Female Orgasm: juicy details

December 13, 2013

  • Female Orgasm: juicy details
  • Sensations and age

 female orgasm
   The women in the moment of orgasm are reduced pelvic floor muscles, the lower part of the vagina and the muscles in the uterus and anus. Approximately 10% of the female orgasm is accompanied by the so-called female ejaculation Female ejaculation - the mysterious nature  Female ejaculation - the mysterious nature
 . Orgasm at all felt very differently; general are just such symptoms as sweating, a feeling of warmth throughout the body, a temporary change in the rhythm of breathing and states of consciousness. Other aspects of orgasm, including its intensity individual. In some women, it may be so mild that they hardly notice it, because they expect a very intense sensations - like in the movies or erotic literature.

Orgasm - a physical reflex that both women and men is a result of stimulation of erogenous zones. If sexual arousal is enhanced blood circulation and tighten the muscles throughout the body - especially in the genital area. Orgasm relieves tension is by a series of rhythmic muscle contractions.


What if you have never experienced an orgasm and whether you want to talk about this partner?

If an adult man, do not experience orgasm - a rarity among women is very common. Especially a lot of women who can not get an orgasm during sex with a partner. Many women have to carefully study the body before they are able to understand what you need to achieve orgasm. The easiest way to orgasm - is masturbation. Most women who get an orgasm during sex with a partner, first reached it by means of masturbation. There is no right or wrong way of masturbation: the body of every woman in his responds to stimulation, so the need to experiment with different kinds of touch, different rhythms, and so on.

With partner should talk to when you are well enough to learn his own body. He as much as you want to make you good in bed, so nothing to fear. Remember - he can not read your mind, and if you do not tell him how and what to do to make you well, he will not guess about it. In addition, a detailed description of what actions you expect from a partner, in itself can be very exciting for you and for him.


The female orgasm is different from men

From a physiological point of view, the male and female orgasm is very similar. Orgasmic contractions in women is taking place at regular intervals (0.8 seconds). In men, on average, it takes from four to six cuts, women - from six to ten.

The liquid that female ejaculation when ejected from the urethra, the composition is similar to that which is produced by the prostate gland and found in seminal fluid.

Many have heard that women need much more time to reach orgasm than men. This is not quite true. With masturbation men and women get an orgasm in almost the same time: a woman - a little less than four minutes, men - for two or three minutes. Having sex with a partner, women reach orgasm, on average, for 10-20 minutes, men - for 7-14 minutes.


Myths and facts about the female orgasm

  • Orgasm - is always heavenly bliss. As we have said, some women do not notice orgasms - although perhaps if you try other kinds of sexual stimulation, the feeling will be more vivid. In addition, some women orgasm begins immediately after a severe headache Headache: Causes and Complications  Headache: Causes and Complications
 ; reasons for this are not yet clear.
  • Normal women always get an orgasm while having sex. Only a third of women get an orgasm from each sexual intercourse. About 30% of women can get an orgasm from sex, but for this they need more stimulation. Finally, about the same number of women get an orgasm only from oral or manual stimulation. Receive orgasm from normal vaginal intercourse for women is perfectly normal. In the past it was widely believed that in this way reach orgasm only mature women; some books and now you can meet such a statement. Today we know that the emotional and physical maturity of the women do not affect the way how she gets an orgasm.
  • If a woman does not reach orgasm, she was frigid, or her relationship with a partner that is not right. If a woman suddenly stopped getting orgasms, it may be a sign of any disease, or side effects of drugs. A woman who has never experienced an orgasm, maybe just not yet know what kind of stimulation she needs. Problems in the relationship with your partner can actually prevent a woman to enjoy sex.
  • If a woman does not get an orgasm, it is not enough skilled lover. From men, indeed, it depends on many things, but the woman should worry about his own pleasure. She should speak frankly to a man, explain to him what she likes and what not. If he does not want to meet, it's not his lack of certain skills, and indifference - it's much worse than inexperience.
  • A woman can not enjoy sex if you do not get an orgasm. This misconception is most common among men. In fact, women enjoy a great pleasure from intimacy with a loved one, and can feel satisfied, even if sex is not orgasm every time ends.

