Low-fat cottage cheese - a popular product among athletes and slimming

December 11, 2014

 skim cheese
 Low-fat cottage cheese - it's one of the favorite foods and slimming women athletes, especially those for whom the most important is not the endurance, and muscle strength and muscle growth. The main reasons for its popularity - low calorie fat-free yogurt and a high protein content, but that its beneficial qualities are not limited.


How many calories in fat-free cottage cheese?

100 g skim curd without flavorings contains 72 kcal. Of these accounted for 25.3 kcal carbohydrates, proteins 44.2 kcal and 2.5 kcal fat (even in the curd, which is called defatted, there is a small amount of fat - an average of 0.3 g per 100 g).

Low-fat cottage cheese also contains 0.2 mg of riboflavin Riboflavin - if you flushed the skin at the corners of the mouth  Riboflavin - if you flushed the skin at the corners of the mouth
   (2% of the recommended daily value), 9 micrograms of folic acid Folic acid - the value is hard to overestimate  Folic acid - the value is hard to overestimate
   (2% RDA), 0.5 mcg of vitamin B12 (8%), 0.4 mg pantothenic acid (4%), 86 mg of calcium (9%), 11 mg of magnesium (3%), 190 mg of phosphorus (19%), 137 Potassium mg (4%), 330 mg of sodium (14%) Zinc 0.5 mg (3%), 9.4 mg of selenium (13%).


Benefits and harms of low-fat cottage cheese

  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease

Contained in fat cottage cheese Vitamin B12 has many useful properties; in particular, it reduces the amount of homocysteine ​​in the blood. This amino acid is a natural by-product of some processes in the body, but it performs useful functions only if vitamin B12 converts it into other substances. If the level of homocysteine ​​in the blood remain high for a long time, significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. By the way, the only natural sources of vitamin B12 are animal products. The curd concentration lower than that in fish, red meat and poultry, and skim cheese vitamin B12 even less than fat cottage cheese.

  • Preservation of bone density

99% percent of the total contained in the human body calcium is in the bones, but the remaining one percent of a number of important functions, and this level of calcium in the blood must be maintained at all times. If it becomes less calcium is missing is derived from bone. If a person does not have enough calcium regularly over time, which may result in a significant reduction in bone density, which entails effects such as osteoporosis Osteoporosis - he threatens you?  Osteoporosis - he threatens you?
 , An increased risk of fractures, and so on. Calcium is needed for normal muscle contraction, including heart muscle, for the functioning of the nervous system. It also plays an important role in blood clotting.

  • The growth of muscle tissue

The fat-free yogurt contains a lot of protein, including casein - a protein that is processed is particularly slow, and provides muscle amino acids for several hours after a meal. The amino acids constituting the proteins are the most important nutrients for muscle growth and repair.

Many athletes eat a small serving of cottage cheese for an hour or two before going to bed, because of the contained casein, is able to prevent muscle catabolism. Since many people reap more than three hours before bedtime, and when a person falls asleep, the metabolism slows down, the body may not have enough energy to sustain life (in the daytime its source is the food), and it can be used to obtain it the muscle tissue, splitting it into amino acids - a process called catabolism. Since casein is slowly broken down, it can serve as a source of energy for several hours, and the splitting of muscle fibers can be avoided.

  • Weight Loss

To lose weight, you need to increase your intake of protein, and at the same time, there is less fat and carbohydrates. Low fat cottage cheese - one of the products, which contains many well digestible proteins, while containing a minor amount of carbohydrate and fat. Moreover, thanks to all the same casein and he quickly satisfies hunger for a long time, so it is natural that the low-fat cottage cheese is included in many diets for weight loss.

  • Improved sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams

The composition of cheese - including skim and include tryptophan - an amino acid that helps to fall asleep faster and promotes deep, restful sleep. This property is due to its ability of tryptophan to increase the level of serotonin - a neurotransmitter, which, inter alia, responsible for the regulation of sleep.

