Tone Cream: a pledge perfect makeup

August 29, 2011

 As it is impossible to build a house without a solid foundation, and the perfect make-up can not be created without the appropriate foundations - which serves as a foundation. Tone cream - the most useful assistant in the difficult task of creating make-up as a daily and evening: it helps to disguise any imperfections of the skin, to make it perfectly smooth, even, flawless. Like almost any other cosmetics, foundation requires special attention when buying: in the choice of foundation are not only matching color cosmetics natural skin tone, but the skin and other features, such as its type.

 Tone Cream: a pledge perfect makeup

How to choose a concealer

Tone Cream - means indispensable to create a make-up, it is not surprising that modern cosmetic brands produce dozens of different types of foundation, including different consistency. The first thing to consider when choosing a foundation - a type of skin How to determine your skin type  How to determine your skin type
 : Depending on dry skin Dry skin: care and treatment  Dry skin: care and treatment
 , Normal or oily, you need a different tonal resources.

One of the most common types of foundation - is a liquid makeup base, suitable to almost all skin types; the consistency of such cosmetics resembles a very thick liquid. There are two types of liquid foundation makeup - Formula oil and water-based; tone makeup base based oils are best suited for dry skin, partially compensating for the lack of moisture, but the means of water-based is better to choose the owners of oily skin Oily skin: Natural and artificial care  Oily skin: Natural and artificial care

Another type of makeup base - this means with a creamy consistency: optimal foundation for dry skin as it moisturizes at the same time and problem skin and effectively masks its shortcomings. But the tone is better to use a pencil to owners of oily skin - it not only disguises imperfections, but it dries, guaranteeing the absence of the characteristic fat shine throughout the day.

Seasonal option - waterproof foundation, suitable for almost all skin types. This concealer is ideal for the summer season - it does not lubricated due to sweat, thus destroying the carefully superimposed makeup, and also protects the skin from ultraviolet through SPF.

Having defined the type of tonal framework for make-up, it is very important to choose the right shade of foundation - and too dark and too light foundation will stand out spots on the skin, making the makeup unnatural. Choosing a foundation, you can apply a little makeup on the skin near the jaw - that will help determine whether the shade of cream natural skin tone.

 Tone Cream: a pledge perfect makeup

How to apply foundation

Although the foundation - an absolute guarantee of a beautiful makeup, it is important not only to choose the right shade of makeup, but also apply it correctly. To apply foundation on your face, you can use a cosmetic sponge or fingertips to apply the cream - although some makeup artists do not recommend sponge, absorbing too much cream. It is important to carefully shade makeup foundation to lay on the skin with a thin, even layer, and make the most natural look. And if cosmetics different liquid consistency, a bottle of tonal foundation before applying it is necessary to shake a few times, so that the liquid remains homogeneous. Furthermore, before applying the foundation - especially if the skin is suffering from dryness - to clean skin Clean skin: the beauty of the need to fight  Clean skin: the beauty of the need to fight
   face, apply a little moisturizer or rub the skin moisturizing lotion.

Begin preparations for the creation of a make-up should be from the top of the face - to begin with gentle movements fingertips, apply a little foundation on the skin in the area under the eyes, and then - on the skin of the forehead, smoothing her movements from the center to the edges. When applying foundation on the cheeks, you must shade makeup neat movement towards the hairline, and when applied to the chin - short movements up and down. Lots of attention when applying foundation must be given to the central part of the face, leaving a minimum of makeup to skin areas near the hairline and jaw.

Tatiana Smirnova

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Removing make-up: the skin also has the right to rest

June 5th, 2011

 make-up removal
 Removing makeup is an essential part of your daily skin care. It is no exaggeration to say that without any other makeup remover care does not make much sense. If you want to wake up with a fresh, smooth, radiant skin, you need to remove makeup every night.

 Removing make-up: the skin also has the right to rest


Some women in addition to the usual makeup remover used tonics because they believe that they contribute to a deeper cleansing. At the same time, most experts agree that toners are not required to cleanse the skin. Most of the funds for removing makeup perfectly cope with their work. Tonics is removed from the skin not only dirt residues, and the natural oils that may cause skin dryness. From tonics can safely give up everything except those with very oily skin Oily skin: Natural and artificial care  Oily skin: Natural and artificial care
 As well as those who are very fond of this product and considers it extremely useful for your skin.

 Removing make-up: the skin also has the right to rest

Can I remove the makeup baby wipes

No, experts say unanimously. Some women use makeup remover baby wipes, because they believe that the product is designed specifically for the delicate baby skin, will have a very gentle effect on the skin. It is, but baby wipes are not intended for removing make-up and will be able to remove it effectively, since they do not have the necessary ingredients for this.

 Removing make-up: the skin also has the right to rest

How to remove make-up with dry skin without making it even more dry

Choose makeup remover according to the type of your skin. If you have very dry skin, makeup can be removed using oils. Apply cleansing oil on a cotton pad and wipe the face of it, performing light circular movements. Then apply on the skin foam or lotion for dry skin, massage your face, and wash the resulting foam with a soft sponge soaked in warm water.

 Removing make-up: the skin also has the right to rest

How to wash off waterproof mascara

Many women successfully remove waterproof mascara using Vaseline Vaseline: old friend  Vaseline: old friend
   - You just need to put Vaseline on eyelashes, and then use a piece of cotton wool carefully remove it from the lashes with mascara. However, the professionals say it is better to remove waterproof mascara using specially designed tools. By the way, by means of eye makeup remover Eye Makeup - expressiveness and modesty  Eye Makeup - expressiveness and modesty
   You can also delete resistant lipstick lips.

 Removing make-up: the skin also has the right to rest

Do I need to clean your face again in the morning

On this occasion, experts are divided. Some say that it is needed. Others believe that the skin of the face is not contaminated by the fact that you are sleeping on a pillow with a clean pillow case, and because too frequent cleansing of the skin can dry up in the morning to clean it is not necessary. If you have normal or dry skin Dry skin: care and treatment  Dry skin: care and treatment
 In the morning you can just rinse your face with cool or lukewarm water. If skin is oily, it must be thoroughly cleaned twice a day.

 Removing make-up: the skin also has the right to rest

Removing eye makeup olive oil

Olive oil - a wonderful product that not only makes your meals even healthier and tastier, but also helps to save on means of eye makeup remover. It is desirable that the oil has been refined, cold pressed (extra virgin). Put a little oil on a piece of cotton wool and remove make-up, as usual. If, after removing make-up skin around the eyes is too oily, blot excess oil with a napkin.

Olive oil effectively removes various types of makeup, including waterproof mascara. In addition, it has other advantages. Olive oil is very useful for eyelashes - if you use it regularly, it will make them thicker and longer. In addition, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and can be a good tool for the prevention of wrinkles around the eyes.

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