Pink zoster - the unknown nature of the disease

June 21, 2013

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 Pink zoster
 Pink zoster - a non-malignant formation on the skin, which in the long term does not threaten, but, nevertheless, it can be very unpleasant. On average, the disease continues for six weeks, or, in more severe cases, up to two months. In the worst case, the patient may be ill with lupus rose to 6 months, but it happens very rarely.

The first sign of the disease - the appearance on the skin, most often on the back, "mother plaques", a large and sometimes painful patches of pink or red. After one or two weeks on the skin rash appears vast - it consists of smaller spots, but they are many and they are very noticeable. The most intense pink zoster Ringworm - not only infectious disease  Ringworm - not only infectious disease
   It is shown on the upper body, but can affect also the limb. In the face of a rash of pink lichen appears rare.

 Pink zoster - the unknown nature of the disease

Who is it sick?

In all likelihood, in the event of pink lichen are not to blame any genetic characteristics. It can occur in almost anyone; in women the disease occurs slightly more often than men. The most likely to develop the disease in children, but it can manifest itself at any age. 70% of cases pink lichen - those who have recently had an infection of the upper respiratory tract.

 Pink zoster - the unknown nature of the disease

What is the reason?

Pityriasis Rosea not caused by a virus or bacterial infection, as well as fungus, although it has similarities with the symptoms of a fungal infection symptoms. Strictly speaking, pink shingles is not contagious, but it happens that it almost simultaneously sick people living in the same house. At risk are those who use the same bathroom as the patient. We know about the mass diseases pink lichen in sports teams, student dormitories, military barracks, but the cause of these outbreaks is not clear.

In fact, just not clear and the cause of the pink lichen. Most often they are ill in spring and autumn, but it is unclear whether this is related in some way with plants that bloom at this time, the weather or something else.

 Pink zoster - the unknown nature of the disease

How is the disease?

Pink zoster causes them suffering very severe discomfort. The rash can be painful and sometimes itchy and scratched. These symptoms are usually worse when blood flow is accelerated, for example, in sports, severe stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   or exposure to high temperatures. However, some areas of the skin become inflamed and shelled.

Usually pink lichen leaves no trace; some patients skin, which has a rash, some time after recovery are lighter or darker than the skin around, however, and it takes a few weeks. Hyperpigmentation after the pink lichen is usually in people with fair skin, hypopigmentation - at smuglokozhih.

The first complaint of patients with pink lichen is the appearance of rashes on the skin.

If so, it is necessary to consult a specialist dermatologist, to be able to ascertain the cause of the skin changes. Rashes are a symptom of many diseases, so the differential diagnosis between these states must be qualified.

Precipitating factor in the development of the disease often becomes a viral infection, colds. This leads to the conclusion about the infectious nature of the disease. There is evidence that the cause of development can be an allergic component. It causes allergic skin lesions. Most often marked seasonal nature of the disease, pink zoster occurs mainly in cold seasons (fall, spring).

 Pink zoster - the unknown nature of the disease

The spots and itching - how dangerous it is?

Patients elements appear on the skin in the middle or at the height of the clinical picture of the disease. They are located mostly symmetrical in the back, torso, chest, proximal extremities. On the neck, face and other parts of the body rashes are rarer. Typically the location of spots on the body in a certain order, which can be called "herringbone". Some describe that there are similarities with the rashes medallion. The skin appears yellowish-pinkish spots round or oval shape, towering above the skin surface. The color of spots may vary between different shades of pink to red.

There is a correlation of color patches on the skin type - people with light skin spots will be more pink color, with darker skin color will be brown. Edge raised a few spots, Patriotic and has more intense staining. The central part is characterized gentle folding, sinks in comparison with the edge and peel off. In some cases the center can be pigmented. Peeling is most clearly evident in the border of the central and peripheral parts, which will be like a typical collar. The maximum size of formations reaches three centimeters, while there is a tendency to rash peripheral growth or spread.

