Arbidol during pregnancy - it is better not to apply

February 19, 2012

 arbidol pregnancy
 Arbidol - is an antiviral and immune-stimulating drug that is considered safe. But the pregnancy - a special state, during which even completely safe drugs can have adverse effects on the mother and fetus.

 Arbidol during pregnancy - it is better not to apply

How does arbidol pregnant women

Arbidol - domestic antiviral drug that has passed laboratory tests on various types of animals, during which were not identified any of its adverse effects on the mother and fetus. But animals and humans are different, which is why, to have been allowed to apply one or another drug to sick people, it must undergo clinical trials on the categories of patients who are encouraged to nominate him. And such clinical trials ever conducted.

But pregnant women - and a special contingent to conduct clinical trials on them is not always possible. Therefore, so far, in spite of two decades of experience in the application of Arbidol, it is not known what exactly the impact this drug has on the mother and child.

In this regard, there is a standard recommendation, which provides a relatively safe drug, if you have not carried out the necessary clinical trials: the drug is used only on prescription in cases where the intended benefits to the mother's body is greater than the potential risk to the fetus.

 Arbidol during pregnancy - it is better not to apply

Can there be side effects

Arbidol nontoxic drug and the manufacturers do not give any side effects other than allergic reactions. But without clear clinical trials to answer this question it is not possible, since it is an interferon inducer Interferon - protects against diseases of the new century?  Interferon - protects against diseases of the new century?

The system also interferon in its significance is one of the main places in immunity. It consists of various types of interferons, regulators synthesis and "work" interferon-producing cells, and interferons target cells for which the interferon effect.

There are two main objectives of interferon:

  • non-specific (not depending on whether it is an agent enters the body) to protect all the cells of tissues and organs from penetration and reproduction in their foreign cells (viruses and other intracellular microorganisms);
  • involved in the regulation of humoral immunity, ie the production of antibodies Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity  Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity
   to the infectious agent.

It is known that pregnant women are at low immunity to changes in hormonal levels, which contributes to their various infectious and inflammatory diseases. It's hard to say how the complex, not fully investigated system interferon respond to additional stimulation of interferon and stimulation of the immune system The immune system - how it works?  The immune system - how it works?

 Arbidol during pregnancy - it is better not to apply

When the application of Arbidol for treatment of pregnant women may be justified

Appointment arbidol a pregnant woman can be justified if the viral infection threatening her life, and arbidol able to reduce this threat. As you know, arbidol exhibits activity against influenza viruses A and B, as well as against the coronavirus causing Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

SARS (SARS, SARS) - a serious viral disease, which is accompanied by a high mortality rate. For the first time the disease was discovered in 2002, and in 2003 was recorded its last case. Nevertheless, vigilance against SARS remains. Influenza A and B more studied, but the disease can occur in pregnant women with reduced immunity Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults
   very hard.

In severe viral infections appointment arbidol pregnant women is justified. The decision to call this preparation may take a doctor.

With flu and other acute respiratory viral diseases arbidol administered in the standard dose of 200 mg (two 100 mg tablets) four times a day for five days. When SARS uses a different treatment regimen: 200 mg twice a day for eight to ten days.

Sometimes arbidol given to pregnant women and to prevent, if it is in direct contact with patients with severe viral infection. In this case, drug is given at 200 mg daily for one - two weeks.

Of course, a pregnant woman, it is desirable not to visit public places during a flu epidemic, but if it works, then this is not always possible. If a large flu epidemic and the disease is difficult, the doctor may prescribe arbidol receiving prophylactic 200 mg twice a week for three weeks.

Arbidol - a non-toxic drug, but for pregnant women it is assigned a doctor and only for health reasons.

Galina Romanenko

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Food poisoning during pregnancy - the risk of negative consequences - How do

April 15, 2013

  • Food poisoning during pregnancy - the risk of negative consequences
  • How does

 How does food poisoning during pregnancy

How does

During pregnancy, a woman can match, and even get an acute food poisoning Food poisoning: how to avoid becoming a victim of its own stomach  Food poisoning: how to avoid becoming a victim of its own stomach
 . The main thing is not to panic and not to self-medicate, and time to seek medical help. And if such assistance will be provided, in most cases, no complications for the fetus will not.

