The causes of infertility - heredity and lifestyle

October 5, 2006

  • The causes of infertility - heredity and lifestyle
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 causes of infertility
 For conception requires that complex processes of ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?  Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?
   fertilization and proceeded correctly. For some couples, despite all efforts, it is impossible to conceive a child. Infertility may be dependent on men or women or even from both partners.

Talking about marriage can be fruitless if within one year of regular sexual intercourse with one sexual partner in a woman of childbearing age did not become pregnant. The causes of infertility are associated with disorders of the reproductive system of one or both spouses. This problem has a social significance to the community, the state and public health, so it is important to prevent a further increase in clinical cases of infertility.

 The causes of infertility - heredity and lifestyle

The number of infertile couples increases

There has been a tendency to increase the number of infertility. There are infertility associated with male and female factors, as well as with co-factors from both partners (in 15% of cases). Quickly and correctly determining the cause of infertility of the couple is the main factor that determines the success of the therapy. Proportion of male and female infertility causes approximately the same (40% and 45%, respectively), and therefore should inspect couple, instead of only one partner.

The inability to have children in a marriage may be related to the absolute causes of infertility. In this situation, it is observed that in the genitals irreversible changes that prevent pregnancy. Sexual organs may be absent due to congenital malformations or after their removal during surgery. If it is impossible to have children in a particular marriage, it is a relative infertility. Individually from the floor can have children, but life together, their marriage remained fruitless.

Medical and social significance of the effects of infertile marriages primarily associated with psychological dissatisfaction due to the fact that the parent remained unrealized potential. This dissatisfaction can cause the development of not only neurosis Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock  Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock
 And form a complex of inferiority The inferiority complex - do not revel worthlessness  The inferiority complex - do not revel worthlessness
   and reduce the overall attitude and activity. This situation could further exacerbate existing extragenital diseases. This explains the need to examine the complex call for medical help the pair to identify the true cause of the problem encountered. The survey can be identified from the following causal factors of infertility:

  • existing hormonal disorders Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous  Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous
   (endocrine form)
  • pathological conditions of the body of the uterus and endometrium (uterine form)
  • Pipe and peritoneal factor infertility
  • immunological incompatibility between sexual partners
  • as a distinct form of infertility in endometriosis is isolated
  • infertility due to the presence of male factor

There is also the percentage of cases in which significantly determine the cause of infertility in couples is not given possible. Then we say that infertility is idiopathic.

 The causes of infertility - heredity and lifestyle

Predisposing factors

Aggravating factor for the development of infertility are urogenital infections. Of particular importance is the problem of urogenital chlamydia is one of the causes of infertility. This disease has a medical and social importance, since it refers to a highly contagious infectious diseases. The problem is due to the steady increase in the incidence of the infection - the world's annual 90 million new registered cases. This can be explained by the prevalence of violation of certain norms of sexual behavior when there is early sexual activity, often change sexual partners, while the level of public awareness is still low.

If we talk of the risk of infertility after suffering chlamydia, the causative agent of the infection is detected during examination of infertile couples in 49% of cases. This is due to the occurrence of these complications - obstruction of pipes, extensive adhesions. In drawing up a comprehensive program survey pair should necessarily exclude the possible presence of urogenital chlamydia. It is recommended to include this type of survey in order to identify the infectious agent if there is confidence that spouse has the ability to fertilize. It is a matter of principle, as the percentage of the presence of male factor causing infertility, remains high.

The need to survey pairs to eliminate infectious agent can still be explained in the following point - with chronic infection can lead to the development of immunologic factor infertility when ejaculate agglutination (or bonding) sperm. This is observed in the presence of a man of chronic inflammatory process (prostatovezikulita or epididymitis).

Causal factors of male and female infertility can be combined, so you need to examine both partners at the same time and not to postpone it indefinitely. Most often simultaneously detects signs of chronic urogenital infection, its complications and adverse effects, as well as psychosexual disorder.

In most cases, have to face the fact that men tend to postpone its examination on the grounds that the previous marriage they had children or pregnancy occurred sexual partners. But such statements can be called only an indirect sign of possible fertility in the past. A survey of men is less complicated process compared to a comprehensive examination of women, it refers to non-invasive procedures that can cause damage to health and life. Here are some methods of examination of women, on the contrary, involve certain risks, both for life and health. Only through a comprehensive survey pairs can identify possible factors for infertility in marriage and decide what will be chosen medical tactics.