Itching is not constant, and the severity of symptoms, most often it is a little on the intensity of symptoms .  Only 25% of patients experiencing intense itching .  Most often itch appears with the first patch or plaque, later it weakens and becomes unexpressed .  Typical eruptions do not appear immediately at one time, they are periodical, jerky Flash .  In the weeks before the appearance of common skin rash occurs "parent plaque" .  On average, it may take 20 days from the onset of plaques and the subsequent development of the rash .  It is represented as a single element, which is large in comparison with other .  The plaque has an oval shape, the central portion has a gentle folding and shelled, papyrus paper that resembles the description .  Edge spots represented on the periphery of the narrow rim of the corolla .  The appearance of the skin lesions at different time intervals creates a certain polymorphism .

Resolution or reverse the development of the elements starts from the center of the spot, so the central part becomes pigmented and lost vivid coloring. Gradually these spots peel, then fades the color intensity of the edge spots. After peeling skin rash becomes annular character. Described the nature of lesions considered to be typical forms of pink lichen, but can occur rare form:

  • urticaria
  • papular
  • vesicular
  • follicular
  • miliary

Their difference is based primarily on the nature of the skin elements that allows arbitrarily allocate clinical disease species. Very often, when a pink rash shingles in the early stages misinterpreted as a fungal infection of the skin begin to handle these diverse elements of antifungal agents. This therapy has no medical effect and is absolutely groundless, as a fungal flora is not the causal factor of the disease. From any kind of self-medication to the time of diagnosis should be avoided.

Symptoms of pink lichen are insignificant in its manifestations. The most characteristic symptom is a skin manifestations, but can be connected non-specific symptoms include headache, runny nose, cough and a slight rise in body temperature.

These symptoms occur in the early stages of the disease and may be manifestations of colds, after which developing zoster. Often, these symptoms can be mistaken for symptoms of respiratory tract infection. In such a case, you should pay attention to the possibility of "mother plaques" in the early development of zoster. The presence of these plaques is a confirmation of the skin disease.

 Pink zoster - the unknown nature of the disease

How serious is it?

Perhaps the most serious consequences of pink lichen - is itching, pain and psychological discomfort experienced by a person who appeared on the skin of such a strong eruption. But at least it is a harbinger of the disease is not cancer or some other serious disease. In addition, pink lichen is very rare, and they get sick once in a lifetime.

 Pink zoster - the unknown nature of the disease

How is it treated?

When pink shingles do not require treatment. Because its causes are not fully understood, it can not be cured, it goes away after a few weeks. To accelerate this process can not be.

Using drugs can relieve some symptoms. If the rash is severe pain, take analgesics; itchy help antihistamines. If the patient is combing rash on the skin may remain scars; To prevent this, use a dot antibiotics.

A rare cases, if the inflammation and rash of pink lichen persist, prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs.

Diskoloratsiya skin that remains after the pink lichen is not very noticeable, but if it bothers the patient to deal with it is possible to use ultraviolet light treatment. This procedure is quite expensive, but it pays off, if a person is very concerned about their appearance. In most cases, however, pink zoster should simply "wait."

 Pink zoster - the unknown nature of the disease

How do you know that I have a pink shingles?

Pink dermatologist can diagnose ringworm. Its symptoms are very similar to symptoms of other diseases, such as herpes zoster and herpes zoster Shingles and chickenpox - from the same pathogen  Shingles and chickenpox - from the same pathogen
 . Rash as in pink zoster, sometimes also with allergic reactions to certain medications, such as antibiotics, painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

Pink zoster can be diagnosed by biopsy, however, because the disease is not dangerous, because it is not necessary to carry out such a complex procedure.

 Pink zoster - the unknown nature of the disease

Pink shingles contagious?

Regarding transmissibility pink lichen is no single opinion. We know that it is not always transmitted by direct contact with the patient. Some doctors believe that the disease is caused by bacteria or a virus; It found that the fungus or allergy are not exactly caused it.

The first sign of pink lichen - a large pinkish stain on the skin is very similar to ringworm Ringworm - how not to be left without hair  Ringworm - how not to be left without hair
 Which is a fungal infectious disease. Similarly, to determine exactly what is sick the patient, the doctor can only.

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