Vitamins in the diet - to maintain proper metabolism

September 10, 2014

 vitamins in the diet
 Vitamins are needed in the diet, especially if it's a diet with strict limitations of some products. The lack of certain essential products always leads to disruption of metabolic processes in the body. Vitamins in this case, these disturbances are smoothed and the extent possible, prevent serious complications.


Why do we need vitamins in the diet

Vitamins play an important role in metabolic processes, as part of enzymes - catalysts for many times accelerate biochemical reactions.

  • With a lack of vitamin A Vitamin A: An important element of the health and beauty  Vitamin A: An important element of the health and beauty
   (eg, if the diet involves a complete rejection of animal food) suffer from skin and its appendages (hair and nails), vision and immune system.
  • B vitamins - a power they give a feeling of cheerfulness, the lack of them slows down the metabolism and affect the operation of many organs and systems. Moreover, vitamin B1 - improves carbohydrate metabolism and reduces appetite. Vitamin B6 is also involved in the processes of carbohydrate metabolism and reduces appetite in addition, it contributes to the rapid recovery of muscles after exercise.
  • Vitamin H (Biotin) - considered to be vitamin-catalyst as actively involved in metabolic processes. Biotin does not enter into the food chain, it is synthesized by the intestinal microflora in the body. Therefore, the deficit is possible at dysbacteriosis, including background on various diets. In particular protein diets often lead to the development of dysbiosis.
  • Vitamin B12 affects blood formation, so it is recommended to all those who adhere to a vegetarian diet). He also contributes to the disintegration of adipose tissue. Vitamin B12 works closely with vitamin B9 (folic acid), so that only their joint entry into the body is optimal. Folic acid is primarily found in plants and a small amount of synthesized intestinal microflora.
  • Vitamin C strengthens the walls of blood vessels and the immune system, vitamin E prevents aging. Both of these vitamins are also excellent antioxidants Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits  Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits
   - They inhibit the action of toxic free radicals produced as a result of metabolic processes. Vitamin P, together with vitamin C is involved in the most important for the human body oxidation - reduction processes. At its lack the permeability of blood vessels.


What vitamins in the diet drink

Complex vitamins, which must be taken at a particular diet prescribed by a doctor-nutritionist, depending on the composition of the products prevailing in the diet. Nevertheless, it is possible to use the famous complex of vitamins as komplivit, Supradin, multitabs and so on.

Vitamins in the protein diet - this is basically the B vitamins, and vitamins C and E. The fact that the protein diet - it's hard for a healthy diet, in the use of large amounts of protein the body begins to use it not only for the construction of tissues and for energy, which is accompanied by the release of toxic substances. In this case the body would be required vitamins - Energy (group B) and antioxidants (C and E), which to some degree will reduce the toxic load on the organism. An example of a protein diet can be Dukan Diet. Vitamins in the Dukan Diet should compensate for the lack of carbohydrates in the daily diet. Therefore, you can use any multi-vitamins, which include vitamins B, C and E.

When carbohydrate diets when excluded from the diet of animal protein, the body needs vitamins such as vitamin A, as well as B vitamins B vitamins: the body useful helpers  B vitamins: the body useful helpers
 Especially B12. As always beneficial antioxidants vitamins C and E.

The complex of vitamins in the diet is better to take advice of a doctor - a large number of diets creates problems with the identification, that is attributable to a particular group of diets. Dietician to make it much simpler, easier and assign the most appropriate for a given diet complex vitamins.

Recently, fairly widespread diet with vitamin D. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamins include. It can be synthesized in human skin by irradiating it with ultraviolet rays of the sun or artificial origin. In small quantities it comes into contact with food. It is found in fatty sea fish, fish liver, egg yolks and butter. Vitamin D regulates the mineral metabolism, in particular, the calcium absorption in the intestine. He is also actively involved in the synthesis of bone tissue. With a lack of vitamin D children developing rickets Rickets - all about vitamins  Rickets - all about vitamins
 And adults - the state, accompanied by lethargy muscle.