Thrush in men - not such a rarity - Forum

June 20, 2013

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Quoting Nat:
I do not know if someone can help my agent: 1 liter of water for boiling, add salt 2ch.lozhki, cool to 40 degrees, add 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and 10 drops of iodine (iodine very well with fungus fights) and douche in the morning and evening After douching insert candles clotrimazole, and so 7 days, and preferably 10, to take into fluconazole of 0, 100, too, 10 days, vitamins drink necessarily, it is necessary to raise the immune system, no *** life. (for men, too, such a solution to wash the head, the oven will not terrible, and then ointment (clotrimazole) smear is also 2 times a day, and take into fluconazole 0, 150, a week later another drink 0, 150 flukanazola.Vsem good luck and health.: cry:
  Yeah, and burn the mucous membrane itself, and then is not that what not to.
Oh, you laugh some comments, that is, some men do not understand any women of any diseases. My husband had a thrush on a background of stress. Initially appointed ointment initially helped sort, and a week later the redness and itching. Then I had cured itself the means that helped me - fljukostat - drank capsule and everything was clean.
Guys! Here's how I coped with these fungi: 1 .  All treatment will be down the drain if you are infected by their beauty, and still continues to delight her with his favorite instrument! It turns out that every time you get infected by the new .  I half a year unsuccessfully treated this way .  From your favorite, of course, not go away, and even more from his wife, so that there is one way out - to be treated together, and try to avoid both the re-infections (*** s, if possible) .  To me it was simple - there was no love, and relationships were not perfect, so we just parted .  Immediately it became clear that - very sad and gloomy fate! There were situations when you feel - that this lovely lady you are far from being indifferent, and she will be glad to invite you this evening to morning tea! And when it is your true friend, living in his underwear, starts to keep his nose to the wind, you remember that you, among other things, something which has a personal portable mycelium, and naturally became very sad, and I had to act like the last impotent, or even worse - as a bluish idiot! "Krasotulechka, please excuse me - to me early tomorrow vtavat .   "In fact it is a great burden and unsettling .  After such an incident, I firmly took hold of their health .  First I got rid of all the old truseley and purchased new .  Secondly excluded from food sweet, sharp and including simple carbohydrates, as written below .  I'll coach on nutrition, so that I know - these products dramatically improve blood sugar .  This in itself is not very good, and even lowers immunity .  Kandiozom And, as with any other sore body fights itself, we only help him drugs .  So if the thrush appears again and again - then the cell-backs can not deal with it .  Then it was treated as follows: three times a day was doing the following proce fool: first washed with households .  soap his "wounded friend", then drying it in the air (no dryer haha) and smeared ointment "Clotrimazole" .  Then a very important aspect: drink your water intake! 30 ml per 1 kg body weight .  As for the women, too .  If you weigh 70 kg, the need to drink 30 = 70 * 2, 1 liter per day .  I brewed 2-3 sachets common daisy on 2 liters of water, pour it is all a matter of the bottle and drank during the day .  It can be a good green tea just brewed (not bags) .  Chamomile detrimental effect on disease-causing organisms, thereby enhancing immunity .  And green tea is full of antioxidants is generally comprehensive protection of health and youth of the whole organism .  Of course, much of the liquid will cause some inconvenience - the first time the toilet will become the most visited place .  But it's no big deal, man! ) Beauty, of course, not a lot of it will be difficult - for us then any shrub or angle rescue) .  It is also a couple of weeks .  Then the body will restore its moisture balance, and will treat water as a post .  Incidentally the rate of water can significantly improve health and prevent many diseases .  So .   a week later my little brother wounded was better .  Signs of fungi in such treatment will disappear immediately, but should stop the procedure as a day on the sly, they return polegonku .  After another 2 weeks I used the "heavy artillery" - fluconazole 150 mg .  All this time, the procedure continues .  After another week of repeated "art shelling" - fluconazole 150 mg on the first day, and the same in the second, ie, . e .  2 tablets after 2 days .  Then another throughout the week to continue treatment .  And Hallelujah, brothers! I am healthy! beauties I go to you! ))) And in that time I became addicted to daisy - now often drink it throughout the day)
Hello Can use fresh beer provoke strengthening of thrush? The question arose due to the fact that the article says "to avoid the development of yeast in the future, try to eat as little as possible simple carbohydrates, sweet food products and in the manufacture of yeast were used." The content of the yeast in beer sufficiently high.