 How does | Food poisoning during pregnancy - the risk of negative consequences

The poison can be and how food poisoning occurs during pregnancy

Just as with other people, food poisoning during pregnancy, most often in the form of food poisoning, food poisoning that is contaminated with pathogenic bacteria and their toxins. Infection of various products derived from the sick people. This can occur during the preparation of the product (eg, lettuce, salad), transporting it (milk, dairy products) or storage (cakes). The main thing here is not only getting the bacteria, but also the conditions for further massive reproduction.

After a pregnant woman eats bacteria contamination product, two hours later she shows signs of food poisoning. In some cases, an incubation period is longer and lasts from several hours to two days.

After that there is a malaise, weakness, headache, nausea joins growing. If a woman in this period is a manifestation of early pregnancy toxemia, it can confuse the early signs of poisoning his usual state. It joins nausea vomiting - the body tries to get rid of low-quality food. As long as the food is removed from the body, it is better not to stop vomiting. After vomiting subsides somewhat, there is rumbling and abdominal cramping Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms  Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms
 And then after a while begins diarrhea.

The stools at the liquid food poisoning, sometimes foul-smelling and often without mucus and blood, but it happens that such impurities still occur, depending on the pathogen.

When food poisoning occurs and lightweight, the day after the woman's condition improves (the body through vomiting and diarrhea rid of poor-quality food) and only the marked weakness (asthenia), which during pregnancy is especially strong and frightening women. But this is a common condition of the body, which restores your strength after an acute illness.

In severe food poisoning all its manifestations (vomiting, diarrhea) are kept up to three days. The temperature rises, the woman's condition can be very difficult. The sooner it will be given medical help, the faster it will come out of this state, and the more likely not to get complications.

 How does | Food poisoning during pregnancy - the risk of negative consequences

What complications can occur during acute poisoning in pregnant women

The biggest danger - dehydration when vomiting and diarrhea woman loses fluid and mineral salts. First, blood clots may form thrombi. In pregnant women, and so under the influence of hormones in the blood is able to stagnate veins of the lower extremities, and when it appears thickening direct threat of thrombosis. That is why the woman needed medical assistance.

As for the child, the toxins from food usually does not pass the placental barrier and the danger is just minimal. For the fetus dangerous circulatory disorders associated with poisoning - it always contributes to a violation supply the fetus with oxygen, which can seriously affect the state of his brain.

Increased motor activity of smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract and can be passed on smooth muscle of the uterus, because all smooth muscle is innervated by the autonomic nervous system (as it is known, pregnant women at risk of stimulating the motor activity of the muscles of the uterus can not be used even laxatives). Therefore, there is a risk of miscarriage Miscarriage - why you lose the most precious thing?  Miscarriage - why you lose the most precious thing?

 How does | Food poisoning during pregnancy - the risk of negative consequences

What if a pregnant woman is still poisoned

First of all, do not panic and remember that there is no direct threat to the child. Then you need to remember that there is a threat of dehydration and abortion and to recognize that aid in this case can be only in a hospital. Therefore, you should immediately call an ambulance.

Before the arrival of the ambulance should not take any drugs, stop vomiting - from poor quality food need to get rid of. You can drink a few glasses of cool boiled water in order to maintain and clean the stomach vomiting. In the water you can add a few pounded tablets of activated charcoal Activated carbon - old but indispensable  Activated carbon - old but indispensable
   (five or six tablets), it does not precipitate itself toxins.

If the doctor recommends emergency hospital treatment, to reject the proposal is not necessary - the risk is too great. And then, more than a day - two, if there are no complications, the woman where she delayed. But she in the hospital make up the loss of fluid and mineral salts by introducing intravenously special solutions that will warn the threat of thrombosis. If you increase the motor activity of muscles of the uterus, then this threat in a hospital can be prevented.

The most important thing for a pregnant woman during an acute food poisoning - it's timely appeal for medical help.

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