Anesthesia delivery - which method is right for you?

August 5, 2007

 anesthesia delivery
 Childbirth - an extremely painful experience for most women. Although some women get off easy fright - their births are quite fast and relatively easy, for others it is a natural process turns into several hours of torture. Fortunately, unlike our grandparents, the forced without any aids conquer incredible pain, we can choose the preferred way for us to anesthesia, which completely eliminates any pain or reduce the painful relationship that allows a woman to enjoy a unique moment.

 Anesthesia delivery - which method is right for you?

Pool for childbirth

The stay in the water at an early stage of labor can significantly reduce pain, some women have been removed in an aqueous medium pressure loin. Some mothers prefer to stay in the water until the last stages of labor, and there are those who give the child lives in the water.

In recent years, the popularity of pools for childbirth increased significantly due to the fashion for all natural - except that it is a natural method of pain relief, it is also the oldest way to the birth of a new life, because, as we know, life began in the water.

 Anesthesia delivery - which method is right for you?

Percutaneous electroneurostimulation

Another method of drug-free pain relief in labor is a percutaneous electroneurostimulation (TENS), which has been used for many years. Device for TENS is a compact electronic device with electrodes that are connected to the lower back. As the electrodes runs very small electrical pulse which inhibits pain signals, which significantly reduces discomfort mothers. Force electrical impulses can be increased during contractions, and then decreased to the normal level when the pain subsides. The effectiveness of TENS highly individual - some women in labor, it makes little or no relief. Most clinics have their own TENS devices, but if you want such a device can be purchased for home use in stores medical equipment.

 Anesthesia delivery - which method is right for you?

Nitrous oxide ("laughing gas")

This gas is also known as entonoks. It is a mixture of nitric oxide and oxygen, which is necessary when new mother inhales through the tube. This is a very popular and friendly method of anesthesia, which is enough for some women, especially in simple labor. The action of "laughing gas" is based on the fact that it distracts man from pain, but does not eliminate them. The main thing is that this method has no disadvantages of the two methods heavier analgesia described below.

 Anesthesia delivery - which method is right for you?

Epidural anesthesia

Epidural anesthesia - is the introduction of the anesthetic directly into the lumbar region. This is a very effective method of pain relief in labor. The first injection carries a doctor and all subsequent (with a gradual increase of the dose) and the midwife can do. Epidurals early childbirth can prevent the new mother to move, so the generic activities woman exercising in the supine position. However, new anesthetics allow the maternity ward to move on.

 Anesthesia delivery - which method is right for you?


This is the strongest method of pain relief in labor, which is used in severe cases. It can effectively relieve pain for three or four hours. Unlike the epidural pethidine not be administered continuously, when the need arise. Typically, maternity do no more than two injections, which means that this method is not suitable for anesthesia prolonged delivery that lasts longer than 8 hours. Furthermore, pethidine can penetrate into the body of the child, whereby the baby begins to breathe with a delay. However, this problem can be easily solved by using the antidote.

Although the choice of anesthesia is usually left for giving birth, most doctors and midwives recommend starting with less invasive options, such as TENS and "laughing gas," and then, if necessary, proceed to the treatment of pain medication.

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Natural induction of labor - think about the possible complications

June 20, 2010

 natural induction of labor
 A great desire to meet as soon as possible with your baby, get rid of the severity of pregnancy, and, finally, had a good sleep on my stomach would explain the impatience of women in anticipation of childbirth. Many expectant mothers have resorted to a variety of recommendations for the induction of labor, without thinking about the possible complications.

Urgent deliveries (deliveries in time) occur between 37 to 42 weeks. When normally occurring childbirth does not require any intervention on the part of the introduction of drugs and medical procedures. Drug induction of labor is carried out strictly on the evidence, there is a threat to the fetus or the mother's life.

What is the stimulation of natural childbirth, and what the optimal time to start it? Natural induction of labor should be conducted in order to prepare the cervix for childbirth, the formation of the dominant clan and the onset of labor at low perenashivanie pregnancy. Note that the due date set by your doctor, do not have the motivation to act (that is, you need to have in this day and no hour later), but only a landmark of the expected delivery. Date of birth can vary in either direction from the intended one to ten days. In the presence of precursors of childbirth, "mature" of the cervix can begin to natural induction of labor.

 Natural induction of labor - think about the possible complications

Forerunners of birth

  • 1-2 weeks before delivery head is lowered (pressed against the entrance to a small basin), it is fixed, she said that it became easier to breathe.
  • Discharge of mucous plug from the cervix Cervical canal - the path traversed by every person  Cervical canal - the path traversed by every person
   for 3-10 days before delivery
  • Weight loss at 500-1000 gram for 2-3 days before delivery
  • The appearance of pulling back pain, frequent urination
  • Reducing perturbations kid 1-2 weeks before the onset of labor

 Natural induction of labor - think about the possible complications

Signs of "mature" cervical

  • The cervix becomes soft, stretchable
  • Smooth neck or shortening
  • Location cervical centered with respect to the vagina

 Natural induction of labor - think about the possible complications

Methods of natural stimulation of birth

Exercise stress. Try to remain constantly on the move, take a walk in the fresh air in the park or square, at least two hours a day. Climbing stairs with a step by step over (3-5 times a day), with the necessary stops to restore breathing. Begin to dance, to express themselves in the Arab dance with the rotation of the hips and waist. Walking with raised knees. Do not overdo it, heavy lifting, sudden movements, jumps can lead to premature rupture of water that is already fraught with medical stimulation.

Massage nipple delicate and quite long, for 5-15 minutes 2-3 times per day. When nipple stimulation hormone is released - oxytocin, which is responsible for the contractile ability of the uterus. In addition, massage prepares the teats to feed.

Review your diet, increase the fiber content in the diet can be at the expense of fresh vegetable salad, dressed with vegetable oil. Fibre and oil are soft enough to the intestine, causing a laxative effect. Freed actively perestaltiruet intestine, which in turn causes uterine contractions. And about cleansing enemas at home is better to forget, in order to avoid unintended consequences.

Very useful for the stimulation of douches Douches - effectiveness is proven time  Douches - effectiveness is proven time
 You can and should visit the bath Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures  Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures

Intimate relationships play an important role in preparing for natural childbirth, semen contains a large amount of natural prostaglandins that help cervical ripening and cause contraction of smooth muscles of the uterus.

Acceptance of evening primrose oil. It is rich in fatty acids and promotes the production of prostaglandins.

Brew raspberry leaves and drink 2-3 glasses a day.

To minimize stress, create a soothing atmosphere around you, get rid of the pain and fear of childbirth, normalize sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . All of this contributes to the normal formation of the dominant clan in the brain, which is responsible for during labor. Not recommended painkillers and sleeping pills.

 Natural induction of labor - think about the possible complications

Methods of natural induction of labor during labor

  • Between fights you need to go, horizontal position without movement will only delay the birth process and does not remove the pain.
  • Proper and deep breathing also helps to enhance the frequency and strength of contractions.
  • To relieve pain and stimulate contractions shows self-massage lumbosacral region.
  • You can lightly pinch myself for the skin of the abdomen (in a circle, clockwise).

Properly carried out the recommendations of the natural induction of labor will not only help to bring the meeting with the child, but also remove unpleasant sensations during labor.

Anna Sozinova

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