Repeatedly I watched under the guise of yeast vaginosis treat! But these are different diseases, from yeast prescribe antifungal, most of vaginosis populyarntsy Fluomizin drug that is not antifungal! Such errors can be costly, lead to serious consequences such as infertility!
I quote from the novel:
Hello girl told me that I had infected with thrush (Tipo I slept with the other and it is not true), I myself could get sick thrush and infect your girlfriend? And a woman may be ill thrush from another partner and infect me?
  And she could infect most often is transmitted by ***. But you yourself could become ill during treatment with antibiotics, waning immunity, non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.
I lived with a girl three years away and earned candidiasis, the most interesting is that it has no sign, and I suffered from constant relapses, and when it dripped I went to the doctor, where tests and all that your doctor has prescribed medication, but they assisted only at the reception, after again all developed in a new, even more went to sleep with the same girl ... after a while went back, but another doctor, again analyzes the treatment again, got out again .... in general razoschelsya with a friend and decided to get rid of completely, he obryl, studied all, and found a treatment option, which led to a complete recovery. He was treated for a month, and already half a year no hint of yeast, it is not difficult or expensive. If you want to write on the phone, I write it helped me ...
Quoting nata:
Already we talked about this, but add and myself. Friends! Do not waste your nerves - thrush is not treated FOREVER. It can periodically heal. But the cure for all - is unrealistic.
  In the village Gadyukino, of course, impossible. But in civilized countries thrush long learned to be effectively treated. Forever. When I hear such words from alleged medical and wants to ask - where to buy a diploma?
Already we talked about this, but add and myself. Friends! Do not waste your nerves - thrush is not treated FOREVER. It can periodically heal. But the cure for all - is unrealistic. I am a nurse and I know what I'm saying. When it was quite unbearable - douche decoction of chamomile, with the addition of baking soda in it. That's all treatments. No Diflucan - clotrimazole not help, only the liver, "Ugra".
Hello! At me here what a story! I got a rash like a yellowish-white color, on the head and on the skin and gave pokoya.I yaichkah.Zud I neimel notion what it is ... overcame himself and went to a dermatologist (very stydnovato was), the doctor looked and he said that there is nothing he does not see, and that I have everything I norm..Vot and scored on this discomfort with time privyk.I uncredited you, or find me some some distant person, I took 3 YEARS !! The rash is still impassable, and the doctor treated a second time, I did not want to! And one day, in a conversation with a friend, I learned that thrush is both men climbed into Nat honored symptoms, and found the answer, I had thrush !! I went to the pharmacy and asked to advise that a thrush, she gave me "Diflyuzol" (0, 15 g), there is one capsule in the package, and costs 22 hryvnia (120 rubles) .and that's it !!! Helped after 7 hours after ingestion, it went))))
To quote George:
please tell me the name of the doctor that you want to treat male thrush? thank.
no urologist, dermatologist, urologist ... clearly I was, I know ..: oops:
I do not know if someone can help my agent: 1 liter of water for boiling, add salt 2ch.lozhki, cool to 40 degrees, add 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and 10 drops of iodine (iodine very well with fungus fights) and douche in the morning and evening After douching insert candles clotrimazole, and so 7 days, and preferably 10, to take into fluconazole of 0, 100, too, 10 days, vitamins drink necessarily, it is necessary to raise the immune system, no *** life. (for men, too, such a solution to wash the head, the oven will not terrible, and then ointment (clotrimazole) smear is also 2 times a day, and take into fluconazole 0, 150, a week later another drink 0, 150 flukanazola.Vsem good luck and health.: cry:
Prompt the doctor said that I had candidiasis, prescribed pills and ointment FUTSIS DT trimistin. The itch was, and has remained a small rash. What do you advise me mozhee. Help me please.
To quote George:
please tell me the name of the doctor that you want to treat male thrush? thank.
please tell me the name of the doctor that you want to treat male thrush? thank.
orungal helps by fungi of the genus Candida? They have a husband already ina head and in the mouth! What can we do to what doctor obraschatsya?
Thrush is known -Diseases dirty hands to give advice to wash your hands before and after the toilet, and so if there is such a nuisance that 99% households soap can help, well on raney stage accurately.
Quoting Drakol:
Does anyone know how to deal with similar garbage current language? Just sore tongue burning, redness, and it is all in white Pliz raid ... Help! If you know.
