Navel piercing and pregnancy: safety issues

September 1, 2013

  • Navel piercing and pregnancy: safety issues
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 navel piercing and pregnancy
 Navel piercing - one of the oldest methods that people use to decorate their body. In ancient Egypt, the priests and the people close to the Pharaoh, pierced navels and there were a variety of decorations, confirming their status. Today, in Western culture navel piercing is available to everyone and has no special meaning.

In good salons, where they make piercing, every client is a preliminary consultation where it explain all aspects of the procedure, and help choose the decoration, the most appropriate form to his navel. Whatever you may seem simple, this procedure, its conduct can be trusted only to professionals; otherwise there is a fairly high risk of infection, and for pregnant women it is especially dangerous.

The first decorations for navel choose earrings made of materials with high biocompatibility. Ideal titanium, gold 750, some plastics, and niobium.

Once the edge of the puncture on the navel covered with scar tissue, you can use decorations made of other materials, such as gold 585. Gold lower sample and silver are generally not recommended - they have impurities that often cause allergic reactions. Pregnant women must observe these precautions very carefully.


Piercing navel during pregnancy

In recent years, a navel piercing is becoming increasingly popular. If you have already made a piercing, you probably heard from someone from acquaintances that, as soon as you become pregnant, the decoration of the navel will have to take out. Is this really necessary? Under the following requirements navel piercings for pregnant women will be absolutely safe.

  • Punctured stomach must be completely healed before pregnancy. Otherwise, the puncture wound would be significantly impeded. Firstly, increasing the uterus The increase in the uterus - when the rate goes into pathology  The increase in the uterus - when the rate goes into pathology
   the skin on the belly will stretch, and at the same time will increase the diameter of the puncture; It may also damage the skin, due to which the piercing can only heal after birth. Secondly, the immune system The immune system - how it works?  The immune system - how it works?
   pregnant women is weakened, and if the puncture is not healed, the likelihood of infection is increased.
  • In time treat infection. If a puncture in the navel is completely healed, you will not get any infections. However, if the puncture was made relatively recently, closely monitor the condition of the skin around it. Contact your doctor if you notice symptoms such as suppuration, severe redness and swelling of the skin. If the infection can usually handle a few days, using antiseptics, that pregnant women should not engage in self - it is necessary to consult a physician for any health problems.
  • Wear comfortable decoration. Metal jewelry in the navel in late pregnancy may cause some inconvenience. Replace them with ornaments made of PTFE flexible - they are not rejected by the body and can wear to the birth. Today, many piercing parlors, you can buy a variety of jewelry for pregnant women.
  • Before caesarean decoration from the navel have to remove. As a rule, doctors ask patients to remove the decorations from the navel before a cesarean, as they may interfere with the actions of the surgeon during the operation, and cause further damage to the skin.


Safe whether navel piercings for your child?

If a navel piercing was done before pregnant, it does not harm your unborn baby.


Piercing navel at different stages of pregnancy

In the early months of pregnancy, until the stomach starts to grow, your piercing will not cause you the least anxiety. However, at a later date, when the stomach will increase day by day, the skin will begin to stretch, and the diameter of the puncture on the navel may increase. In some cases, inflammation begins. The skin on his stomach stretched stomach starts to bulge under the pressure of the uterus, and the decoration in the navel constantly rubs and clings to clothing, resulting in possible redness, irritation, and even tears. The extent to stretch the skin during pregnancy, largely depends on the genetic predisposition.

Thus, it is impossible to predict in advance of any stretch marks or increase in diameter or rupture navel piercing. Therefore, in late pregnancy is best not to wear a navel any decoration.

The fact is that for 7-8 months, the skin under the pressure of the growing uterus can be strung so tightly that earring in your navel is too close, it will begin to rub against the edge of a puncture, causing irritation, and it will still have to take out.

In most cases, a woman can easily wear jewelry in the navel up to 5-6 months of pregnancy. You can then carry decoration of flexible materials - for example, of Teflon, which bends under the pressure of the uterus. In addition, you can wear earrings instead of a simple silk thread - it is certainly not a decoration, but it will not puncture overgrown until the end of pregnancy.

Even after you remove the jewelry, you need to monitor the condition of the navel punctured. You must be at hand antiseptics to be processed when a piercing any signs of infection. If the skin around the puncture or inflamed it formed an abscess Abscess - why it is so dangerous ulcers?  Abscess - why it is so dangerous ulcers?
 , Seek medical attention immediately.

Despite all the precautions during pregnancy in piercing scars can appear. Often they become almost imperceptible soon after birth, but if they do not, they can be removed with a laser - it is quite expensive, but very effective procedure.

That the skin is less affected by the extension, throughout the duration of pregnancy, use special creams and oils - must lubricate their stomach, including stomach to make the skin more elastic.

If you made a belly button piercing in less than a year or year and a half before the onset of pregnancy, the risk of damage to the skin in the area of ​​the puncture is especially great. During this time, has not yet formed a mature scar tissue, so it is likely strain puncture and infection.


How to care for a navel piercing during pregnancy

The only mandatory rule is a regular cleansing care navel and skin around it - with soap and water as usual. Everything else - at your discretion. Many women up to the birth without problems are in the navel ordinary metal jewelry.

You can do the same, or remove the decoration from the navel during pregnancy (not all puncture grows for nine months), and can replace the fishing line or special decoration "bars" for pregnant women.


Is it possible to do a navel piercing directly during pregnancy

Piercing navel during pregnancy can be dangerous for both mother and child. Firstly, when the piercing parlors are not complied with basic health standards, there is a risk of contracting hepatitis B and C and HIV. Secondly, because during pregnancy the immune system is weakened, the punctured stomach of a pregnant woman will heal much longer than usual. Because of this also increases the likelihood of developing various infections - less dangerous than hepatitis Hepatitis - the scourge of our time  Hepatitis - the scourge of our time
 But unpleasant.

For these reasons, do navel piercing of pregnancy - not a good idea. If you still want it, make sure that your chosen piercing salon meets the following requirements:

  • Master piercer puts on new gloves before working with another client;
  • All non-disposable instruments for piercing are disinfected in an autoclave;
  • The piercing studios clean - there are no traces of dirt and odors;
  • Pierce the skin only disposable needles;
  • Decorations are packages before they are inserted into the puncture.

If these requirements are met, probably, in this salon you can get pierced without any risk to themselves and the baby. However, for the reasons mentioned above, with piercings better to wait until the end of pregnancy.