Building muscle - no easy task - muscle training

October 27, 2011

  • Building muscle - not an easy task
  • Muscle training

Muscle training

Exercise not only helps burn fat, but also to increase muscle mass. When you exercise different muscle groups are developed simultaneously and the whole body workout is the most effective form of exercise to reduce body fat and build muscle. For example, sit-ups - this is the best exercise for building muscle, during which the leaves are overweight. To achieve better results squats can be combined with exercises for the upper body, such as zhimom shoulder.

Some exercises are recommended to burn fat and build muscle:

  • The rise of the biceps dumbbells or weights, lateral grip, lifts. You can combine these techniques.
  • Strength training, such as shot put, exercise with chains, lifting sandbags.
  • The combination of push-ups, including push-ups on his knees, push-ups from the bench, seethes with push-ups.
  • Throwing the kernel, the combination of precision strike force.
  • The combination of squat exercises, such as squats and bench press, squats and pull-ups, squats and turning.

 Muscle training | Building muscle - not an easy task

Tips for muscle gain

Action plan for building muscle can dramatically change your life. It is necessary to combine as much as possible the amount of exercise to see how much you can increase the muscles of the body.

  • It should start with three exercises with weights on the entire body every two days.
  • In every part of the body perform only one exercise during each full workout, but each additional training to perform other exercises for each body part.
  • After training is necessary to take carbohydrates and proteins in a liquid form at a ratio of 2: 1.
  • On the day you need to drink at least four to six liters of water.
  • It is advisable to seek to set 2, 5-3 kg of muscle per month. Weight exceeding this number will be dialed from fat.
  • Should eat several servings of fruits and vegetables daily.
  • It is necessary to alternate dumbbells and barbells every two weeks.
  • Follow the same program for at least 12-16 weeks, before proceeding to perform another.
  • During the day, eat whole eggs, chicken, lean beef for high-quality protein to build muscle.
  • Conducting training together with a friend can give an additional impetus and incentives that will lead to the achievement of rapid results.
  • In no case can not exercise on an empty stomach.
  • You can hire a personal trainer, who will introduce the technique of the exercises and the construction of the training program.
  • hour and a half yoga or static stretching works wonders.
  • Each workout is better to start with the development of the weakest groups of muscles.
  • It should give up the foods exposed processed, packaged foods and fast food.
  • Every night you must receive at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
  • After intense resistance training should always take a cold shower.
  • You must eat at least one gram of protein per pound of lean body mass daily.

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Water aerobics: exercise for dieters not sweating - for arthritis sufferers

December 12, 2012

  • Water aerobics: exercise for dieters not sweating
  • Effective training
  • For arthritis sufferers

 water aerobics exercises for arthritis sufferers

Exercises for arthritis sufferers

Training in the water, including water aerobics, are effective to relieve pain in people suffering from arthritis. It is a beautiful view of stress for people leading a sedentary lifestyle, which find employment in conventional gyms too difficult. It is best to start with small loads to avoid over-voltage, which can discourage people from all fitness. Before each exercise is recommended just to splash or swim in the water to warm up the muscles.

Catching water aerobics, perform each exercise at least 4-5 five times, and gradually bring the number of repetitions to 8-15.

 For arthritis sufferers | Water aerobics: exercise for dieters not sweating

Shoulders and arms

Standing on the chest or neck in the water, raise your hands up and forward - as high as you can. If you feel pain, stop, and after a while, try to do the exercise again. You can also raise their hands one by one; If one hand is too weak, help her with the other hand.

Slowly dilute the direct hand in hand so that they form a continuous line with the shoulders. The inner sides of the palms should be facing down. Lower the arms and back them apart.

Stretch your arms forward and follow the circular motion of the brush. First, a large circle, then - less and less. Such exercises are particularly useful for those with arthritis Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications  Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications
   I hit the joints of the hands.

 For arthritis sufferers | Water aerobics: exercise for dieters not sweating


Bend your elbows, standing on the shoulders in water. Touch shoulders with your thumbs, and then straighten your arms and lower them. Then turn your hands so that the inner sides of the palms facing down and bend your arms at the elbows, shoulders touching the tips of his fingers. Straighten your arms. Repeat the exercise as many times as you can; if you feel pain, stop immediately.

 For arthritis sufferers | Water aerobics: exercise for dieters not sweating

Ankles and toes

His back against the wall of the pool and grab hold of the handrail. Keeping your back straight, extend your legs in front of you and pull the toes forward. Then rotate the feet so that the toes point to the ceiling. Start slowly rotate the feet in different directions - that's fine increases range of motion of the joints.

 For arthritis sufferers | Water aerobics: exercise for dieters not sweating

Knees and hips

Stand in that part of the basin, where the water depth of your waist or chest. Lift the leg in front of the level of the hips and straighten it. Hold the leg in this position for three seconds, then return to starting position, and lift the other leg.

Standing at the bottom of the pool with a flat back, take the right leg to the side, bending it at the knee. Keep it raised for three seconds, then lower it and lift your left leg.

