Medical cosmetics: beauty from the pharmacy

March 12, 2014

 A healthy and well-groomed skin - an indispensable condition of human beauty. Some beautiful, glowing skin health is given by nature, while others have to make some effort to get rid of dermatological problems. A balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and medical cosmetics based on natural ingredients work wonders.



Therapeutic cosmetics occupies an intermediate position between drugs and cosmetics for skin care. The main difference from conventional cosmetics - the presence in the medicinal components. For this reason, medical cosmetics sold only in pharmacies: on the shelves of conventional cosmetic stores it is not found. Requirements for such cosmetics also are increased as a drug.

The composition includes at least curative cosmetics preservatives, so these funds can not be stored for a long time and often very demanding in terms of storage. Also included in such cosmetics are not normally cosmetic fragrances, and dyes, which allows such creams, serums, shampoos, gels and balms even holders sensitive skin.

Medical cosmetics used not quite as usual cosmetics. They must be applied to the mandatory courses intermittently.

If by ordinary cosmetics are required to be cleaned, fed, tone and moisturize the skin, Cosmetics intended to address those or other dermatological problems. For example, using such cosmetics can get rid of acne, age spots and dilated capillaries, improve the complexion How to improve complexion: 4 steps to beautiful skin  How to improve complexion: 4 steps to beautiful skin
 , Protect your skin from the sun, soothe irritated skin. This action is directed - a significant advantage over conventional medical cosmetics, which is more versatile, but at the same time, less effective.

The structure of such means include curative effective components which affect not only the upper layer of the epidermis, but also penetrate into deeper layers. Thus, the skin condition is improved, not only outside but inside.


Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages are obvious medical cosmetics. Such funds have a maximum efficiency, they are indispensable in the fight against the various shortcomings of the skin, which conventional means can not cope. Disadvantages of the skin is not just disguised, and eliminated entirely. Medical cosmetics usually hypoallergenic, which means it can be used by people with sensitive skin Sensitive skin: causes and care  Sensitive skin: causes and care

Many manufacturers of medical cosmetics samplers offer products that can be used to test or creams, such as serum, and to evaluate their effectiveness. This avoids the wasteful spending and purchase only those tools that will actually be effective in certain cases.

As for the drawbacks, then it can be attributed to the relatively high cost of funds, which are used to create innovative technology and use advanced scientific research. In addition, medical cosmetics sold is not everywhere, in contrast to popular tools that can be found on the shelves of any supermarket. Finally, medical cosmetics, as well as drugs, it is undesirable to appoint myself independently. It is advisable to consult beforehand with a specialist who will assess the condition of the skin and recommend those or other means.


Treatment and prevention

Conventional cosmetics can visually make the skin more beautiful, but not always cope with the causes of diseases. For example, there are many resources for young skin that are designed to help get rid of acne. Typically, the composition of such agents include antibacterial, dried and antiinflammatory agents. As a result, the number of pustules decreased, dry up pimples. However helps such cosmetics is not all: sometimes the skin problem only exacerbated by its excessive drying.

Therapeutic same cosmetics for acne in most cases contains retinoids and vitamin complexes that act, inter alia, directly on the sebaceous gland. As a result, the pores are cleansed, the skin becomes healthier and acne on it is simply not produced.

Another example: shampoos for dandruff Dandruff: where it comes from, and what to do  Dandruff: where it comes from, and what to do
 . Conventional means effectively remove skin flakes from the hair and slow the peeling of the skin. But it is necessary to stop using this shampoo, the problem is coming back again. Treatment of dandruff shampoos also act directly on the cause of dandruff. As a result of this therapy becomes a healthy scalp and dandruff disappears.

In some cases, medical cosmetics used for the prevention of various skin ailments. For example, some funds very effectively fighting the first signs of aging, delaying the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions  Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions
 . Medical cosmetics is much more effective than the usual day cream protects the skin from the sun, so its use is recommended for the prevention of age-related changes in white-skinned people.

The efficacy of medical cosmetics in the fight against aging is difficult to overestimate. Vitamin complexes and alpha hydroxy acids contained in such means literally transforming dull skin with enlarged pores and wrinkles first. It improves the complexion, the skin becomes supple and tender, dark spots fade and the skin relief visibly changing for the better.

Indispensable Cosmetics and rehabilitation period, when the skin is recovering from cosmetic procedures, such as peels or dermobrazii. Special tools help to quickly soothe the skin and restore her health after various interventions. They also contribute to the resorption of scarring left after plastic surgery, and helps avoid inflammation.

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From blonde to brunette: Pros and Cons

December 9, 2010

 blonde brunette
 Many people think that hair coloring Hair coloring - Beauty lossless  Hair coloring - Beauty lossless
   goes the same way, regardless of the original color of the hair and the desired result, but actually get "the same color" can be very difficult. For example, staining light or gray hair can be difficult simply because other paint their "do not take." Even the best products have been used, and the work done by a trained professional, there is a risk that the color will not such a wish, and if they succeed, then quickly fade or become uneven.

Of course, the success of the blonde in disguise brunette is not impossible, it certainly will not be easy - at least not easier than it solved.

If you are considering, do not disguise you, and you, keep in mind that not a single former blonde after the first attempt to become the owner of a brunette became head of hair with an orange or pink hue. In most cases, the point is that the stylist chose not right products. So, perhaps, the greatest danger of the repainting - the choice is not enough competent stylist. This in no way be understood as a call to dye your hair yourself - as a radical transformation of the image must be performed exclusively specialist.

Women are often former blondes, brunettes become, soon begin to regret it and want to return the old hair color. Make it too easy. In addition, it can have disastrous consequences for the hair - the likelihood that after frequent radical changes the color of the once luxurious head of hair will remain no more than a memory. If your hair and so can not be considered a luxury, you need to carefully weigh everything before changing color. Talk to your hairdresser, who has behind him more than a year of work, ask him to tell us how often such experiments are successful and how often the client's satisfaction.

 From blonde to brunette: Pros and Cons

From natural blonde to brunette

This is the safest option, although some risk still exists. If you want to paint the natural blonde hair in a deep brown color, most likely, the paint will fall evenly and do not fade too quickly. But if she wants that her hair was still red light, it is very likely that this will turn pink instead of stripes or spots. The reason for this is that the red dye molecules (all colors) react with the natural pigment of hair - instead of red and turns pink. Instead, the hair look more alive, you can make a few strands or glare darker or lighter shades of brown.

 From blonde to brunette: Pros and Cons

From blonde to brunette dyed

The biggest problem repainting bleached brown hair is that the resulting hair often becomes orange. To avoid this, you need to choose a neutral brown or ash-brown - the main thing that they did not have a reddish tint. If earlier blond hair made red patches or strands can also go brown or dark red color.

Repainting occurs in two stages. First Master dyes his hair blond warm. The paint kept on the hair about half an hour. She washed and after that the paint is applied, which should make the blonde brunette.

If all went well, and the color turned out exactly the way you wanted - great, but the danger is just beginning. You have to get used to a new reflection in the mirror - a great many of those who had to radically change hair color, it says that in the first two or three weeks frightened her reflection in the mirror in the morning, when the mind is not yet awake, and does not expect surprises. You may find that your new appearance needed a new wardrobe, or even entirely new. Finally, it may be that you really do not like to be a brunette, and reconversion, as we have said, too, does not come easy.