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February 14, 2010

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I have found in the absence of a joint colposcopy epithelium that normally should be. The doctor said that it will be necessary to watch, and then if this condition will progress, it is better to do moxibustion. I now think of what it could be? Maybe some kind of inflammation that contributed to or act rude ***? I do not know what to think.
I do not know what to tell you on this occasion, Antonina! That's like saying that a polyp changes color when colposcopy, and about the joints, I heard nothing, better to see another gynecologist for a repeated procedure and listen to his opinion, can be so you can assemble a complete picture of the disease and ensure proper diagnosis.
How many tests are known colposcopy? Handed them on Saturday, did a biopsy. I was told the results will be no earlier than a week. I look forward to them, it took only two days. I think the days go by slowly. My fault, all put off a visit to the gynecologist. It was treated by grandmother's ways. Only the lost time as serious illness can not be treated divination methods.
Anna, a smear on colposcopy and biopsy can handle and two weeks, it all depends on the flow of drugs to the histology of its load, as well as additional methods of coloring that may be needed if the doctor something to confuse. Then he will use special dyes, and it slows down all of the results. Have patience.
Maybe someone will tell whether obligatory colposcopy after hysteroscopy. Can not we all explore one device at a time, and really so necessary to climb back again? I do not want to go to study twice, may ask the doctor to look all at once. Or is it, in principle, is not technically possible, somehow I imagine it is not very present.
Nyusha, as I explained to my doctor, who is also appointed two studies during hysteroscopy is not possible to explore all areas of the output, there are "blind spots", and therefore appoint an additional examination in order not to miss anything. I was also not pleased that need to be screened twice, but they are different and identify different pathologies.
Nyusha, why ask such stupid things, do you really think that someone here might be smarter than your doctor. Please understand that may reveal colposcopy, hysteroscopy and what can and then you will reach to what they do together is inconvenient. Next time do not hesitate to ask a gynecologist, it is better to have no answer on this subject.
Dasha, I think you do not properly communicate with the user. Man really worried about his health and asks for advice. Doctors rarely prescribe explain why a particular procedure, they simply have no time to chat about these topics. I here for example the doctor did not answer, you can do a colposcopy during menstruation, and to me it was important because the study was scheduled on these days.
Vasena, agree with you that the manner of speaking Dasha not really pleasant, and even a little rough, but it is right to ask that the Council here and expect to complete the information is not necessary, we are amateurs and can only be based on the experience that individual. So Nyusha advise all inquired at the doctor, then to not be unpleasant surprises.
Here, it appears, on what procedure I was sent. From my district is not something that you will not hear encouraging words, but simple information will not extend. So, most likely do the scraping. At the office, where they will do - a sign, something like a "cabinet diagnosis of precancerous lesions." But doctors always Peres *** ovyvayutsya sending back for any reason. While I will not worry.
Rima, I do not agree with you that to send for any occasion. for each study must be reasonable direction, and not to get the doctor Buda swamped with work. This study requires good equipment and skills of the doctor, it is quite expensive and nobody will spend budget money just like that. Therefore, if we sent, clearly something alerted a physician.
Xenia, doctors often do not even try to penetrate or there is no sense to send a person to a certain procedure or delivery of the analysis. If the patient has a normal picture colposcopy, then why do you need to study, because it is the loss of a whole day, we have time off from work to go to the hospital to stand in line, and then again to visit this unpleasant institution to pick up the results.
Julia, doctors sent to the survey in order to obtain accurate information about the state of the patient. It is such a vital procedure is not worth it to spend a day on it? In my opinion, it is worth. I've been there twice, I have nothing alarming was not found. The doctor prescribed a slight treatment and both are not plagued by doubts, because his hands were on the test results.
I do not know, maybe I did not read, but never found it necessary to colposcopy. Yesterday I also appointed this procedure, but I'm not in a hurry asked the doctor, and now go to the hospital to ask again, I somehow not with his hands, and the need to again take the voucher, so it is not easy to get. Can anyone knows who has done whether wool, alcohol, gloves, cloth, or they have everything there?
Vera, from my own experience I can say that it is necessary at colposcopy - a sterile gloves and a napkin under your buttocks. The remaining components are dependent on the supply of your clinic. We usually ask a woman doctor after the procedure if possible to bring the office of wool or Lugol. I bought it very cheaply in the pharmacy at the clinic, and immediately carried to the doctor.
