Dried fruits: and tasty and useful

November 11, 2007

 dried fruits
 Use fruit for health is known to everyone: fresh fruit - it's a rich source of various vitamins and tasty and healthy "snack" between meals and low-calorie dessert replacement. But the question of whether useful dried fruits - the next "family" of fresh fruit - much more difficult to answer unequivocally.

 Dried fruits: and tasty and useful

Is it harmful to dried fruit?

Although the fruit in any way, whether they are fresh, dried or canned, more useful chocolate bars and sweets, dried fruits value for human health is much smaller than the use of fresh fruit. During the drying process, the removal of fluid from the fruits, dried fruits lose much of the water-soluble vitamins and minerals - including vitamin C, B, potassium (the last "responsibility" also for lowering blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?  Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?
 , The effect observed with regular use of fresh fruit). With the removal of liquid carbohydrates contained in the fruit, are concentrated - in fact it means that the same amount of fresh and dried fruit completely different amount of calories (dried much high-calorie fresh fruits).

In dried fruits, produced by manufacturers, there is one significant drawback - dried fruits contain sulfites are used in the production of dried fruit as preservatives to prevent spoilage of food. It is known that sulphites, substances are generally quite harmless, can trigger severe allergic reaction Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat  Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat
   when ingested with food. Of course, if the dried fruit at home, with their hands, such a problem does not arise - but the more pressing problem of the loss will be mostly fruit nutrients. Under the influence of sunlight and air vitamins, contained in abundance in fresh fruit, are oxidized and lose their useful properties.

 Dried fruits: and tasty and useful

How useful dried fruits

Being a little less useful than fresh fruit, dried fruit, however, contain a number of nutrients necessary for normal digestion and maintain health. In the first place, dried fruit - a great source of fiber, dietary fiber, cleansing the digestive tract, which normalizes the bowels, and, in some cases, also serves as a laxative (for this reason, prunes, for example, is considered to be mild, and all-natural laxative means to combat constipation). Furthermore, another advantage of dried fruit that can be stored for a very long time - up to a year at room temperature, but not in the refrigerator. This dried fruits occupy very little space compared to fresh fruit.

Dried fruits - a versatile ingredient in many different dishes, they can be added anywhere: in desserts, fruit salads, fruit, cakes and even meat dishes (pork with prunes, all kinds of sauces for grilled meat on the basis of dried fruits - excellent proof). Very useful to use dried fruits in the morning - especially if you follow the weight: just add a small amount of dried fruit in the morning porridge, yoghurt or fruit salad, and the body will be provided with energy for the start of a full day for a few hours ahead. During the winter season, when consumption of fresh fruit for obvious reasons, may be limited, especially dried fruits are a valuable source necessary to maintain good health and strengthen the immune system Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system  Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system
   vitamins. And stock up in advance excellent source of vitamins for the winter season can be very simple: just cut fresh fruit into small pieces, put on a kitchen pan and leave to dry in the open air.

 Dried fruits: and tasty and useful

Dried fruit diet

Of course, to lose weight by eating only dried fruit and nothing else, is impossible. However, dried fruit - a great helper in the fight against obesity, primarily due to its sweet taste. Through a concentrated carbohydrate dried fruit much sweeter fresh fruit and can successfully replace all kinds of pastries for the sweet tooth, trying to watch weight - but the fiber and other nutrients in dried fruits is much more than confectionery. Also contained in the dried fruit fiber normalizes digestion and avoids problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

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First aid for poisoning: the main thing - do not get confused

April 15, 2013

  • First aid for poisoning: the main thing - do not get confused
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 First aid for poisoning
 Acute poisoning develops when the body xenobiotic or chemical substance in the toxic dose. First aid for poisoning may be provided on the spot at the level of emergency. Subsequently, the patient should be hospitalized in a specialized department, where he will be provided with full medical assistance.

