Chemical peels: change the skin?

March 9, 2008

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 chemical peels
 During a chemical peel is applied to the skin a special chemical solution and leave it to soak. Over the next 1-14 days, depending on how deep into the skin penetrated chemical skin peeling. This procedure destroys the old skin cells on the spot which then grow new skin. Chemicals used are sometimes called exfoliating.

Types of chemical peels vary depending on how deeply into the chemical solution, and also on the type of solution used in this case. Factors affecting the depth of peel, a few: the acid concentration in the chemical solution, the number of layers of the skin exposed to and the amount of time allotted to neutralize acid. Deeper peels result in more severe consequences, as well as increased risk of increasing pain and increase healing time. There are three main types of exfoliation:

  • Superficial peeling - a mild form of chemical peel that is suitable for all skin types. For superficial peeling liquid is used typically comprising soft (dilute acid), usually glycolic acid. It is also sometimes used dry ice (solid carbon dioxide)
  • With moderate peeling chemical penetrates the skin deeper than at the surface, and causing second degree burns. Trichloroacetic acid - basic chemical used for mild peeling though the peeling can be carried out in several stages with the use of other chemicals.
  • With deep chemical peels penetrate several layers deep into the skin, and also calls on the face of second-degree burn. This type of peel is used only on the face. Typically, deep peeling using phenol. Deep peeling is contraindicated in people with a dark skin type, because procedure, usually it bleaches (hypopigmentation). In most cases, deep peels can be done only once.

 Chemical peels: change the skin?

Before the procedure a chemical peel

Your doctor will help you decide what depth of peel and a chemical solution is best suited for your skin type, what area you want to work, what kind of results you want to achieve, how much you are willing to take risks, and other equally important issues. It may be conducted a little test on a small area of ​​skin to see what will be the result of the procedure. This is especially significant for people with a dark skin type How to determine your skin type  How to determine your skin type

For two or three weeks, you should start preparing your skin for the procedure. It should be twice a day to clean the skin using a moisturizer, or daily use of sunscreen Sunscreen is not just for the beach  Sunscreen is not just for the beach
 . In some cases, it is recommended to use tretinoin, the drug used to treat acne Acne treatment: how to get rid of blackheads  Acne treatment: how to get rid of blackheads
 As an aid to rapid healing. Such care will spend peels more evenly contribute to faster healing and reduce the risk of infection and other complications, especially uneven skin discoloration.

For moderate to deep facial peels you can offer to pass a short course of treatment medications (eg, acyclovir) to prevent the occurrence of infection. This is especially likely if ever you had herpes Herpes - a virus creeping  Herpes - a virus creeping
 And peeling will be placed in the mouth and around the eyes.

 Chemical peels: change the skin?

How is a superficial peeling

Immediately before peeling the skin is cleaned. The chemical solution (liquid or paste) is applied on the skin with a small brush, gauze or cotton applicator. The solution is left on the skin for a few minutes, depending on its type. To neutralize the alcohol and completion of a chemical reaction using water or alcohol. The solution was wiped off. You may feel a slight burning sensation during the procedure. Portable fan can cool the skin and reduce discomfort.

 Chemical peels: change the skin?

How is a mild exfoliating

Technique of mild exfoliation is similar to the surface, but the chemical is left on the skin for a longer period of time. Mild peels are more painful than superficial, because chemical and more absorbed into the skin deeper. You may be offered painkillers and sedatives to reduce pain and anxiety during the procedure. Cool compresses and fans can be used to mitigate the tingling and burning sensation caused by the action of the chemical. The procedure takes about forty minutes. When the procedure is over, the pain is almost stopped.

 Chemical peels: change the skin?

How is deep peeling

Deep peels - the longest and most painful of all types of peels. The procedure for a deep peel using phenol is also more complicated than other types of chemical peels.

  • You may be given pain killers and sedatives. Typically, the drug is administered intravenously. It can also be used general anesthesia.
  • Can be connected to a heart monitor, as well as procedures for receiving fluid intravenously as phenol at high doses is toxic to the organism. These measures may not be necessary in that case is subject to a small patch of peeling skin.
  • Once your skin is thoroughly cleaned, painted with a chemical solution and let it soak. After processing one area of ​​the face is a fifteen-minute break before applying the solution to the next area of ​​skin. This is done in order to prevent entry into the body too large doses of phenol.
  • After the peel to treat problem areas they may be applied ointment and bandages. Bandages are usually removed after 2 days. Ointment washed off after 24 hours, and, if necessary, re-applied.
  • Depending on how big the region is subjected to peeling process can take from 60 to 90 minutes.

