How to behave in the event of radioactive contamination

March 21, 2011

 How to behave in the event of radioactive contamination
   The accident at the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima - 1" showed how fragile our world, because such stations exist in our country, and not the fact that they are in a better position, because natural disasters can occur in any area. What to do in case of an ordinary person such a catastrophe?

 How to behave in the event of radioactive contamination

If there is a suspicion of radioactive contamination

Sometimes suspected radioactive contamination occurs even before the official announcement of this government. In this case, it is recommended as soon as possible to come into the room. Better if it will be a room with thick walls or located underground (subway, basement, tunnel). It is believed that the protection agent is the most effective: it is necessary to ensure that between a man and a source of radiation was as much substance and how it tighter, the better. For example, while in the one-story wooden house radiation dose is reduced by half in the basement of the house - seven times in a one-story stone house - ten times in his basement - forty times in the basement of the three-storey house - in four times.

So you need to choose the best possible safe shelter and wait for the message out there about the radiation environment of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. If you stay in the room, you need to carefully close all vents. At the same time we must try to protect against radiation airways - wear suitable protective cotton-gauze bandage, or just close your nose and mouth with several layers of any tissue dampened with water.

Before the meal you need to rinse your mouth with a five per cent solution of soda (a teaspoon per cup), the same solution can be washed with the nasal cavity, pulling it through the nose, and then spitting out (do not swallow).

The room need on a daily basis to carry out a thorough wet cleaning. If you will have to leave the house, it is better to throw on some garment, wear a hat and cover his face mask. After returning to the top clothes and shoes are better left outside the door.

 How to behave in the event of radioactive contamination

When it announced that radiation contamination occurred terrain

Without dosimeter can be unaware of the presence of radiation. But MOE should monitor the situation and report on it in time to the population. To measure the dose of radiation adopted unit - X-ray. The extent of radioactive contamination is characterized by levels of radiation, which is measured in roentgens per hour (p / h). The area is considered to be contaminated when radiation levels 0, 5 roentgen per hour and higher.

Once the MOE announced the radiation contamination, it is necessary to listen carefully to all the local ads and implement all the recommendations MOE. The fact that the radioactive contamination is fairly rapid decline in the level of radiation. For example, seven hours after the high level of the radiation level is reduced to ten times a day - a forty-fold, forty-eight hours - a hundred times.

Therefore, in the first hours after infection need to be in shelters, and when radiation Radiation and its biological effect: gently infected!  Radiation and its biological effect: gently infected!
   decrease (signal MES), you can go to his apartment. MOE sets the protection mode, depending on to what degree of contamination zone is the location. Contamination can be mild (8 - 80 p / h an hour after the accident), strong (80 - 240 p / h) and dangerous (to 1200 p / h). In accordance with these areas MOE develops rules of behavior of the population, including length of stay in the shelter. If necessary, the MOE decides to evacuate the population. On how well people adhere teams MOE, their lives depend.

On opening an infected area should not drink, eat, smoke, strip, touching any objects, walking through tall grass and thick brush. Before you enter the room, you need to remove outer clothing and shoes and leave it outside the door. You can not eat openly stored food and water.

Iodine prophylaxis is also carried out only team MOE. To do this within a week of taking potassium iodide tablets. Children under two years are over a quarter of a tablet. Instead of pills, you can take five percent tincture of iodine (three - five drops of tincture in a glass of water for adults and one - two drops of children). Doses greater than those in any case impossible.

 How to behave in the event of radioactive contamination

Food and water

If your home has any strategic reserves of food and water, they should be stored in the basement. If they are stored at home, and then must be placed in cabinets or in a refrigerator. Products should be stored in tightly closed glass, metal or glass-lined tanks, which must be covered from the top with various materials. Water for drinking and cooking can be taken only from the water, and in winter - from the water, covered with a thick layer of ice. If there is no uncontaminated food and water, the disinfecting of contaminated products.

Products stored in sealed metal, enamel and glass containers can be used after disinfection capacity. She wiped and cleaned with water and detergent. Products which are in unsealed containers (butter, solid fats, cheeses) decontaminated by removing the surface layer of a minimum thickness of a knife, two - three millimeters. If the products are not stored in the tanks (e.g., sausage, vegetables, fruits), they are decontaminated by washing with water jet, and then remove the surface layer of up to one centimeter.

