Treatment for chickenpox: how to avoid complications

February 21, 2014

  • Treatment for chickenpox: how to avoid complications
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 Treatment of chickenpox
 Treatment of chickenpox in children and adults is usually different, since the infection occurs in these contingents of patients in different ways. If the children are often quite good care, proper nutrition and external funds, the adult is almost always prescribe an antiviral medication.


Why do I need a blood test for chickenpox

The diagnosis of chickenpox is usually put on the clinical picture, that is, the characteristic symptoms of the disease. But with atypical course to confirm the diagnosis is sometimes used laboratory diagnostic methods - blood determine the presence of specific antibody classes of immunoglobulins M and G (and IgM and IgG). Especially important in the analysis of chickenpox during pregnancy or planning, because the absence of antibody or is an occasion for vaccination (only if the pregnancy is planned), or for the administration of immunoglobulin (if there is a risk of infection with chickenpox).

IgM - is antibodies that appear only when the primary disease chickenpox 4-5 days from the onset of the rash. These antibodies disappear with time, but sometimes they are present in blood up to a year. The diagnosis of chickenpox is confirmed by the appearance in the future of antibodies class IgG - they remain in the blood for a lifetime and prevent recurrent disease chickenpox.

A blood test for antibodies to chickenpox surrenders the morning on an empty stomach. Drink before the assay can be, but you can not take drugs, alcohol, smoking. Do not pass tests immediately after exercise, stress and physical therapy.


How to treat chickenpox in children

Treatment of chickenpox in children Chickenpox in children - a mild infection, but there are exceptions  Chickenpox in children - a mild infection, but there are exceptions
   - It is primarily the prevention of complications. A child shall not combed itchy blisters on the skin, nails, it should be cut short. To reduce the itching of the child's diet are excluded fried, salty and sweet foods, sugary sodas. To prevent bacterial infection, all bedding and underwear of the child should be changed daily.

The best thing about how to treat the child has chickenpox, tell a pediatrician - call it a must. At high temperatures, the doctor usually appoints antipyretics (Nurofen syrup, children ibuklin, paracetamol and other). It is important to know that children chickenpox should not be given aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) - this can lead to serious complications of the liver and central nervous system. To reduce itching prescribe antihistamines. It is best suited for this purpose suprastin - it removes itching, reduce skin sensitization and cause slight drowsiness.

And what to smear chickenpox? Traditionally administered topically on the skin lubrication bubbles green paint, 1-2% aqueous solution of potassium permanganate or fukortsinom. This promotes drying of rash and removes from the surface bacteria that is the prevention of secondary bacterial infection.

To remove the child may be itching skin lubricated gel fenistil, it is applied to small areas of the skin 2-4 times a day. Will and 5% acyclovir ointment or cream Acyclovir - as it is safe?  Acyclovir - as it is safe?
 , They are thin in the small areas of the skin to 5 times per day.

Go for a swim and soak the rash is usually not recommended: viruses will fall to healthy skin and a rash increase. But today, many experts are inclined to believe that the bath chickenpox can be solved.

The bath can be added infusions of chamomile, calendula, sage Sage - cvyaschennaya grass  Sage - cvyaschennaya grass
 , Starch. Well rash dries swimming in a pink solution of potassium permanganate.

Prompt treatment of chickenpox is only possible when the disease lung. In this case, parents can lubricate the skin child calamine lotion, in its composition which includes zinc carbonate (calamine), Zinc oxide, purified water, glycerol, liquified phenol, bentonite (medical clay), sodium citrate. Calamine lotion has antipruritic, dries, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, soothes and cools the skin effect. Calamine protects the skin from the irritating effects of any external factors that contributes to a more rapid recovery of the skin, prevents scarring.

Your doctor will tell just how to treat chickenpox in the mouth Chickenpox in your mouth - it is always dangerous  Chickenpox in your mouth - it is always dangerous
 . Rash of the mouth often makes the child completely refuse to eat, so that all dishes should be semi-liquid and does not cause irritation. After each meal should rinse your mouth with solutions miramistina, slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate, herbal extracts. It is also possible to make trays with oral lysozyme dissolved in 0, 25% novocaine - it clears mucosa, reduces itching and burning.

