Imodium - antidiarrheal drug analogues

December 30, 2012

 Imodium analogues
 Active ingredient is loperamide Imodium - antidiarrheals that reduce tone and motor activity of the intestine and increases the tone of the anal (in the anus) sphincter (a circular muscle, closing the anus). Imodium Imodium Plus and manufactures pharmaceutical company Janssen, part of Johnson & Johnson. Other pharmaceutical companies produce loperamide under their own names.

 Imodium - antidiarrheal drug analogues

Analogs Imodium

Loperamide is an active substance of the following drugs: Vero loperamide, diarrhea, diarola, Lopedium, Lopedium Arts, loperakapa, loperamide, loperamide-acre neo-enteroseptol, superilopa, enterobene.

These preparations are manufactured in various dosage forms as capsules, effervescent tablets, oral solution and syrup.

Including some of the dosage forms of these drugs are approved for use with children of two years, whereas Imodium solution on the Russian pharmaceutical market is hard to find. This is due to a number of scandals after the death of young children from this drug. Other pharmaceutical companies also continue to supply our market solutions loperamide, which apply in accordance with the instructions allowed the children from two years. Examples of such formulations can be enterobene German pharmaceutical company Merkle and neo-enteroseptol pharmaceutical company Spetsifar (Greece), as well as preparations of domestic pharmaceutical companies.

 Imodium - antidiarrheal drug analogues


Enterobene produces the Austrian branch of the well-known German pharmaceutical company Merkle. Active ingredient enterobene is loperamide. Formulations enterobene very diverse: capsules, oral solution, tablets, lozenges, coated tablets.

The mechanism of action enterobene no different from the mechanism of action of Imodium. This drug inhibits the intestinal motility and tone of the anal sphincter contraction, thus reducing the loss of fluid and urge to defecate.

The solution enterobene permitted to apply to children aged two years. In the manual makes no mention of how it is dangerous for young children who have not loperamide can cause a temporary inhibition of motor activity of the intestine, and its development of paresis with bowel obstruction Ileus - the reasons may be different  Ileus - the reasons may be different
   and edema Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause  Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause
   abdominal tissue that could eventually lead to the death of a child.

It is surprising that such a well-known pharmaceutical company like Merck does not warn about the dangers of this drug in young children.

 Imodium - antidiarrheal drug analogues


Greek pharmaceutical company produces analogue Spetsifar Imodium Imodium - for the treatment of diarrhea  Imodium - for the treatment of diarrhea
   neo-enteroseptol capsules, oral solution, tablet, lozenge, coated tablets. Recommendations for receiving oral solution is the same as the previous pharmaceutical companies - are allowed to receive two years.

It is not clear why the drug is known as neo-enteroseptol, because apart loperamina there are no other active principles and loperamide is not an antiseptic, it just delays the stool in the intestines, removing thus the threat of dehydration when diarrhea of ​​non-infectious origin.

 Imodium - antidiarrheal drug analogues

Domestic counterparts Imodium

Examples of such formulations can be loperamide-acre (pharmaceutical company Akrikhin) and Vero loperamide (Veropharm) also produce a variety of dosage forms of the drug, including oral solution, which is allowed to be given to children from two years.

 Imodium - antidiarrheal drug analogues

How dangerous analogs of Imodium and whether they can be used alone

Analogs Imodium (as well as himself Imodium) can be bought at a pharmacy without a prescription. But this does not mean that they do not give any adverse effects.

The main side effects of active principle of these drugs (loperamide) include constipation, flatulence, intestinal colic and possible development in this background of intestinal obstruction.

In adults, intestinal obstruction is rare in children also - quite often, and the younger the child, the greater the risk of its development.

Another danger of loperamide is its action on the central nervous system (CNS), which, in adults under recommended dose is rare and is manifested as drowsiness and dizziness. If overdose or hepatic dysfunction (loperamide decomposed into metabolites in the liver) may cause severe complications in the central nervous system, up to the cessation of breathing Stop breathing (apnea) during sleep - upper airway obstruction  Stop breathing (apnea) during sleep - upper airway obstruction
 . In children, such complications occur more frequently.

So is it possible to apply analogues Imodium? You can, but it is desirable to do so by a physician. For children, this recommendation is binding.