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Ten products that help control appetite

July 26, 2009

 Ten products that help control appetite
   Summer is in full swing, and we are concerned about many issues, not the least of which is "how to curb the appetite? ". If you actively engaged in fitness and losing weight, the body will react to the increase of physical activity increased appetite, which can lead to the loss of hard-won results. Feelings of hunger and appetite - a complex process, which involves two main hunger hormone, leptin and ghrelin. Fortunately, with the help of some of the products can be controlled appetite, and a long time to stay on a low calorie diet.

 Ten products that help control appetite

№10 - Apples

You've probably heard about the benefits of apples. But apples - not only a source of vitamins and minerals. One apple contains about 5 grams of fiber, which causes a feeling of fullness, thereby suppressing the appetite. In addition, the sugar contained in apples, not so much affect the level of blood sugar Blood sugar - a very important indicator  Blood sugar - a very important indicator
 Like carbohydrates, so after eating apples is not a feeling of euphoria, which gives way to emotional decline and loss of strength that occurs after consumption of chocolate and other sweets.

 Ten products that help control appetite

№9 - Flaxseed

Flaxseed - a fashionable source of essential fatty acids, but other than acids, and contain a considerable amount of soluble fiber. Flaxseed can be added to yogurt, cottage cheese or salad - so you will provide the body with essential fats and nutritious protein.

 Ten products that help control appetite

№8 - Caffeine

Caffeine - an integral part of our lives, without it is unthinkable time. But few are aware of the amazing ability of caffeine to suppress appetite. Caffeine is most known for its stimulant effect and the ability to "energize" the whole day. If not for the coffee and tea, barely able to hold on, we would before lunch and not to fall asleep during an important meeting. By the way, along with the ability to stimulate the nervous system, coffee can also suppress appetite.

 Ten products that help control appetite

№7 - Water

Maintain the water balance of the body is very important to control the appetite. Firstly, we often take thirst for hunger and eat more than you need. Second, if the body is dehydrated, we feel fatigue and lack of energy, which tend to explain hunger. If you feel tired and sleepy, remember that the body often "deceiving" the brain by sending it a "hunger signals", when in fact you do not want to eat. And drink a glass of water.

 Ten products that help control appetite

№6 - The addition of Hoodia

Hoodia - This African plant that looks like a cactus. Nutritional supplement Hoodia helps you control your appetite. Initially Hoodia ate hunters on long expeditions to reduce appetite and thus save food supplies. But the effect of Hoodia is not immediately, but only after a few days. At first you will not feel anything, but eventually its effects become apparent.

 Ten products that help control appetite

№5 - Chicken and vegetable broth

Starting meal traditionally - with the first course, and in particular the soup - a proven way to reduce your appetite. Hot liquid weakens the appetite, and as usual serving of soup contains few calories, you can eat quite a lot, just by filling their stomach. Chicken soup contains a small amount of protein, but it is enough to satisfy your hunger for a long time, and suppress appetite.

 Ten products that help control appetite

№4 - wasabi sauce

Ironically, spicy food and spices also help curb your appetite. So when the next time you order sushi or fish, add to the dish of wasabi sauce - it not only reduces hunger, but also lowers the risk of cancer and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

 Ten products that help control appetite

№3 - Oatmeal

Start the day with a savory oatmeal - a great way to avoid hunger pangs during the day. Oatmeal contains more dietary fiber than other cereals. Furthermore, there are very few sugar, too, speaks in favor of it. Add the cinnamon porridge, unsweetened applesauce or a teaspoon of maple syrup without sugar - and it will become even tastier and healthier.

 Ten products that help control appetite

№2 - Salmon

Salmon perfectly quenches appetite thanks to healthy fats it contains. Foods rich in protein, have the highest nutritional content, so well saturated, but fats capable of providing a feeling of satiety for a prolonged time. Salmon also contains proteins and fats, which makes it an ideal dietary product.

 Ten products that help control appetite

№1 - Almond

Almonds - another source of healthy fats, so perfect for a snack between meals (but only in moderation!). Please note that the appetite-suppressing effect of nuts is shown about half an hour after eating, so do not satisfy their hunger, or nuts is not limited.

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