Now of course this time, the belief that really do not understand what you need to bring with you when you visit your doctor, especially if you need a colposcopy. But I think that nothing really is not necessary, except to take a diaper that you lay on a chair. Because doctors only need a colposcope and a mirror. But if you take with sterile gloves, the doctor will be happy.
Once I put a suspicion of cancer of the ***, I did this procedure twice. Yes, pleasant enough, but because it allows you to see the early stages of oncology and tumors. Now I understand that it is timely inspection and saved me, because this matter to joke, and even more impossible to pull. It is now healthy, but remember those procedures with a chill on the back.
Ira, how much should be the courage to even hear about a suspicion of this diagnosis. I can not imagine. But I think you're right. This procedure is sometimes vital. In the truest sense of the word. So we must not fear it specifically, and its results. And in the process of waiting to get nervous I do not advise. In fact it is pointless and groundless.
I understand that the procedure is important and necessary for women's health, but there is doubt, and whether it is dangerous to do a colposcopy? After all, it uses some solutions that vrcha applied to mucous. Just after that I had some burning and itching, I associate these symptoms it with their application. Does anyone else have such feelings, or I alone "distinguished"?
Valentine, if you know that this procedure is necessary, then surely aware that colposcopy can detect? It helps to clarify the diagnosis of cancer at earlier stages, allows time to treat it. Here it is worth to be patient and burning, and itching. They were with me. But gone pretty quickly. It is not necessary to avoid the survey because these temporary phenomena.
Valentine just dangerous to do. Harm from this procedure is no, but the benefit is enormous. It is not always a doctor can simply on the eye something to see, as well as a better chance to catch dangerous diseases in the beginning. A solution used is completely harmless. So you need to listen to your doctor if assigns, that is the reason. But discomfort during and after can bear.
Valentine, Colposcopy method itself is quite safe. Your doctor you just had to explain everything from the inside and out. Harm from it can not be. Only use. A dye there like something on the similarity or a iodine solution. Therefore schipet. So do not worry much) Burning, most likely under these manipulations feel every second woman. This is normal.
Julia, not all doctors before colposcopy explain its purpose and that it is a painless procedure. They apparently believe that they believe such basic things all women should be aware of the default. That's because women are experiencing this heartless attitude of some doctors. In such cases it is necessary to contact the hotline and leave a complaint, now react quickly to such requests.
Dasha can bear. And then the doctor made directly hurt and immediately run to complain about something? All react differently to pain. I'm so during colposcopy did not feel anything bad, much more unpleasant mirror insert. If your doctor will be with every comfort and a lisp, the time is not enough, given that the patient is given 12 minutes in all. Let us complain when we put a shot hurts.
When we had a medical check-up at work, the gynecologist said that I need to do this research. Now here I think, to make sure whether the colposcopy, something I dread. Though I understand that this study is informative, but is it possible to somehow on another to conduct a survey? Or maybe it's not as much unpleasant and can be done, please tell me?
Cyrus, you do not even think about what you need to do colposcopy? The procedure is very important, there is nothing to be afraid of, but the benefits of this research is enormous. What can I say, if it helps to detect cancer at an early stage. So, we, the women, it is better not to wait to the gynecologist has directed the survey, by the need to take the initiative and be checked periodically.
Cyrus, doctors usually mirror can not look in detail at all the education in your *** e and on the cervix, especially if the disease is just beginning. If an experienced physician appear the slightest suspicion, he appoints the procedure. Basically, it's the same as if you have visited a gynecologist usual, only you Consider through the device, which will increase all the tissues of many times. I advise you to relax during the examination and did not think about the bad.
Cyrus, and I share your concerns, is now among physicians paid clinics is quite possible to meet those that will try to appoint a bunch of unnecessary studies and analyzes to empty the purse of the client. Not all of these, but there are tozhe.Na your place I would have turned to the gynecologist at his residence and listened to her opinion, if she says the same thing, and then prescribe the procedure for free.
Cyrus, if you question the doctor's words and seek advice from those who probably to medicine has nothing to do, you deserve the reputation of a lady who obviously does not shine intellektom.Hotya your doubts can be divided if the gynecologist has been paid from the clinic and invite you just come to her in her shift, then probably she wants to assign to pull some money with you.
Oh, Momma! You write that it's not scary. But I - it's a terrible coward since childhood. Dad always went with me to the doctors, set up the fact that they do not need to be afraid of, but nothing good comes out of this ... is not increased, ie I grew up, of course, but the fear of children will not go away, unfortunately. My body began to appear small papillomas. It is said that they can settle down in my female organs. You need to go to the gynecologist checked, but I'm afraid of him panic, though, of course, has been to receptions than once. Give me the courage and positive attitude, pliz ...
