Exercises for the thighs - to create an attractive silhouette

September 2, 2007

  • Exercises for the thighs - to create an attractive silhouette
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 exercises for thighs
 The exercises of aerobics - the only way to remove fat from your thighs how and from other parts of the body. Many of the exercises will result in a slim and tone the inner and outer surface of your thighs and buttocks, but will not help get rid of the overlying fat, unless it will exercise from aerobics. The only way to fix the hip - combine strength training with aerobic exercise of that force to move your muscles long and increase the heart rate for an extended period of time.

 Exercises for the thighs - to create an attractive silhouette

Hiking and jogging

Lack of exercise may be the most decisive factor for excess weight you than overeating. We know that people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, which began to jog, to lose fat in an amount proportional to the number of miles they ran. Moderately intense walking or jogging 4-5 miles per hour, increase the frequency of beats of your heart. Staying in the optimal fat burning mode, you will burn the fat on the hips and the rest of the body. In addition to this you will improve the condition of your cardiovascular system. Your fat burning mode - target heart rate between 60-80% of your maximum heart rate. Calculate your rate by subtracting your age from the number 220 and multiply by 0, 6, 0, 8.

 Exercises for the thighs - to create an attractive silhouette

Sporting activities

Exercise and you will also be able to lose fat. Basketball, football, hockey, swimming and cross-country skiing - are examples of exercises for the long muscles, which may put your heart rate in the fat burning mode. But you do not need to play organized sports, playing with a basketball during a break or at the path to the house with your children will have the same effect. The frequency, intensity and duration of aerobic exercise - is the key to exercise for burning fat. So, take 3-5 times a week, get to work so your heart rate to burn fat and keep it well for 20-30 minutes.

 Exercises for the thighs - to create an attractive silhouette

Other activities

Many other activities can help you get rid of fat on the thighs, if the sport does not suit you. Biking, walking, aerobics, dancing, mowing the lawn, rowing oars and gardening - all increase your heart rate and makes the move rhythmically long muscles of the arms and / or legs. When you perform aerobic exercise, you will also strengthen these muscles. As the body burns more calories to maintain muscle, you burn more calories amount. The more fat you replace muscles, the faster you get rid of that layer that hides your given in tone thighs and buttocks.

 Exercises for the thighs - to create an attractive silhouette

Exercises to tone

When the fat is gone, you want to show a beautiful, bulging muscles. Exercises to tone, which also belong to aerobics will have a double meaning. Lunges tone the thighs and buttocks and increase the heart rate. You can choose a fixed attacks or attacks with walking. Lunges with squats, when you attack back, and will tone the buttocks; combined with attacks in the hand, they will make the blood circulate more quickly, which will lead to tone your thighs and burn fat.

 Exercises for the thighs - to create an attractive silhouette

Aerobic Exercise

Activities such as walking, jogging and bicycling helps burn fat all over your body, including the hips. Start to burn fat and lose centimeters from your hips and other areas of the body. Usually women need at least an hour of moderately intense activity every day to gain weight again. You have to do physical exercises Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
   more than one hour a day to lose weight. However, if you currently do not exercise, even a daily half-hour walk will begin to reduce your hips.

 Exercises for the thighs - to create an attractive silhouette


These mercilessly fat-burning exercises involve the largest muscles in your body, including kvadratsipsy, hamstrings, lateral transverse muscles or inner thigh muscles, abductors of the thigh or upper thigh muscles and glutes. After warm-up do 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps. You should stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Adhering to a chair or stretching his arms in front of you for balance, bend your knees, squatting. Do not let the knees to act on your toes. Hold for several seconds, then return to starting position.

 Exercises for the thighs - to create an attractive silhouette


Like squats, lunges also involve large muscle groups. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and place your hands on your hips. Make a big step forward with your right foot. Gently lift the toes of the left foot, and then slowly lower your left knee to the floor as long as your feet will not be at the correct angle. Your left heel should not touch the floor. Keep your back straight and do not let your right knee to act on your socks.

 Exercises for the thighs - to create an attractive silhouette


Lie back on the floor. Slide a little thighs and place your hands on the sides. Tighten your abdominal muscles. As long as you exhale, slowly lift your hips off the floor. You better keep your abdominals tight to avoid arching your back. Inhale and slowly lower your hips to the floor.

Exercises for the lower press - that's where the need patience and hard work!

February 22, 2012

 Exercise lower abs
 Fit elastic belly - an indispensable condition of beauty. Unfortunately, the abdominal muscles are tense enough in everyday life, so many of the lower press is far from ideal. But this grief can be helped. Effective exercises for the lower abdomen will press elastic and beautiful in just a few weeks.

The muscles of the lower press function as rotation of the pelvis forward. It is in the middle and lower part of the most intensively accumulate body fat, that is difficult to get rid of. This is the longest part of the first stage of the training. Exercises for the lower press most tedious and painful, so many prefer to work with the upper muscles.