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Water aerobics for weight loss - Happy Sport - Weight Loss

November 29, 2012

  • Water aerobics for weight loss - fun sport
  • Weight loss
 water aerobics for weight loss weight loss

Reduces weight in water

Water aerobics - effective and inexpensive way to get rid of excess weight. The more popular it becomes, the more attention it draw specialists, including it in a treatment program for people suffering from overweight and obesity.

Of course, water aerobics, and is useful for those who just want to lose a few extra kilos. In addition to weight reduction, many women say that after school they have lifted the mood and improves sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams

Another surprising property of aqua aerobics Water aerobics: Lose Weight with pleasure  Water aerobics: Lose Weight with pleasure
   is that it is virtually fatigue - on the contrary, came out of the pool, you feel fresh and active. The impact of water on the body has an impact, something similar to a massage. Moreover, when you are in the water, the body has to expend calories to maintain body temperature at a normal level (usually water in the pools a few degrees below 36.6S). Finally, water aerobics is recommended for women who want to lose weight, but do not want to build muscle mass - training in water, of course, strengthen the muscles, but do not make them relief.

Water aerobics classes lasts an average of 40-50 minutes and consists of:

  • 8-10 minutes warm-up exercises. This can be walking, running, jumping in place, performed usually on the edge of the pool;
  • Basic exercises - depending on your fitness level and preferences of group instructor;
  • 10 minutes to "cool" after exercising. As a rule, this time performed stretching exercises Stretching exercises - Be careful  Stretching exercises - Be careful

Even if you can not swim, do not deny yourself the pleasure to do water aerobics. First, classes are held at a depth to the middle of the chest, or even lower. Secondly, by your side an experienced instructor. Third, you can use floating devices that simply will not let you drown.

Water aerobics will help you lose weight without sweating in the gym (you will sweat, but sweat washes away the water), and without facing the same problem as aching muscles from unusual loads. However, such studies are not recommended for those who are; cystitis Cystitis: urgently take action  Cystitis: urgently take action
 , Genital infections and colds. Patients with asthma should also be especially careful, doing water aerobics - the water pressure on the chest may lead to worsening of their condition.


Water aerobics: basic exercises for weight loss

  • Jumping on two legs. Log into the water up to their shoulders. Bounce as high as possible, at the same time starting from the bottom of the pool with both feet. Perform 12-15 jumps in a row.
  • Jumping on one leg. This exercise does not seem to the previous one, just need to jump on the left and the right foot by one. Perform jumps 30 - 15 jumps on each foot.
  • Leg raises. Put your hands on the surface of the water, and in turn, as high as possible, raise the legs, keeping them straight. Run by 12 lifts with each leg.
  • The slopes. Standing on the chest or shoulders in the water, follow the inclinations of his whole body forward, backward, left and right. Perform 8-10 tilts to each side.
  • Running on the spot. Run in place for 4 minutes at a time.
  • Kicks. Perform 12-15 kicks (like in kickboxing).


How aerobics helps to reduce weight

Water aerobics is very popular among people of all ages and body. The properties of the water reduces the pressure of body weight by approximately 90%, allowing you to train effectively, even for those who suffer from excess weight and diseases of the joints. Water aerobics are often used in programs for weight loss and weight control.

  • Burning calories

An hour water aerobics classes a person whose weight is 70 kg, burns about 402 calories, and a man with a weight of 110 kg consumes 600 kcal. This is substantially more than the standard aerobics low and moderate intensity. Calories can be increased to engage in more intense water aerobics, but, of course, the load must correspond to the level of physical fitness person. For fast weight loss is also recommended to follow a low calorie diet, which in combination with water aerobics gives very good results.

  • Endurance

Aerobic exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system, improve the supply of oxygen and water aerobics is no exception. Heart rate during water gym normally lower than during training on the ground, but this is a result of water pressure on the chest and the low temperature water (swimming pools, it usually does not exceed 25-28 C), and does not mean that you exercise intensely enough. Aqua Effects on the cardiovascular system is such that the resulting increase in endurance training, and tissues become better supplied with oxygen. This allows you to train longer (say, if you're in the gym exercise is usually 30-40 minutes, then in the pool you can easily soak for an hour), and burn more calories.

  • Muscle strength

Muscles become stronger when the body tries to adjust to the pressure that is on him during training has water. The water provides resistance to your movement, in 10-14 times more powerful than the air, causing the muscles to work very hard to perform even those exercises that are easy on the ground. Because of this growing muscle tissue, fat replacement, and the whole body becomes more slender and strong.

  • Long-term results

Although you can lose weight just by dieting, many people, losing weight thus faced with the yo-yo effect - the weight comes back soon after they return to a normal diet. Those who regularly engaged in water aerobics, can usually achieve more consistent results. Physical activity prevents sudden changes in the rate of metabolism and help the body adapt to changes in eating behavior. Finally, water aerobics keeps the weight at that level and avoid its sharp fluctuations in the future.

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