Skin Care: how to preserve the beauty of the skin

September 16, 2006

  • Skin Care: how to preserve the beauty of the skin
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 Pawn beauty - is a regular facial. It does not require huge financial and time costs, the main thing - you need patience to develop the habit to take care of skin every day, morning and evening. In addition, you will need: mild cleansing gel or lotion, cleansing lotion, moisturizing lotion, cotton pads, soft, clean towel or paper towels, and five minutes of time in the morning and evening.

 Skin Care: how to preserve the beauty of the skin

Why every day?

Our skin is a natural line of defense against environmental factors, such as different weather conditions, bad ecology, and so on. Also present in the air of pollutants, the pores of the skin become clogged with make-up, then, sebum. All this builds on the skin permanently. The particles of dirt from the environment mixed with dead skin cells. If the skin is not cleaned, the pores begin to breed bacteria and fungi, which eventually lead to infections. It is therefore necessary twice a day to clean and moisturize the skin - it will prevent the proliferation of potentially harmful microorganisms.

 Skin Care: how to preserve the beauty of the skin


This is the first step of skin care. First, wash your face soft gel or jelly. It is advisable to buy them in a pharmacy - pharmacist will help you choose the cleanser suitable for your type of person. Dry your face, soaked a towel - do not rub the skin, but just apply to her towel.

Cleansing Lotion can be used after washing or replacement. People with sensitive skin Sensitive skin: causes and care  Sensitive skin: causes and care
   It is particularly useful to clean the face without water. Just soak a cotton pad with lotion and wipe the face and neck.

 Skin Care: how to preserve the beauty of the skin


Now, when the skin was clean, put on her moisturizing cream or lotion. Do not forget to moisturize not only the face but also the neck.

There is a common misconception that oily skin Oily skin: Natural and artificial care  Oily skin: Natural and artificial care
   It does not require humidification. This is not so - just select a skin for lightweight moisturizers that do not contain fat.

 Skin Care: how to preserve the beauty of the skin

Additional steps

The next stages of skin care products are not mandatory, but desirable.

  • After cleansing the skin before applying the moisturizer you can use the tonic. It improves skin tone and prevents greasy (at least not shine appears very quickly).
  • Once a week is recommended to clean the skin with a scrub or peeling agents. This treatment deeply cleanses facial pores and exfoliate dead skin cells.
  • Two or three times per week to do facial masks. Whether you are ready to buy a mask in the store or make them at home, for example, of porridge - the main thing that they are suitable for your skin type How to determine your skin type  How to determine your skin type

The most important thing in skin care - regularity. The most nutritious and expensive masks that you apply once a month, can not replace a simple daily skin cleansing. So do not be lazy - get up five minutes early in order to pay due attention to their skin, which certainly deserves it.

What makes the soap on your skin?

March 2, 2013

 Skin Care Soap
 Cleansers are designed to remove dirt, sweat, sebum and oils, and skin by the action of surfactants. Surfactants or surface active agents surrounding the particle contaminants, dissolved them in the water, after which they are washed off the skin with water. Also surfactants contribute to the natural process of exfoliation. However, they can also cause damage to the stratum corneum of the skin - the upper part of the epidermis.

The consequences of the impact of surfactants can be:

  • The feeling of tightness of the skin after washing;
  • Dry skin;
  • Damage to the protective barrier of the skin;
  • Redness;
  • Irritation;
  • Itching.

 What makes the soap on your skin?

Cleansers interaction with proteins of the stratum corneum

Corneocytes - are protein complexes formed keratin filaments. The surfactants contained in soaps and other cleansers, bind to these proteins, allowing them to be saturated with moisture, and to some extent to increase. In this cleanser ingredients will be easier to penetrate the lower layers of the skin where they may act on nerve endings, which in some cases leads to irritation and itching. When the water evaporates, in corneocytes it is still less water than before the exposure of surfactants. In the end, the use of cleaning agents may reduce the level of natural moisturizing factor (NMF) in the stratum corneum.

 What makes the soap on your skin?

Interaction cleansers with lipids of the stratum corneum

The exact mechanism of the effect of surfactants on the lipids in the stratum corneum is not yet clear. It is assumed that certain surfactants penetrate between the lipid bilayers, which makes bilayers more susceptible to the effects of various substances. Sometimes this happens as a result of damage bilayers. Surfactants may also damage the structure of the lipid, because of which decrease lipids in the skin.

 What makes the soap on your skin?

The impact of cleansers on the pH of the stratum corneum

All surfactants can be divided into two broad categories: one to be surfactants contained in the soap in the other - those that are part of the synthetic detergents. Surfactants of the first category more alkaline (pH = 10) than the second (pH 7 or less). It is known that the higher the pH of a cleansing agent, the greater the likelihood of skin irritation when it is used, although why this happens is not yet clear.