Anushka, afraid of pointless) The point is, only to find a competent doctor. It is absolutely harmless and practically painless procedure. Honestly, sometimes more unpleasant menstruation. And at the expense of papillomas, first hand over analyzes on all types of HPV, and then proceed to treatment. Maybe you'll first need a course of tablets. Otherwise, they may prove to be in vain moxibustion.
After inspecting the gynecologist recommended me to do a colposcopy. I was not sure that whether you need to take a colposcopy, until I bring the inquiry: what is it, what is done. And here I have found the most detailed information on this subject. This calmed me and I decided to carry out this procedure. Quite a tolerant, and most importantly, allows you to make an accurate analysis.
Margo, doctors are well aware of when and to whom is a colposcopy, and it just is not appointed. If your gynecologist has been in years, and has many years of experience, is a reason to doubt its validity net.Podozrenie should cause that she still working at a private clinic is trying to lure back to paid services, to earn money. This is the imposition of unnecessary services.
Olga, there is such a thing, some doctors work in two places, combining work in the women's clinic in a private clinic, where the crazy prices for the services. They are trying to impress even the healthy girls, that they necessarily have to go through something what inspections and tests that are carried out only where it treats patients for money. Unfortunately at that and not complain, because it will be difficult to prove the imposition, and later still to the same doctor again have to come to the reception.
Absolutely painless, and most importantly effective and necessary procedure! Thanks to her, I could see myself what is happening in my body (I have extensive erosion of the cervix). Of course, some may be hurt because of the mirror, but I was a bit unpleasant, you can suffer. Also, I did not even feel the process of biopsy was absolutely no pain! After the procedure, the doctor usually gives the photo, and the whole procedure is displayed on the TV screen (well, personally in our clinic). So girls, do not be afraid, for 20-30 minutes, you can be patient!
Natalia, I join your call. Nothing wrong with this procedure do not. I do a colposcopy if a polyp. Pain no did not see, just like it was something unpleasant. But this feeling I have is each time you visit a gynecologist. For the rest, everything went quickly ended Survey minutes through 20. Just do not cheat yourself before the procedure.
Natalya and whether there were any troubling signs of whether colposcopy pass only from the fact that the doctor suddenly decided that we should do it. I do not think that the frequent passage of this procedure does not carry health risks. Even morally difficult to go to the hospital, and there's not just a visual inspection and all this puts pressure on the psyche, as it affects health.
Dear women! Remember that the cytology and colposcopy is important as it helps to prevent the occurrence of cancer in the female part. The first is a sampling swab on oncology, which is preparing about 10 days, and the second allows the doctor to immediately visually confirm good condition of the cervix. So do not neglect them!
That's like you're right, Rita, but I like imagining what all it is necessary to defend before the procedure, so I was already getting bad! Also I'm not sure of the competence of our local gynecologist. If you listen to our women do colposcopy, the sick lady are healthy and vice versa. So not everyone has the money for paid services, but will wait until free, it may already be too late ...
Paradise, at the expense of queues agree with you, going to the antenatal clinic often I see so many people that there is no immediate desire to visit a doctor. Could not open more hospitals to allow women to come to humanly welcome. I also think that many miss trips to the doctor is not due to the *** before the procedure, and due to the fact they do not want to sit for a long time in the queue.
Here I am wondering - how often you can do colposcopy, whether it is harmful to health? As soon as I come to the scheduled scan to a gynecologist, I was immediately sent to examine the cervix for colposcopy. And every time produces good specialist concluded that the abnormalities were found. This is - the incompetence of local gynecologist or, conversely, its excessive concern?
Faina, if the doctor sends you for an examination, then he sees something in your *** s or cervix that his guards. The goal of colposcopy - to identify serious illness in the early stages, then even Oncology treatable. This procedure is unpleasant, but not harmful to the health of women, it can be done without restrictions. It is better to once again Peres *** ovatsya.
Faina, something very suspicious of what you told us. And you did not try to ask in your consultation with another doctor, they in fact there is a few people. Go to a specialist and asked for an appointment and casually ask how often you can pass this procedure. Just do not say that you are often sent, and it can slukavit understand that you want to test your doctor.
I'm interested contraindications for colposcopy. Very sore abdomen, problems with the cervix.

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