A biopsy of the cervix in the erosion - of the survey

January 27, 2013

 a biopsy of the cervix during erosion
 Cervical erosion is one of the most common gynecological diseases. Self-diagnosis - cervical erosion - it is impossible, we can only suspect its existence only with the appearance of some symptoms. Typically, erosion of the cervix reveals gynecologist on routine inspection. But before you start the treatment of the disease, the patient is assigned to an expanded inspection. The list includes a biopsy of the cervix A biopsy of the cervix - do not assume the worst  A biopsy of the cervix - do not assume the worst
 Which allows you to confirm or refute the diagnosis with an accuracy of almost one hundred percent. However, a biopsy of the cervix when erosion is carried out not for all patients, but only in difficult cases.

 A biopsy of the cervix in the erosion - of the survey

What is cervical erosion

The cervix is ​​the vagina (the visible part) and their anatomical localization tends to take all the blows (disease) on .  Cervical channel is the link between the cavity of the uterus and vagina .  Due to its location, the cervix is ​​easily injured during intercourse, douching, or a pelvic exam .  In addition, the cervix is ​​easily infected pathological microflora (for example, obesity) .  These factors can explain the frequent occurrence of erosion in women .  Normally, the cervical canal is lined with columnar epithelium and vaginal portion of the cervix stratified squamous .  On erosion, ectopia or say when part of stratified squamous epithelium is replaced by a cylindrical .  It is called pseudo .  But there is also a true erosion, which looks like a congested spot on the cervix and is a portion of damage .  In the occurrence of cervical erosion are guilty of the following factors: the frequent change of sexual partners, vaginal infections, including those that are sexually transmitted, childbirth (especially traumatic), abortion, hormonal disorders .  The disease is quite rare, but can go into cervical cancer, so it is important to promptly treat erosion .  Before the treatment of cervical erosion Treatment of cervical erosion - an approach must be an individual  Treatment of cervical erosion - an approach must be an individual
   the woman is assigned the following survey:

  • tests for infection Tests for infections - important indicators  Tests for infections - important indicators
 Sexually transmitted infections;
  • Analysis on the human papilloma virus (commonly cause cervical cancer);
  • extended colposcopy Colposcopy - how to prepare it properly?  Colposcopy - how to prepare it properly?
  • cytology;
  • a biopsy of the cervix.

 A biopsy of the cervix in the erosion - of the survey

Erosion and cervical biopsy

A biopsy of the cervix during erosion are not always carried out, and only in difficult cases. A biopsy of the cervix is ​​a medical manipulation, during which a diseased portion is taken (pinch off or cut) a piece of tissue for subsequent histological study it. A biopsy of the cervix is ​​performed with a scalpel, electrocautery Surgitron, electric loop (from the unit diatermokoagulyatora) or just special tweezers. The main points are important when a biopsy of the cervix:

  • a biopsy should be performed only in the first half of the cycle (the third - the fifth day after the end of the month);
  • manipulation is carried out only in the absence of genital infections;
  • biopsy for suspected cervical erosion should be carried out under the supervision of a colposcope with mandatory staining pathological focus Lugol solution (in this case the erosion of well-rendered);
  • after a biopsy of the cervix woman must abide by a series of recommendations (for two weeks did not lift weights, do not sexually active and not taking a bath).

After removal of abnormal cervical portion it is placed in a solution of 10% formaldehyde and sent for histological examination.

 A biopsy of the cervix in the erosion - of the survey

The results of histological examination

In 90% of cases, the results of histological examination confirmed the diagnosis of cervical erosion. In other cases, the doctor-histologist can provide the following conclusions:

  • Chronic cervicitis

This inflammatory process in the cervix and do not require surgical treatment. Cervicitis therapy is to assign the anti-inflammatory agents.

  • Squamous metaplasia

We can say that it is "good" and the conclusion suggests self-healing of cervical erosion.

  • Dysplasia

There are three degrees of dysplasia. In first-degree anti-inflammatory treatment is carried out, after which it disappears. The second and third degree considered precancerous disease and require surgical treatment.

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Ovarian apoplexy - that require immediate help

August 18, 2014

  • Ovarian apoplexy - that require immediate help
  • Treatment

 Ovarian apoplexy
   For ovarian apoplexy usually result in inflammatory processes in the uterus and its appendages. Getting such inflammatory processes often produce infections, sexually transmitted diseases, so it is very important to their early detection and proper treatment.


Apoplexy ovary - what is it?

Apoplexy of the ovary are also called myocardial ovary, ovarian hematoma, rupture of an ovary. This is a serious condition that occurs when the blood vessels break ovary and ovarian tissue, resulting in severe internal bleeding occurs in the peritoneal cavity.

The cause apoplexy is to strengthen the rush of blood to the ovary, where there have been any violations circulation: varicose or sclerotic (in the walls of blood vessels growing connective tissue, and they can not normally reduced) vessels.

Such changes in the blood vessels are usually the result of the inflammatory process in the uterus and its appendages. But sometimes the primary inflammation develops in the abdomen, which is adjacent to the ovaries. For example, the cause of ovarian apoplexy may be appendicitis.

