Sex education of children of eight to twelve years of age: a serious matter

May 31, 2012

 sex education for children of eight twelve years
 Talk to your child about procreation by the example of birds and the bees, when he was five years old - one thing, and quite another - to repeat the feat when the child is ten, and he knows exactly what the stork has no relation to his birth. Rather, in this age, in response to your attempts to start a conversation about sex, you will see a grimace of disgust. But this reaction - a manifestation of embarrassment, it is quite natural for children eight to twelve years, sex is often perceived as something disgusting and shameful.

Psychologists claim that dopubertatnogo age all children go through this stage. It is important to keep sex education in this period, while for parents it can be quite painful.

But not only the children make faces Erysipelas - an unpleasant disease with a bad name  Erysipelas - an unpleasant disease with a bad name
   at the mention of sex. Many parents find discussion of sexual behavior, excessive or simply embarrassed to talk about it with your child, putting a frank conversation "until better times." If that is the case, get a good book on sex education, study it and talk with your child before it is too late.

 Sex education of children of eight to twelve years of age: a serious matter

Correct information

Right now, you need to sit down and talk with your child about sex, because, according to psychologists, "children aged eight to twelve years, most in need of information, and it is the most important time to talk. They are influenced by television and fantasies about sex, who hear from their peers at school, so parents need to step in. Both boys and girls need to know about the development of secondary sexual characteristics, that at puberty Puberty child - stages of a complex path  Puberty child - stages of a complex path
   They may put on weight, so it is impossible to tease someone "fat" or "thin". It should also be cultivated in a child the desire to care for personal hygiene.

Of course, to discuss sexual health with their children is not easy, because they hesitate, the topic seems to them ridiculous and shameful. But do not retreat - violently set baby close and tell everything he needs to know. When finished, ask them to recite a speech, to see what he actually knew.

And when, finally, an important conversation behind us, breathe relieved and proud. Frank confidential dialogue with the child, the basis for which you have laid will still bear fruit for many, many years. If you are in early childhood was a fair and spoke with the child on a serious topic, you can be sure that awkward age Transitional age - the period of emotional turmoil  Transitional age - the period of emotional turmoil
   It will be given it much lighter than its peers. He will look at the sex life in the future with optimism and joy, and not with anxiety and fear, as many teenagers.

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Psychosexual development of the child: forming a sound basis of sexual behavior

May 30, 2012

  • Psychosexual development of the child: forming a sound basis of sexual behavior
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 healthy psychosexual development of the child based on sexual behavior
 Seeing two passionate kissing in the park adolescents, five year old son asks you, "Mom, why do they have sex? ". Or, for example, ten-year-daughter comes home from school upset and tells you that a classmate told her, "You excite me?" Or you heard one of your friends tells her thirteen daughter "Kate engaged in oral sex with all the boys! ". Or you read in the newspaper that the school called the police because one of the third-graders caught when he tried to touch him and engaged in sex classmate force. Of course, these facts are surprising and make it clear how aware children about sex today. Even if you think your child is completely innocent and is being protected from talking about sex, you can not control what the other kids are doing.

Times have changed. Today, much increased the number of children exhibiting sexuality at an early age. In general, the children seem to be more interested in sex. It seems that their curiosity about sex to climb up a few steps. Times when parents put off talking to children about sexual relationships close Sexual relations: how to bring passion  Sexual relations: how to bring passion
   to adolescence, are long gone. Nowadays the parents discuss the biological, psychological and moral value of close relationships with children before they go to high school.


What factors affect the sexualization of children?

We live in a sexualized society. Even before puberty, children are very often hear a lot about sex. Moreover, much of the information received by them is blatantly pornographic or aggressive. Nowadays, few people think about the importance of emotional interest in sexual relations. Parents need to know that if a child is exposed to many factors contributing to the sexualization of his, especially at an early age, it may confuse him and for him to be completely incomprehensible. Hence the bad behavior.

The abundance of information of a sexual nature can turn a child into a bully, exhibiting sexual aggression. Children, intimidating others, suffer from excess exposure to sexual stimuli. It is understood that a certain percentage of these bullies learns to harm of a sexual nature, using intimidating tactics. And then the question arises: "Why do not we bring up as a result of sexual predators? ". In our time, a large number of children being sexually abused peers in schools. Information on how many children in primary schools are showing sexual aggression is alarming.

According to statistics, about 88,000 children have been sexually abused in the United States in 2000. This means that one in four women, one of six men to 18 years will be the victim of sexual exploitation or abuse. Children who have been sexually abused, will exhibit problematic sexual behavior. Do not most, but many of them have in turn become oppressors.

Most parents do not talk about sex with their children, and if they speak, it is not enough. The results of the research show that parents find it difficult to talk to children about sex. Even if parents assume that the conversation was a success, the children are often recognized that they understand not all. Lack of communication with parents of a child only complicates the understanding of child sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality  Nine ways to experience their sexuality
 . Encouragingly, if enough parents interact with the child, the results of this dialogue can be really good. Studies show that children from families using effective methods of communication, rarely take sex and get pregnant before the age of majority and are at less risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases Sexually transmitted diseases - an unpleasant gift of the goddess of love  Sexually transmitted diseases - an unpleasant gift of the goddess of love


Talk with the children on topics related to sex

The duty of parents - to take care of the physical health of the child. If your child has a fever, you will undoubtedly measures the temperature every few hours. Constant checking gives you the opportunity to learn how the child feels and whether he is on the mend. Educating children sexually, parents should follow the same approach. You need to know the child regularly about what he saw and heard that he is thinking about sex. According to experts, parents should be aware of what kind of information about sex and the age at which we can discuss with the children. During a conversation about sex, parents should understand clearly about what values ​​and moral principles, they will say.

It is desirable that the parents told the correct information, not just the technical aspects of sexual behavior. Parents should explain how to overcome the desire to be like everyone else and not to succumb to peer pressure. The children need to discuss the following topics.



Parents or tolerate masturbation or sharply and strongly condemn it .  If you normally feel about masturbation, make sure that the child understands that you let him do it .  Most likely, you'll find me at least once a 4-, 5-, 6-year-old child, and so on, to touch his genitals .  You should talk to your child, tell him: "You touched my penis / vagina .  Do you like it? Mom / Dad have nothing against it .  However - this is a very personal activity, and better do it in your bedroom " .  Important - you must give permission (to convey their values), to strengthen the understanding of what is private, and find a way to convince the child in this .  Do not be surprised if five or six year old child is difficult to understand what a "private matter" .  The process of education of sexual modesty may take some time .  If personal or religious beliefs do not allow you approve of masturbation, try to react calmly when should let the child in the act .  Remember, virtually all children will continue to masturbate, whether you like it or not .  Bans will only provoke offenses and guilt .  A sense of guilt may be too strong .  But if you still need to tell your child "no", do it like this: "When I see how you masturbate, I feel uncomfortable .  I know that it's nice .  I can not make you stop doing it, but I hope you change your mind " .  If you can not understand what is acceptable for you, and you can not make a decision about masturbation, go to the library and find out more information .