Very dangerous overdose of vitamin D - with the help of power can not overdose, but the additional intake of vitamin D in the form of medicines and dietary supplements can lead to an overdose of the drug. So, on some sites within the diet with vitamin D recommended daily intake of 1,000 IU of this vitamin, while the daily demand for it is 100 IU. An overdose of vitamin D can be life-threatening, it is manifested by increased blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances, nausea, weight loss (this is what tends diet with vitamin D), kidney damage, etc. So the recommendations of the diet with vitamin D should be treated with caution.

Vitamins are needed in the diet, but to make them better on prescription.

Galina Romanenko

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Vuk Vuk - for stimulating sexual function

November 25, 2012

 Vuk Vuk
 Vuk Vuk touted as an effective means for the recovery of sexual potency. However, this tool is not a drug and a dietary food supplement that is Bud. But dietary supplements are known to be taken only as a prophylactic measure.


Whence came to us Vuk Vuk

The name "Vuk Vuk" became famous in the last century, when a journalist revealed the facts preservation of sexual potency in men of advanced age in tribes in southern Africa. It was then for the first time and sounded a word - "Vuk Vuk". As has been established, so-called drug, the composition of which was transmitted from generation to generation, allowing men to have children at an age when sexual activity was already approaching completion.

The drug was studied in western laboratories and established its composition. Then, in the pharmaceutical market in Europe and the US dietary supplements were first called "Vuk Vuk". In Russia, BAA Vuk Vuk comes in tablet form, which is made from a ready raw materials derived from Africa. The composition of the tablets difficult, an improvement over the original structure, which was used for centuries tribes of southern Africa.

The popularity of the drug because it contains only natural ingredients. The structure of this BUD includes 10 herbs growing in southern Africa, to collect and deliver them to the other country has the right to only one African company, which buys raw materials from all other countries.

Medicinal plants that are part of BUD Vuk Vuk, have a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, causing blood flow to the genitals, providing a full-fledged offensive erections, increased sexual stamina and duration of sexual intercourse, delaying the process of ejaculation (ejaculation). In addition, they will enhance libido and give emotional experiences peculiar erotic tinge.


Who can apply supplements Vuk Vuk

BAA Vuk Vuk used to restore violations of virtually all parts of potency. It stimulates the libido and therefore may be used for frigidity Frigidity pathology or liberation?  Frigidity pathology or liberation?
   women and the sexual apathy in men. The ability to cause a rush of blood to the genitals is used to restore erections Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man  Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man
   and treatment of female and male infertility (of course, as part of an integrated treatment and prescribed by a doctor).

Finally, stimulation of the central nervous system makes a man more resilient, sexual intercourse longer and postpones the time of ejaculation, so Vuk Vuk can be used for violations of ejaculation.


Are there any contraindications or side effects?

It was then, in the ointment will have to add a spoonful of tar. In accordance with the instructions of the Russian producer (company vitamer, Vladimir region) side effects when taking BUD Vuk Vuk does not occur (except, of course, allergic reactions, against which no one is immune). Accordingly, the contraindications to receiving this money, too, is not (except hypersensitivity to its components).

Here the question arises: how to be with the stimulating effect that some components have on the central nervous system - CNS? If a stimulatory effect on the central nervous system is, it is accompanied by a narrowing of the blood vessels and increased blood pressure. A healthy person would not notice such effects, but if you have high blood pressure, stroke or angina, the stimulation of the central nervous system may be dangerous to health, and perhaps life.

The manual does not even have the same age limitations. At the same time take the supplements are mostly men of pre-retirement and retirement age, often have problems with the cardiovascular system.


To take or not to take dietary supplements Vuk Vuk?

If indeed there is a problem, Vuk Vuk taking supplements is possible, but only after consulting your doctor. Obviously, if a man has a consistently high blood pressure, frequent angina, headaches and dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet  Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet
 Then by taking this BUD is to abstain.

Young and healthy people Vuk Vuk supplements should be taken in accordance with the instructions, two tablets a day for a month. Manufacturers recommend the use of dietary supplements as a single stimulation of sexual activity, it needs to take 4-5 tablets one to three hours before sexual intercourse. But it is clear that such stimulation is often carried out should not be, because it can lead to permanent impotence Impotence - a female perspective on the problem  Impotence - a female perspective on the problem

BAA Vuk Vuk help improve sexual function only if it is applied strictly according to instructions, and after consulting a doctor.

Galina Romanenko

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