Treatment of immunological infertility - whether pregnancy

October 18, 2012

 treatment of immunological infertility
 Immunological infertility problem common among married couples suffering from infertility, with a frequency of 5 to 15%. The choice of treatment tactics is a difficult medical challenge, as the results of numerous studies have shown that treatment of immunological infertility is a low efficiency. It proposed several techniques that can be recommended to treat the pair after a full examination of both partners.

 Treatment of immunological infertility - whether pregnancy

The use of immunosuppressive therapy

This type of therapy is used in practice to suppress the immune response, and is based on the principle of action of the drugs used. For this purpose, two groups of medicines used - glucocorticoids and NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). The most common use of the glucocorticoid prednisolone group Prednisolone - against inflammation, allergy and pain, but with complications  Prednisolone - against inflammation, allergy and pain, but with complications
 Methylprednisolone and dexamethasone Dexamethasone - one of the most effective glucocorticosteroids  Dexamethasone - one of the most effective glucocorticosteroids
 . They contribute to suppress generation of antibodies (ACAT or antisperm antibodies) and also affect the metabolism of immunoglobulins and interferons. To get some positive results from the therapy, the drug should be administered in very high doses. Against this background, greatly increases the risk of serious adverse reactions and complications associated with the suppression of the immune system. This should be considered in each case in dealing with the appointment of glucocorticoids for therapeutic purposes.

Regarding the use of the group of NSAIDs, such treatment is most prevalent in the 80s. Used ibuprofen, diclofenac Diclofenac - relieve inflammation and pain  Diclofenac - relieve inflammation and pain
 , Naproxen, indomethacin, and other drugs in this group at different therapeutic schemes. Their therapeutic effect is due to the mechanism of suppression of the immune response (or immune suppression), as well as the ability to increase sperm motility. It was shown that the percentage of positive results was low and amounted to only 15%, which was comparable to the placebo effect Placebo - an effective tool for self-hypnosis  Placebo - an effective tool for self-hypnosis
 . At the present stage, the use of this group of drugs is clinically justified.

Lately carried out extensive studies on the effectiveness of the efferent methods and the appropriateness of their use in the treatment of immunological infertility. Using plasmapheresis facilitates removal from the bloodstream of immune complexes, which favorably affects the functional activity of the sperm. It is proved that the efferent therapy sessions to improve the fertilizing capacity of sperm, increasing it, which can be used to expand the indications during the medical treatment of male factor infertility.

 Treatment of immunological infertility - whether pregnancy

What is included in the concept of contraceptive therapy

It is proved that in some cases it may be a local immune response in response to the natural flow of sperm into the female genital tract. Such a reaction is not associated with systemic response of the organism, there is a development of sperm antibodies in high concentrations only locally. There comes a woman spermatozoa immunization antigens, which can be explained by several mechanisms:

  • the local immune response triggers long-term asymptomatic infection by genital or urogenital infection
  • independent antibodies without any apparent reason

As a remedy for this condition prompted the couple continued use of barrier contraception or local. An average of six months to a year should be used a condom. It is very difficult to talk about how to obtain a statistically significant effectiveness of these treatments, but the contraceptive therapy can be recommended as one of the methods in the complex therapy of immunological infertility, as it allows to exclude sensitization.

Appointment of medical measures in this form of infertility is possible only with full comprehensive examination of both sexual partners and establishing the true cause of the disease. In some cases, the detection of hormonal abnormalities in immunological infertility therapy is assigned male sex hormones or androgens. Correction of the immune status using androgens can be called one of the therapeutic methods of combination therapy for infertility. When combined with other androgen treatment interventions can achieve reduction of sperm antibodies by almost 30%, which is considered a good result in this pathology. The remote is a positive pregnancy in a married couple who are being treated for infertility.

Marina Solovyov

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Herbal treatment of ovarian cysts - popular wisdom

August 16, 2012

 herbal treatment of ovarian cysts
 Many women prefer the traditional therapies. These include the herbal medicine Phytotherapy and menopause - without the side effects  Phytotherapy and menopause - without the side effects
   or herbal therapy. This type of therapy can be successfully used in the development of a woman's cyst in the ovary. Herbal treatment during ovarian cyst can be recommended only in determining the nature of benign cysts, which a woman should be comprehensively examined.

 Herbal treatment of ovarian cysts - popular wisdom

Positive results in the application of herbs

One of the causes of ovarian cysts are various hormonal disorders Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous  Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous
 . When using herbs normalization of existing violations, which leads to subsequent recovery. This type of treatment may be combined with funds assigned hormonal medication. Herbs are appointed for a longer period of one to three months or more. Everything is determined individually, depending on the clinical form of ovarian cysts. During the course of treatment it is necessary to carry out a dynamic examination of the patient, to evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy.

Herbs can be used in several different ways:

  • broths
  • infusions. They can be used inside as well as used for local sedentary baths

It is a mistake to believe that herbal medicine is completely safe. Herbs can be taken under strict indications for its intended purpose specialist.

 Herbal treatment of ovarian cysts - popular wisdom

Which plants are the most efficient

With the purpose of treatment in the patient ovarian cyst may be recommended to use acacia (flowers). Flowers should be cut finely, and two tablespoons of flowers pour vodka. Infusion should be stored in a dark place in a sealed container. After that it must drain and drink throughout the day three times a tablespoon. You can even add the juice of burdock tincture. To obtain press the young leaves. Considering that the juice can be stored in the refrigerator for more than three days, the pressing need for half a glass. Juice fasting drink a tablespoon up to three times during the day. The juice of the mug can be replaced gruel, which leaves burdock twist through a meat grinder. Usually, only one course. After one month of receiving the acacia and burdock control study should be done and assess the effectiveness of remedial measures. If necessary, it is recommended to repeat the course after a break of several weeks.

In the treatment of ovarian cysts can be used viburnum (freshly prepared juice) in combination with honey. The components are mixed in equal quantities. Juice to drink under the scheme for one month. At the beginning of treatment is recommended increasing the scheme (from a teaspoon to the dining room), and after a break already descending pattern. Another effective tool is the tincture of peony Tincture of Peony - calm and regulate sleep  Tincture of Peony - calm and regulate sleep
 . It is sold as a finished product in pharmacies. One teaspoon of tincture is mixed with same amount of water and drunk a few times a day. The treatment leaves one month. The second course may be recommended after a break of ten days. For the treatment can be recommended even tincture of pine or spruce needles. Per liter of boiling water taken three tablespoons, while the infusion is better to cook in a thermos and drink it throughout the day.

You can make more medical gathering herbs. Mint, clover, eucalyptus, wormwood, elecampane root and licorice herbal composition have positive results in the treatment of cysts. Fees are prepared in a water bath Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures  Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures
 . They are especially useful for local procedures, which final solution volume is adjusted to make two liters and trays. On the day should be made one or two treatments of up to twenty minutes. For one course it is enough ten or twelve treatments.

Marina Solovyov

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