Can I get pregnant during menstruation - is there a completely safe sex?

April 17th, 2013

  • Can I get pregnant during menstruation - is there a completely safe sex?
  • The periods of the menstrual cycle
  • How to calculate time

 get pregnant during menstruation
   The debate about whether it is possible to get pregnant during menstruation, have been going on for decades. Just as each woman is different from others, and it is different hormonal balance and hence her menstrual cycle. Although there are common grounds on which can be built some basic concepts about menstruation and pregnancy, in the end, it all comes down to individual physiology. So, yeah, get pregnant during menstruation is possible.

The question of whether it is possible to get pregnant during menstruation are concerned not only women, does not protect against pregnancy, but also doctors. We know that gynecologists do not recognize the so-called safe and unsafe days, and subdivide all the days of the menstrual cycle on the dangerous and very dangerous. Accordingly, virtually every full and healthy woman can still get pregnant and during menstruation, although many do not believe in such a phenomenon.

The body of every woman is different, as well, and the menstrual cycle. And if the pregnancy had a nearly impossible during menstruation, the other "easy and simple" pregnant.

 Can I get pregnant during menstruation - is there a completely safe sex?

Having sex during menstruation

Many learn that some couples do not stop having sex during menstruation partner at best dissolve hands, and in the worst disgust pomorschatsya. And, indeed, there is a natural question - why have sex during menstruation? Response, literally on the surface. Most of the women during the menstrual feel strongly expressed sexual desire, which is almost impossible to handle. And the men in this regard are not far behind. A number of them are enhanced libido during menstruation partner. What is the reason, it is difficult to determine, it is possible "to blame for" a surge of hormones.

However, just to be a reservation. Making love during menstruation is possible only in two cases: in the first place - is a permanent sexual partner, and the second - his lack of infections that are sexually transmitted. It must be remembered that the uterus during menstruation is an open wound surface, the cervical canal is slightly open, and menstrual blood appears favorable environment for the development of pathogenic micro-organisms. That is why doctors insist on condom use during menstruation is not only to protect against unwanted pregnancy, but also to protect against infection.

 Can I get pregnant during menstruation - is there a completely safe sex?

Ovulation and menstrual cycle

Every girl is, but 100% sure you do not get pregnant no. I'm on the second day of the month pregnant, I am now waiting for the baby.

During each menstrual cycle, a woman's ovaries release an egg, or ovum. This process is called ovulation. Typically, this occurs on average, fourteen days before the beginning of menstruation in women. Even for women with regular menstrual cycles and duration of these periods may vary from month to month. Sometimes there can be no no ovulation, but the woman may still experience bleeding. After ovulation the egg moves toward the uterus through the fallopian tubes. If the woman's body were sperm, that is, all the conditions that it is here that there may be a process of fertilization. Unfertilized egg may live for about twenty-four hours, and if they do not get fertilization in this period, they are removed from a woman's body during the next menstrual cycle with the uterine mucosa.

The normal length of the menstrual cycle is individual and varies from twenty-one to thirty-five days. Ideally considered menstrual cycle, which consists of twenty-eight days. It can be divided into three phases:

  • Follicular maturation. The process for the ideal cycle lasts fourteen or fifteen days, and it is considered the first day of start of menstruation. A follicle is a component of the ovary, it contains one egg (oocyte), which gradually matures under the action of hormones;
  • Ovulation. When the egg finally matures, the follicle breaks and she falls into the abdominal cavity, and then moves into the fallopian tube. It is there that it can meet the sperm. Ovulation occurs on the fifteenth or sixteenth day of the menstrual cycle The days of the menstrual cycle: Four phases  The days of the menstrual cycle: Four phases
 . The woman in this period may feel pain in the abdomen from the ovary from which the egg is mature;
  • Luteal phase, which lasts until the end of the menstrual cycle. After the rupture of the follicle in its place formed the corpus luteum - endocrine gland, which produces the hormone progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology  Progesterone - norm and pathology
 . The latter does not allow the maturation of new follicles in that period, and against the background of its action significantly increases the amount of mucous membrane (endometrium) that lines the inside of the uterus. If fertilization has occurred, the end of the luteal phase of the corpus luteum shrinks and ceases to perform its functions. Because of this reduced level of estrogen Estrogen - the key to bone health  Estrogen - the key to bone health
   and progesterone, the outer layers of the endometrium are rejected and bleeding occurs. So begins a new menstrual cycle.

