Bathing baby - caution

December 14, 2006

 bathing baby
 Bathing can turn into a real pleasure for the child and for the parents, but it requires great care. Most child deaths from drowning occur at home, in most cases - when the parent, guardian or other adult leaves a child in a bathtub. The most important rule to remember those who will take care of a small child: do not leave your baby in the water or near water one - not even for a few seconds. To choke, child enough depth very small - only a few centimeters, and very little time.

 Bathing baby - caution

How to prevent accidents while bathing baby

These tips will help you to prevent accidents in the bath:

  • Always be so close to the child at any time to be able to maintain or raise it if it slips or falls in the bath.
  • Always put on the bottom of the bath a special mat to prevent slipping.
  • While bathing, give your child toys that he was not distracted and did not try to find out, for example, what the hot water tap.
  • Maintain optimal water temperature to prevent burns.
  • Keep all sharp objects such as razors and scissors, out of reach of the child's location.
  • While bathing the baby unplug all electrical appliances that are in the bath.
  • While bathing bathroom floor must be dry, so neither you nor the child slipped.
  • If you store medicines and / or cleaning products in the bathroom, be careful that while bathing the child could not get them.

 Bathing baby - caution

More tips

  • Prepare a towel and wrap it in a child immediately after bathing, so it is not cold.
  • Very young children need to bathe in the bath - buy it before delivery and use only for bathing the baby. Thoroughly wash it soap (but not aggressive cleaning agents) after each swim.
  • Wash your baby's head in the least that she did not have time to freeze.
  • Bathe baby as often as once every three days.
  • While bathing very small child smiles at him and talk with him. Many kids are afraid of swimming in his voice and smile adult helps to create a sense of security.
  • If a child wants during bathing holding your hand, give him that opportunity. The favorable experience gained during the first bathing, help him to overcome the fear of water treatments.
  • If you do not have a thermometer for water, determined by the temperature, touching the water with his elbow. There's a very sensitive skin Sensitive skin: causes and care  Sensitive skin: causes and care
   and if the water is not too hot for the elbow. So it will not be too hot for the child.
  • Use baby shampoo that does not cause tears. Nevertheless, try to wash your baby's head so that the foam does not fall into the eye.

 Bathing baby - caution

Water, water, water everywhere

  • Before you begin bathing the baby, make sure that prepared everything needed - towels, soap, shampoo and a soft sponge or loofah.
  • Fill the tub with warm water (not more than 8 centimeters). Check the temperature of the water in the bath (the temperature may not exceed 36 5 -37 5 degrees).
  • Most babies in the first months whimper or cry during bathing, and then receive from this procedure a real pleasure.
  • Slowly lower your baby into the water, feet first, then the left hand support his neck and head. Give the baby to touch the body of water and free hand lightly sprinkle it with water.
  • Wet the sponge and use delicate baby soap. Do not wash your face with soap baby. Gently wipe it with a wet head with a soft towel. Wet cotton swab How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions  How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions
   Clean the corners of the eyes and nose.
  • There is no need to delay the skin to wash your baby's genitals; the penis should be washed with soap and water just like any other part of the body.
  • Pouring a little mild shampoo in the palm, gently rub it in the hairs kid (if any).
  • Remove the baby from the bath and wrap it in a soft towel. Wiping the child should start with the hair.
  • Soft oil for baby's skin will make things even more soft, although it is not recommended to use these funds for children under a year. Put the baby on the diaper, rompers or overalls - and voila! Bathing completed.

If your kid does not like to swim, not necessarily subject him to this ordeal every day, especially when he had not yet begun to crawl. Regular wiping with a damp towel and bathing every few days - adequate hygiene for such crumbs.

 Bathing baby - caution

Bathing baby: safety - especially

Be sure to follow these rules in the process of bathing the baby.

  • Never leave your baby unattended in the bath, even for a second. If a sudden bell rang (the front door or the phone), wrap the baby in a towel and take it with you. The baby can drown even in 3 inches of water for a few seconds.
  • Water for bathing should be neither too cold nor too hot. Before bathing, always check the temperature with a thermometer.
  • Wet babies are very slippery, so you need to keep them especially hard.
  • Bathing baby immediately after feeding may lead to spit all eaten.
  • Do not let the water in the tub when there is a baby - a sharp drop in temperature can damage it.
  • To learn how to bathe the baby, you need to practice a little (you will have the opportunity). Only practice will teach you exactly how to bathe your child is.

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Child safety - do not turn your back on your child

October 5, 2006

 child safety
 Do your children what to do if a stranger tries to talk them people? Ask your child what he would do if a stranger offers him a kind of sweetness, and whether he will go to a person who asks to help him find a lost puppy.

Not all children know how to behave in such cases. And not just children. Do you know how to protect your child? And how to find it if it was gone?

There are three reasons why a child may be lost. Sometimes children can just get lost, leave more than they intended. Almost all parents have experienced that.

There are children who run away from home deliberately away. And there are those who are being taken away by force or fraud.

