Ointment for psoriasis - a large selection

January 11, 2014

  • Ointment for psoriasis - a large selection
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 ointment for psoriasis
 Ointment for psoriasis selected individually: that which is well-suited to one person may not work for another brand. In order to understand the mechanism of action of various ointments and creams for psoriasis, one must know why and how the process of developing psoriatic skin. And it is only by a doctor.


Treatment of psoriasis ointment

The basis of the treatment of psoriasis cures individual approach to each patient. In the appointment of a medicament for the treatment of psoriasis (including ointments) doctor takes into account not only the stage and the extent of the skin process, but also the individual characteristics of the patient. Sometimes ointment on all indications, it would seem appropriate to the patient, but is ineffective. Selection of the most suitable ointment sometimes takes place in several stages.

All the ointment for psoriasis are divided into hormonal and non-hormonal. First, doctors try to use non-hormonal ointments and only in the case where they have no therapeutic effect, and the process applies to new areas of the skin, apply hormonal ointments.


Nonhormonal ointment for psoriasis

Until relatively recently, non-hormonal ointments for psoriasis ointment were only on the basis of tar, salidola, salicylic acid and Naftalan. Today there are new more effective ointment.

Salicylic acid is used in psoriasis for a long time. Pharmacy salicylic ointment for psoriasis (eg Diprosalik) helps to soften dead skin flakes of skin and contributes to the rapid removal. 2% salicylic ointment apply a thin layer to the affected skin areas twice a day. Salicylic ointment for psoriasis is mainly used to remove flaky skin, while providing a more rapid penetration to the site of inflammation of other medicinal products. Also help salicylic ointment for psoriasis on the head Psoriasis on the head - how to deal with illness  Psoriasis on the head - how to deal with illness

If inflammation of the skin in the heat, especially if it is accompanied by weeping, more suitable salitsilovo- Zinc paste - in psoriasis it is perfectly removes inflammation and dries the skin.

Used and zinc ointment Zinc ointment: hypoallergenic, availability, efficiency  Zinc ointment: hypoallergenic, availability, efficiency
   in psoriasis. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, dries, anti-toxic effect. Zinc ointment for psoriasis well relieves irritation and itching of the skin, reduces the inflammation of the tissues and protects the skin from external stimuli.

Ointment for psoriasis with tar (e.g., 5% sulfuric tar ointment) reduces inflammation in the skin. The ointment is applied to the modified skin once a day during the progression of psoriasis.

Anthralin ointment based oil helps cleanse the skin and restore its cells. It is applied to a thin layer of skin and washed off after an hour. During regression of psoriasis on the skin can be applied to Naftalan ointment (also prepared on the basis of crude oil), which reduces inflammation and promotes rapid recovery of skin cells.

Ointments against psoriasis may be formulated and based on grease. Solidolovye ointment for psoriasis in pharmacies - is Magnipsor, tsitopsor, antipsor and others. Magnipsor (in this series produced a few ointments) contains fat grease, which is pre-cleaned. Tsitopsor - grease ointment for psoriasis, which contains fat grease with organic and mineral components. Ivanova Antipsor or ointment for psoriasis contains grease fat, birch tar, series, chitin crab, Aral, burdock, celandine Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries  Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries
 , Toadflax, acacia, glyukomakanovye mucus, fir oil. Solidolovaya ointment for psoriasis has exfoliating, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, wound healing, anti-bacterial and antipruritic effect.

Ointment for psoriasis akrustal (right cream akrustal) is also prepared on the basis of the fat grease. But other than that it is composed of cedar oil and eucalyptus oil, yarrow, oil extracts - calendula, chamomile, rosehip, wheat germ and aloe extracts, juniper, licorice, honey and beeswax. The mechanism of action of a cream based on the reduction of metabolism in the skin cells. He also has exfoliating, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic effect.

Some ointments for the treatment of psoriasis can be made at home. Thus, celandine ointment for psoriasis prepared as follows: powdered dry celandine herbs mixed with Vaseline Vaseline: old friend  Vaseline: old friend
   unsalted butter or a rate of 1: 4 and lubricate the affected areas several times daily.

At home, you can also cook egg oil from psoriasis. Preparing it this way: boil hard boiled some eggs to get one egg yolks, finely chopped and fry over low heat, dry (without oil) pan until appearing oily liquid - this is the egg oil, they need to lubricate the psoriatic plaques.

