Early Pregnancy - health risks

November 9, 2008

  • Early Pregnancy - health risks
  • Changes in a woman's body during pregnancy

 Early pregnancy
   Early pregnancy is considered to be pregnancy, it came in the age of 18 (inclusive). This is a complex topic in the discussions, which should take into account many factors, including medical, psychological, social, economic, cultural and, in some cases - and even religious. It is of great importance, as early pregnancy occurs. At age 18, a person is considered an adult under the law and, though rarely, but it happens that at this age girls become pregnant on their own, planning to give birth and raise a child. About half of early pregnancies occurs between 17 and 19 years.

Pregnancy in 12-14 years (in exceptional cases and earlier) likely are unplanned; often the girls at this age do not have enough information about how you can protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy. In addition, it is probable that up to 14-15 years, pregnant girls are forced into sexual contact.

 Early Pregnancy - health risks

Risk factors for early pregnancy include:

  • Poor school performance
  • The low level of income in the family
  • One parent or very young parents in the family

 Early Pregnancy - health risks

The symptoms of early pregnancy

Symptoms of pregnancy in adolescents do not differ from the symptoms of pregnancy in adult women - of course, if the pregnancy is normal. Some girls at a very early becomes noticeable weight gain and increasing due to pregnancy belly.

Early pregnancy - a tough test for both the girl and for her parents. Most pregnant women are trying as much as possible to hide their position or take steps on their own abortion. Especially often it happens in families where parents have a negative comment on the Girls of communication with the opposite sex and their possible implications.

Parents who learned about the pregnancy teenage daughter should calmly discuss with her all sorts of options for further action. The girl may also need psychological counseling, and perhaps a social worker.

Ultimately, it should itself decide whether to have an abortion, give the child up for adoption or to bring it yourself. Since early pregnancies, the baby's father is rarely involved in such decisions, its role is not discussed here. Of course, if he wants to somehow influence the situation, his opinion must be considered.

 Early Pregnancy - health risks

Risks and forecast

When pregnancy up to 15 years greatly increased the risk of death of mother and / or baby during childbirth. In addition, there is a significant probability of the birth of a child with disabilities.

Women who gave birth to their first child at a very young age, have a chance to successfully combine study, work and raise a baby. However, it should take into account the statistical data.

Young mothers graduate education by an average of 2 years later than their peers. Many women who have given birth in their teens, do not leave school or continue their education after high school. Women who gave birth to their first child before the age of 18-19, are more likely to live in poverty than those who give birth later. In addition, they are likely to give birth to a second child within two years after the birth of the first.

Abortion made in adolescence, causes of infertility The causes of infertility - heredity and lifestyle  The causes of infertility - heredity and lifestyle
   no more than abortion, made by women in adulthood. However, if the decision to have an abortion was adopted under pressure from the family and / or public opinion, it could have a very negative impact on the psyche of the girl. In particular, it can lead to a variety of difficulties in future relationships with men, fear of sexual contact, and so on.

Missed abortion - do not lose faith in yourself - Signs

March 1, 2014

  • Missed abortion - do not lose faith in yourself
  • Signs
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 signs of missed abortion

Signs of missed abortion

Symptoms of missed abortion in the first and the second half is different. Typically, missed abortion is found in a few days or weeks after the death of the fetus. How to recognize a missed abortion? When the child stops growing, and the uterus stops increasing. Some women notice the disappearance of the symptoms of pregnancy as breast tenderness, fatigue, and so on, while others continue to feel as during pregnancy as the placenta continues to produce hormones of pregnancy (including human chorionic gonadotropin, because of which the home test pregnancy shows a positive result). If a woman has had an early morning sickness, missed abortion when he passes. Nausea during pregnancy decreases the stood immediately, but after a few days she also runs.

For some women, pregnancy in the early stages of the proceeds without significant symptoms, so they may not notice symptoms and missed abortion Symptoms missed abortion - beware  Symptoms missed abortion - beware
 . Most women think that the pregnancy develops, because there is nothing unusual is happening - no bleeding or severe pain in the abdomen Severe abdominal pain: possible causes  Severe abdominal pain: possible causes
 . Suspicion of missed abortion in such a case occurs after the medical examination of women's advice: there is a mismatch between the size of uterine gestation.

After a few days or weeks after the death of the fetus can appear brownish vaginal discharge. Bright red vaginal discharge and cramping in the lower abdomen, similar to the pain during menstruation suggests starting miscarriage Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it?  Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it?
 . But in the allocation of non-viable pregnancy may be absent. When bleeding (earthy, bright red, etc.) vaginal discharge The whole truth about vaginal secretions  The whole truth about vaginal secretions
   Pregnant women should as soon as possible to see a doctor. In addition, it is best to consult a specialist immediately, even on the phone, if you instinctively feel that pregnancy is not as it should. Such intuitions women are often correct.

Temperature missed abortion does not appear immediately, but after a few days or weeks after the death of the fetus, and says that the dead fetus became a source of infection - a condition that can endanger the woman's life.

Missed abortion in the later stages is manifested mainly disappearance of fetal movements. Therefore, if the intensity of fetal movements is reduced, the woman should immediately seek antenatal care and to find out the causes of this phenomenon.

Women who have found missed abortion, often staying in a very depressed state. It is difficult to get used to the idea that the pregnancy so suddenly broken, and that they were a few days a dead child, without knowing it. It may be accompanied by a strong sense of guilt and trying to understand the cause of the incident.


The consequences of missed abortion

If you missed abortion was accidental, then it passes, usually without consequences. But only if the woman was timely medical assistance.

The missed abortion dangerous? If the fetus was a long time in the uterus, and now the infection, it can be a consequence of the development of adhesions in the uterus, which will continue to interfere with childbearing. Severe infections can lead to the death of a woman, even.

Since missed abortion is accompanied by the operation of removing the fetus from the uterus, it can lead to a breach of internal (basal) layer of the mucous membrane of the uterus, and the impossibility of further implementation of the fertilized egg into it.

The probability of getting pregnant after a missed abortion, if she was the only one, is 80-90%, that is, the majority of women will no longer have any problems with conception and childbearing. If the woman was not the only missed abortion, pregnancy is recommended only after a thorough examination and treatment. In most cases, these women may thereafter a healthy baby. If the cause of fading pregnancy is an insurmountable obstacle for the development of the fetus (genetic and immunological factors), to conceive and bear a child can be with the help of donor male or female germ cells.


Diagnosis of missed abortion

Suspected missed abortion may be a doctor during a routine inspection. In the first half of pregnancy, your doctor may notice a discrepancy in uterine size juice of pregnancy, and the second - the lack of fetal movements and his heartbeat.

If you suspect a pregnancy fade carried ultrasound (US). On ultrasound shows that the baby's size does not correspond to the term of pregnancy, and there is no heartbeat. How to identify missed abortion in the second half? Also on the appropriate size of the fetus in pregnancy for that carried out the measurement of its tubular bones. A sign of fetal death is also a decrease in the amount of deformation of the fetal head, and by the expansion of brain tissue, but this feature does not appear immediately.

Analysis in missed abortion are of secondary importance. So the amount of blood the main female hormone first half of pregnancy, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) with missed abortion does not change immediately. Initially, the contents of hCG in the blood ceases to grow, and only a few days gradually reduced. Does the test missed abortion? By means of a pregnancy test is determined by the presence or absence of HCG in the urine. Non-pregnant women of hCG in the urine is not. But since missed abortion HCG does not immediately disappear from the blood (and therefore the urine) test for another one to two weeks or more after the fading of pregnancy is positive. That is, in fact, this test is more likely a woman will enter into error.