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Skin Care century - how to deal with the "dented"

March 12, 2009

  • Skin Care century - how to deal with the "dented"
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 Skin Care century
   Do you suffer from bags under the eyes. The eyelids look puffy or drooping. Dark circles under the eyes are aging you. To solve these problems, not necessarily to go under the knife. Especially considering that the surgery can cause complications and leave scars. Moreover, almost no one can stop for a plastic surgery. If you do not have a very severe case, you can do without surgery and save. There are many inexpensive and safe way to solve problems.

Very important is prevention. It is best to start taking care of the skin around the eyes before the problems.

 Skin Care century - how to deal with the "dented"

Advice on how to prevent or reduce the problems with the skin around the eyes

  • Drink plenty of water. You've probably seen a lot of this advice, and this is no accident. The body needs water. When he did not have enough water, he tries to keep it all means - including, in the area around the eye, which leads to swelling of the eyelids. During the day you should drink at least two liters of water. However, two hours before bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   should stop drinking to excess fluid How to withdraw excess fluid from the body - all sorts of ways  How to withdraw excess fluid from the body - all sorts of ways
   It came out of the body before you go to bed.
  • Limit the use of caffeine and salt. They contribute to fluid retention, which causes swollen eyelids.
  • Do not rub your eyes. Rubbing damages the delicate tissues around the eyes. This reinforces the swelling and circles under the eyes.
  • You need a long restful sleep. Try to keep your life as little as possible the stress - it is useful not only for the eyes but also for the general well-being. The less stress, the stronger sleep, which is essential for your body.
  • In the morning sprinkle your face with cold water. This will help to narrow the blood vessels and reduce swelling.
  • Do not apply on face cream for hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease  Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease
 . Some people advise to such use to reduce swelling. Remember, these funds can not be used on the skin around the eyes, they can cause severe irritation and damage to the eyes.
  • If you have allergies, take medication and use special eye drops. Allergies can cause swelling of the eyelids, as well as itching, which leads to the fact that you have a third eye.
  • Sleep on your back, the head should be higher than the body, to reduce fluid retention around the eyes.
  • There are many home remedies to help get rid of the swelling eyelids and bags under the eyes.
  • The good old cucumber slices - they work. Put two slices of cucumber on your eyelids and lie down for 15-20 minutes.
  • The same can be done with potato slices. However, potatoes should be thoroughly washed and cleaned before it, not to bring dirt into his eyes. You can hold the slices in the fridge - so pleasant and effective.
  • Put the two metal spoons in the refrigerator for a few minutes, and then attach them to the closed eyes.
  • Do not dispose of used tea bags. Keep them in the refrigerator in case when you need to compress to the eye. Particularly well suited to the eyes of chamomile tea. Do not use tea bags with the addition of mint Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness  Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness
 They can cause skin irritation.
  • Make a mask for the eyes of the two egg whites, whipped into a foam. Add two drops of witch hazel and continue beating. Then apply the mask on the area under the eyes and leave for fifteen minutes. Gently remove the mask with a wet cloth.
  • Apply vitamin E oil on the eyelids and under the eyes. Vitamin E reduces swelling.

Sometimes swelling or puffiness - a hereditary problem, and you can not get rid of them completely. There are various cosmetic products that can help you, but you will have to select them by trial and error.

If you just remove the circles does not work, use a concealer.

 Skin Care century - how to deal with the "dented"

Exercises to lift the upper eyelids

If you want to improve the tone of skin, plastic surgery - it is not the only possibility. Exercises for the face can help tighten the eyelid skin. Of course, in contrast to surgery, exercise not give immediate effect. For best results, exercise should be done constantly. Try to do them regularly for a month or two and evaluate the results.

 Skin Care century - how to deal with the "dented"

Fast blinking

Put two fingers on the temples and gently pull the skin back. Eyes must be open, the skin should not be greatly stretched. Now quickly close and open your eyes five times. Fingers will be slightly shifted when you close your eyes, try to hold them in place. Do ten sets of five repetitions.

To relax your eyes after exercise, rub your hands together so that they warmed up, and put them on closed eyes. Sit down with her head down and put his hand to his eyes, for thirty seconds. Repeat if necessary.

 Skin Care century - how to deal with the "dented"

Raising eyebrows

Raising his eyebrows as high as possible, while the lower eyelid as low as possible. This exercise is easier to perform, his head thrown back slightly. You will feel the muscles tense century. Stay in this position for five seconds, then relax. Repeat ten times.

If it's too hard, raise eyebrows, helping himself with his fingers, and hold them, closing his eyes. Attach index fingers to the eyebrows so that they repeated their shape, lift and lower the eyebrows. When the raise eyebrows, close your eyes as tightly as possible.

 Skin Care century - how to deal with the "dented"

Up down

Sit in a chair and close your eyes. Hold your head up, look up as high as possible, and then how you can lower down. At the same time keep your eyes closed. Lift up your eyes for two seconds down - two seconds, then relax. Repeat five times, then help your eyes relax, as described above. This exercise trains the muscles that control the entire eyelid.