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March 3, 2014

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Personally, I use activated carbon from the black dots. You just need to add one tablet spoon gelatin and diluted with water. Wait when all dissolved and applied on the nose and on the cheeks a little. When the mixture hardens, tear off as if it were a film. We perform regularly 2-3 times a week, and the effect will not wait. You can then apply the mask from clay to narrow pores.
Alain and can detail retseptik tell me he is very useful. And what means are not only bought, somehow it does not help much! All the promises of manufacturers and promises remain so for a long time decided that we should look for some "national method". Prompt in what proportions it is necessary to mix the components, what temperature should the water?
It is simply an indispensable tool! Always I have in my medicine cabinet. Very pleased that this medicine is not very harmful to the body, and after that will not hurt the liver or stomach. Always apply it in case of poisoning, as well as giving the child at increased flatulence, copes with "cheers". One minus teeth after chernyuchie! Then brush very tired, because Tablets clogged between the teeth
Anna, and you're not afraid to give these tablets to a small child? All the same, from the increased gas have special children's tablets, which is not exactly hurt. Do you drink them, of course, can and it is clear that they help, but that's the first time I hear that someone they still give children. In any case, it would be better to replace them with more appropriate drug that then had no problems.
Activated carbon - is a primitive cheap sorbent, which acts in the gastrointestinal tract as an excavator, scraping and harmful, and useful. When poisoning with its use may be justified, but our body is constantly accumulating toxins (catastrophic environment, unhealthy food and other sources) that do not cause strong reactions, but nonetheless harmful to the body. They help fight pectin sorbents that operate smoothly, taking the only "byaku", but they must be taken daily
Valeria, was very pleased to read your comments, as I absolutely agree with you in everything! People puzzled how to clean the body with activated charcoal, and in fact you can only do harm. There are much more effective and safe sorbents is described by you pectin and fiber. But this does not really antediluvian and completely useless drug.
I knew about this drug, and sometimes used, but had no idea how much he's good, Read now about how working activated carbon and realized its effectiveness. It is necessary to always have it at home, and if somewhere to eat, the way to bring a couple of packages, just in case. If something goes poisoning, and it happens in a way, these pills will help provide first aid.
Marina, be sure to buy these pills. They include cheap medicines that are sold in pharmacies, as well as those - effective. I always keep them in the home medicine cabinet, be sure to take with me to the cottage, on a picnic. Many times these pills rescued my children. How nice that expensive means not supplanted this drug, it is still available. Among other things, it can be used even to lose weight.
This is an old but very effective. I do not know, how about in sacks, but pharmaceutical packaging longer credible. Still, the factory made. A matter of taste, I will not argue. I have it naiperveyshee remedy for allergies. When any product pours allergies, along with the antihistamine I immediately accept coal. Yes and its more water. Since food allergies passes quickly checked.
Maroussia, I do not trust Meshkov, it is not clear from what it is made of wood and burned in what conditions. But the pharmacy I doubt. To pay so much money for something that is made of small twigs seems to me impermissible wasteful. When went to the village, then tried it on taste it. that remains in the oven. And you know it turned out okay, I scored myself a little in the bag, I'm sure a year is enough.
Julia, the one that goes on sale in a drugstore mass checks and produced by special technology. Therefore, it can be easy to take and it is in contrast to the natural, you are so not to praise dirty hands. I imagine you're trying to take embers, arms and face all black. And what happens is something like a de facials, probably also useful.
You wonder humor, Olga. When urgently itch, then golovёshki are welcome. Understandably, this special harness only clean wood. I remember my childhood a bite from the same dog was filled with ashes, and the wound healed quickly and without problems. This is something there. But when there is to choose the safer pharmacy. Although there was a case where a party withdrew due to non-compliance with technology, and harmful substances found it in the pharmacy.
Why would you buy a tablet of activated charcoal can be bought in the store that which is sold in bags for a shish kebab, one pack is enough for a couple of years. I am sure that there is a difference in properties is small, but for the price it is palpable. By the way I have not tried it myself, so I recommend pre-check with your doctor whether you can do that or carry bag contents for examination to establish the presence of harmful elements.
Max, to admit the truth I did not even think about this option, but that in the bag too much, and this volume, even 10 years do not use. You can try to make an examination in the laboratory and if the difference is not extreme, if not to buy a bag at the store, then at least take with their own fire is what remains when we go to barbecues. Couples firebrands enough for a whole year.
