Surgery to remove endometrial polyps - scraping

January 26, 2013

 surgery to remove endometrial polyps
 Often, during the examination of women (by pelvic ultrasound) reveal a pathological entity which is in the uterus, ie endometrial polyp. Such polyps to be treated, but only surgical technique, as they do not respond to hormonal therapy. Normally, endometrial polyps are more common in women of reproductive age, but perhaps their appearance and in pre- and postmenopausal women Postmenopause - is it possible to control it?  Postmenopause - is it possible to control it?
 . In addition to subjective discomfort that they cause (bleeding, irregular menstrual cycles), endometrial polyps can cause infertility and even degenerate into cancer of the uterus. Surgery to remove endometrial polyps is performed in a hospital by scraping the uterine cavity Curettage - how dangerous it is?  Curettage - how dangerous it is?
   or hysteroscopic way.

 Surgery to remove endometrial polyps - scraping

How does hysteroscopic endometrial polyp

Hysteroscopy is not only diagnostic method, and therapeutic. After injection into the uterine cavity fluid or gas is introduced into it a special apparatus - hysteroscope. With the help of this device inspect the uterine cavity and identify it abnormal formation.

Polyp endometrial cancer looks like an abnormal formation of the mucous membrane, which is somewhat or significantly above the surface .  Endometrial polyps can be either on the stem (movable polyp), or without, that is associated with mucous base .  Typically, endometrial polyps have a round or oval shape and different dimensions .  Maybe as a single endometrial polyp and multiple .  If a polyp is connected to the base of the endometrium (ie there is no leg), it is always less than the polyp .  In view of a smooth surface of polyps, but it is possible and folding .  Painting polyps radically different from the lining of the uterus .  Their color pale pink and has a gray or yellowish tint .  That color polyps can be distinguished from wrinkling of the endometrium .  In some cases, polyps are well defined blood vessels .  If education is defined purple spots, it constitutes a violation supply polyp .

 Surgery to remove endometrial polyps - scraping

Curettage to remove endometrial polyps

Now it should be noted that the removal of polyps of the endometrium, either by scraping or by hysteroscopy should be in the first phase of the menstrual cycle (uterus "clean").

Uterine polyps are removed only after the compulsory conduct diagnostic hysteroscopy, which allows you to see the number of structures and their location. Curettage of the uterus is carried out after the expansion of the cervical canal with special tools - expanders curette (she resembles a spoon with a hole inside). Curette should be kept free, without much effort, as the holding pen. After the introduction of a curette into the uterus is made easy pressing movement by which the endometrium is scraped off, and the curette to promote internal zevu. These movements are repeated several times to completely remove the polyp. Then produce scraping endometrium from the front, rear and side walls thereof. This not only detection of polyps in the uterine cavity, but also in the cervical canal Cervical canal - the path traversed by every person  Cervical canal - the path traversed by every person
   necessary to separate scraping (first cervical canal, then the uterus). After the operation should be repeated hysteroscopy (control endometrium). If during hysteroscopy revealed no polyps or their remains, continue scraping procedure, after which again held control hysteroscopy.

In case of detection during hysteroscopy large polyps, uterine curettage course of a few changes. Cervix extend the maximum (expanders Gegara to № 13-15), and he polyp is removed with special forceps. Tongs are introduced into the uterus, abnormal formation of capture, and then turn the curling around its axis, thereby producing a loosening of the polyp. After this procedure, a control hysteroscopy. In case of scraping the remnants of the polyp Scraping - heavy and unsafe procedure  Scraping - heavy and unsafe procedure
   complete uterine curette.

In some situations, to remove a large endometrial polyp is only possible with the help of a hysteroscope to accede to the nozzle - Resectoscope (in its essence is the scissors). Introducing the hysteroscope into the uterine cavity, scissors is supplied to the base of the polyp, and then it is cut off. Then you must enter the uterus forceps that capture and removal of polyps taken out.

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Anti-inflammatory suppositories - a wide range of activities in various diseases

December 30, 2012

 anti-inflammatory suppositories
 In gynecological practice in the treatment of diseases of reproductive sphere special place removed local or topical therapy. With this purpose anti suppositories. They are active against a large number of microorganisms, so depending on the selected culture of the pathogen is assigned a certain kind of spark.


The use of candles for medicinal purposes

Candles are used vaginally in the complex therapeutic measures have broad antimicrobial activity. They have an impact on the following pathogens:

  • bacteria (aerobic, anaerobic and mixed bacterial flora)
  • mushrooms (the genus Candida, non-albicans and others)
  • viruses
  • protozoa

To identify the specific causative agent of an infectious disease is possible by means of microbiological studies. Regular smear on vaginal microflora The microflora of the vagina: purity  The microflora of the vagina: purity
   It gives only a tentative result. To identify the causative agent and its sensitivity to known antibacterial drugs should be undertaken extensive research (bacterial crop discharge from the vagina). This helps to avoid the development of resistant forms of microorganisms and increases the percentage of positive results of treatment.

Local treatment of vaginal suppositories administration relieves inflammation phenomenon, effectively helps eliminate clinical manifestations of the disease (itching, swelling, discomfort, redness over the treatment gradually pass).

The very form of the candles is very easy to use, so the plug is easily introduced and it does not require special training.


In some cases, shows the assignment of candles

Local inflammation of the vagina (the diverse nature colpites) can occur in two forms - acute and chronic. Therapeutic measures in these forms of disease differ somewhat. For acute inflammation characterized by a pronounced clinical picture, which is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • pathological secretions, they become greater in number, change the color, smell and consistency
  • burning sensation, itching expressed
  • may accede painful urination
  • discomfort, pain during sexual intercourse

In this case, there is only one course of treatment lasting up to six, seven days. Another tactic is to be selected, if the inflammation is prolonged, a chronic course. Anti candles are appointed for fourteen days.

Chronic characterized by aggravation of the pathological process, under certain conditions, so it is important to carry out preventive treatment.

This is particularly important when a woman takes anti-bacterial agents, preparing for the upcoming surgery, suffering severe comorbidities (eg, diabetes).

Candles are also prescribed in the case of a woman undergoing a complex therapy for inflammation in the uterus and appendages (endometritis, salpingitis and oophoritis). Local anti-inflammatory therapy helps in the prevention of complications, that is, the further spread of infection through the cervical canal Cervical canal - the path traversed by every person  Cervical canal - the path traversed by every person
 . Displaying appointment combined candles that contain more of the active antimicrobial component. Candles (or capsule) "Polizhinaks" have a therapeutic effect in inflammation of mixed flora (nonspecific bacterial, fungal flora). The two antibacterial components which are composed of candles, have an impact on a wide range of bacterial flora, which can cause inflammation of infectious nature. Before the appointment of the drug to be determined sensitivity of detection of pathogens to the components of the candles. If there is a need for preventive anti-course, for example, before elective gynecological surgery, the vaginal suppositories Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation  Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation
   administered six days once during the day.

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