Riboxinum in sport - is now almost does not apply

September 16, 2012

 Riboxinum sport
 Until a few decades ago the sport Riboxinum used very actively. But later studies have shown that the drug has almost no athletes have no effect. Today replace Riboxinum Riboxinum - a drug that will charge the cells with energy  Riboxinum - a drug that will charge the cells with energy
   in the sport came much more effective drugs.

 Riboxinum in sport - is now almost does not apply

The main objectives of sports medicine

In all sports, the athlete requires strengthening muscles. This is especially significant for the power sports. Another issue of Sports Medicine is the fatigue of athletes, which may increase during exercise. Recovery of athletes after training and competition - is an important sector of sports medicine. It remains urgent and the task of improving athletic performance of athletes, their empowerment tool (adaptation) to physical stress.

To solve these basic problems of sports medicine now uses a number of techniques and pharmacological agents. Not all of them of doping, many are approved for use in athletes. And if before pharmacological agents used to "squeeze out" of the athlete everything you can, now sports medicine is moving away from this, its main focus is on the recovery of the body. One of the first drugs approved this kind was Riboxinum.

 Riboxinum in sport - is now almost does not apply

Theoretical study Riboxin use in sports

Riboxinum - a nucleoside, i.e. a substance that is naturally contained in the cells of the organism and is the precursor of adenosine triphosphate - ATP. ATP - a substance that can very quickly give energy, is therefore indispensable for the cells. Thus, the first and the main reason for the use of Riboxin in sport is to increase the energy potential of the cells.

By increasing the energy potential in cells activated all kinds of metabolic processes (metabolic effect Riboxin). Athletes in this case are most interested in the exchange of proteins. Riboxinum is anabolic - it means that it stimulates the synthesis of proteins. If you connect with a metabolic effect Riboxin properly prepared diet with high content of protein in the diet, and also well-chosen physical activity in training, this should lead to muscle growth.

In addition, energy stored in the muscle cells, including the cells of the heart muscle (myocardium) increases the endurance athletes, and it is today not less important than building muscles.

Under the influence of Riboxin improves blood circulation in the heart, which further enhances the safety factor of the body. Finally, the cells of the heart and other vital organs "charged" extra energy, easier to tolerate the lack of oxygen, which is also important.

Not only the muscles and heart improves its activities under the influence of Riboxin, but also other organs, including the liver and kidneys to cleanse the body of toxic metabolic products Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
   and remove them from the body.

Thus, Riboxinum theoretically improves the function of all organs and tissues of the body and charges the athlete more energy.

 Riboxinum in sport - is now almost does not apply

But in reality?

Riboxinum long been considered an effective drug in the sport. But then, extensive research destroyed this legend. It has been found that if the sick people Riboxinum has some positive effects that can be monitored by clinical testing, athletes such positive effects could not be detected.

Riboxinum used today in sports medicine for the relief surge syndromes of the cardiovascular system and liver. In this case, Riboxinum as part of a treatment can benefit. Tired heart muscle gets the extra energy and begins to work with greater force. In the liver under the influence of Riboxin activates its cells (hepatocytes).

However, today the athletes, especially in the power sports, continue to use Riboxinum to improve their athletic performance and build muscle. For bodybuilding Riboxinum take inside of 1, 2 - 2, 4 g, that is, from six to twelve tablets a day, divided into three or four doses (one tablet Riboxin contain 0, 2 g of the active ingredient). This dose is administered gradually, starting with the four tablets a day. Duration of reception - one to three months. This is a very large doses Riboxin and they certainly should be taken under the supervision of the sports doctor and blood tests on the content of salts of uric acid Uric acid - a normal level?  Uric acid - a normal level?
   (urate). In some cases, chronic administration of high doses Riboxin athletes began gout attacks Gout - the "disease of kings"  Gout - the "disease of kings"
 Induced higher blood urate.

Riboxinum - it is good, but not enough effective drug, which is now in sports medicine is used less and less.

Galina Romanenko

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Beautiful posture - is it so important?

August 31, 2008

  • Beautiful posture - is it so important?
  • Exercises for neck

 beautiful posture
 Beautiful posture - it's not just straight back deployed shoulders and proudly raise his chin correct posture is important to maintain not only because bad posture dramatic changes the appearance is not the best, but also because that only maintaining good posture can prevent certain disorders spine. Bent back, stooped shoulders, lowered his head - all this has a very negative impact on the health of the spine, and the result of poor posture, finally, is the appearance of pain in the neck, lower back, headaches Headache: Causes and Complications  Headache: Causes and Complications
 . Although posture is formed at an early age, even in adulthood, it can be corrected: beautiful posture - is the result of patience and work on myself.

 Beautiful posture - is it so important?

What determines a beautiful posture

Correct, beautiful posture - is, first of all, a certain position of the torso and the head relative to each other .  Correct posture - a straight back, turn around, slightly drooping shoulders, are strictly at the same level, almost drawn stomach, located on the same vertical line head and torso .  Good posture does not violate the coordination does not affect the freedom and ease of movement if the posture is correct, then unfolded his legs at the knees and hip joints, all the joints mobile and leg muscles while closing heels, shins, knees do not tense .  The easiest way to check the correctness of his posture, using the old English way .  In the UK, sea cadets develop strict, haughty posture for thirty to forty minutes a day standing against the wall, clinging to her neck, shoulders and heels .  Following the example of Cadets stand against a wall, his back to her - feet should be closed, arms down at his sides, his head touches the surface of the wall .  If the palm of one hand, you can stick between the waist and the wall - then the correct posture .

 Beautiful posture - is it so important?

How to achieve a beautiful posture

Of course, slouch and keep your back bent and head - bowed, much easier than ever to follow the correct posture Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight  Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight
   If you do not pay enough attention to posture, eventually it will deteriorate completely - and then achieve a beautiful posture will be much harder .  In adulthood, the correction of posture requires work and patience, and constant attention: for correct posture is necessary to monitor constantly, not yielding to the natural desire to relax and bend your back, no matter how convenient this position did not seem .  Standing or moving, you need to keep the back straight, stomach - a little caught up, ensure that the shoulders were always straightened .  Just throw up your chin does wonders for posture: a proud tilt of the head automatically makes squared his shoulders and straighten your back .  Finally, it is important to monitor the posture, performing any work - whether performing simple household chores or work at the office table: in any case it is necessary to maintain the correct posture, keep your back straight and your shoulders - straightened, in any case no slouch even if the back is downright requires rest .

 Beautiful posture - is it so important?


Permanent self - this is just one of the factors that will ensure the proper, beautiful posture. Another important component of a beautiful posture - a strong, strong muscles, because it is the muscles form a sort of "corset" that support the spine. It is for this reason that even therapeutic exercises prescribed for treatment and prevention of certain diseases of the spine and joints, provides a series of exercises to strengthen the muscles. Strengthen muscles and at the same time help to correct posture following exercises:

  • For the abdominal muscles: the body rises from a prone position (with a straight back or to twist the torso to the side), side bends - all these exercises strengthen the abdominal muscles, including obliques, and ease the burden on back muscles.
  • For rotator cuff: Mahi hands to the side, rises hand turns (back should always be straight)
  • For the back muscles: deflections torso (thoracic spine) from the supine position (elbows should be pressed to the floor). Also help strengthen your back muscles exercises with the rise of the pelvis supine position (legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor, elbows pressed to the floor).