Contaminated milk should be carefully boil and better make it a cottage, and some time after the reduction of radioactivity to eat. Liquid products (e.g., vegetable oil) is decontaminated by settling for at least three days after the top layer is decanted and the rest is used for food. You can also stand up and the water, but the reliability of its filtered through a layer of sand and activated carbon Activated carbon - old but indispensable  Activated carbon - old but indispensable

The most important thing when radioactive contamination - this is not to panic and to carefully follow all instructions MOE.

Galina Romanenko

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What to do in case of a nuclear accident: it is necessary to know

November 5, 2011

  • What to do in case of a nuclear accident: it is necessary to know
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 What to do in case of a nuclear accident
 If you are afraid of terrorist or strategic nuclear attacks whose consequences are usually devastating explosion and radioactive fallout, you should know the basic rules of conduct in such cases.


"Dirty bomb"

In the event of an attack using only the "dirty bomb" in the explosion and dispersal of radioactive material is contaminated sites in the vicinity of the explosion and downwind territories .  If you are within sight or hearing of the explosion, keep in mind that will soon begin distribution of radiological or chemical agents .  You need as far as possible and will leave from the explosion site .  If the wind blows there in your face, leave in a direction perpendicular to the wind .  If possible, close the face respirator or a piece of cloth so as not to inhale the potentially radioactive dust .  When you reach the refuge, remove outer clothing, leave it outside and as soon as possible, take a shower .  Additional instructions regarding evacuation shelters and you get local news .  The authorities are better prepared to help people in the event of attacks with the use of "dirty bombs" than to disasters with more dangerous nuclear weapons .

After learning about the threat of nuclear catastrophe, do not panic, read the instructions completely, and then quickly and confidently take action to protect themselves and their loved ones.


Stay or leave?

First of all you must decide whether to prepare to defend there, where you are, or to attempt to evacuate. The decision should be based on the nature of the threat, the existing means of protection and confidence in information sources. If you are sure you stay at home or in the place where it will remain during the explosion, go to the second point.

The decision to evacuate requires a high degree of confidence that the risk is justified. If you for some reason get stuck on the road in the alleged refuge, you will remain without any protection against radiation, and possibly find yourself among the crowd of panic-stricken refugees. In this case, perhaps, of all the necessary things that you carried with them, you have to keep only what you can carry on yourself. Only if you are in a big city or near a military objective, you have relatives or friends in the countryside, and you know exactly what they are waiting for you, the road to it is free, the authorities have not restricted the movement, and you have a vehicle and fuel - for a limited time evacuation can be a suitable option.

Do not take chances, but if you believe that the evacuation - the right way out, do not wait, we leave immediately!

Bring as many items listed in paragraph 7. better to arrive two days early than to be late for two hours, and be doomed to a worse fate than you have been waiting for, if you will not leave. Due to the serious risk to be running in a panic among the people, for the majority the best way - to do everything possible to protect at home.


What to do first

In order not to waste time, first of all, to distribute tasks between adult family members, and define the time period in which they have to deal with them. The most important for survival: shelter, water, food and other essentials. While one equips shelter in the house and store water, others should buy as much food and essential goods.


Food items

Many foods and other essential items listed in paragraph 7, will be quickly sold out, so you need to immediately send someone to the nearest store. If this can be done quickly, first remove the money from a bank or an ATM, but the store is possible pay with the card to save cash.



Until one (or more) adults buy products from the list in the seventh paragraph of this manual, the rest must immediately begin storing water. Lack of clean water will begin detrimental impact on your family much earlier than lack of food. Without clean water for drinking, cooking and basic sanitation standards compliance, you can face the disease with no hope of a quick medical assistance. This disaster can be avoided only if there is enough clean water.


As soon as possible, fill with water, all your tanks!

It is unlikely that you overdo and dial too much water. When the electricity and / or pumps are disabled, or everything will be as you draw water, the pressure drops and what you gain now will be what you will have to settle for a long time.

Empty plastic bottles - ideal containers for water. Fill all of which will find and add water to the bathroom and washing machine. (If you have a boiler, remember that it too will be a certain amount of water). If you have a children's pool, water beds, air mattresses, water and fill them. (Water from the water bed is only suitable for washing and cleaning, but not to drink, as it may contain traces algicides or fungicides)

Be sure, too much water under the threat of nuclear disaster does not happen! Do not hesitate, as soon as possible, fill the water all that can serve as a container for the liquid.

Radiation and its biological effect: gently infected!
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