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July 27, 2008

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 Trichopolum side effects

Side effects

Trichopolum - is an antibacterial drug used for the treatment of various infectious diseases. It belongs to the class of antibiotics, and is derived from nitroimidazole. The drugs work by inhibiting the growth of protozoa and bacteria. By Trichopolum not susceptible aerobic microorganisms and facultative anaerobes, but in the presence of mixed flora (aerobic and anaerobic) Trichopolum acts synergistically with antibiotics effective against conventional aerobes. Like any other drug, Trichopolum has a number of side effects.

 Side Effects | Trichopolum - he treats?

Admission Trichopolum may lead to the emergence of a number of side effects. In general, these side effects are not harmful to health and disappear by themselves when the body adapts to the new drug. But over time, if the side effects are not only not disappear, but are more severe, contact your doctor. These side effects include:

  • constipation;
  • diarrhea;
  • reduction or loss of appetite;
  • upset stomach, vomiting;
  • headaches and dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • metallic taste in the mouth.

 Side Effects | Trichopolum - he treats?

Serious side effects

When serious side effects as soon as possible to see a doctor. Such a potentially dangerous side effects include:

  • frequent (or infrequent) urge to urinate;
  • blood in the stool;
  • severe diarrhea;
  • itching and burning sensation when urinating;
  • dizziness, irritability;
  • depression;
  • sleep disturbance Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
  • confusion, hallucinations;
  • convulsions;
  • excessive development of fungal vaginal flora (candidiasis);
  • white patches in the mouth;
  • fever and chills.

 Side Effects | Trichopolum - he treats?

Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions can also be carried to the side effects of Trichopolum. If you have an allergic reaction should seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to Trichopolum include: shortness of breath, a feeling of heaviness and tightness in the chest, the increase in language, swelling of the lips and face, rash and itching.

 Side Effects | Trichopolum - he treats?

Side effects when applied topically

Trichopolum produced in the form of tablets, vaginal tablets, creams, gels, ointments and solutions for intravenous administration, ampoules and vials. All the above mentioned side effects occur when receiving Trichopolum tablets. For external use Trichopolum experience the following side effects: a slight burning sensation, itching, dryness and peeling of the skin.

 Side Effects | Trichopolum - he treats?


During the reception Trichopolum banned alcohol as development disulfiramopodobnyh reactions (sharp pain, feeling hot, headache). Use caution when applying Trichopolum patients with pathologies of the central nervous system. If you experience side effects from the nervous system, should review the feasibility of prescribing.

When liver failure Trichopolum appoint strict indications and under strict medical supervision, because of the possible accumulation of the drug and the deterioration of the patient up to hepatic coma.

If you are taking the drug in the patient experience side changes from the side of the blood, all subsequent use metronidozola should be under the control of hemogram. After treatment control is required for the analysis of blood 10 days.

After applying Trichopolum may cause candidiasis oral mucosa, genitals, digestive tract, this condition requires the use of antifungal agents. Trichopolum able to penetrate into breast milk, so if taking it is necessary, you should temporarily stop breastfeeding Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!  Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!

During therapy Trichopolum should avoid working with complex mechanisms and management of road transport because of the risk of dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet  Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet
 , Confusion, seizures.

 Side Effects | Trichopolum - he treats?

Interaction with other drugs

In an application Trichopolum enhances the effect of anticoagulants and increases the prothrombin time. With simultaneous use of disulfiram may develop acute psychosis and disorientation.

With short-term use Trichopolum Trichopolum - indications for use are wide enough  Trichopolum - indications for use are wide enough
   during treatment with lithium salts in high doses may increase the concentration of lithium in the blood plasma, increasing its toxicity and symptoms of renal dysfunction.

In an application Trichopolum with astemizole and terfenadine is possible ECG changes, arrhythmias, heart block, syncope.

 Side Effects | Trichopolum - he treats?


Trichopolum absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy up to 12 weeks. When pregnancy over 12 weeks Trichopolum can be used under strict indications and under strict medical supervision. Also contraindicated Trichopolum nursing mothers, as with the breast milk gets into the child's body.