We must not forget that for a beautiful belly important tightened the lower part, in which no serious training and will fold.

 Exercises for the lower press - that's where the need patience and hard work!

Lower Press: Problems and Solutions

Maintain muscle tone of the lower abdomen is necessary also because they support the pelvic organs and prevent pathologies such as the omission of the genitals. Programs for this group of muscles pumping requires commitment and self-control, but in this case it is possible to achieve significant progress.

Some of the rules will help to facilitate the work in this direction, if you follow them regularly and rigorously:

  • Exercises should be performed only on an empty stomach and not eat for an hour or two after a workout;
  • proper breathing exercises in these complexes is important as ever: the exhalation is done in the phase of the peak load on the muscles;
  • quality is much more important than quantity: if at first it is difficult, it is better to make ten qualitative exercise maximum load than twice careless;
  • better to do the exercises at a slow pace, constantly monitoring the position of the body.

 Exercises for the lower press - that's where the need patience and hard work!

A set of exercises for the lower press for beginners

Exercises for the lower press on an empty stomach in the morning is recommended to perform. You should not join as many repetitions - much more important to do the exercises correctly, in particular to monitor breathing. In order to achieve significant results enough to do the exercises for fifteen minutes a day for three weeks. Most of the exercises for the lower press is performed on the floor. It is not necessary to use the floor instead of a sofa or any other soft surface - a set of exercises in such a case will not be effective.

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Starting position - lying on his back on the floor. Hands placed under the buttocks. The legs should bend at the knees and slowly pull to the shoulders. At the same time the pelvis slightly off the floor, but lower back have to be pressed to the floor. In the initial position is carried out breath at pulling the legs - a slow exhale.

Exercise is repeated twenty-five - thirty times. To begin better, however, with fifteen repetitions, gradually bringing the number up to twenty-five. Over time, exercise can be a bit more difficult: Do not lay a hand under your buttocks and hold them behind your head, your elbows are pointing in different directions.

  • Exercise second

It seems at first glance, a very simple, but it is not easy to perform. On the other hand, and the effect will be quite fast - in two to three weeks of daily exercises.

Starting position - lying on his back on a hard surface. Arms stretched along the body, head and neck lift slightly. Now you need to slowly lift the leg straight up, about sixty degrees. In this position, stay at least five - ten seconds. After this leg as slowly lowered, but not touching the floor. Exercise is carried out ten times in a row, then you can make a small break in a couple of minutes and run for another ten exercises. Over time the number is increased to three approaches.

  • Exercise third

To perform this exercise you will need a crossbar, located high enough to be able to hang on it. It slowly raise straight legs as high as possible. We must strive to ensure that the outstretched legs formed with the body of a right angle. Thereafter, legs slowly lowered to the initial position. Repeat the exercise should, until fatigue.

 Exercises for the lower press - that's where the need patience and hard work!

Effective exercise for the lower press

The hallmark of this muscle group consists in that they consist of the raising legs of different positions and at different angles, wherein the upper body to be rigidly fixed.

  • Lying on his back and locking his hands along the torso, it is necessary to raise the head and neck. Then gently lift the straight leg at an angle of sixty degrees, hold for a few seconds, and lowered to the position of approximately five centimeters from the floor. Within ten to fifteen reps need to make sure that his feet never touched the floor. It's hard to exercise, so you must first make its flawless execution, and only then move on to two, three or more sets.
  • Exercise in the vise on the crossbar. Straight leg must be lifted perpendicular to the body and delay so parallel to the ground for a few seconds.

Exercises for the lower press have one interesting feature: after a while they give a clear understanding of the work of each muscle. This feeling gives no incomparable joy of the ability to control their own bodies.

 Exercises for the lower press - that's where the need patience and hard work!

Exercises for those who are in good shape

Sport strengthens the lower press, and over time the muscles are beginning to demand more serious load. This means that it is time to use other exercises that will also contribute to the training of the lower press, and also help to strengthen the back muscles.

The first effective exercise. Starting position - both ups: you have to rely on your toes and straight arms. This body should form a straight line. In this position, the right knee pulled up to his chest. In such a situation should be delayed for a few minutes. After that, the right leg is returned to the original position and repeat the movement of the left foot. You start with five repetitions for each leg, gradually bringing the number up to ten repetitions. Thus strengthening not only the lower press, and back muscles, and glutes.

The second effective exercise. Starting position - lying on the floor on his back. Direct hands are behind his head. In the rest position, an inhalation. Then you need to simultaneously raise straight legs and straight arms, trying to exhale touch the toe fingers. This should ensure that the waist remained firmly pressed to the floor. When performing exercises should focus on the abdominal muscles: muscles of the legs and hands must exert minimal. The exercise should be twenty or thirty times, gradually increasing the pace, but not at the expense of proper implementation.

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