Hair removal for men: the beauty of the body

October 13, 2011

 Hair Removal for Men
 Men are people too, and they sometimes require waxing, especially now that it is becoming fashionable. Epilation men carried out in exactly the same way as women, in the same ways. Here are just a number of treatments for men in most cases it requires more.


Why do men need waxing

Previously it was thought that the hair on the body is decorated with almost a man, anyway, give him courage. Today, these views gradually began to move away, and many men spend themselves epilation not because of some special situations in life, but just for beauty, in order to highlight the relief of muscles and give the body a well-groomed appearance.

But there are situations where a man is forced to do hair removal. On the face, for example, because he wants to grow a beard, and she had growing almost to the eyes. Facial hair removal is sometimes carried out just to save time (no need to shave every day), and sometimes for medical reasons - daily shaving irritates the skin and is attached to the wound infection (sycosis).

Hair removal at the hands of the workers do food and nutrition units - too dense vegetation can create insanitary conditions. But athletes and dancers remove hair from all areas not covered by clothing the body then that body looks so much more attractive.

Finally, some men remove hair and private parts - is not just a fad, but a sign that the man watching him. Are removed at the same time the hair in the bikini area (pubis), buttocks and sometimes the scrotum.


What types of hair removal are more suited to men

In general, the type of hair removal is not chosen according to gender and the type of hair and skin, as well as on the location of the hair to be removed. For example, on the face is not carried out enzymatic hair removal and bikini area - ultrasound. But the best man will choose the type of hair removal that is right for him, dematolog cosmetologist beauty salon. This will be an individual choice for the type, color of hair and skin characteristics.

Men often hold these types of hair removal, waxing so bioepilyatsiyu Bioepilation waxing when the hair extra  Bioepilation waxing when the hair extra
 , Photoepilation, lazeroepilyatsiyu.


Facial hair removal for men

Facial hair removal for men can be carried out in order to reduce their growth in a certain place, or the complete removal of hair Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?  Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?
   not the person (for example, if the shaving irritates), in accordance with the chosen method, and hair removal.

For example, if you need to carry out spot facial hair removal in order to correct the shape of the beard, mustache or a line of hair growth on the head, it is best suited laser hair removal, which will affect the dotted individual hairs, destroying their bulbs. But due to the fact that not all hairs are in a state of growth (and only in this state can destroy the bulb), the procedure must be repeated more than once.

To completely remove the facial hair is more appropriate, or enzyme epilation hair removal in combination with hair removal using wax (waxing). What exactly choose to recommend a doctor, these sessions will also need to spend more. Suitable enzymatic hair removal in conjunction with the waxing and the removal of unwanted hair when fused eyebrows.


Body hair removal for men

Men often remove hair from the chest, back and shoulders, at least - to the ground. Epilation body men also can be carried out in various ways. But it is believed that the most suitable men bioepilyatsiya wax (waxing).

To keying less painful, before applying an epilation wax is carried enzyme Hair removal: perfect skin without hair  Hair removal: perfect skin without hair
   and only then - the impact of hot wax, which is first applied to the body, and when it hardens, it is removed from the skin of a sharp movement with a special cloth against the hair growth. Unlike ordinary waxing procedure is not very painful, but it needs to be repeated several times.

Can be carried out on the body as laser hair removal and photo-epilation, the effect is also good.


Hair Removal intimate places in men

Hair Removal intimate places in men is most often carried out with the help of wax. The procedure is quite painful. The hair at the same time should not be longer than five millimeters, so the impact area to shave a few days before the procedure. Before the procedure is applied to the skin moisturizing, softening and anesthetic. Thereafter, in the skin in the pubic area and buttocks (successively) applied to the liquid wax which, after cooling becomes viscous and removed using a paper towel or a tissue with a sharp movement hair against the hair growth. Also comes with the scrotum, but here you need to take special care in the temperature of the wax, because the scrotum is very tender skin.

Sometimes the wire and laser hair removal intimate places, and even in the scrotum, but it is dangerous because of the possibility of injury to the delicate skin of the area.

Galina Romanenko

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