How to look more imposing - Change your style - hairstyle and makeup

December 30, 2007

  • How to look more imposing - change your style
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Hair and makeup for solidity

Many young women employed building a career, are often faced with the fact that others do not take them seriously, considered too young and inexperienced. Although sometimes this opinion quite flattering, in the workplace, it can cause a number of problems. It is therefore important to look at the office solidly and professionally. This will help you make up, hairstyle and clothes properly selected.

First, remember that millions of women around the world dream to change places with you - who would not want to look younger than their years ?! Believe me, eventually you will learn to appreciate this feature of his appearance.

As you know, the appearance affects how we are perceived by others. So we decided to offer you some tips that will help you look respectable.

 Hair and makeup | How to look respectable - change your style

Change your hair style

Depending on the oval face, a few years you will add visual moderately short haircut or quads. Typically, locks and other feminine hairstyles refreshing face because of what you look younger than his age, so this hairstyle is better to change. Hair Color also plays a significant role in how much you look like. Darker shades visually the old one, so the owners of blond curls should think about hair color a few shades darker than the natural color. We recommend to refer the matter to the stylist and together they choose the right shade.

 Hair and makeup | How to look respectable - change your style

About makeup

Try a little more makeup than usual. Again, choose a darker makeup, saturated colors, but do not overdo it! For the business environment will suit a dark red lipstick, but the rest of your makeup should be kept strictly neutral tones. The main thing is to make look natural and thoughtful. Sleazy or causing makeup is unlikely to convince others of your professionalism and excellent business qualities.

Tonal foundation helps even out skin tone, remove redness and hide minor blemishes. In addition, due to the basis of makeup looks neater. To emphasize your eyes, put on the lid light brown or beige shade, and in the crease - the shadow of a deep shine, for example, purple, gray or brown. To make the look more attentive and expressive use black or dark brown eyeliner. Do not forget to tint eyelashes mascara.

Blush should be barely noticeable, even if you wish they can be replaced with powdered bronzer. Blush help hide the child swelling of the cheeks and give them a sculptural relief, which also helps to look older and more solid.

The color of lipstick should be chosen depending on skin tone. If you do not mind the red color, choose a shade of red wine and ripe strawberries - these colors are considered "corporate". Remember, any saturated color - in clothes or make-up - makes you more mature.

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Summer skin care for men - get rid of laziness - Tips

January 6, 2011

  • Summer skin care for men - get rid of laziness
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Tips for men skin care in summer

Most men prefer the most simple skin care, so the choice of the special makeup for the summer and protection of the skin from the sun's rays are not always included in the to-do list. However, making the minimum changes to the usual morning ritual will help make skin care as effective as possible for the summer season.

 Tips | Summer Skin Care for Men - get rid of laziness

Choose cleansing cosmetics

Usually, summer skin's sebaceous glands begin to produce more secretion, which serves as a natural moisturizing agent for the skin - especially if you live in a climate with high humidity. Excess sebum leads to a completely natural skin problems - clog pores, which increases the risk of pryschevoy rash, and leaves the skin shine. In particular, suffer from problems such men, because men's skin is inherently more fat than women.

To prevent skin problems caused by the increased production of secretion of the sebaceous glands, choose cleansing cosmetics that will get rid of excess sebum and effectively clean the pores. The best option - cosmetics with salicylic or glycolic acid.

  • Salicylic acid. Cleansing cosmetics with salicylic acid for the holders of the skin hypersensitive. Salicylic acid is released from white willow bark and penetrates deep into the pores to remove dead skin cells and helping to prevent acne (Acne occurs when dead skin cells are mixed with sebum and bacteria).
  • Glycolic acid. One species of alpha-hydroxy acids, glycolic acid suitable for coarse, oily skin. Glycolic acid accelerates the natural process of renewal of skin cells, effectively removing dead skin cells. In addition, since glycolic acid removes the top layer of old skin, the skin looks more clean and healthy.

 Tips | Summer Skin Care for Men - get rid of laziness

Get rid of unpleasant odors

If hot weather leaves an unpleasant feeling of sticky, sweaty skin, you should not rely on only one deodorant. Instead, start the day with a cleansing shower gel, which copes well with the bacteria. Bad breath - the result of the mixing of sweat and bacteria, so the quality will allow for long cleaning cosmetics to prevent odor in the early afternoon.

 Tips | Summer Skin Care for Men - get rid of laziness

Do not neglect the sunscreen cosmetics

Even if the daily application of sunscreen Sunscreen is not just for the beach  Sunscreen is not just for the beach
   or lotion seems boring and irritating occupation, this simple step will permanently protect the skin from premature aging, wrinkles and more importantly, skin cancer Skin cancer - a full recovery possible  Skin cancer - a full recovery possible
 . The modern formula of sunscreen cosmetics do not like the sticky, unpleasant and similar to glue the product sold in the recent past. Most sunscreens and lotions are different as a light texture that you forget about them immediately after application.

To effectively protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation is necessary to choose sunscreen cosmetics with SPF of at least 30. Matting formula can not only protect your skin from the sun, but also to get rid of greasy - such products absorb the excess secretion of skin glands. If you must be outdoors all day, do not forget to apply a new layer of sunscreen cosmetics every one to two hours.

 Tips | Summer Skin Care for Men - get rid of laziness

Accelerate Skin Care

If you have specific problems with the skin - such as early wrinkles or acne - it does not have to spend large sums on several different products. Today, many cosmetic brands cosmetics produced, pursuing several goals. For example, in order to achieve a smooth and clean skin Clean skin: the beauty of the need to fight  Clean skin: the beauty of the need to fight
 Not necessarily at the same time and use the cleanser and scrub the skin - enough to buy a special lotion with peeling effect and microparticles, effectively removes dead skin cells.

 Tips | Summer Skin Care for Men - get rid of laziness

Choose effective cosmetics

Sun protection cosmetics fulfills several objectives, not only protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Some cosmetics are designed to both protect your skin from the sun, and to solve a number of problems with the skin The most common skin problems and their solutions  The most common skin problems and their solutions

  • Acne. In hot weather, the skin more susceptible to the risk of acne, because the excess secretion of the sebaceous glands and constantly clog pores make the skin particularly vulnerable. To reduce the risk of acne, use a moisturizing cosmetics with SPF, which not only cleanse the pores, but also protects the skin from ultraviolet light.
  • Oily shine. Many men believe that sunscreen lotion will only exacerbate a bad shine formula, but a special sunscreen cosmetics is designed not only to protect the skin from the sun, but also the absorption of excess sebum.
  • Antioxidants. These effective anti-aging ingredients protect the skin from a number of "natural" stress that lead to premature aging - including UV.

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