In children, even in older children and adolescents, there is no judgment and experience, which is in adults. So take precautions and ensure the safety of your child - it is the duty of parents.

 Child safety - do not turn your back on your child

Safety measures

We can not close our eyes to the danger. Somewhere really be people who want to steal someone else's child. Often because of a sexual nature. It is not often abducted child to love and care for him. This also applies to people who are taking to his runaway children. They offer young people something that they want attention, house, money, clothes, but in return the child to do what he is told.

This fear should not only be "a stranger in the park", but often those people who know both parents and child. In most cases, the children being abused by those whom they already trust, relative, neighbor, or even a teacher or other person having authority. It is necessary to get acquainted with all the friends of their child. Child molester or kidnapper is often a familiar person.

Warn your child about how dangerous can be strangers. But not always the image of a dangerous stranger in the child and the adult are the same. For example, if a child has friends with whom parents do not know, then it is the last strangers, but not for children. Perhaps it is adults or older children who meet regularly baby on the way to school and always greet him, and perhaps he did not consider them outsiders.

It is necessary to talk about it with your child. No need to scare him and make him afraid of every new person he meets, but to postpone this conversation is not worth it. Periodically remind your child of the dangers, and it's just a sensible precaution. Because the abduction of children - it is a reality.

  • Being in a public place with a small child, we should not lose sight of him.
  • Do not leave young children unattended.
  • Baby sitter must choose only from people you know.
  • You can not send a young child alone with the instruction or the store on the street in the evening.
  • Do not leave young children alone in the gaming areas in the stores, while their parents go shopping or in the car, especially if the ignition key is left in the car or with the engine running while the parents go for.

In some families there is a special code word. You must select a word that is known only to family members. Sometimes the kidnappers of children, especially in cases where one parent lives with the child, he said that he was sent by the pope, or that the child should go home because his mother was ill. A child asks a stranger for the codeword of his family, and if a stranger does not know the word, the child refuses to go with him.

Despite the fact that the child should be polite and show respect to adults, it is necessary to explain to him that he has the right to say "No" and do what scares him, he does not like or that is contrary to the instructions of his parents. It is necessary to explain to the child that he is not obliged to obey all adults.

 Child safety - do not turn your back on your child

What if a child is missing

  • First of all, it is impossible to panic.
  • First you need to find out whether he is gone, look for it at home, at school, good friends, our neighbors.
  • Then proceed without delay to report the loss to the local law enforcement agencies, providing them with all the information that you have. If there are special services involved in the search for missing or runaway people, make sure that these services are well informed.
  • Tell us about what had happened to all the relatives and friends of the child. A child can communicate with someone from them, or they may have about him some information.

Sometimes when searching for a missing child without significance of the fact, how many people know about his disappearance, search it and vigilant. Also makes a more successful search alert the public when a child learns about the loss of a lot of people who are willing to help and are constantly on the lookout.

It is also necessary to provide for the child as accurate as possible, and the most recent data, as well as one of the most recent photos of good quality.

Moreover, what is important is how parents react to the child's return. Some may scold or punish him severely. Others did not react to the incident as if nothing had happened. But the reason why the child left. Some kind of a situation at home or elsewhere, that the child was very upset, and which caused him to run away. If stress and a lack of understanding will remain or even increase, the child can leave again. In such cases, it does not hurt to turn to a professional psychologist.

 Child safety - do not turn your back on your child

10 simple tips that will help you secure a small child:

  • Do not leave a baby alone with pets - no matter how harmless or small you think it is an animal.
  • Do not forget to keep an eye on the child, even when passionate about shopping, talking with friends or walk. Special attention is needed on the playground, when a lot of kids playing around. The kidnappers are closely watching the strollers mums and wait for the moment when you lose vigilance.
  • Never shake a baby. Even in jest not toss the child over his head.
  • When bathing the baby in a large tub, be sure to put on the bottom towel or rubber mat, the child slipped and fell.
  • Keep away from the baby any toys, clothing or household items to rubber bands and ropes. Isolate the baby from the telephone cord. Sometimes small children entangled in the cord and can suffocate.
  • When taking the baby along for the ride in the car, put him on a special seat. The child may be injured in the event of an accident, even frivolous, so keep an eye on the road when you're driving. Do not talk on a cell phone, do not eat and does not refresh makeup while driving.
  • Do not leave a child at an open window unattended. In principle, it is better not to leave the baby at a window - in any case.
  • Never leave a baby in a room with a child younger than six years. At this age children still do not understand that you need to play with the baby carefully, and refer to them as living dolls.
  • If you trust the nanny minding the baby, make sure that it is qualified to prevent any dangerous situation. Do not use the services of nurses younger than 18 years. Do not neglect recommendations.
  • When changing the diaper, never turn your back on your child - even for a split second. For a moment the baby can roll over and fall off the table.

The safety and health of the child - the main thing. Even if your child is behaving perfectly, do not get too complacent. Not for a minute do not lose vigilance.

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