Psoriasis Treatment folk remedies - is not necessary to conduct experiments

December 24, 2013

  • Psoriasis Treatment folk remedies - is not necessary to conduct experiments
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 psoriasis treatment folk remedies
 Psoriasis Treatment folk remedies it is possible. But this treatment should be conducted under the supervision of a physician and organically fit into the complex therapy of psoriasis. Independently apply traditional remedies should not be - psoriasis - it is not the disease, which can conduct experiments.


How to treat psoriasis folk remedies

How to cure psoriasis folk remedies? Completely get rid of psoriasis difficult as using the people's money, and with the help of medication. But it is possible to maintain a long-term remission, including using traditional recipes. Traditional medicine has a lot of tools and methods for the treatment of psoriasis. But to apply them at random just because someone suggested, is not necessary. The main advisor on the issue of the treatment of psoriasis should be a doctor.

Traditional medicine for the treatment of psoriasis using infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants for oral administration, and for external use, and various oils, bee products, sea salt, clay, mummy, bee products and more - much more.

From traditional medicine were such widely used in official medicine treatments as hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches), reflexology Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies  Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies
   homeopathy Homeopathy - the placebo effect in the service of medicine?  Homeopathy - the placebo effect in the service of medicine?

So why not take advantage of the accumulated experience of centuries-old folk remedies treatment of psoriasis?


Traditional recipes from psoriasis

A special place in folk medicine covers the treatment of psoriasis Advances in the treatment of psoriasis  Advances in the treatment of psoriasis
   tar. Tar is used in subacute and chronic psoriasis. Today found that more effective in the treatment of psoriasis is coal, which is obtained by dry distillation (calcination without air) coals. According to its composition, it is a very complex mixture of organic compounds, such as phenol, toluene, xylene, benzene, cresol, guaiacol, organic acid and so on.

Coal tar inhibits proliferation in psoriasis (overproduction) of skin cells, reduces inflammation, swelling, itching, limiting the affected area with psoriasis, reduces flaking, cleans the skin from the scales, has antiseptic properties.

Coal tar is rarely used in folk medicine. The purified coal tar is a part Friderm Tar shampoo that can be used to treat psoriasis of the scalp.

In folk medicine, our country is much more often used birch tar, psoriasis, he also has a positive effect on the skin. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. When applied to the skin Irritating tar, keratolytic (dissolves psoriatic scales) and keratoplastic (helps to restore the normal condition of the skin) effect.

Birch tar for psoriasis is used topically as an ointment:

  • Prescription ointments number 1

1, 5 tablespoons of powder celandine herbs Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries  Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries
 , A tablespoon of powder, nettle leaves and 2 tablespoons of the powder medical sulfur mixed thoroughly with 1, 5 tablespoons boats fish oil, leave for two hours, then pour in 2 tablespoons liquid honey, stir and leave for three hours, stirring occasionally. Then mix all with 3 tablespoons of birch tar, put in a dark place for 10 days, stirring occasionally. Lubricate the skin affected by psoriasis.

  • Prescription ointments number 2

Connect and mix 3 tablespoons of birch tar, 2 tablespoons of petroleum jelly and 5 tablespoons of 50% alcohol tincture of the fruits of Sophora japonica. Insist in a dark place for two weeks, stirring occasionally. Lubricate psoriatic skin.

  • Prescription ointments number 3

5 tablespoons of birch tar, 1 tablespoon honey, 2 tablespoons of castor oil, and the same ash wild rose stems mixed with a protein from the two raw eggs. Grind until smooth, insist in a dark place for three days, stirring occasionally. Lubricate psoriatic skin.

  • Applications for psoriasis

5 tablespoons of birch tar, 1 tablespoon cream, 1 fresh egg - all thoroughly mixed, put on a cotton cloth and apply to the site of the lesion on the skin. Applications to do every day to complete cleansing.

Psoriasis Treatment birch tar can be conducted using the baths. For the preparation of tar baths need to take 5 tablespoons of birch tar, 3, 5 tablespoons of soap sleep mouth (available at pharmacies), and 3, 5 tablespoons of water to mix, shake and pour a few times in a tepid bath.

There is also a recipe for bath: the affected skin cause birch tar, and then sit in the bath for 15-20 minutes and rinse with soap and tar. Tar baths are administered in the stationary and regressive stages of psoriasis.