Sexual relations - various options

December 14, 2013

  • Sexual relations - various options
  • As the passion back

 sexual relationship
 Sexual relations are an important part of life for the vast majority of people on the planet. They take various forms, now - more and more diverse, since prohibitions becomes smaller, and often questions about what is permissible and what - no, a person decides alone.


One night

This form of sexual relations someone finds a surrogate sex that masturbation is not much better (and in some - worse), while others are convinced that the modern, bustling people, sex for one night is sometimes a necessity. Anyway, there is nothing illegal (unless, of course, you do not live in some Arab countries) that two adults and unfamiliar person willingly spend the night together. Sociologists point out that in countries where a relatively long time affirmed gender equality, people, on average, a greater number of sexual partners, or are they more likely to engage in "one-off" sexual relations - that is, sex for one night. According to the majority of doctors and psychologists, this type of sexual activity will not harm if the partners are honest with each other and follow the rules of safe sex Safe Sex - Myth or Reality?  Safe Sex - Myth or Reality?
 . In general, security - the main rule for one night of sex. With unfamiliar person it is necessary to use a condom - exception should not be here. If a person does not want to have sex in a condom, it is a serious reason to guard and cease to communicate. Also, do not go home to a partner or to invite him to her: for sex one night best suited hotel (also for security reasons).

Do not allow yourself to have sex under the influence of alcohol. If a permanent partner it could be an interesting experience, then with the person with whom you met a few hours ago, it's just dangerous.

Try not to expect to have sex one night is nothing special - it will save you from frustration. In most cases, to sexual relations brought real satisfaction, it is necessary that partners well enough to know each other's needs; Perfect compatibility with a new partner is uncommon.

Do not forget that your partner does not have to, and you do not have it, so even if you have exchanged contacts, wait for the call is not necessary. In contrast to the romantic Hollywood films, in the life of sex for one night almost never has to continue.


The relationship just for sex

Such relationships can be either between the free people (often called "friends with benefits"), and among those who are married (or married may consist of only one partner). The total of such relations is one - and they begin to support solely for the purpose of sex. People can be composed in such a relationship for different reasons - someone does not want commitment, someone does not have enough sex in marriage, someone just committed to diversity.

If sex for one night is enough to make men and women more or less like each other, in a committed relationship for sex between men to be certain attraction .  At the same time it is important that both partners have understood that they have obligations to each other .  It is a mistake to believe that sex in these pairs are always very stormy bright .  In fact, people who have relations exclusively for sex, often tend to keep their feelings, which, of course, has an impact on sex .  Sometimes the partners in such pairs are too selfish, thinking that they should take care only about their own satisfaction .  Generally, a sexual relationship in such couples often turn to the constant attempts to have fun and at the same time avoiding excessive emotional intimacy .  And because really good sex is rarely without such close proximity, it can lead to general discontent relations .  However, if both partners trust each other enough and do not really want from each other anything other than sex (this occurs, although quite rare), their sexual relationship can be very harmonious, long, and thus to nothing binding .


Sexual relations in marriage

Sex - a very important component of the marriage; even if the couple a high level of income, wonderful children, a successful career, common interests, without good sex marriage is unlikely to be happy. Exceptions are possible, or if both spouses are indifferent to sex, or if they quietly allow each other to satisfy their sexual needs on the side.

To sex marriage did not become a routine, it is necessary, first of all, from the beginning to talk openly about their preferences. Perhaps you are going to live with her husband many years, and you want during this time you had a good sex. If so, will have to step over his shyness, and share with the beloved their secret desires. Exercise regularly fancy each other, except those that are absolutely contrary to your moral principles.

From time to time look at him through the eyes of another woman. Imagine that you have not lived with him for many years, I have not seen him lying on the couch watching TV is not going to the house of his dirty clothes. It may be that a fresh look at her husband encourage you not just to cuddle up to his shoulder and make him something completely indecent, but very pleasant. Change your image: no need for radical change - enough to put on a new dress for dinner, make-up and hairstyle in the day, and my husband was able to see in you not only a familiar, home-life girlfriend.

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