Thrush in men - not such a rarity

June 20, 2013

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 Thrush in men
 Thrush or candidiasis mainly refers to diseases of the female population, but there are exceptions. Candidiasis can develop as males, while the pathological process affects various organs. Thrush in men is characterized by mild illness, but there are common cases of severe illness. Their development is primarily due to the state of the immune system.

Bacteria of the genus Candida are normally present in the human body and does not cause any problems as long as they control the reproduction of the beneficial bacteria. When equilibrium is disturbed bacterial and Candida begins to multiply uncontrollably, developing thrush. The most common is a vaginal yeast infection, however, in men thrush or yeast infection of the penis is also not uncommon. Men circumcised foreskin likely to develop thrush lower, as for bacteria require a moist environment.

Men can catch thrush during sexual intercourse, but they are susceptible to the disease only if their body broken natural bacterial balance.

Thrush can develop in men and for other reasons - for example, due to a long course of antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?
 Weakened immune system, and so on.

 Thrush in men - not such a rarity

The forms of manifestation of thrush

The most common yeast infection occurs with damage to reproductive organs in men, but can occur options with oral lesions and skin. The cause of the disease is a fungal flora, are representatives of genus Candida. An infectious disease due to fungal infections attributed to one of the most important, common problems of modern reality. This is one of the most common genital infections prevalence not only in Europe and America.

Thrush can occur as an independent disease, and may be accompanied by other infections that are transmitted sexually and belong to the group of STIs. Based on the evaluation of clinical variants secrete several forms of candidiasis:

  • acute form of the disease
  • Chronic, long-flowing form with frequent recurrences
  • Form carriage of Candida infection (kandidonositelstvo)

Most often causes the development of yeast Candida albicans, the pathogen is determined almost 80% of clinical cases. Recently, there are other types of pathogens that may also cause the yeast, e.g., Candida krusei or glabrata, tropicalis. They lead to the development of the most severe and common form of the disease that are difficult to rate antimycotic therapy.

Most vividly thrush occurs in men with acute. Clinical symptoms are characterized by the appearance of pain, abnormal discharge and changes in the skin at the site of the lesion.

A man will disturb pain during visits to the toilet, as well as during intercourse. In the head of the penis appears edema. In the affected area develops flushing or redness of the skin, joins pronounced itching, discomfort and burning. Draws attention to the appearance of cheesy white discharge with an unpleasant specific smell.


  • Intense itching of the glans penis
  • Discharge from the penis
  • Discomfort during intercourse
  • Rash and / or redness of the skin of the penis
  • Discomfort or pain when urinating weak
  • The emergence of smegma (mucus that looks reminiscent of homemade cheese, which has a strong unpleasant odor; it may appear not only due to the yeast, but also as a result of poor hygiene)
  • In the absence of treatment at the head of the penis may appear small nodules or seizure

If a man says the presence of even one of these symptoms, he should soon see a specialist for the timely appointment of a course of therapy.

Often thrush in men asymptomatic and goes away on its own. However, if your partner or partner has a yeast infection in the active phase, you should also receive treatment as a precaution.

 Thrush in men - not such a rarity

Immune problems

The development of yeast associated with the condition of immune deficiency, an infection may be accompanied by other diseases. It is important to identify the reason why there was a decrease of immunity, as in a healthy person can not develop a fungal infection. Protective body's ability to prevent the healthy male body from the pathological effects of the pathogen. Timely examination reveals not only violations in the state of immunity, as well as to exclude the presence of comorbidity. From this will further depend on the choice of treatment strategy, that is, to assign a course of therapy (complex therapy or antifungal therapy option only).

The chronic form of thrush accompanied by the development of periods of exacerbation alternating with periods subsided pathological manifestations or remission.

Over one year, can occur up to four periods of exacerbation. In remission is observed clinically significant episodes, the symptoms differ erased clinic. In some cases, may not be abnormal discharge, pain is not intense, they can be called more than discomfort or discomfort. Changes in the skin and mucous membranes in chronic disease are secondary, which manifests the development of tissue atrophy. The phenomena of edema Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause  Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause
 , Redness of the skin are not typical in the case of a long course of thrush.

In the event of an enabling environment, the impact of certain exogenous and endogenous factors are activated growth of fungal flora, and the disease becomes symptomatic form of the disease is the development of an exacerbation. This may contribute to the effect of exogenous following:

  • failure to comply with the rules of supply. It is proved that the excessive consumption of food rich in carbohydrates, sweets, bakery products, baking is a growth of fungi. Such foods for these pathogens fertile ground for the development of
  • violation of rules of personal hygiene. Wet and warm environment contributes to the development of fungi, so be sure to visit after showering, bathing, swimming pool carefully wipe the body, especially the genitals, and areas between the toes
  • Use flavored means for intimate hygiene gels, as these cosmetics can cause the phenomenon of skin irritation of genitals, which will also be a favorable factor for the development of thrush. In recent years, appeared in a broad sell quite a number of means to care, so their choice should be treated very carefully, so as not to harm the state of microflora
  • wearing underwear made from synthetic fabrics. This creates a kind of underwear "greenhouse effect", is formed when too wet and warm environment, which will lead immediately to the growth of pathogens. Underwear should be only from natural fabrics, do not fit too tightly, do not be fitting

Among the endogenous causes of yeast infection include the presence of comorbidities, such as metabolic diseases. Men with diabetes Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
 Thrush develops much more likely than other patients. Also, this will contribute to the various centers of a chronic infection that can be localized in the upper respiratory tract, the respiratory system and other organs. In this situation, a fungal infection Fungal infection: to prevent and defeat  Fungal infection: to prevent and defeat
   It develops in combination with the bacterial flora and other pathogens.

 Thrush in men - not such a rarity

Prevention of yeast infection in men

To avoid the development of thrush in the future, try to eat as little as possible of simple carbohydrates, sugary foods and products, in the manufacture of which were used yeast. Underwear made of natural fabrics also helps reduce the risk of thrush. If, despite the measures taken, recurrent thrush happen more often than 2-3 times a year, you need to consult a doctor because it may indicate the presence of you have serious underlying diseases.