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March 4, 2014

  • Cervical erosion - almost without symptoms, but with consequences
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 what threatens cervical erosion

What threatens cervical erosion

Cervical erosion can proceed for years without any complications. Nevertheless, cervical erosion can cause complications during pregnancy and childbirth. During pregnancy, because of lower immune complications of cervical erosion may occur an increase in the amount of erosion and penetration of infection in the uterus.

Inflammation of the cervix may spread to the uterus and its appendages, which will lead to the development of adhesions and infertility or miscarriage Miscarriage - why you lose the most precious thing?  Miscarriage - why you lose the most precious thing?
 . Large erosion inflammation become a cause of ectopic pregnancies, as is changing the acidity of the vagina is disrupted the forward speed of sperm to the egg. If a woman was found cervical erosion and is thus planning to become pregnant, you must first treat erosion.

The effects of cervical erosion can be in the form of scars on the neck, which resulted in the birth can be complicated breach opening of the cervix.

Dangerous if a cervical erosion? Long flowing launched cervical erosion can cause the development of dysplasia - changes in the epithelial cells covering the cervix. This is a precancerous condition. Especially prone to false dysplasia cervical erosion.


Diagnosis of cervical erosion

If you suspect that the erosion of the cervix after the normal pelvic exam in the mirror held colposcopy Colposcopy - how to prepare it properly?  Colposcopy - how to prepare it properly?
   - Research area of ​​erosion by a special optical device colposcope while taking smears for cytology. Extended colposcopy involves treating the surface erosion of special solutions to identify areas of dysplasia (abnormal cells of the epithelium) and malignancy (degeneration of epithelial cells into cancer). During the extended colposcopy and biopsy can be performed cervix A biopsy of the cervix - do not assume the worst  A biopsy of the cervix - do not assume the worst

Analyses at the cervical erosion necessarily include cytology rejects cells from the site of erosion (Pap smear, Pap test). Pap cytology taken during a routine pelvic exam in the mirror. Explanation Pap test:

  • 1st class - the norm;
  • Grade 2 - Change the structure of the cells caused by inflammation of the vagina or cervix;
  • 3rd grade - single cells with suspected malignant pererozhdeenie;
  • 4th grade - single cells with obvious signs of malignant transformation;
  • 5th grade - a large number of cells with malignant transformation.

If this is doubt in the diagnosis, biopsy of the cervix, when the erosion for histological examination sufficiently small piece of tissue. A biopsy of cervical erosion is carried out immediately after the end of menstrual bleeding in outpatient settings during colposcopy. Special tools from the eroded area of ​​the cervix pinch off or cut off a piece of tissue that is then examined under a microscope to detect dysplasia, or abnormal (tumor) cells.

Since the main cause of cervical erosion Causes of cervical erosion - from infection to injury  Causes of cervical erosion - from infection to injury
   is an infection, identify its causative agents (often reveal more than one) is considered to be the main objective. To do this, take smears on the flora, conduct research secretions by PCR and bacteriological seeding by vaginal flora on the culture medium.

Smear on the flora - a laboratory microscopic examination (bacterioscopy), allows you to make an overall assessment of the microflora of the vagina, the cervical canal and the urethra (the urethra). Normally seen in a smear Rod flora and isolated leukocytes. Identification of coccal flora, a large number of white blood cells and red blood cells indicates inflammation. In a smear on the flora can identify pathogens of sexual infections such as gonorrhea and trichomonas, and see the thread fungal mycelia with candidiasis (thrush).

How to determine the erosion of the cervical background dishormonal disorders? To eliminate hormonal disorders, supporting the distribution of erosion takes blood on hormones.

The causes of infertility - heredity and lifestyle - hormonal imbalance

October 5, 2006

  • The causes of infertility - heredity and lifestyle
  • Pregnancy does not come
  • Male and Female
  • Hormonal Imbalance

 cause of infertility hormonal imbalance

If the cause of infertility - hormonal imbalance

The cause of hormonal imbalance sometimes become tumors of the pituitary gland. Blocked fallopian tubes (fallopian tube) does not allow to get the egg into the uterus, which can also cause infertility. One of the first tests for the definition of female infertility - ovulation test, whether it is normal. Check ovulation helps control body temperature and cervical mucus tissue analysis.

  • Metrosalpingogramma: the X-rays do metrosalpingography fallopian tubes and uterus after injecting colorant. Snapshots allow you to define the shape of the uterus and the condition of the fallopian tubes. A diagnostic test helps diagnose endometrial polyps, fibroids and structural abnormalities of the uterus or fallopian tubes that can cause infertility.
  • Laparoscopy: This survey helps to check the condition of the fallopian tubes and other reproductive organs of a woman and to diagnose the disease. Analyses of chromosomes are conducted to detect sperm abnormalities and other abnormal conditions of the reproductive system of men and women.

 Hormonal Imbalance | Causes - heredity and lifestyle

The main causes of infertility

As already mentioned, the couple is considered infertile after only a year or two years of trying to conceive. After this period, we recommend to contact the center of women's reproductive health.

  • Age - the most important factor that reduces the probability of conceiving and carrying a child. Fertility of women starts to fall rapidly after age 35, and their chances to conceive a child is quite small. The decrease in fertility can be attributed to an increase in the intensity of the destruction of chromosomes, which are subject to the egg aging women.
  • The amount of fat in a woman's body may affect her ability to conceive. Most of estrogen Estrogen - the key to bone health  Estrogen - the key to bone health
   the female body is produced by the ovaries, however, a number still generate fat cells - fat cells. The cause of infertility can become too small or overweight. Reduced body fat athletes, marathon runners and non-sports fans can disrupt the menstrual cycle. Similarly, infertility affects women with eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia) and women observe strict diet. An imbalance of estrogen may result in a violation of the reproductive cycle.
  • Factor activity and lifestyle also play an important role in women's reproductive health. Working in adverse conditions, prolonged exposure to chemicals and toxic substances, radiation Radiation and its biological effect: gently infected!  Radiation and its biological effect: gently infected!
   and the effect of high temperatures can affect a woman's fertility. Heavy smokers who smoked more than a pack of cigarettes a day, kofemanki and liquor lovers are also at risk of their future motherhood.
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (WTO) - the medical term used to describe a wide variety of infectious diseases of the genital organs of women. Infection of the fallopian tubes (salpingitis) - a common cause of female infertility. Frequent infectious diseases invariably lead to the destruction of the pipes.
  • Problems with ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?  Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?
 Caused by hormonal disorders - the cause of one-third of cases of female infertility. Common Problems - empty ovarian (ovarian) follicles or failure to follicle ruptures. The hormonal rhythm - a piece thin; the slightest failure of hormonal rhythm - and there is a risk of problems with ovulation.
  • Endometriosis - a condition when fragments of endometrial lining grow in other parts of the pelvis which results in the formation of cysts, which can cause infertility.
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (polycystic ovarian syndrome) - the main cause of infertility American women. In this disease increases the level of male hormones - androgen and testosterone, which leads to the inability to produce mature egg. Obvious symptoms of polycystic ovary - acne, and increased facial hair.
  • Some women organism produces antibodies sperm that leads to infertility and miscarriage in the case of successful conception. Deficiency of adrenaline or thyroid disease Thyroid disease - women at risk  Thyroid disease - women at risk
   can lead to premature ovarian failure, i.e. infertility.

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