Eruptions in the mouth, you can smear sea buckthorn oil, oil solution hlorofillipta, analgesic gels, for example, Kalgel, dental paste solkoseril.

Treatment of herpes on the lips - not so simple

January 16, 2014

  • Treatment of herpes on the lips - not so simple
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 treatment of herpes on the lips
 Treatment of herpes on the lips is most easily carried out in the early stages when there are redness, swelling and itching. If at this stage to apply external antiviral drugs can suppress the further development of the inflammatory process. In later stages of antiviral ointments and creams may accelerate healing. But it is not so simple, because the cold on the lips - a sign of low immunity.


Basic principles of treatment of herpes on the lips

Herpes is characterized by lesions of the lips and the area around them. The process can take up to 15 days, although the main symptoms disappear by about 8 per day.

Despite the fact that the manifestations of herpes on the lips are rarely significant, patients are constantly searching for effective drugs to treat it as herpes on the lips brings not only physical but also psychological suffering, significantly affecting the quality of life.

Effective treatment of herpes on the lips can only be complex. Essential drugs for the treatment of herpes on the lips are antivirals and immunomodulators. Antiviral therapy is needed to suppress viral replication of herpes simplex Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple  Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple
 Causing disease and immunomodulators - to restore immunity.


Antiviral drugs for external use

Most often used for topical treatment of herpes on the lips used drugs based on acyclovir. These medications include acyclovir 5% cream Acyclovir - as it is safe?  Acyclovir - as it is safe?
 , Viroleks and Zovirax Zovirax - time-proven antiviral drug  Zovirax - time-proven antiviral drug
 . Cream Zovirax herpes on the lips applied to the affected skin and lips bordering the healthy parts of them 5 times a day for 4-10 days. The cream is best applied with sterile cotton buds - it will exclude the transition of infection on your hands.

More effective is the cream of herpes on the lips fenistil pentsivir. Active ingredient of this cream is an antiviral agent penciclovir. The antiviral effect of penciclovir many times the effect of acyclovir. It blocks the virus and inhibit its reproduction. Apply cream fenistil pentsivir leads to faster recovery, reduce the intensity of pain, shortens the period of risk of viral transmission. Using the title the words "fenistil" is nothing more than a publicity stunt associated with popular allergy medications fenistil, manufactured by the same pharmaceutical company Novartis (Switzerland).

Cream fenistil pentsivir be used to treat herpes on the lips of children and adults after 12 years. The cream should start to apply as early as possible, at the first signs of herpes. But in the later stages of the drug has a positive effect: heals sores on the lips, reduces pain and itching, shortens the period of formation and removal of cover.

This medication against herpes on the lips is applied to the affected skin lips every two hours for four days. Side effects Cream may manifest as burning, tingling or numbness of the skin immediately after application and does not require its cancellation.

The antiviral properties of the gel also has herpes on the lips of plant origin panavir. It is applied with a thin layer on the affected skin or mucous membranes 5 times a day for 4-5 days. The treatment may be extended to 10 days.

Ointment for herpes on the lips is mainly used in the propagation of infection to the eye. For example, a 3% ophthalmic ointment is used to treat keratitis - inflammation of the cornea caused by herpes simplex virus. Ointment against herpes on the lips is not applicable for this purpose are more suitable creams and gels that have a drying effect.


Immunomodulatory agents for external use

Herpes on the lips appears generally when disturbed immune system. Therefore, as part of an integrated treatment of herpes infections applied immunomodulators. Most often this purpose designate 5% liniment tsikloferona. Active ingredient of this drug is meglumine akridonatsetat that antiviral immunocorrecting, anti-inflammatory action. TSikloferon stimulates the cells of the antiviral protein interferon activating both cellular and humoral immunity. As tsikloferon antiviral drug active against herpes simplex virus.

Liniment tsikloferona applied thinly to the affected skin once or twice a day for five days. Perhaps a combination of liniment with other antiherpetic means (both systemic and local). If necessary, repeat the treatment cycloferon can be repeated in two weeks.

The side effects of this drug have virtually no allergic reactions, and only mild skin irritation. Contraindicated to use tsikloferon TSikloferon - restores the body's defenses  TSikloferon - restores the body's defenses
   children (clinical trials on children have not been conducted) during pregnancy, breastfeeding and increased sensitivity of the patient to the drug.