Galina Romanenko

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Enema at home - both benefit and harm

November 30, 2014

 enema at home
 Enema at home - is a necessary measure, which will bring relief in certain pathological conditions. Do not make cleansing enemas several times in a row - it can significantly disrupt the gastrointestinal tract.


Why do we need cleansing enemas

Enema is done to cause the chair when it is a temporary or a long delay. To this is introduced into the gut about a liter of liquid, the chemical composition and the temperature which can cause peristalsis reflex. Fluid administration is also softens and dilutes stool, facilitating its removal.

Indications for enema are:

  • constipation, paced by changing the composition of food, drinking water, lifestyle or other conditions;
  • atony (decreased motor activity) due to habitual bowel constipation, sedentary lifestyle, acute infectious diseases in the recovery period;
  • reflex spasm colon caused by spasm of other tubular organs such as the bile ducts, ureters, and so forth;
  • the relative mechanical obstacles to the promotion of intestinal contents - old adhesions Adhesions - how to get rid of them?  Adhesions - how to get rid of them?
 , An increase in other abdominal organs, accumulation of it fluid (ascites), pregnancy and so on;
  • locks on a background of functional and organic lesions of the brain and spinal cord;
  • preoperative patient preparation for childbirth, and some diagnostic tests.


Side effects and contraindications enema for its application

In some cases, enema not only increases peristalsis, but also causes or enhances spasm. In the intestine, not only delayed the stool, but even water introduced therein. A large number of liquid leads to stretching of the walls of the intestine, increases intracolonic and intraabdominal pressure. This may cause exacerbation of chronic inflammation in the pelvic organs, breaking fresh adhesions and the breakthrough of pus in the abdominal area (if purulent focus). It is used for drinking water enema irritate the gut and often do if an enema, it can contribute to the development of chronic colitis. This also contributes to leaching of the normal intestinal microflora with frequent enemas.

Contraindications for enema:

  • failure of sphincters (muscles, locking out of the rectum), gaping anus;
  • prolapse of the rectum;
  • cracks and ulcers in the rectum, hemorrhoids;
  • acute pathological processes in the rectal area, adjacent tissue and genitourinary (proctitis, paraproctitis, cystitis, cancer of the colon Colorectal cancer: depends directly on the power supply  Colorectal cancer: depends directly on the power supply
   and so on);
  • acute inflammation of the colon, including appendicitis;
  • stomach or intestinal bleeding;
  • bowel obstruction;
  • inflammation of the serous membrane that covers the inside of the abdominal cavity - the peritoneum (peritonitis);
  • Any serious condition that requires complete rest of the patient (myocardial infarction, stroke, etc.).


The composition and temperature of the infusion liquid

For enema use potable water, sometimes with the addition of glycerol Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair  Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair
   or salts thereof. Drinking water irritates the intestine causing peristalsis. Strengthen peristalsis may glycerin, it is added at the rate of 2 tablespoons per gallon of water. Total administered 0, 5 to 1, 5 liters of liquid, depending on the individual skills intestine to stretch.

The temperature was poured into the rectum of the water should be within 20-40˚S. Cold enema do atony and paresis of the intestine. In chronic colitis and intestinal cramps more suitable warm and hot enema.


How to do a cleansing enema

Man should be put on the laid oilcloth couch on the right side. His legs should be bent at the hip and knee joints. Enema is done using a mug Esmarch - open top glass or rubber container, from the bottom of the rubber tube which extends up to 1, 5 m. At the lower end of the tube is put on the tip of his smeared Vaseline Vaseline: old friend  Vaseline: old friend

The liquid is poured into a mug Esmarch, lift it up while lowering the tube with the tip until it is out of the air will not be supplanted. The tube is then clamped clamp tip introduced into the rectum to a depth of 4 cm towards the front and upwards. Then change direction almost at right angles to the previous (upward and backward) and insert the tip to a depth of 10-12 cm. Following this remove the clamp and inject the liquid, making sure that it decreases too quickly. After the introduction of all the liquid nozzle is removed, but the person should lie down for a while and like to pass the fluid around the intestines and then empty it.

Enema at home when used correctly can bring considerable relief, but is constantly doing enemas is not recommended.

Galina Romanenko

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