Natural makeup - how to look beautiful and healthy

March 9, 2008

 natural makeup
 Natural make-up or make-up in the style of "Nude", suggests a minimum of cosmetics or a make-up, which on the face of virtually invisible - appearance is absolutely natural. Makeup in the style of "Nude" - is not only one of the trend lines of the past few seasons on the international podium, but also classic, versatile makeup that always looks beautiful.

The best way to achieve a natural trend - renounce all cosmetics. Of course, such a radical method requires that the skin is flawless. Unfortunately, many women can not boast of a perfect color and texture of the skin, and even regular and careful skin care, normal sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 , Proper nutrition Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food  Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food
   and physical activity can help, in the end, closer to the ideal, it is much easier to learn how to make natural makeup using makeup.

 Natural makeup - how to look beautiful and healthy

Preparations for the establishment of natural makeup

The first stage of preparation for the creation of a stylish natural look - selection of the necessary shades of color cosmetics that will help create a natural look.

  • Thoroughly clean the skin cleansing lotion - make sure that the skin is left greasy residue or traces of makeup. Clean skin - the key to a flawless make-up and stable in the style of "Nude".
  • Some make-up artists are advised to create a natural makeup to abandon a tonal framework for make-up. However, not always this advice is relevant - tonal foundation helps even out skin tone and to prepare a "framework" for stable natural makeup. Selection tonal framework is critical - it is necessary to shade it exactly corresponds to the natural skin tone or the same as at least one tone was lighter.

To the basis of skin tones look natural and almost imperceptibly, experiment with textures - for different skin types need different in terms of the consistency of the makeup base. A foundation for creating a natural make-up may be oil- or water-based, powdery, gel or liquid - choose the one that is right for your skin type.

  • Do you use a tonal framework for make-up, or you prefer the natural cleansing of the skin - in any case required concealer. Concealer helps to hide the slightest imperfections, whether red or dark circles under the eyes. Apply concealer on the problem areas of the skin is necessary before a mirror in a well lit room to skin defects were the most prominent, and carefully shade.

The combination of tonal framework for make-up and concealer helps to create the necessary "base" for a natural make-up - to achieve smoothness and an even skin tone.

 Natural makeup - how to look beautiful and healthy

Natural makeup for cheeks

To skin looked fresh and naturally enough quite a bit of color. Choose a blush that complement, emphasize the natural color, but do not draw excessive attention. Owners of very light skin, you can stay at the lightest shades of powder, bronzer, which only need to be applied to the skin of the cheeks, but not all over the face. In particular, should avoid the nose and forehead - or instead of light, natural blush an artificial, unnatural tan. It is best to emphasize blush area under the cheekbones, long, light brush strokes from the bottom up toward the temples. Depending on the skin tone shade of blush can be a light pink (for light skin with reddish undertones), peach (for light skin with yellow undertones), apricot or brown (for dark skin).

 Natural makeup - how to look beautiful and healthy

Natural eye makeup

When you create a make-up in the style of "Nude" with eye make-up Eye Makeup - expressiveness and modesty  Eye Makeup - expressiveness and modesty
   you can experiment - make-up as natural and almost unnoticeable, or emphasize the eyes, make yourself look a little more expressive and seductive.

Completely natural way requires abandoning the dark shades of eye shadow and eyeliner. Best Assistant in the creation of a natural eye makeup - mascara and eyelash curler device: long, curving up eyelashes, mascara underlined, provide depth look. In the mobile area a century, you can apply a little blush, which you use to emphasize the natural contour of the face.

Slightly more interesting version of make-up in the style of "Nude" - a bright eye makeup combined with naturalness, conciseness make up lips and cheeks. Of course, the traditional style of this natural makeup makeup can not be attributed, but the contrast between the bright, intense eye make-up and a minimum of cosmetics for lips and cheeks, making it much more interesting and brighter than the classic "Nude." To create such a makeup, you can use any shades of eye shadow, until the gray and black to create the effect of smoky eyes. Emphasize your eyes will help the black eyeliner and mascara.

 Natural makeup - how to look beautiful and healthy

Natural make-up lips

The basic rule of natural make-up - lips should look as if they do not have lipstick or gloss. Before applying makeup, take care of the skin of the lips smooth and moisturized: dry, chapped lips instantly destroy the impression even in a careful applying makeup. In addition, exfoliation lip before creating makeup will make their natural color a little brighter. From the lip liner and lipstick bright shades must be abandoned: to make look natural and stylish, it is only a small amount of lip balm with tinted effect, which will make the natural color of the lips slightly brighter, or lip gloss.

Another variation on the classic make-up in the style of "Nude" - Lipstick bright natural luster and a layer of lip gloss Lip Gloss, which increases the volume - an innocent deception  Lip Gloss, which increases the volume - an innocent deception
 Best - golden or bronze. If you choose create a makeup eyeshadow with glitter, then this option should be abandoned.

Ideal for creating a natural make-up lips - Matte Lipstick light natural tone: pink, coral, light brown. To put it better special cosmetic brush, which will make the application more accurate and facilitate the process of emphasizing the natural contour of the lips, successfully replacing the lip pencil.

 Natural makeup - how to look beautiful and healthy

For some cases, suitable make-up in the style of "Nude"

Ideal for hot summer weather, when "heavy" cosmetics on her face looks completely unnatural makeup in the style of "Nude" in fact can be considered one of the most versatile styles of makeup. Natural makeup is suitable for a wide variety of cases - for the beach party, celebrations, work. In winter, the natural makeup is not less important than in the summer.

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