Tar soap is also used for psoriasis, it is well relieves itching. That's just to wash often with tar soap is not necessary - just like any other soap, it dries the skin. Aznachit, skin irritation may increase.

Small red spots on the body - why there are, and how you can get rid of them

December 1, 2014

  • Small red spots on the body - why there are, and how you can get rid of them
  • Insect bites

 small red spots on the body
 Small red points on the body can have various causes. As a rule, they are completely harmless, although their appearance and can cause a person a significant psychological distress.

What are the reasons for the appearance of small red spots on the body and how to treat them?



It is fairly common benign tumor that consists of blood vessels. They can appear on any part of the body, but most often are formed on the body angioma. Sometimes these are isolated bright red spots, but in some cases there is so much that they resemble an extensive skin rash. In most cases, angioma formed in people over thirty years. The reason for this is not known, as a rule, the propensity for their appearance is inherited.

Angioma is a small (up to six millimeters in diameter), red dots, flat or convex. If you notice at such spots as soon as possible consult a doctor: to distinguish benign from malignant tumors on the eye impossible.

As the angioma are not dangerous and are not associated with any serious medical conditions, to treat them is not necessary. However, if they adversely affect the appearance of the person and / or frequent bleeding, they can be removed with a laser or cryotherapy. In some cases, prominent angiomas are cut with a scalpel. After removing the skin angiomas usually remains visible scars.


Allergic reactions

Allergy symptoms are very diverse, and one of them is the appearance of small red spots on various parts of the body and / or face. Sometimes the rash is accompanied by symptoms such as a stuffy or runny nose, shortness of breath, wheezing, itching, and redness of the eyes, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting. Many allergy sufferers manage to avoid or minimize exposure to allergens, so they rarely suffer from allergic reactions. However, in some cases, the allergy can lead to a significant reduction in the quality of life.

An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system reacts to a substance as a potential threat - as it would do in the event of penetration into the body of infection.

Substances that are produced at the same time, and are responsible for the appearance of allergy symptoms. Why it happens is not known, but some factors may increase the likelihood that people will allergies. For example, allergies most often affects people who have grown up in a family of smokers (if parents smoked in the house) who live at home are animals, there are carpets or furniture, inhabited by dust mites. Taking antibiotics is also associated with an increased risk of developing allergies.

To help combat skin rash caused by an allergy, antihistamines are best suited. In cases where they do not help, can be administered for oral corticosteroids.



Rubella - a contagious viral infection common symptom is a rash that formed small red or pink spots. Often, several points are merged into one to form relatively large clusters. Sometimes confused with rubella, measles, but measles red spots on the skin are usually much larger, moreover, these diseases are caused by different viruses.

Often the symptoms of rubella are expressed so weak - especially in children - that they almost do not pay attention. If the disease does cause noticeable symptoms they usually appear within two to three weeks after infection. The symptoms of rubella may include: fever (not above 38.9 degrees Celsius), headache, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore eyes with red squirrels, enlarged lymph nodes at the base of the head and behind the ears, pain in joints Joint pain - how to understand what is going on?  Joint pain - how to understand what is going on?
   (This feature is especially common in young women). Red dots are usually first appear on the face, but quickly spread on the trunk, arms and legs. After a few days they disappear in the same sequence, along with other features rubella.

In most cases, rubella - a benign disease that quickly passes, after which a person produces permanent immunity to the virus causes it. However, it can be dangerous for pregnant women who have not been immunized against rubella Vaccination against rubella - can not be ignored  Vaccination against rubella - can not be ignored
 . In 90% of infants whose mothers had been ill with the infection in the first eleven weeks of pregnancy, found certain complications associated with exposure to the virus. The most serious of these complications are: growth retardation, cataracts Cataracts - how to solve the problem completely?  Cataracts - how to solve the problem completely?
 , Deafness, congenital heart defects in other organs, mental retardation Mental retardation - if the mind is underdeveloped  Mental retardation - if the mind is underdeveloped

If a woman becomes ill with rubella during the later stages of pregnancy, the risk to the child's health will be lower but it still persists.

At this time, no funds that could accelerate the recovery of patients with rubella, but it is happening fast enough. If the patient feels bad, it is recommended to comply with bed rest and taking OTC analgesics and antipyretics (paracetamol, aspirin, etc.). The patients until complete recovery should not be in contact with pregnant women, as well as with people who have very weak immune system.