Nastia, you are out of your mind? Not looking for the easy way out or what? Just go to the pharmacy, it means for you is difficult and dangerous, and have not understood the coal out of the fire, after having carried it to the laboratory normal. Why do you need two pieces of coal? To have a whole year? What for? As the head and share something. These pills do not need to eat every day, but only in cases of poisoning, so it's unlikely you're going to need them often.
And somehow I think that the author of the effect of the drug is too exaggerated. It seems doubtful that remained after the fire wastes can all be helpful. I read about its operation and that when it is recommended to use, well, just some magical means. Therefore, I find it hard to believe this is not the product produced using a complex oborudovaniya.Devushki though someone this drug really helped?
Inga, I completely understand your concerns, and the general share them. The very use of these tablets in cases of poisoning and other similar stomach problems. If you do not use them every day, your health, you do not mess up. The only thing with which I do not agree with is the fact that remained after the fire coal useful, I do not see there is anything good and it is better not to experiment.
I did not know he was so helpful, I had to buy a couple of times on prescription. I still doubt that these little pills can have a real benefit. I wonder, is it possible to use a conventional coal which remains after wood is burned, it would be natural even without any additional additives in contrast to the factory.
Dasha, how do you imagine the use of conventional, not of pharmaceutical product you that it will take from the fire? If you suddenly need it, then quickly razozhgёte fire and will then wait until it burns out? Or make in advance and will then store it? Is not it easier to keep a couple of packages in the home kit and not to complicate your life, I do not think they have a bad quality.
If a long time to make activated carbon and laktofiltrum just does not help. As long as the intestines will get a beneficial bacteria have to suffer for. After coal cleaned cleans the body, and especially the gut. Displays all right and not right. But if you drink it wisely, to relieve himself. You can do and without consequences.
I do not know whether the currently used coal for this purpose or not, but ten years ago I cured her son dermatitis. She divorces him in a bottle and give activated charcoal in atopic dermatitis. And you know, he helped us. True drank it somewhere month, but the main thing it go. In general, many times heard that it helps with allergies.
Paradise Now pediatricians also sometimes recommend coal. Although there are other good products. At an allergy help, just drink it must be durable. And we activated charcoal at zheltushka administered when the child even 1 month had. We drank it at 1/4 tablet. And he also helped zheltushka gone for 2 weeks. Coal helps in most cases, but it is not necessary to go to far.
To have a health benefit you need to know how to take the activated carbon, and not simply swallow the tablets in large quantities on the basis of the proverb "porridge butter will not spoil." Too many pills as coal can not be used, it can cause side effects, can change color to darker tones.
I am sure that if you know how to make activated carbon and comply with the instructions, it is very effective and harmless means. A case of poisoning the best sorbent kruti- whatever you can imagine. Who is talking about the new white charcoal, but I believe that all this marketing and "promotion" of the purse pokupatelya- best sredstvo- is proven.
In my opinion there is no strict rules, how to make charcoal. They can not be poisoned or to achieve an overdose, it is always well tolerated by the body, it gives no side-effects, allergies and it is impossible to get used to it (ie activated carbon in any case fulfilled its task).
Recently seen in advertising the information that you need to drink activated charcoal to not get drunk, eat it before taking two tablets of alcohol, there really was not an ordinary activated carbon, and the preparation thereof. By logike- yes, activated carbon, if not save you from drunkenness, it will weaken it precisely.
Activated carbon in alcoholic poisoning me once very helpful. Bought in a shop cognac drink is not very much, but I strongly felt bad, these symptoms of alcohol never had happened - very sick stomach. Has 10 pieces of charcoal, it went for a couple of hours and had no consequences.
While reviews of charcoal varied, it is one of the few good, proven and effective ways to cleanse the body, aid in cases of poisoning. Nothing complicated in its application is not present, but the drink based on the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight, I would not have become. Usually always have 2-3 tablets.
And if it happens that his house is not at hand, whether there is any replacement of activated carbon? I've heard that it is possible to neutralize the citric acid toxins in poisoning. Maybe there's something else improvised? Also, besides any activated carbon adsorbents exist?
I once administered activated charcoal to ultrasound. It is not clear why. They say that it takes the toxins in the photo will not be any fraudulent blackouts. But something I very much doubt - one day hardly intestines clean, even if you drink a lot of it. No one knows whether it really?
Activated charcoal is ideal as a laxative. It is a couple of days regular intake can return to normal stomach and intestines without harming them, in addition to clean the intestines of toxins. Coal is useful to apply in virtually all situations - for poisoning, to lose weight, it is made for cleaning the face mask.