Ovarian Cysts - normal or dangerous? - Forum

June 20, 2013

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I do not think that in our time we must allow ourselves to be afraid of such diagnoses. There - Lechi, not treated - operate. It is necessary first of all to think about preserving their health and do not be afraid to be tested at the elementary gynecologist. Nothing wrong with that. So we gather all your thoughts, think of the children (not of the present, because of the future), and together went to improve their health.
Julia, ovarian cysts in women is not such a rare phenomenon in this age of fear it makes no sense. You're right, we should look, as they say, the problem in the eye. It is impossible to ignore the advice of doctors who regularly have to go to a gynecologist. Then certainly before the operation will not come. I know those who have recovered some medicines. Do not despair, the diagnosis - not fatal.
What is an ovarian cyst to know I did not know until then, until my doctor it well, ultrasound has not seen. She said that it is possible and necessary to do the operation. But when I next came to her - all, nothing was gone, melted away. And there are no problems - a regular monthly, the child's birth. So under the knife, I feel no need to rush accurately, everything is fine itself may pass without a trace.
Oksana, I do not think you're an expert in the field of gynecology and certainly know how to cure a cyst on the ovary, so advise people to calm down and hope for self-absorption of the tumors is not necessary, because you can man up and bring death without medical assistance. Therefore it is always worth to pass a full inspection and follow the doctor's recommendations.
Oksana, do not say that all education dissolve without a trace. Do not mislead people. Most often, they just tend to rise, and quite intense. And if time does not operate on such things, it is possible to lose health forever. Any formation of dangerous and they must be observed, you may have been something else.
Do not treated cyst treatment? Frankly, I myself do not know the exact answer, but I doubt that the cyst is removed only operable methods. While it may of course all depends on its type) Anyway, I had a cyst and treated me to her treatment (no longer remember how long ago it was). And now there is nothing. In any case, your doctor knows best what treatments to use.
Julia, it is likely you have had a functional character, treat them and some do not have to independently pass without any drugs. But when it comes to really about education, whether it is benign or malignant, the operation is a must. Otherwise, no way to get rid of it is not such do not resolve your own.
I experienced this sore five years ago. I discovered by accident a doctor on physical examination in the antenatal clinic. My husband and I wanted a baby, but did not succeed. I went to the hospital to be surveyed, and that's a nasty surprise. Now I understand why I could not get pregnant for a long time. I had then to be treated, to run on doctors, but I think there was a miracle, I managed)), I normally make even a child. He is now 4 years old. And as soon after birth the midwife looked up and saw nothing, all resorbed)).
Dinara, and unless the presence of cysts can prevent pregnancy? In my opinion you have a completely different reason. Just you eventually do with their health, receive medical treatment and your wish. My friend just found a cyst during pregnancy, but she refused the operation. The cyst is not resolved after birth, but not increased. So I had to be treated later.
But I do not know what ovarian cyst is dangerous, until one day she was at my girlfriend did not burst. Girlfriend just felt pain and do not betray this value. I did not want to call an ambulance, but in the meantime she has revealed internal bleeding. Urgent taken when the stand the pain no longer have the strength and quickly operated and pumped blood. So do not mess with it, lovely woman.
Nastya, well, that left a comment. Can someone read it and thus life itself or a close save. And then in our country, women do not like myself at all. Whip until recently did not cause to think that will resolve itself. And as a result there are very deplorable results. And doctors do not want to go at all. All the time and money they have for themselves. Women take care of yourself)
I have several times been diagnosed with these cysts, the first time ten years ago. But I really do not like doctors, inspection and everything connected with it. So I decided at once that do nothing to them will not, and all self-absorbable fine! So, as they say, time heals and nowhere at once in the body with a scalpel or a laser to climb, once there is a chance that the very pass.
Ian, do not agree with you. Just you are lucky, you can see a hormonal change, or something happened that contributed to the resorption of this muck. But still can not be so negligent attitude to your body, it is fraught with serious consequences. To doctors need to seek help, need to be surveyed, observed. Not necessarily that they will cause you to have surgery, there are other ways.
And who knows whether there are complications after the removal of ovarian cysts? I just heard a story that a girl properly conducted an operation and then have to re-do. But this is bad for the body, and the effect of anesthesia is always negative ... Or at the current laser applications, these problems are minimized? I would like to know the opinion of those who have already been through it!
Dear Maria, can not be so simple to answer you, because in each case can be very different outcome. Someone qualified doctor prescribe the hormone for the treatment of ovarian cysts and it will help, but in either case, the operation can not be avoided. Therefore no guarantees for the success of this procedure, no you will not, listen to any gossip less and treated!
