The most disgusting ingredients in cosmetics

March 24, 2011

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 Have you ever, from what made your shaving cream or a favorite perfume? Probably not - cosmetics stored in your bathroom, falls into the same category as the sauce: as long as it is harmless, people do not think about the composition of the cosmetic products they use. However, comparison with the sauce is not too appropriate: ingredients used for making cosmetics where disgusting.

 The most disgusting ingredients in cosmetics

Lanolin, beeswax or animal

It occurs in a part: shaving cream, lotions, skin creams, shampoos, makeup remover, lipstick.

Judging by the sound, "lanolin" - it is something soft, soothing, comfortable. In fact, the lanolin is not the most pleasant substance to which normal people do not dare to even touch. The reason is very simple: to recall the state of their own hair after a few days without a shower, and the fat that accumulates on dirty hair. This sticky, unpleasant substance - sebum secretion of the sebaceous glands. In fact, the lanolin is the same substance - the only piece of dirty, greasy wool and sheep used in the manufacture of a variety of products, from shoe polish to anti-corrosion coatings. And this same substance is a cosmetic composition.

With lanolin face everything people using shaving cream or shampoo. Women with lanolin familiar more closely - because it is lanolin, used in the manufacture of lipstick to make it greasy and sticky. The lanolin in the composition of its color cosmetics include many cosmetic brands - including such well-known as Revlon and Estee Lauder, which, however, do not mention in the advertising of the new "revolutionary" lipstick that part of it enters the fat from sheep's wool . Lanolin, however, is completely harmless to human health, but it is worth to say how disgusting this cosmetic ingredient a closer look?

 The most disgusting ingredients in cosmetics

Squalene or shark liver oil

It occurs as a part of: moisturizing cosmetics, sunscreen cosmetics, eyeshadow, lipstick and oil bath.

Unlike lanolin, even the name "squalene" sounds bad enough, but in fact this substance is even more disgusting - squalene is an oil, squeezed from shark liver. Some people take pills squalene intentionally, because it is believed that this ingredient has a number of medicinal properties - which in itself, however, is quite controversial. Others face squalene only in the cosmetics.

Squalene has a number of obvious advantages for manufacturers of cosmetics: this substance is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving muddy footprints, combines well with other fats and improves the appearance of the skin. That is why the squalene is considered "ideal" ingredient in almost any makeup, from lip balm to sunscreen Sunscreen is not just for the beach  Sunscreen is not just for the beach
 . Most often, squalene is used in the manufacture of moisturizers for the face.

Many cosmetic brands refuse to use squalene in the manufacture of cosmetics, because in some countries, hunting for sharks is considered taboo and instead use natural alternatives - such as olive oil or wheat germ oil. Cosmetic giant Unilever from the use of squalene in the manufacture of cosmetics declined to just a couple of years ago.

 The most disgusting ingredients in cosmetics

Ambergris, or whale vomit

It is found in the composition of perfumes

Ambergris - a valuable ingredient in the perfume industry, used in the production of women's and men's fragrances. In fact amber is a special waxy fatty substance that protects the stomach of whales from all sorts of damage with food. Released in the stomach of a whale ambergris gradually accumulates as a result of going outside with vomit.

It would seem that whale vomit - the substance is not the most valuable, but the cost of ambergris over high and reaches 20 dollars per gram. Experts compare the quality wine with amber - like wine, amber over time becomes only more expensive.

The history of the use of ambergris person over time: in the history of mankind amber used to flavor dishes, as an aphrodisiac Aphrodisiacs - cause desire where necessary  Aphrodisiacs - cause desire where necessary
   and incense. Today, Amber became one of the most common ingredients in the manufacture of perfumes.

With its own peculiar smell, amber prized by perfumers around the world is not so: the most valuable of its property - the ability to enhance other flavors, to renew them. Interestingly, the American perfume companies in recent times less likely to use this ingredient, but the French perfumers in this respect is much more liberal: for example, the legendary perfume Chanel №5 is still possible to find ambergris.

 The most disgusting ingredients in cosmetics

Diatomite, or dead algae

It occurs in a part: for the treatment of acne Acne Treatment - squeeze is not recommended  Acne Treatment - squeeze is not recommended
 , Cleaning makeup for the face, exfoliating cosmetics

Diatomite - fossilized deposits, consisting of the shells of diatoms. With these algae know all the fans of aquarium fish - because of their bottom and sides of the aquarium regularly have to be cleaned from unpleasant, foul-smelling slime.

Diatoms are micro-organisms for millions of years exist in sea water and eventually pressurized water layers form a special layered rock, or diatomaceous earth. Petrified dead algae is very valued by experts in the first place due to its abrasive properties: diatomaceous earth crumbles easily, and its fragments have sufficient sharpness.

With diatomite I encountered anyone who at least once in life enjoyed exfoliating scrub for face and body. Although for some living organisms considered to be dangerous diatomite, fossilized grains of dead algae are too small to cause harm to human skin - but at the same time effective enough to remove dead skin cells, accumulating over time.

Of course, the cosmetic brands prefer not to advertise the use of diatomite - if only because that the idea spread in the skin remains of dead, slimy algae most people certainly seem repulsive. Instead, manufacturers of cosmetic scrubs credited with effective exfoliating properties of the other ingredients in the composition of cosmetics - in fact the majority of scrubs his performance obligation is incorporated in a diatomite.

 The most disgusting ingredients in cosmetics

Guanine, or fish scales

It occurs as a part of: shampoos, nail polish and other cosmetics

The label cosmetics guanine indicated in the composition of cosmetics as CI 75170, or describes a beautiful phrase "extract natural pearls." At first glance it seems that this ingredient is not so bad - in fact it acts as a source of natural pearls. In fact, guanine does not have anything to do with pearls: this ingredient is extracted from the scales of dead fish, aged in alcohol.

With guanine anyway faced by most women: Although this substance has nothing to do with pearls, guanine is actively used in the manufacture of cosmetics different brands, as this ingredient adds cosmetics delicate silvery sheen. Guanine - a favorite ingredient manufacturers of nail polish: CI 75170 can be found in the composition of cosmetics such well-known brands such as Bourjois and Maybelline.

 The most disgusting ingredients in cosmetics


It occurs in a part: face creams, moisturizing cosmetics

The same waxy substance that clogs the arteries, causing heart disease Heart disease: prevention and prevention  Heart disease: prevention and prevention
 At the same time, and is considered one of the most popular ingredients in the cosmetics industry. Cholesterol can be found anywhere: it is found in cheese, milk, pork, beef and other products, the excessive use of which, as we know, ultimately leading to increased levels of cholesterol and the emergence of various diseases of the cardiovascular system.

While doctors and dietitians in one voice told that cholesterol is extremely harmful for the human body, manufacturers of cosmetics do not agree - because in one case this substance is really useful. Thanks to its moisturizing and softening properties of cholesterol helps the skin retain moisture, so that, ultimately, reduces wrinkles.

Numerous cosmetic brands - including such well-known like L'Oreal, Dove and Elizabeth Arden - do not even consider it necessary to conceal the fact that a part of their anti-aging cosmetics include cholesterol. Eventually, judging by the huge demand for a variety of creams and anti-wrinkle lotions, women, trying to save the elusive youth, ready to rub into the skin almost anything.

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