After eating, rinse your mouth with a solution of sage or romashki.I rassosat nystatin tablet! Exclude from the diet (alcohol, spicy, Salins, sour, sweet), or reduce consumption. Approximately 7 days -8.
Good afternoon. The problem with thrush in all, I, too, that just does not drink, but after a short time, it all began again. Then I suggested that it is possible to drink tablets Nystatin and do the night swabs Nestatinovoy ointment, 14 days if need to be repeated again. And I did it go !!! True. I was surprised, e expensive drugs, put 20-30 rub.Tolko husband, too, it is necessary to treat at that point. Otherwise all again will be. It's a fact.
Oleg quote:
Please tell me whether you can catch thrush through kissing or cutlery? Already treated 2 times, there snova.Chuvstvuyu itself defective and dangerous to the people around me.
Through a kiss can be. It is advisable to get tested and strokes. The peculiarity of symptoms of thrush in the mouth are the so-called "'ll pick". In short, if a partner engaged in oral *** ohms with a man that has thrush, and then climbed up to kiss you, consider you are "ready" :-)
Mila I quote:
I am 18 let.Poyavilis cheesy discharge is not a pleasant week nazad.I zapah.Kupila klotrimazol.Vrode would help the small. But I fear for the young man. He does not have itching, redness and no vydeleniy..ya just afraid that perhaps he has caught the early days and now it is not noticeable. Is it possible ???
Yes, maybe. probability of infection somewhere prtsent under 100. Give him tabletochku and mazkoy let anoint. Just like a hand lift.
Guest quote:
Thrush - an eternal disease. Doctors prescribed various medications (courses for six months !!!), but the effect is always the same - a temporary relief, and then all over again. I plan pregnancy. What are the consequences of a thrush entails and whether you can get rid of it forever? Thank you:-)
Guys, drugs are prescribed by doctors to help and cause privykaemost, I suffered this nonsense with it after mesechnyh proved due to the use of tampons and some pads ... I'm tired of spending so much money, and I turned to folk medetsine, helped me a vaginal enema of chamomile certainly pleasant enough but the result is on the face, I am healthy
Guest quote:
Please tell me, such a situation: the girl was sick thrush without knowing it. after the *** without *** and in my head there were red dots, and after a while a white discharge. But then everything disappeared before the next *** a. C om *** this is not present. Now she is treated, and almost no ***, I siptomy not appear. You can find out whether I am still a carrier of this infection?
If caught, the good and yavlyaeshsya carrier, treated only the symptoms, thrush, like herpes, cure can not be cured
If you have a yeast infection, then your body goiter. Having cured overgrowth, the body itself will restore miklofloru his body. Another tool to use - sodium tetraborate (borax in glycerine) costs 20 rubles, apply 5 days (insert tompony or lubricated). But the best cure goiter.
my guy thrush and when he was examined by a doctor, he was told that in the mouth of the patient may also contain bacteria and yeast can be transmitted even when potseluyah.Pravda it?
Nystatin ointment candles "Levorol", that's what helps me, but until there is a *** ((((
Tell me, you can drink mikosist men for prevention? For me, the best remedy for thrush MIKOSIST.Provereno !!!!!
The effective rate for the m: - futsis 200 - klotrimalol cream. All of the above has really helped? And how much should continue the course of treatment?
1. Bystryyzhenschinam: candles kanbidene 200flukonozol kapsulamuzhchinam 1: 1 kapsulakrem klotrimazol2 fluconazole. Effektivnyyzh: futsis 200 (4 tablets, drink a day) polizhinak (6 or 12 candles) yogurt capsules (1 capsule per day \ 30 days), m: futsis 200klotrimalol krem.Est have a lot of options.
the first day, in the morning mikomaks (flukazanol) on empty stomach (and in 4-5 days) Total 2 times !!! During this first day of the night a candle 'Ginezol 7 "for 7 dney.Propustit 3-4 days, and then, too, with candles Atseklakt week. Total course should take about 3 nedel.PRAVILA: 1. No *** as 3 weeks! 2. Do not drink alkogol.3. Arrange mode dnya.4. Throw synthetic stringi.Vash cotton paroshutiki choice! (I'm serious) 5. Ezhednevki! 6. The partner should also be treated! Good luck!
I always thought that I ate a dog in the treatment of thrush, but when it becomes chronic, you start otchaivatsya ... All that before pomogalo- clotrimazole, nystatin (candles), terzhinan now does not work ... It is necessary to treat the disease from the inside - and stock up bifidobacteria
Hike to the doctors, tried many, the result nulevoy.A doctors that of itself any roosters build and rezultota not. Maybe there are folk remedies or proven ,? guys write, pliz .......!
Men infected with thrush only *** but with portnёrshey or any other way?
I periodically is thrush, drink flucanozole helps the next day or the day after, and the cost is low 80rub could now stands (composition as I remember, the same as fljukostat). Interestingly, and for the treatment of thrush husband flucanozole help ???
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