Mary, the complications can be as well as after any other surgery, is that you never anticipate, since in any case the risk. But then we must understand that being at home in the body the formation of your risk even more. You just need to choose a good surgeon and a clinic equipped with modern equipment, where possible, and if it is not possible simply to believe the best.
I recently went to the US and I also found a cyst. But the doctor said that she was "functional" and delete it is not necessary. Like, this is a feature of my organism and it will then decrease, then increase depending on the day of the cycle. Can I do something wrong written? This generally can be? And somehow I worry) Maybe better check again at another specialist? )
Nataliya Magerramova, I would in your place better to go to a specialist to accurately confirm its presence, size and origin. It is very important for your female health, because the effects of ovarian cysts are not predictable. You can start the process to such an extent that then require a more serious and expensive treatment. Have another doctor look.
Alina Kiseleva, so I have had time since the last time checked the ovaries. And, of course, Uzi me a thousand times during pregnancy did. Checked from head to toe. At the same time the brush did not say never, but I forgot to ask. But probably I follow your advice and check again. The child is in fact need a healthy mother) Well, to me it's the next pregnancy to prepare)
Nataliya Magerramova, I also found a functional cyst. The doctor said that there is nothing terrible. Just watching his well-being and from time to time in the US to come. They appointed me the pill. During their reception cyst may become smaller. I have no reason not to trust the doctor for a long time she watched and she is pregnant I have led.
Nataliya Magerramova, it happens on certain days of the cycle ultrasound can detect cysts, but then it goes and do in this case does not need anything. It is possible to soothe the conscience some time to go through this survey again and most likely did not found budet.Vam got a good doctor, and sometimes if it paid the clinic doctor begins to frighten and encourages more often come to him to track the dynamics, although I understand that there is no danger .
Maybe someone will tell you when a cyst on the ovary operate? It depends on its size, the age of the woman, from the comorbidity? probably to make a decision about the operation, you need to compare a number of factors, and only then carry out the intervention. my doctor said it must be done as soon as possible, and I'm sure you can wait.
Lyubava worth remove ovarian cysts or leave it on for some time solves only a doctor, it is unlikely there exists a person who can give you the right answer. If you want to respond even an experienced physician with experience, he will need the results of your survey, just from the bulldozer, not knowing the whole picture it is impossible to provide valuable recommendation on the merits.
What terrible stories told here people! I am now told that some types of ovarian cysts menopause may leave of their own accord, without any treatment. What is interesting is the situation really? Would not that I PRONADE vain for a positive outcome, and sore develop into cancer. Those who had a similar situation, tell what you have taken and how treated?
Anya, of course ride and expect that will resolve itself is not necessary, but from personal experience I know that in this business very often help folk remedies. I practiced with aloe and honey bow with aloe.Protsess lengthy, but effective. A hormonal means to be approached with caution, if there is a disease of the breast, it is better to avoid such things at all, I can certainly mistaken.
And that's what I can tell, whether strongly noticeable bloating when ovarian cyst? Just my sister was diagnosed with it, and now she is afraid that raspolneet or sores, or hormone treatment. I do not know how to comfort her, can someone had a similar situation and you can I have any advice? Before, we did not face similar problems and have no experience in the treatment.
The volume of the stomach can be increased only if the education is very large, and most often in this case, it has a malignant character. If your sister is small, then a significant increase in the abdomen should not be afraid. A hormone is now well adjusted individually significant obesity and usually causes no.
The tick, and I, on the contrary, the doctor treats the hormonal drugs. If you can avoid surgery, why not take this opportunity? It is treated pills is much easier than when the body is exposed to stress such as surgery. I think that before it will not come. I have until this problem at an early stage, besides, I strictly follow the doctor's instructions.
Veronica, well, you just got lucky that a doctor immediately detect the disease. Of course, in this case, you simply try to be treated than to go under the surgeon's knife. Only now with hormones, too, need to be careful so you do not blown like a soap bubble. You previously administered tests on hormones? This is a mandatory procedure before prescribing these drugs.
Well, that currently offer this disease is treated with medicines, and is removed by laparoscopy. A twenty years ago about such methods, at least in our town, not yet known. At the girlfriend found a cyst on the ovary the size of a hen's egg, and immediately operated on. Education was removed together with the ovary. As a result, she was left with an ugly scar and very recovered.
