Three-regolith - quality contraceptive product

May 31, 2009

   Hormonal contraceptives have become part of our lives. Modern woman is no longer imagine life without them, because it is convenient: once a day to take a pill and no more problems. However, the problem is still there - it is the regularity of contraceptive: one missed tablet may break all previous efforts to prevent pregnancy.

 Three-regolith - quality contraceptive product

Hormonal treatments for the prevention of pregnancy and their types

Such preparations contain artificial hormones are the same or similar in its effects on the body natural female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. The first products of this series were produced in the 60s of the last century, they cause a lot of side effects, which could not but affect the reputation of the manufacturer. But continuous improvement of hormonal contraceptives has meant that now they are quite safe and effective means of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Hormonal contraceptives may comprise one type hormones (monocomponent preparations) or two (combined). One-component preparations contain the same dose of hormones in all the tablets, so they are also called monophasic. Combined hormonal contraceptives may contain the same or a different number of hormones depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle. A large number of female hormones retards follicle maturation and ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?  Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?
 It causes an increased viscosity of mucus in the cervical canal.

Acceptance of any hormonal contraceptive requires punctuality: receiving one component of hormonal contraceptives is allowed to hold only 3 hours, combined - 12.

 Three-regolith - quality contraceptive product

Three-regolith - hormonal contraceptive

Three-regolith - a three-phase contraceptive drug for oral use, containing a combination of estrogen and progestogen (progesterone analogue). Its mechanism of action is to suppress the release of hormones that promote oocyte maturation and ovulation (follicle stimulating and luteinizing hormones) that leads to the inhibition of ovulation, and also modifies the viscosity of cervical secretion inhibiting promotion of sperm into the uterus.

In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies, three-regolith can be used for functional uterine bleeding, menstrual irregularities, painful menstrual cycle, premenstrual syndrome.

Packaging the drug, designed to receive within one menstrual cycle consists of 21 tablets of three different colors. Depending on the color of tablets containing different doses of synthetic estrogen analogues Estrogen - the key to bone health  Estrogen - the key to bone health
   and progesterone. In some packages have yet brown tablets that contain iron.

Before you start applying the three-Regola necessarily carried out a full examination of women in order to identify possible contraindications to the use of contraceptives gormonalnyyh.

 Three-regolith - quality contraceptive product

Contraindications three Regola

Three-regolith, like most hormonal preparations, has a number of contraindications:

  • Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!  Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!
  • malignant tumor;
  • severe gastrointestinal disease and liver, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, chronic colitis (inflammation of the large intestine);
  • severe cardiovascular disease, especially accompanied by changes in the blood vessels of the brain;
  • Thrombosis (clotting-clots in blood vessels) and thromboembolism (blood clots separation and transfer them to other vessels with their occlusion);
  • obesity;
  • severe hypertension;
  • diabetes mellitus and other endocrine diseases;
  • certain types of anemia (anemia);
  • vaginal bleeding of unknown origin;
  • migraine;
  • hearing loss.

 Three-regolith - quality contraceptive product

Side effects when taking three Regola

Side effects occur infrequently - drug quality. However, there may be nausea, vomiting, headache, tension of the mammary glands, increasing body weight, change in sexual desire depressed mood, bleeding caused intermenstrual period. Very rarely it can be discomfort while wearing contact lenses and dark spots on the skin, hair loss, fatigue. All these effects are usually temporary and disappear on their own after 2-3 months of constant use.

Three-regolith may also cause various endocrine disorders, such as an increase in blood sugar levels Blood sugar - a very important indicator  Blood sugar - a very important indicator
 . When receiving brown tablets because they contain iron may experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation. The chair can buy black.

 Three-regolith - quality contraceptive product

Three-regolith should stop taking unless:

  • there was growing very strong headache, a sudden sharp deterioration of vision, disturbance of sensation or movement in any part of the body;
  • dramatically increased blood pressure;
  • It appeared icteric staining of the skin, pain in the right upper quadrant, severe itching all over the body;
  • there were bouts of seizures;
  • planned an operation (6 weeks before surgery);
  • It has long in the same position (for example, after injury).

Three-regolith - hormonal contraceptive, made famous pharmaceutical company Gedeon Richter (Hungary), which cares about its reputation and does not produce low-quality products.

  Galina Romanenko

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Evra patch - a convenient and reliable method of contraception

April 17, 2011

  • Evra patch - a convenient and reliable method of contraception
  • Contraceptive hormonal patches

 Evra patch
 Evra patch - this is still new to many means of contraception. This is an effective alternative to hormonal contraceptive pill, one advantage of which is that it does not need to remember every day at the same time.

The drug is intended for the menstrual cycle of 28 days. For three weeks in the same day of the week you need to paste a new one. On the fourth week of the patch should not be given - this time to begin menstruation. After seven days should be sticking the patch again, even if your period has not yet ended. It is important to stick the new patches in the same day of the week.

The first time the patch begin to use the first day of menstruation, including, if you start to use it after the hormonal contraceptive pills Hormonal birth control pills - a modern method of preventing preg  Hormonal birth control pills - a modern method of preventing preg
 . If you do not have time to stick the patch during the first 24 hours after the onset of menstruation, the next seven days is necessary to use additional non-hormonal method of contraception, such as condoms, spermicide, or diaphragm.

The patch can be glued on the buttocks, abdomen, upper torso (excluding breast) or the outer part of the forearm. To avoid irritation, do not attach it twice on the same area of ​​skin.


How does he work

The product is constantly allocates a certain amount of synthetic estrogen and progestin (norelgestromin and ethinyl estradiol) that comes through the skin into the blood for seven days to protect a woman from unwanted pregnancies.



Easy to use, convenient and safe.

  • Unlike hormone tablets, it is enough to remember only once a week.
  • For most women, fertility is restored almost immediately after discontinuation of the drug.
  • Contained in the patch hormones normalize the menstrual cycle; Pain before menstruation weaken or even disappear, and the bleeding becomes much less abundant and long.
  • Evra patch is almost imperceptible, securely fastened to the skin and does not interfere to take a shower, swim, exercise and so on.

He has other advantages that have no direct relation to the contraceptive action and ease of use. In particular, it reduces the likelihood of developing conditions such as:

  • Cyst and ovarian cancer
  • Severe cramping during menstruation
  • Excess hair growth on the body
  • Depression (premenstrual syndrome)
  • Cancer of the endometrium (the inner lining of the uterus)
  • Acne
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • The infection of the fallopian tubes
  • Benign breast
  • Headaches (premenstrual syndrome)
  • Anemia (iron deficiency), which is the result of heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Osteoporosis



Evra patch rarely causes side effects, but the probability of their development still exists. They usually disappear within 2-3 months after the start of use. Among the most common side effects:

  • Mood swings
  • Headache
  • Vaginal bleeding in between menstrual periods
  • Nausea and sometimes vomiting
  • Breast tenderness

In addition, some women patch Evra causes decreased libido and allergic reactions Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat  Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat
   on the skin. In women with depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
   a history of the use of the patch may cause a relapse or worsening of symptoms.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that using the body adhesive Evra misses about 60% more estrogen Estrogen - the key to bone health  Estrogen - the key to bone health
 Than using hormonal birth control pills. This greatly increases the risk of blood clots.