Dangerous moment there are physiological rush of blood to the ovary with altered blood vessels. This happens during the time of ovulation (release of the ovarian follicle in the ovary), in situ formation ruptured follicle temporary endocrine gland corpus luteum and active in her sprouting of blood vessels, during sex, menstruation, sudden physical exertion, abdominal injuries. But apoplexy ovarian case and without any prior voltage, such as during sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams

Sometimes, under the influence of hormones is increased secretion of pituitary luteinizing hormone, it leads to increased rush of blood to the ovary. If the blood vessels and tissue of the ovary were changed, such inflow can rupture ovarian i.e. apoplexy.

Before rupture and bleeding from the ovary in its tissues often already have a small bleeding (hematoma - a consequence of the previous apoplexy physical exertion), which causes abdominal pain because of compression of tissue. Under this pressure, the ovarian tissue is torn. Even with the small hole (it is rarely more than 1 cm in diameter) there is significant bleeding. Bleeding may occur out of the hole formed after ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?  Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?


Symptoms of ovarian apoplexy

Most often suffer from myocardial ovary women aged 25-35 years. Less frequently, this pathology is found in women of other ages, including girls, have not come at the time of puberty Puberty child - stages of a complex path  Puberty child - stages of a complex path
 . Because ovarian apoplexy can be caused by different factors, the phenomenon can happen to any woman, including those who had never complained to any gynecological problems.

It is noticed that the right ovary apoplexy is more common than left apoplexy. Doctors attribute this to the fact that the right ovary because of its location is better supplied with blood. The right ovarian artery departs directly from the aorta, while the left is from the renal artery. As a result, the ovaries develop slightly asymmetrically: right usually has a large size, its lymphatic system is better developed.

Of course, this does not mean that the left ovary apoplexy impossible: just found a gap ovarian tissue from the left side more often. Therefore, the pain in the left side of the abdomen - no less serious symptom than the right lower abdominal pain. In any case, should immediately seek medical attention because a delay may cost too much.

Apoplexy ovary begins with the appearance of a sudden acute pain in the abdomen, with the longer side of the painful defeat, but there may be spilled and pain throughout the abdomen, smack down, into the rectum, the upper part of the lower extremity and pelvis. Nearly

always attack pain is accompanied by various disorders of the autonomic nervous system (which supplies the organs and blood vessels) - nausea, vomiting and even diarrhea.

Internal bleeding is manifested by dizziness, and in severe bleeding - loss of consciousness. The reason for this condition is a sharp drop in blood pressure and a violation of this cardiac activity (collapse).

On examination, the patient doctor can feel an increase in size and ovary very painful.

In some cases, ovarian apoplexy difficult to distinguish from an ectopic pregnancy, or even from an attack of acute appendicitis. A possible and sometimes a combination of all three of these emergency conditions. Therefore, surgery is often necessary to start without pre-set final diagnosis.



Causes of ovarian apoplexy - the gap hematoma luteum or (more rarely) the gap hematoma follicle. These hematomas may be, in turn, are caused by different factors: ovarian cystic changes, sclerotic changes in blood vessels, varicose veins, inflammatory processes. Sometimes the blood vessels of the ovaries are changed due to the occurrence of neuroendocrine disorders.

For the occurrence of ovarian apoplexy, a combination of several factors: the physiological blood supply to the pelvic organs, increased permeability of the vessel walls, and any injury or inflammation.

For example, the disease can be caused by abdominal trauma, violent sexual intercourse, surgery, improper position of the uterus, inflammation in the abdomen (such as appendicitis) or mechanical compression of vascular tumor. Sometimes the cause of rupture of the ovary can become even strong nervous shock. Many patients do not manage to identify the predisposing factor that led to the rupture of ovarian tissue. In some cases even apoplexy precedes any significant voltage - for example, the rupture of the tissues occurs during sleep.

Despite the fact that the disease can express themselves in any day of the cycle, most ovarian apoplexy occurs during menstruation or before menstruation, since the twelfth day of the cycle. At this time, hormonal changes, pelvic organs are filled with blood, and the probability of rupture of the follicle or corpus luteum increases. Quite often appears in the background of apoplexy caused by hormonal imbalances delayed menstruation.


Rupture of ovarian cysts

Apoplexy ovarian cyst - not quite the correct term. Correct to speak of rupture of ovarian cysts Rupture of ovarian cysts - requires emergency surgery  Rupture of ovarian cysts - requires emergency surgery
 . If from ovarian apoplexy is not insured, no woman, the cyst rupture can occur only in those in whom this was a cyst. Unfortunately, many women are not even aware of a host of such tumors. A cyst is a vial of liquid, which occurs most often from the swollen beyond measure follicle.

Manifestations of ovarian cyst rupture are similar to the symptoms of apoplexy. Cyst rupture can occur due to trauma, severe physical exertion during sexual intercourse. Transferred last pelvic inflammation reduces the strength of ovarian tissue and can also cause rupture of the cyst.