The main secrets of perfect make-up: ABC Beauty - Tools

September 23, 2010

  • The main secrets of perfect make-up: ABC Beauty
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The right tools for make-up

Many women mistakenly believe that the creation of the perfect makeup requires a wide variety of makeup, no complicated techniques, and a lot of time. In fact, you can achieve the perfect makeup, even not having sufficient experience and an impressive collection of cosmetics at hand - with just a few tools and light application technique.

Any task required to do the job the right tools, and the creation of a make-up - is no exception. Experts on beauty and makeup artists know that the application of make-up becomes much easier and more effective if you use a professional brush for makeup.

Often, brushes and applicators, sold complete with eye shadow, powder and rouge, distinguished by very small size, which makes it difficult application and correct rastushevyvanie cosmetics. Professional makeup brushes which are larger and easier to use. As well they are produced in different sizes and intended for use in different areas of the face.

  • Large fluffy brushes are perfect for applying powder.
  • Fluffy brush medium size needed for the application of blush on the cheeks.
  • Small round or square brush designed for applying makeup base - for example, a special brush Illuminare Foundation Brush, is made of soft nylon, allows to put a foundation perfectly smooth thin layer.
  • Applicators for eyeshadow - small and flat, whereby the shadow is easily applied to the upper eyelid and the area under the eyebrow.
  • Applicators for lipstick different miniature size, making it easy to use them to describe the perfect contour of the lips. Applicators for lipstick - an indispensable tool if you want to apply lipstick bright or dark color, will not go beyond the natural contour of the lips.

Store for makeup brushes must be cleaned to prevent accumulation of bacteria - which in turn may lead to the development of acne and other infections. Wash hands with soap or you need a special tool in warm water, rinsing thoroughly and leave to dry on a flat surface. Proper care of makeup brushes significantly extend their lifespan.

Natural makeup: Equipment and Secrets - Features

February 25, 2013

  • Natural make-up: technology and secrets
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 especially natural makeup

Features natural makeup

Most men believe that a beautiful girl looks beautiful without makeup, but not every woman will decide to exit without makeup. And then comes to the aid of the so-called natural make-up that suits any age, almost imperceptible, but allows you to correct the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of persons is beneficial.

With age, a woman has to deal with skillful decorative cosmetics, and the smaller and better it will be on the face, the better. Natural make-up gives the freshness of the young lady, and spoke about the subtle taste and sense of proportion of the adult female. However, the technique of natural make-up is quite complex, and to create the effect of "a naked person" would have to work hard.

Particular attention is paid to the skin, if it is sufficiently problematic, need foundation, pencils, eye shadow, powder and special brushes for their application .  The hardest part of the natural make-up - choose the right color .  They should be natural and at the same time enhance the natural shades of eyebrows, lips, skin, .  Natural make-up anyway using almost all Hollywood stars .  So, very carefully, and look younger with natural make-up actress Demi Moore, and, apparently, her young husband in awe of its natural beauty .  Many models, tired of make-up on shows, in real life prefer natural shades .  Natalia Vodianova does not hide his love of the natural make-up or even its absence .  Not once was seen "with little or no make-up," Angelina Jolie, who looked all too sexy .  Home blonde Hollywood actress Sharon Stone believes that at her age can look beautiful and natural make-up to help in .  To look as good as a movie star, you must perform several steps .

 Features | Natural makeup: technique and secrets

Toning the skin

The well-cleansed skin moisturizer is applied, and in the dark areas (the inner corner of the eye, the area under the lower lashes, nose wings) using equalizer applied a little lighter skin tone. They are disguised as redness, puffiness, swelling, pimples. Then apply a thin layer of tinting emulsion or foundation Tone Cream: a pledge perfect makeup  Tone Cream: a pledge perfect makeup
   and carefully shaded. Large brush gently face covered with a thin layer crumbly powder that will fix makeup and removes shine. Makeup eyebrows and eyes

Eyebrows set the tone for the entire face, so they should be well-groomed. Unwanted hairs are removed with tweezers, using a special brush can be given a natural form. Blonde eyebrows slightly podkrashivayutsya pencil in tone. Owners brown eyes for applying natural makeup need only a soft pencil or color shade cocoa. Visually, you can open the eyes using a pearlescent shade, slightly shade on the upper eyelid. Gray-eyed, green-eyed and blue-eyed girl suit peach shade. The upper eyelid is supplied with a pencil thin line of brown or gray shadows and shaded. Instead, the bulk is better to take lengthening mascara brown or gray-black in color.

 Features | Natural makeup: technique and secrets

Lip Makeup

Makeup lips you can choose two ways. The first - to use a color close to natural, but more intense. This will require fruit shades of lipstick, for an evening make-up can take a bright lipstick. To put it better finger. The second way - to make the lips slightly paler skin tones. This option is ideal dark-skinned girl. You will need the solid lipstick or pastel-pink shade, and can be applied on top of a drop of gloss to give visual volume. Gloss is brushed in three points: two at the top and one at the bottom, and a little finger shaded. Do not forget about the blush. Bright shades of pink, of course, will not be useful, but the apricot blush shades will be very helpful. With a broad brush a thin layer are applied to the cheekbones and refresh the face.

Begin development of tricks natural makeup better with the easiest, and then move on to a more pronounced and refined. Natural makeup will blend in perfectly with any wardrobe. The main thing is to choose the right colors and shades, to observe the rules of application and use high-quality and safe for skin cosmetics.

Anastasia Rylova

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The main secrets of perfect make-up: ABC Beauty - Blush

September 23, 2010

  • The main secrets of perfect make-up: ABC Beauty
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How to apply blush

A few light strokes of blush on the cheeks will make the face brighter and more interesting.


  • Powder blush differ dense texture and intense color. Such paint is ideal for oily or combination skin Combination skin - everything you need to know about it  Combination skin - everything you need to know about it
 . They must be applied with a special brush - for example, Colorescience Retractable Blusher Brush, which will provide a convenient application.
  • Cream Blush different light, translucent color, which allows the natural skin tone shine through. Thanks to the moisturizing texture, cream blush is ideal for dry skin Dry skin: care and treatment  Dry skin: care and treatment
  • Gel blush have the most transparent shade. As powdery blush, gel cosmetics is best suited for oily skin Oily skin: Natural and artificial care  Oily skin: Natural and artificial care


In order not to look like a clown, avoid very bright and flashy shades of blush. For a natural and beautiful make-up artists are advised to choose a shade of blush, the closest to the natural color of the cheeks after exposure to cold air. Another option - to make a small tucks on the skin of the cheeks, to see how this particular area of ​​the skin changes color, and pick the appropriate shade of blush.


When applying blush very important light hand. In order to apply the powdery blush, it requires a special brush, but the cream or gel blush best to put your fingertips

  • Using powdery blush, dip the brush in the tool, and then shake off the excess powder. When applying the gel or cream blush, "scoop" a little money with his fingertips.
  • Light strokes, apply blush on the upper portion of the cheeks, then blend thoroughly from top to bottom.
  • Pawn natural-looking make-up - right rastushevyvanie. To powdery shade blush, use a brush and the gel or cream blush, you can shade the tip of a clean finger.