Treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease: how to achieve success

December 3, 2013

 treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease
 The most striking clinical manifestation is the development of osteoarthritis pain. To reduce the severity of the pain, you can use a variety of methods in the future should be based on behavior therapy mechanisms of pathological state. Treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease is a complex issue, so it must be carried out in several stages. The doctor's task is not only to achieve reduce the severity of pain and to take measures of rehabilitation therapy for the normalization of the lost functions.


Measures to assist in the early stages

Because of the pain of the body forms a protective reaction, which is expressed in the limitation of movements. There is a limit not only the affected segment of the spine, as well as adjacent to it. Clinically it is manifested curvature of the spine, it is impossible to make the motion in its entirety. Treatment of osteoarthritis of the lumbar directed at the first stage is to eliminate the pain. For this purpose, patients use as first aid ointments or compresses, rubbing.

Treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease can be divided in the event of general and local orientation. Local effects of drugs can effectively eliminate pain. Ointment for osteoarthritis of the lumbar applied to the skin in the area of ​​maximum manifestation of pain several times during the day. During this period, avoid overcooling, sudden movements and loads. At the stage of rendering medical aid resorted to the use of painkillers blockades. Injections of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar should do the experts owning this medical procedure.

Pain is the source of pathological impulses, so measures to address it in the first place. In the future, take measures for health care from the perspective of the basic mechanisms of the disease. At this stage, all activities should be provided in a specialized neurological department. Than to treat low back pain Osteochondrosis - learn how to properly distribute the weight  Osteochondrosis - learn how to properly distribute the weight
   the lumbar doctor determines, taking into account the severity of pathological changes in the spinal column.


The volume of medical assistance in case of osteochondrosis

Degenerative processes that develop in a particular segment of the spine, have a tendency to progression. Drug treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease runs courses that can compensate for the patient's condition and to reduce the gaps between periods of exacerbation. The required components of the treatment regimen are the following groups of products:

  • antispasmodics or vasodilators
  • diuretics
  • hormones prolonged action
  • anti-inflammatory drugs

Preparations in osteochondrosis of the lumbar appointed by injection, especially at the stage of first aid at the time of acute pain. During the first day to assess the dynamics of clinical manifestations, if necessary, change the previously assigned therapies. There are standard approaches to treatment of the disease, but the question of how to treat lumbar osteochondrosis Lumbar degenerative disc disease - the influence of provoking factors  Lumbar degenerative disc disease - the influence of provoking factors
 It is decided individually, taking into account the presence of comorbidities and the results of examination of the patient.

Later in the stage of rehabilitation treatment as maintenance therapy chondroprotectors appointed as a local application or parenteral administration. Drug treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar in the majority of clinical cases is the main method. Only in complicated form of the disease have resorted to surgery.


Events of Rehabilitation

Medicines for osteoarthritis of the lumbar patient must continue throughout the period of rehabilitation after removal of acute events. Complexes of vitamin preparations with mineral additives, drugs to improve the trophic tissue combined with the methods of physical therapy. Physiotherapy in osteochondrosis of the lumbar is a supplement to the basic treatment has an impact directly on the pathological focus. Preparations in lumbar osteochondrosis, which has analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect, can also be administered with the help of physical therapy.

The positive effect is observed by combining the traditional methods of treatment and traditional medicine. It may be recommended to use self-prepared ointment to rub them the lumbar region, or to make compresses. As a raw material for medical compresses suitable oak leaves. Folk remedies for lumbar degenerative disc disease are safe, but despite this, they should be applied on the recommendations of the expert.

Methods of treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar are an effective complement each other, which contributes to the rapid onset of recovery. Of particular importance are measures preventative, which include adherence to physical activity, nutrition. Exercise therapy in lumbar osteochondrosis is conducted in specialized classrooms where lessons are conducted by trained specialists. In the following exercises can be performed at home. Belt with osteochondrosis of the lumbar supports the spine, so it is recommended wearing as a preventive means to strengthen the muscular frame.

How to treat osteochondrosis of the lumbar, determined on the basis of the clinical picture and results of instrumental examination of the patient. Treatment of osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine is carried out comprehensively. The question of how to cure osteochondrosis of the lumbar, the patient does not have to sound patient, like a death sentence.

