Sarcoidosis and pregnancy - in the initial stages of the disease are quite compatible

October 20, 2013

 Sarcoidosis pregnancy
 Women suffering from sarcoidosis, very concerned about how they will carry the pregnancy and will not affect any of sarcoidosis on the state of the fetus. To answer this question the doctor can only after a thorough examination of the woman. If it does not have increasing respiratory failure, the pregnancy usually proceeds without complications.

 Sarcoidosis and pregnancy - in the initial stages of the disease are quite compatible

What happens in the body in sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis - a systemic disease in which the various organs and tissues develop specific signs of inflammation - nodules or granulomas. The cause of the disease is considered to be hereditary feature of the immune system that is able to uniquely respond to certain environmental influences.

Most often, the process begins with sarcoidosis of lymph nodes Sarcoidosis lymph nodes when the lungs are affected  Sarcoidosis lymph nodes when the lungs are affected
 , Joined pulmonary sarcoidosis Sarcoidosis of the lungs - the most common form of the disease  Sarcoidosis of the lungs - the most common form of the disease
 . This will be a slight loss of the respiratory system, which ends with a spontaneous cure. But it also happens that the pathological process of growing, granulomas are replaced by connective tissue, while the volume of lung tissue is reduced. This leads to impaired lung function. And as the lungs and heart are linked by a single function - delivery of oxygen to organs and tissues, suffering and heart - developing pulmonary heart disease, which is an extreme manifestation of pulmonary edema and death of the patient.

Affected in sarcoidosis, and many other organs - the skin, eyes, liver, spleen, kidneys, nervous system, heart and so on. Characteristic granulomas may occur in any organ or tissue.

 Sarcoidosis and pregnancy - in the initial stages of the disease are quite compatible

As sarcoidosis affects the state of the pregnant woman

Female genital organs in sarcoidosis are affected very rarely. But even if it happens (maybe even affected the placenta) to the fetus tissue sarcoidosis never distributed. Pregnancy also occurs in this case without the features. Moreover, many noticed that the manifestations of sarcoidosis during pregnancy decreased. Perhaps this is due to the increased secretion of glucocorticoid hormones cortical layer of the adrenal gland during pregnancy.

But there are opposite cases where sarcoidosis during pregnancy begins to progress. Therefore, women with sarcoidosis, it is necessary to plan pregnancy with preliminary full survey.

The only risk to the fetus in the mother's sarcoidosis is the high content of calcium in her blood. The content of calcium in the blood of the fetus at the same time is reduced, which can cause the development of his seizures shortly after birth. But this danger is rather theoretical, as the level of calcium in the blood of women is rarely very high. Pregnant women suffering from sarcoidosis, must not forget that they should not eat a lot of foods rich in calcium (eg, dairy products), vitamin D and sunbathing.

 Sarcoidosis and pregnancy - in the initial stages of the disease are quite compatible

Why sarcoidosis can be dangerous during pregnancy

The main risk during pregnancy is increasing respiratory and pulmonary heart disease. If a woman suffering from sarcoidosis to the development of the pregnancy was already short of breath, it should be treated first, to achieve positive treatment results, check the condition of the respiratory and cardiovascular system, and only then decide on pregnancy.

The condition of a pregnant woman suffering from pulmonary sarcoidosis or sarcoid heart requires special monitoring. If signs of increase of respiratory or cardiovascular failure is assigned a treatment. If, despite treatment the woman's condition deteriorates, the question may arise about an abortion for health reasons.

Treatment consists in the appointment of women courses of glucocorticoid hormones - it is usually rapidly suppresses inflammation and stop the progression of the disease.

Today, experts often disagree on the question of whether to prescribe hormone therapy Hormone therapy - is it possible to fool nature?  Hormone therapy - is it possible to fool nature?
   a pregnant woman when sarcoidosis Sarcoidosis - how to protect themselves?  Sarcoidosis - how to protect themselves?

 Sarcoidosis and pregnancy - in the initial stages of the disease are quite compatible

Sarcoidosis and childbirth - how dangerous it is?