Due to the increased stress levels How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 Among women undergoing ovulation is very common phenomenon as a small vaginal bleeding, which can be, unfortunately, mistaken for menstruation. Other factors that can contribute to this, it is malnutrition or injury of the cervix. In some women, ovulation can actually occur before the end of menstruation. In other cases it may occur within a few days after menses. In both these cases, the sexual life before menstruation or immediately after its completion may result in pregnancy.

 Can I get pregnant during menstruation - is there a completely safe sex?

The life of sperm

Also misleading vaginal bleeding, the ability of sperm to survive in a woman's body - is another reason for a woman to actually become pregnant during menstruation. Under normal circumstances, sperm can live in the body of a woman in an average of two to three days. If they find themselves in the ideal conditions, they may, however, remain viable up to five days. So if the sperm enter the woman's body early, for example, during menstruation, they can stay there for several days, waiting create the necessary conditions for conception. The woman most likely ready to conceive, if intercourse takes place just before ovulation, or immediately after it.

If a woman has had unprotected sex during menstruation, the best - is to use a home pregnancy test. These tests are commercially available and very easy to use. After a few minutes it is already possible to know whether pregnancy. If the pregnancy test shows negative result, however, there is a chance that a woman might be pregnant if she is feeling all the symptoms. In this case, a blood test for pregnancy would be the best solution.

 Can I get pregnant during menstruation - is there a completely safe sex?

When the possibility of pregnancy during menstruation

You can get pregnant anytime before and after and during the main thing to remember ... that a child is a gift! And do not perceive it as the emergence of a disaster, take it as a blessing. Holocaust becomes your life, if you kill him

During the so-called ideal of the menstrual cycle (28 days) ovulation, that is output from the main mature egg follicles occurs around the fourteenth day (plus or minus two days). If a woman is confident in the regular cycle of their own, the ability to become pregnant during her menstrual period is reduced to zero. Especially in the early days of monthly bleeding is the most active, and the penetration of sperm into the uterus is almost impossible. But there are some situations in which a woman can become pregnant while bleeding.

  • Long menstruation and menstrual cycle is short enough

Short menstrual cycle is one that lasts 25 days or less. If this background, there are still a woman and prolonged menstruation, more than seven days, then there is likely to ovulate in the last days of menstruation. It was in the days of "spotting" a woman with a similar menstrual cycle may become pregnant.

  • Irregular menstrual cycle

On irregular menstrual cycles say when its duration varies each month (from 21 to 35 days). Women with a similar cycle must remember that they are in no way does not fit the calendar method of birth control. It is the irregular menstrual cycle ovulation is "floating" and can happen in the last days of menstruation.

  • Spontaneous ovulation

There are instances when a woman in a single menstrual cycle was worked out just two or more ova with a break of a few days. In such cases, the first mature unfertilized egg dies and is expelled from the uterus with menstrual blood, while the second egg is held successful merger process with the sperm that led to the pregnancy. Often the cause of spontaneous ovulation can become a strong orgasm during intercourse.

  • Other factors influencing the menstrual cycle

There are many factors that influence the menstrual cycle and lead to a change in schedule ovulation (or she moves away or approaches the top of the menstrual cycle). It may be hormonal drugs, nervous overload, travel, and other common diseases.

 Can I get pregnant during menstruation - is there a completely safe sex?

Contraception - whether it is necessary?

Dear, all to the doctor, everything will become clear. This is the case when it is not necessary to guess!

The ability to conceive during menstruation is minimal, especially girls without hormonal disorders and a regular cycle. But if all of a sudden hormonal failure occurs, then the probability is much higher.

The occurrence of violations of the physiological processes can not be predicted, so even during menstruation need to be protected. Hormonal contraceptives reduce the risk of conception to a minimum. Women with irregular menstrual cycle should not rely on the temperature or the basal methods of contraception.

The barrier for the prevention of pregnancy used by many in this period. Blood - a good breeding ground for microorganisms. Therefore, the use of condoms during this time will not only prevent the onset of unwanted conception, but also protects against infection of both partners during intercourse.

During menstruation, the bacteria is much easier to get into the uterine cavity, and the use of barrier reduces that possibility. Also, a condom protects a man from direct contact with possible infections.

Even if sexual intercourse occurred during the month, the possibility of pregnancy exists. At the same time it will be higher in those women who have irregular menstrual cycles.

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