I want to speak about whether to take the activated carbon in the alcohol poisoning. And many people love to do it. My opinion - whichever poisoning. Perhaps as a first-aid it can take, but it should be noted that the poisoning alcohol substitutes can be very serious, and in this case only to rely on coal, I would not. It is better to call an ambulance.
I roughly know how prinmat activated carbon with the aim to cleanse the body of toxins. Take it 2-3 times a day in an amount of less than half the usual. That is, 60 kg of 3 tablets 2-3 times daily. The dosage will be a few more, but not bad, I did so. And while cleaning the evening be sure to drink a cup of yogurt - it will help prevent dizbakterioz.
Because the testimony of activated carbon vague. Ask the people and will tell you only one thing its application - when bad stomach or poisoning. This will be the right answer, but at the same time we must not forget that there are rare cases when it is impossible to use. But I think that he should know what he can and what can not.
I am more than confident that the activated charcoal to drink alcohol to soothe the soul. If he absorbs alcohol intoxication should be reduced, I do not see the point, since alcohol intoxication suggests further. If you want to reduce its toxicity, it is also questionable - at higher doses of alcohol it will not help.
And I've been thinking, can be triggered by any of the side effects of activated carbon, if not the usual suspect food poisoning, but, for example, chemical or poisoning alcohol substitutes. Just remembered the sensational case in Turkey, where people were poisoned by low-quality alcohol. You can then drink activated carbon? Or is there a fear that will only get worse?
I always take the activated carbon with nausea, in my opinion, is the best medicine. I tried to drink tablets, but from them I got worse, whereas activated carbon acted quickly and gently. So anyone who is not aware of, I advise you to use a low-cost but highly effective tool.
I do not see a clear benefit from it. While it may be true. One time my husband gave the activated carbon before the meal, ten pieces srazu.Pohmele was still strong. Itself saw those pills, when flatulence also zero sense. Therefore, for a long time I do not buy. And before that I was always in the medicine cabinet. I think it is better to something more effective to buy. Coal is the last century. It made sense to drink when it was not the best analogues.
Once a year I spend a cleansing of the body activated carbon - it helps cleanse the body of toxins. Did this procedure twice a diet, eat only a light meal while taking coal, but I was sometimes swelling, could it be this is due to coal or perhaps because I ate a lot of vegetables?
As for the activated carbon after a meal I will agree that this is illogical, but I was advised to take the activated carbon to not get drunk. But honestly, I did not help. Maybe its too much to drink in large quantities? Or my body which is not such that it does not apply.
Totally agree with Maxim, the activated carbon has an old vehicle that comes to help with different types of poisoning. Vodka and activated carbon that is what is necessary, but not vodka and egg or sunflower oil. Now there are a few alternatives, but I think that it is only pumping money. Coal is one hundred percent will not hurt, and really helps to know the main contraindications to the use, to be honest, I only just found out about them.
Activated carbon is very useful for the intestine, it absorbs all the toxic substances that accumulate in it, so if you take it correctly, the effect is remarkable. Not only will you grow thin, so also feel some ease. And about constipation agree, coal can aggravate the situation. It is necessary to drink enough fluids.
I also always take activated charcoal, if you suddenly poisoned. Recently watched TV series Borgia, because there just has such an episode, when the Pope was poisoned with poison so that he would certainly die from it, because it saved just coal. No pills course, as usual charred wood.
I also accept the activated carbon in capsules, when there is poisoning - I have never failed. It helps to recover. But here's an episode from the movie - saved from the poison of coal - so it's fantastic. Though it really helps, but do not attribute to him sverhchudesnye healing properties of the poison!
I have a rash on the drug which is poured out, then have a drink charcoal, and how many pills a day, I have the weight of 100kg
Gosh, I quote:
How to drink it before or after meals?
  Generally drink after a meal. But when something hurts it does not matter. But better to drink than activated charcoal white. It is easier once to drink - 2 pieces and everything is OK.
I'll tell you about an incident that occurred just yesterday. To eat grilled chicken shop and twisted stomach cramps, weight, etc. Discomfort. Drank 2 mezima, nothing happened, so promuchalas 4 hours, while her husband was advised not to drink coal, 8 pills helped literally 10 minutes passed flatulence, appetite, could eat an elephant, and no gravity! Specials
Hello))) and I can not discuss the topic but as coal helped me, I already 1, 5 years at the hands of alternating manifest allergic ailments, was at the doctor dermatologist, allergist, etc. . P .  .  . .  .  .  . 
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