Sugar waxing: sweet beauty

July 3, 2011

 Sugar waxing
 Sugar waxing or shugaring - a method of hair removal, which was invented in the Middle East. During this procedure, the hair is removed with its root that ideally allows you to score about epilation Hair removal: perfect skin without hair  Hair removal: perfect skin without hair
   4-6 weeks. The hair that grow after depilation sugar, softer and less dense than before. With regular use of this method of hair removal follicles (follicles) weaken and remove the hair becomes easier.

With sugar waxing can remove hair virtually anywhere - on the legs, underarms, bikini area, on the upper lip. You can remove the extra eyebrows, men - do hair removal on his chest. The only exception - this method can not be a substitute for conventional shave to males since, firstly, when used on large areas of skin it can easily cause irritation, and secondly, the root hair system for the chin is arranged somewhat differently than in Hair on other parts of the body.

To depilation using sugar to achieve an optimal result, the hair length must be at least 6 mm. If the hair is longer than 1 cm, they must be cut before depilation. In addition, before the procedure is necessary to remove any traces of skin fats, including cream, and then dry it thoroughly.

 Sugar waxing: sweet beauty

How to Make Sugar waxing at home

Sugar waxing Waxing: the easy way to beauty  Waxing: the easy way to beauty
   You can do both in the cabin and on their own. If you decide to do hair removal at home, you will need the following ingredients: a cup of sugar, a quarter cup of lemon juice and a quarter cup of water.

  • Combine all ingredients in a saucepan with a thick bottom (sugar mixture can be easy to get burnt). The mixture should be warmed up to about 120C. Readiness can help define pi cooking thermometer or eyes: ready-mix - a homogeneous mixture of a transparent light caramel color.
  • Remove the pan from the heat and let the mixture cool down so that it can be poured into a glass container. Use a bowl in which you will be able to warm up the sugar mixture in a microwave oven or in a water bath.
  • Cook a few strips of clean, soft cotton cloth. Very important: before using the mixture should cool down so that it does not burn the skin. Note that the hands are not so sensitive to cold, the legs and underarm skin and in the groin.
  • By hand or with a spatula, apply a thin layer of sugar mixture to the skin in the direction of hair growth. Top with strips of cloth and wait a few minutes. Then quickly tear strip, making movement against the direction of hair growth. This should be done as quickly as you come off the plaster - if you act slowly, the procedure will become more painful, and you do not remove all the hair.

After the sugar depilation take a warm shower and put on a body moisturizer. After the sugar hair removal hair grow less than after wax depilation, but, nevertheless, within 1-2 days after the procedure is recommended to make a peeling.

 Sugar waxing: sweet beauty

Advantages of sugar depilation

  • An inexpensive and efficient method of removing hair Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?  Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?
 Which is quite simple to use at home.
  • Natural ingredients mixture for depilation. The wax is normally added various flavoring agents, coloring agents and preservatives, which may cause skin irritation. When using sugar depilation likelihood of skin irritation is significantly lower.
  • After depilation remains of the sugar mixture is easily washed off with water. To remove wax residues, for example, often have to use baby oil or petroleum jelly Vaseline: old friend  Vaseline: old friend
  • During sugar depilation, unlike wax together with the hair can only be removed by dead skin cells.
  • The temperature of the sugar mixture used for depilation, well below the temperature of the wax, which is used during the waxing; so it minimizes the risk of damage to the skin.

 Sugar waxing: sweet beauty

Disadvantages sugar depilation

  • Properly cook the mixture for hair removal can be difficult.
  • This procedure is painful - like other types of hair removal.
  • Part hair in the sugar waxing can break down and not be pulled out by the roots.

 Sugar waxing: sweet beauty

Means for sugar depilation

In the beauty salon for hair removal using sugar paste ready sugar, developed by leading cosmetic companies. Sugar paste is used for hair removal today are designed with the most modern technology. For example, Sukar (England), Alexandria (CSHA), Pandhy's (Hungary).

Thus, the paste for hair removal is not preparing Pandis of sucrose and of glucose and fructose as the sugar has the flexibility and elasticity. The sucrose molecule is initially larger than a molecule of glucose and fructose, so the latter can penetrate deeper into the hair root, which allows you to remove hair without breaking off them. Furthermore, high concentrations of glucose and fructose have antibacterial properties, which prevents infection in the mouth of the follicle. Pandis pasta can be reheated to the desired temperature (usually body temperature), and its properties are not violated. Pasta cooked with sugar, it is impossible to warm up, it immediately becomes a solid.

Nevertheless, sugar paste can be prepared at home immediately before the procedure depilation, carefully observing all the conditions of preparation. To do this you need to take 10 tablespoons sugar, 1 tablespoon of water and 4 tablespoons of lemon juice. Boil the mixture in an enamel pot on low heat, stirring constantly, until thickened. Once the mixture has cooled to body temperature it should be used.

 Sugar waxing: sweet beauty

Carrying out the procedure of sugar depilation

The first procedure shugaring begin to conduct at least the length of the hair centimeter. After several treatments hair will become thinner and can remove even very small (3 mm or less), for example, after shaving. First, you need to prepare your skin for depilation: degrease it after washing thoroughly with soap and water (then paste better grip hair), and then the skin is dried with a clean towel, lightly powdered with talcum or baby powder (this is necessary for sugar paste less stick to the skin).

At a beauty salon for depilation sugar paste is applied to the skin and massaged it against the direction of hair growth, which contributes to deep penetration of the paste into the hair follicle and enveloping the entire length. Remove the paste in the direction of natural hair growth that is less painful (a little tenderness, of course, will).

At home, the sugar paste can be applied to the skin in different ways:

  • warm sugar paste is applied to the skin against the hair growth, stick a strip of cloth on top, pressed against the skin, and then abruptly disrupt the fabric together with the paste in the direction of natural hair growth; the hair will remain in the sugar paste;
  • make sugar paste soft elastic ball and roll on the skin; hair stick to the ball and removed.

After depilation sugar paste is easily washed off with water and becomes smooth and soft, it does not happen to stimuli, red spots and swelling. The ability of sugar to attract water moisturizes the skin, giving it elasticity and fresh look.

Sugar waxing every day gaining new followers. Very often, women try all other methods of depilation and epilation (hair removal from the root), stay on it.

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