Most deliveries in sarcoidosis was uneventful. If a woman during pregnancy received prolonged courses of glucocorticoid hormones, during childbirth and in the first day after giving birth to her, these drugs are also appointed.

The rest of births take place without any special features.

Sarcoidosis and pregnancy are quite compatible. But to pregnancy and birth went well, a woman must carefully prepare: a complete examination and possibly treatment. During pregnancy, it also should not forget to visit the doctor timely prenatal and fulfill all of its purposes.

Galina Romanenko

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Rhesus conflict - possible serious complications

January 15, 2009

 Rhesus conflict
   Probably many of us have heard of such pregnancy complications as Rhesus-conflict, but clearly not everyone imagines that it is, in some cases, it appears, and how to avoid it. To understand these issues, we first consider "under the microscope" of well-known structure of red blood cells, the most blood cells, which provide the body of oxygen. The fact that the surface of these beads is replete with red protein structures, which are called antigens in medicine.

Some of them are responsible for the blood group, the other determining whether a person is Rh-positive or Rh-negative. They are called Rh factor, and information about their presence or absence is often noted in the passport as a Rh (+) or Rh (-). The presence in the body of the Rh factor is determined by simple laboratory methods (so-called agglutination) within just a few minutes.

About 85% of people are Rh positive, with noticed an interesting feature: among the people Blacks no Rh-negative. The name of the Rh factor received from the rhesus monkey, which the antigen was detected for the first time.

In determining the Rh accessories unborn child are also important features of inheritance and Rh factor. Since each hereditary trait contains two genes (one from the mother, the other from the father), the Rh factor can be represented by any two genes Rh (+), or one Rh (+) and one of Rh (-), or two Rh (-) . In the first two cases, the child is Rh-positive, in the latter case it is rhesus negative.

Having clarified these anatomical and genetic characteristics, we can understand why pregnancy appears rhesus conflict. After all, if the body is Rh-negative mothers develop a child received from his father the gene Rh (+), in the blood of the child's red blood cells appear to Rh antigen. This Rh immune system The immune system - how it works?  The immune system - how it works?
   mother - a foreign protein agent with whom he had never met, which means that the body must be cleansed from strangers "invaders." Thus, without even wanting to, my mother begins to produce its own immunity against the child, which causes the Rh conflict. When the antibodies attack red blood cells embryo, on the surface, and which are foreign to the mother's body for protein structures. As a result of this attack, the erythrocytes are destroyed, resulting in hemolytic anemia fetus (hemolysis - the destruction of erythrocytes). In the end, it ends the development of severe diseases of internal organs kid (liver, spleen, brain, etc.) Due to a sharp lack of oxygen at high risk of fetal death and miscarriage Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it?  Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it?

To avoid such complications woman with Rh-negative (if the father of the child Rh-positive) must be examined in the titer of antibodies against the Rh factor, with increasing gestation, the most should be the survey. As a rule, the first pregnancy, Rh-conflict is not observed, but its probability increases dramatically with each subsequent pregnancy, so for the next three days after childbirth, women must enter the specific Rh immunoglobulin. These preventive measures are guaranteed to prevent the development of Rh-conflict during the next pregnancy.

If blood tests Blood tests: a mirror of health  Blood tests: a mirror of health
   talk about the growth of antibody titers Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity  Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity
   against the Rh factor, an urgent need to use therapeutic measures, the main of which is the use of immunosuppressive drugs and, if necessary, intrauterine blood transfusion. In the umbilical vein are administered 30 - 50 ml of the donor RBC. Puncture is under the control of ultrasound. Transplantation of fresh red blood cell mass makes it possible to extend up to 38 weeks of pregnancy, when the child becomes completely viable outside the womb.

The best prevention of Rh-conflict - is the previously mentioned introduction of specific immunoglobulin within the next three days after birth. Similar prevention is also needed in the uncompleted pregnancy (miscarriage, abortion), injury of a pregnant woman, procedural manipulation of embryonic membranes.

  Zhiguli Andrew

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