis can be seen in the place where there was the introduction of the pathogen into the body. At the beginning of the ill person feels healthy, he makes no complaints, so does not apply to a specialist. Even with the most careful examination of the skin is impossible to find any abnormalities. Those scratches or cracks through which penetrated the pathogen eventually heal, the person does not give it the attention, but the body at the moment happens reproduction Treponema pallidum.

The first signs of syphilis Symptoms of syphilis - they may not be noticed  Symptoms of syphilis - they may not be noticed
   is the appearance of the characteristic symptoms of the disease (or chancre) and the natural reaction of the lymph nodes. The primary focus of the disease is detected at the site of introduction of the pathogen, most commonly genital organs. Chancre distinguished by the presence of elastic density, which can be compared with the elasticity of the cartilage of the ear, if you squeeze it with your fingers. Chancroid in most cases the formation of a single, but plural chancre may occur due to the fact that treponema penetrate at several places simultaneously.

During the incubation period, if the infected person continues a relationship with syphilis man, he developed a new chancre has appeared on the background of prior learning. Chancre differ in appearance, which is determined by the following conditions:

  • state reactivity of the organism
  • the influence of various environmental factors and living conditions
  • localization chancre

The first signs of syphilis may change dramatically if the wrong treatment was carried out, or joined a secondary infection. Especially dangerous is the use of caustic agents in the chancre, which is a cause of deep damage to the underlying tissue and the development of complications.


The most valuable diagnostic signs of the disease

It was noted that there were some sexual features of the first manifestations of the disease. The first signs of syphilis in men Cifilis men: what different manifestations of the disease  Cifilis men: what different manifestations of the disease
   found during the inspection of the genitals. Apart from having a chancre can easily identify specific lymphangitis, which is detectable in the form of rolling thick cord at the root of the penis. In males, this feature is most valuable.

If a woman conducting a survey, it is mandatory to be studied with the help of vaginal mirrors. The first signs of syphilis in women Syphilis in women - manifestations of the disease  Syphilis in women - manifestations of the disease
   found during the inspection of the cervix, which can be localized chancre. Confirmation of the diagnosis involves finding pale treponem. Often, the primary focus is detected on the labia (most often affects the labia majora). Phenomena limfangita women lead to the development of edema. Sexual lip increases in volume, texture changes, draws attention to a bluish-red color tone labia.

If there was erosion of the genitals, it is first necessary to eliminate syphilis Syphilis - punishment of Venus  Syphilis - punishment of Venus
 Even in the absence of clear signs of the chancre. If you have a chancre conducting a survey of the lymph nodes, which are located in close proximity to the pathological formation. In most responsive nodes in the groin area. They are painless increase after the appearance of the chancre. When syphilis lymph nodes will never be soldered to the underlying tissues, so this feature is of great diagnostic value.


What helps to establish the diagnosis in a timely manner

It is a mistake to think that only a blood test can confirm the diagnosis of the disease. At the primary stage of the disease serological tests will yield negative results. After the appearance of the chancre must pass three to four weeks to analyze blood samples became positive. In this context, great importance is attached to the detection of pathological formations on the skin or mucous membranes. The primary manifestations of syphilis are sometimes non-specific nature of symptoms.

At the beginning of the initial period of illness, when a chancre and reliably determined by enlarged lymph nodes, patients may have complaints of headache, malaise. Short time, low-grade fever persists, so the presence of intoxication syndrome is a medical reason for choosing the wrong tactics.

Given that the ill person does not know the specific time of a disease, he continues a relationship with a patient. For this reason, in some cases rash of papules may appear before the second period of the disease. These papules are located in the regional circle of the chancre, and they are characterized by the presence of rounded, flat, solid surface. Papules different brown-red color, with rare species eroded lesions.

The primary symptoms of syphilis may occur against a background of mixed infection, so the picture will be erased chancre. For this reason, it is required to conduct re-examination for syphilis, serological monitoring for six months. It is recommended not to reduce the duration of the control, as a single negative result does not rule out the possibility that people will be infected for a long time and did not know about his illness. In this situation, it is a potential source of infection to others of his close friends, family members.

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