Marina Solovyov

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Scoliosis of the cervical - possible problems

April 28, 2014

 scoliosis of the cervical
 Scoliosis cervical spine alone is not found, but the cervical always suffers from scoliosis top of the thoracic spine, so the disease is called scoliosis verhnegrudnogo or cervical-thoracic spine.


What causes scoliosis cervical - thoracic spine

Scoliosis cervical-thoracic spine (cervical verhnegrudnoy or scoliosis) - a curvature of the spine to the right or left with the localization of curvature at the top of the 3-6 thoracic vertebrae. The upper part of the arc at the same time extend to the neck. In time, the arc is formed compensatory in the thoracic and lumbar spine. This species scoliosis often, mostly in women and is formed in childhood.

Causes of scoliosis may be different, but the most common idiopathic scoliosis Scoliosis - when the spine is curved  Scoliosis - when the spine is curved
 , The exact cause of which is difficult to determine. Today the cause of idiopathic scoliosis verhnegrudnogo believe growing pains - a consequence of developmental disorders of the spine in children and adolescents. Usually idiopathic scoliosis Idiopathic scoliosis: the main thing - in time to see a specialist  Idiopathic scoliosis: the main thing - in time to see a specialist
   diagnosed in children under ten years.

In addition, the cause of cervical scoliosis may be inborn features of the development of the spinal column, the impact of injuries and diseases of the spine and so on.

With age, the deviation of the spine to the right or left at scoliosis grow and terminated only after puberty Puberty child - stages of a complex path  Puberty child - stages of a complex path
 . Therefore, the degree of deformation of the spine is usually different, as can be seen on radiographs. The magnitude of scoliosis curvature of the spine verhnegrudnoy divided into 4 degrees: 1 degree - curvature of the spine at 5-10˚, 2 degree - 11-30˚, grade 3 - 31-60˚, 4 degree - 60-90˚ and more.

The shape of the curvature verhnegrudnoy scoliosis divided by the C-shaped (single curvature directed to the right or left), S-shaped (two curving or two arcs directed in opposite directions) and the Z-shaped (the upper and lower bending in one direction, and located between them - in the opposite direction).


Scoliosis cervical spine - the main features

Verhnegrudnoy scoliosis often formed in the early school years, when the child begins to spend a long time sitting in an uncomfortable position, for example, if a party at school or a place to study at home does not meet the child's growth. Gradually spinal deformity alters the normal relationship of the body of the patient.

So, at first you may notice that the patient's shoulder girdle at different levels. Because of this, deformation of the neck is formed. This violated the motion in the cervical spine: a child is not the same neck turns right and left. Over time, scoliosis of the cervical spine can lead to deformation of the bones of the skull, facial asymmetry, a permanent pain in the neck and headaches. Often background verhnegrudnogo scoliosis formed osteochondrosis Osteochondrosis - learn how to properly distribute the weight  Osteochondrosis - learn how to properly distribute the weight
   (degenerative degenerative disorders of the spine), cervical and thoracic.

Curvature of the spine causes a number of changes in other organs, including the brain and organs of the chest cavity. If verhnegrudnoy scoliosis combined with kyphosis (curvature of the spine backwards), then there may be dysfunction of the spinal cord in the form of various paresis (temporary movement disorders), stroke (long movement disorders) and disorders of the sensitivity of different parts of the body.

Scoliosis cervical-thoracic spine can be compensated and decompensated. When compensated scoliosis (when the body copes with pathology) plummet dropped from the middle of curvature extends mezhyagodichnoy crease with decompensated (when the body can not maintain the normal function of the spine) - shifts toward curvature.


Scoliosis of the cervical spine: how to make the correct diagnosis

Suspected cervical scoliosis in a child can be, if there is a visible curvature of the spine in this area. In addition, in the home can do the following test: fix the shoulders of the child and ask him to turn his head first right, then left, touching the center of the chin, shoulder; Both normal rotation must be the same and equal to approximately 80-90˚. If scoliosis is suspected, contact your orthopedic surgeon.

Verhnegrudnoy data confirmed scoliosis X-ray examination of the spine. X-ray pictures are taken in a prone position, standing and lying on an inclined plane.


Treatment of scoliosis of the cervical

Treatment is carried out mainly by conservative methods. Appointed by massage and physiotherapy. In decompensated scoliosis when conservative treatment fails, individually appointed surgery.

Galina Romanenko

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