 First aid for poisoning: the main thing - do not get confused

The initial diagnosis of acute poisoning

To perform all the necessary measures to assist in cases of poisoning should be at the level of pre-hospital phase (that is to assist in the ward) to diagnose. Poisoning can be divided into household and professional use. Most up poisoning in the home, but lately there is a trend to an increase in the number of poisonings in production due to a breach of safety regulations or emergency. The cause of acute poisoning is the use of toxic substances, so the concept of diagnosis should include a thorough medical history to collect poison. This concept includes the following items:

  • or that it took the form of poison, who used the victim
  • how much, that is, the dose of poison
  • while taking poison
  • which way the poison entered the body as it took the victim
  • should exclude the possibility of poisoning group, so should be conducted interviewing witnesses of the incident and as far as possible to be confirmed cause of poisoning

This approach greatly facilitates further set of measures for the treatment of the patient and his recovery in the long term to prevent the occurrence of complications.

 First aid for poisoning: the main thing - do not get confused

The amount of first-aid

First Aid, which is held for poisoning involves several stages .  Their implementation must necessarily be met .  The first thing to restore breathing or circulatory disorders, life-threatening patient .  If you know the kind of poison, then held pharmacological protection, including the introduction of a special drug antidote .  We know that true antidotes that would be completely inactivated by the activity of the poison entered does not exist .  The introduction of specific antidotes is only possible after you apply the specific form of the poison, and only in a certain phase of acute poisoning .  Receipt of toxic substances into the body should be stopped .  If the poison was inside (oral route), then washed with stomach .  When dermal route of exposure should wash the affected areas with water bodies .  In the future, being symptomatic therapy according to the revealed violations, for which the patient should be hospitalized .

Affected people who for poisoning developed respiratory failure, to restore the airway .  For this purpose, you can tilt the person's head or bring forward the lower jaw and mechanically remove all the contents from the mouth .  If these measures have no effect, then use the duct operate the ventilator (or auxiliary ventilation) with a mask, endotracheal tube .  In the case of the growth phenomena of respiratory failure preferred mechanical ventilation after tracheal intubation .  To begin the elimination of violations of hemodynamics should be only after will eliminate the existing pain .  Introduced various analgesics, including narcotic drugs from the group of analgesics .  In the future, drugs are administered to compensate for blood volume, heart rate recovery and other violations of indications .

Only after the elimination of critical respiratory disorders, blood circulation, pain and other conditions in people poisoned admission poison inside, start the procedure of gastric lavage. For all types of poisoning (except in cases of poisoning substances causing irritation) can use tubeless method of washing. In this case, the person should drink to 0, 7 liters of water, and then he causes vomiting (for this purpose you can use a spatula and put pressure on the root of the tongue). After this procedure is still necessary to wash the stomach using a special probe, because the remaining amount of poison in the folded mucosa will re-enter the stomach at a circular loop mechanism.

Gastric lavage procedure is simple, but responsible, as non-compliance with the recommendations to implement it until complications develop stomach rupture. During washing required will be recognized that the amount of water introduced into the stomach, and that which was displayed. Rule of the procedure is to obtain a clean wash water, but in this case, please stop rinsing. Next poisoned administered activated charcoal Activated carbon - old but indispensable  Activated carbon - old but indispensable
 . This drug is an effective sorbent, so it helps to excrete the poison, which is not sucked. The dose of coal depends on the person's weight, on average, it should be 1 g per kilogram of body weight. Always given a laxative - for poisoning water-soluble poisons should be given a saline laxative, and in the case of fat-soluble toxins - fat (such as liquid paraffin).

The main objective of this as quickly as possible and completely remove the poison from the stomach, which has not yet had time to be absorbed, so during the actual washing procedure cottage antidotes is of secondary importance. If the poisoning was by inhalation of toxic volatile substances, it is necessary to rapidly bring a person into the open, to provide fresh air. Man should be put, unbutton constraining clothes that had a normal airway and give oxygen. To prevent the development of toxic edema Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause  Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause
   light, you need to create a complete rest (physical and emotional), warm person and prohibit active movements.