Viola, really removed education without leaving even a part of the ovary? Because it is able to recover even from a small part, and it is quite important gland which regulates many processes in the body, including fat metabolism. I during such an operation still left ovary particle and after a while he recovered to standard sizes.
Since the surgery to remove an ovarian cyst two years had passed. In my case, the cyst was endometrioydnaya discovered it quite by accident on the baseline medical examination by a gynecologist. The doctor sent me for an ultrasound, where the diagnosis was confirmed. I do laparoscopic operation, after a long time I took her medications and hormones. Now I regularly visit a gynecologist to avoid further spreading of endometriosis.
Anna, is pleased that you have found time pathology. And I have here the opposite problem. I have such complaints - itching in the *** e intermittently for several days and then goes and so each month, as well as pain in his left side, I think this is the ovary. But doctors say that for all analyzes everything is normal, and visited several specialists. Does anyone know whether it be that the disease is not detected during the medical examination?
My friend (she is a psychiatrist) found a large ovarian cyst, and 2 immediately. We proposed to operate, she refused. There psychiatric opinion that the disease is far-fetched, and every disease is caused by a psychological problem, if it is to heal, it will take place and the disease of the physical body. She made within six months of psycho currently exercises, placement exactly on this area. Six months later, the ultrasound showed that the cysts decreased significantly and they do not need to operate. That such an alternative method for despair. Do you know such examples?
You know, Maria Zakharova, I also heard about this method, there is one friend who claims that this can cure cancer, I do not know the truth or not, but still she is alive. But that's what you need to have faith in themselves, in their capacity that would like this to get your body to overcome illness. I would like this could not, and positive examples of small, so I think that is still adhere to traditional medicine, or grandmother's recipes. And rely on your faith can only units.
Previously often sick stomach, at a reception at the gynecologist diagnosed - adnexitis. Send to ultrasound, as a result of inflammatory formation in the left ovary. First, very scared, but it turned out that after a month it was gone. The same pattern was also my sister, and eventually everything returned to normal after treatment. I conclude that it is impossible to panic and not so scary.
It hurts ovarian cyst. After birth, was appointed US. I'm afraid to go look, then something will be there to pick out or operation and so on. Can someone cured a cyst at home, with home remedies., Please tell me, who knows? I will approach any advice, most importantly do not want to go to the gynecologist. I'm afraid of, childbirth was difficult, but the pain on the left side, after the act. Thanking you in advance.
The most unpleasant - is when a cyst bursts, in this case, can not do without surgery! By the way, not all women exhibit symptoms when it occurs, it happens that the cycle is normal, and there is no pain, then on you - and such a diagnosis. Certainly better to catch the disease at an early stage, then can be treated with hormones, and there is hope of a favorable outcome without complications and operations.
Karina right, girls, go to the doctor on time. Do not tighten the visit to the gynecologist. From the fact that we are afraid to look in the face of illness, it does not disappear. At first, the treatment of ovarian cysts hormones gives good results. I say this from personal experience. She was treated for a year, but recovered. Promised myself that after I will cherish health. or anything you do not mopozhet.ya on protizhenii two years trying to remove a cyst the same tablets as a result of that does not help, then you can propispt candles are also no help, and vaginal tablets, from which you will be yellow discharge and terribly It will hurt the lower abdomen. go directly to the operation of that does not boytes.ya she's just a week ago made such an operation to remove a cyst. alive healthy. so good luck, do not tighten this
Good afternoon! Two months ago, I went to check his kidney after treatment, and I have found a cyst in the right ovary the size of 68-66 mm endometritis is now two months drink hormones and injections, and put a candle every month to check I have it reduced to 1 cm each month I a question whether there is a likelihood that it will resolve all or completely escape me constantly when to treat it?
Cute girls, do not panic. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with a cyst of the right ovary, as much as 7 cm in diameter. Almost upekli for surgery, infertility threatened (was at four different experts)! Exactly a week opuzatilas, kid right now for a year. The cyst was held itself on the 4th month B. Do not jump to conclusions - are observed by ultrasound, drink OK, consult with different doctors ... and to all a speedy recovery!
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I go to honey. Inspection, said that she was pregnant. Today went to the US to find out how long pregnancy. The doctor found a cyst of the right ovary, said that the fetus is not visible, although there is a delay, and the test showed. +
  I had something that you have and do the operation
It was the same, the test is positive, the fetus is not visible, but have seen a cyst, which was already in the process of rupture, emergency surgery, and then a spontaneous miscarriage. Something like that...
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