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August 6, 2009

  • Natural childbirth - when the intervention of a doctor is not required
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Natural childbirth: you need to know

For vaginal delivery also need to correct, without violations, during pregnancy, and that only a doctor can check the antenatal clinic.

Interference in the natural course of childbirth can be considered any impact, accelerating the process of labor (unless, of course, is not a consequence of the serious condition of the mother or the child, which is carried out by emergency indications). So, it is inadmissible to encourage childbirth without sufficient evidence, just to speed up the process. The fact that a generic process is regulated by the central nervous system and stimulate this process is disrupted, which can not but affect the health of both mother and child.

Induction of labor is often associated with anesthesia, which also breaks during labor process, as affect the strength and duration of labor contractions, often delaying childbirth and makes use such aids, such as forceps, causing further injury to a child.

When natural childbirth are rare lacerations vagina and cervix, as the body has time to prepare for childbirth. At the same time, unjustified simulation often causes tearing of tissues of the birth canal.

Thus, an unjustified interference with the natural course of childbirth often causes harm both mother and child. Natural childbirth pass with the speed that was planned by nature, they do not need to "speed up."

Labor analgesia should also be naturally - produced using hormones and proper behavior. Behavior during childbirth need to learn specifically for this purpose in antenatal clinics conducted special courses.

In the natural birth the umbilical cord after birth is cut after it stops pulsating (whole blood, which circulates between the child and the placenta should go into the body of the newborn).

After the baby is born, it is placed on the mother's abdomen, then (unless contraindicated) is applied to the chest. This creates the need for physical and emotional contact between mother and child. In addition, the possible initiation of breastfeeding helps prevent a number of diseases of the baby as early immature mother's milk (colostrum) contains a number of substances that contribute to the normalization of the newborn. Once the natural flow of birth mother and child can not be separated, they must reside in the same room.

 What You Should Know | Natural childbirth - when the intervention of a doctor is not required

Preparing for natural childbirth

It is necessary to prepare natural childbirth, a woman should have a clear idea what exactly and in what stage of labor it will happen. Only then will it deliberately to help yourself and your baby during childbirth. The most important thing in this process - not to panic and naturally move from one stage of labor to another until the moment of birth.

On the basis of antenatal held training courses for natural childbirth, which are important for the prevention of birth trauma and other dangerous conditions during childbirth. In these courses, women should actively participate in the learning process to learn how to make their birth the safest for myself and for the baby.

These classes are introduced to the physiology of a woman giving birth, a detailed analysis of the individual stages of labor, focusing on the first stage of labor. They say, why start contractions, pain during labor and the ability to overcome them. Women learn to behave properly during labor, to breathe correctly How to breathe correctly - modern and traditional techniques  How to breathe correctly - modern and traditional techniques
 , To reduce pain by using various techniques, including self-massage. Much attention is paid to the psychological condition of women during childbirth, including distraction techniques during the fight.

In these busy woman familiar with the rules and procedures of the maternity hospital, tell us what do you want those or other manipulation, often Applicability during childbirth.

In the West, to prepare for natural childbirth is often used method of Bradley, who is a kind of philosophy of birth. Trained both spouses, as it is assumed that the husband will be present at the birth. The method consists in a deep awareness of the natural process of birth, combined with skills for self-care during the birth process. Teaching method passes throughout pregnancy, while women learn to relax, to enter into a state of meditation Meditation - treats the body and the spirit  Meditation - treats the body and the spirit
 , Teach proper breathing. Most women after such training know how to properly behave during delivery and do not require additional analgesia.

  Galina Romanenko

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Contractions - when they are not worth paying attention? - How does the normal delivery

April 1, 2010

  • Contractions - when they are not worth paying attention?
  • How does the normal delivery

How does the normal delivery

Natural childbirth as well as the entire pregnancy occur under the influence of the central nervous system and hormones. Pregnancy is supported by the female sex hormone progesterone, which is the end of pregnancy is getting smaller. At the same time the beginning of childbirth increases dramatically the number of other hormones - estrogens, which are responsible for the generic process. If progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology  Progesterone - norm and pathology
   "Extinguishes" hyperexcitability of muscles of the uterus, the estrogen, on the contrary, contribute to its strengthening (in the muscles of the uterus produces a special protein - actomyosin), so before the birth contractions appear. Contractions promote cervical dilatation. When the birth canal open, begins a new stage of labor - the period of exile and replaced struggles come attempts - simultaneous rhythmic contraction of the muscles of the uterus and abdomen. Attempts disappear from the birth of a child, but after some time there again - born the placenta (afterbirth).

The duration of labor in primiparas is 15-20 hours, multiparous - 10-12 hours. For normal births are three periods:

  • I period - the disclosure of the cervix under the influence of labor and the impact of membranes (nulliparous it lasts 13-18 hours, multiparous - 10-11 hours);
  • II period - the expulsion of the fetus by means of attempts (1-2 hours or 30 minutes to hours, respectively);
  • III period - the birth of the placenta extends to all of half an hour.

 How does the normal delivery | Contractions - when they are not worth paying attention?

False labor

When a woman's body prepares for childbirth, accumulating the necessary hormones (estrogens), increased excitability of the muscles of the uterus, and may shrink, causing the woman pain. The difference between false labor from true that they occur randomly, that is, their duration and frequency vary. For example, the false contractions may occur with consecutive spaced intervals 10 - 30 - 15 - 20 minutes - hour and so on. This is not to say that the labors already started, rather it speaks of increased emotional excitability of the pregnant woman. Therefore, if there is no regular contractions, better take a sedative (eg, aqueous extract of valerian root) and relax. But sometimes false contractions become regular and gradually transformed into real.

 How does the normal delivery | Contractions - when they are not worth paying attention?

True contractions

Contractions - a regular involuntary contractions of the uterus, along with vain attempts related to generic expels the fetus forces. On the real battles (that is, the beginning of the I stage of labor) say that when they become regular. Another feature of true labor is that the duration of their gradually increasing, and the time between the individual contractions is reduced. Contractions usually begin after the mucus plug (mucus situated in the cervical canal and block access to the uterus infection) and continues throughout the period of cervical dilatation, i.e. the birth canal.

During labor intrauterine pressure increases, which causes pain in the abdomen and sacrum, the degree of pain is individual. During labor there is a reduction of the muscle fibers of the uterus (contraction), offset relative to each other (retraction) and stretching (distraction). In the body of the uterus with predominantly longitudinally arranged muscle fibers occurs mainly contraction. In the lower uterine segment in the neck and isthmus, where most of the fiber is circular (round) - distraction. However, despite the prevalence of the stretching process in the lower segment of the uterus, reducing it it is also a prerequisite fights. Due to the retraction of the muscle fibers after the fight will not be returned to its original state, so the shrinking body of the uterus stretches and tightens the muscles of the neck to the side and up.

Wave uterine extends downward, it moves to the uterine body and then to the lower segment with decreasing duration and intensity. Uterine thus do not start simultaneously, but the maximum uterine contractions occur during normal labor at the same time in different parts of the uterus.

Due to the retraction of the uterine body is shorter, its walls thicken, increased intrauterine pressure. Each battle takes place shortening and extension of the cervical canal (cervix). It promotes cervical dilatation and fetal bladder: during labor increases the pressure of the amniotic fluid.

After a complete or nearly complete cervical dilatation shell membranes under the influence of increased intrauterine pressure is broken and there is a timely rupture of membranes. After this fight for a while stopped or weakened, then again become strong and go in vain attempts - a sign that this was the birth of period II - during the expulsion of the fetus.

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