Hormonal treatments for acne - good outcomes

October 7, 2013

 hormonal treatments for acne
 Treatment of acne and acne Acne: facial trouble  Acne: facial trouble
   hormonal therapy Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives  Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives
   It can give good results, especially if the development of acne in women is associated with polycystic ovary syndrome or other disorders caused by fluctuating hormone levels. In most cases, women are prescribed birth control pills combined - especially if the patient is sexually active. Other hormonal treatments for acne are used much less frequently.

 Hormonal treatments for acne - good outcomes

Diana 35

This hormonal agent, which active compounds are cyproterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol, may be used for the treatment of severe acne cases where antibiotics are not effective enough.

Significant improvement usually occurs within two to six months after starting treatment. Women taking Diane 35 (or similar drugs with the same active ingredients) slightly increased chance of developing breast cancer in the future. Of 10,000 women who took the medication, to 35 years in breast cancer will be diagnosed in about 16 patients. This figure increases to 17 or 18 of those who took Diana 35, at least for five years and under the age of 30 years.

In addition, the reception of Diana 35 slightly increases the risk of thromboembolism. This disorder develops, on average, one patient 2500.

Diana 35 can not be taken by pregnant or lactating women. Before the course of treatment the patient is required to do a pregnancy test.

Diane 35 may cause the following side effects:

  • Non-menstrual bleeding that may occur from time to time during the first months of treatment;
  • Headache;
  • Breast tenderness;
  • Mood changes;
  • The weakening of sexual desire;
  • Increase or decrease in weight with no apparent reason.

 Hormonal treatments for acne - good outcomes


Isotretinoin has many useful properties:

  • It helps to reduce the production of sebum by the sebaceous glands;
  • It prevents the accumulation of fat in the pores and dead skin cells;
  • It reduces the number of bacteria on the skin surface;
  • Reduces inflammation.

However, this drug can cause many side effects, so taking it is prescribed only in extreme cases, when other means do not help. Because of the risks associated with taking isotretinoin, it has to prescribe only a dermatologist, rather than a family doctor.

Isotretinoin is produced in the form of tablets for oral administration. Most of the patients received treatment, which lasts four to six months. In the first 7-10 days after the beginning of ingestion of acne may be more in many patients, they become larger and more prominent than usual. This is normal and due to the fact that the drug "kicks" bacteria from the deep layers of the skin to the surface.

Other common side effects of isotretinoin:

  • Inflammation and dryness of the skin, in some places, especially around the mouth and nostrils, skin can crack;
  • Changes in blood sugar levels Blood sugar - a very important indicator  Blood sugar - a very important indicator
  • Inflammation of the eyelids (blepharitis);
  • Inflammation and irritation of the eyes (conjunctivitis);
  • Hematuria (presence of blood in the urine).

Less common side effects are:

  • Inflammation of the liver (hepatitis);
  • Inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis);
  • Kidney disease.

Because of the risk of such side effects in patients during the course of treatment may be recommended to regularly donate blood for analysis, the doctor can check how the liver, kidneys and pancreas.

 Hormonal treatments for acne - good outcomes

Isotretinoin and congenital disorders

Isotretinoin can cause serious harm to the child in utero. The following are recommendations for women of childbearing age:

  • In no case do not take isotretinoin if you are pregnant or think you might become pregnant;
  • For a month before you start taking isotretinoin start using one, but better - two reliable methods of contraception. The same measures should be taken to avoid pregnancy throughout treatment and for one month after its completion;
  • If you suspect a pregnancy during the course of treatment is required to use the appropriate tests.

Before you start taking isotretinoin, the patient must sign a document stating that she was aware of the risks associated with this drug, and agrees to use the funds concept to prevent pregnancy, even if at the moment it does not have a sexual partner .

If you suspect that you might become pregnant during treatment, immediately contact your doctor, who appointed you to isotretinoin.

This drug also can not be taken during lactation.

 Hormonal treatments for acne - good outcomes

Isotretinoin and mood changes

Fixed many cases where patients taking isotretinoin, complained of mood changes, with no apparent reason. However, there is no evidence that the mood swings are the result of taking this drug. However, if during the course of treatment you feel depressed or anxious Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?  Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?
   and especially if you have the aggression and suicidal thoughts as soon as possible consult a dermatologist. If necessary, he will send you to a specialist.

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