Fish oil capsules - will help restore your metabolism

May 18, 2013

  • Fish oil capsules - will help restore your metabolism
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 fish oil capsules
 Most people associate idea of ​​fish oil with childhood memories, when children were given quite an unpleasant taste of fish oil. Currently, fish oil capsules is the perfect solution when a person takes a drug and it does not affect the taste. Get a fish oil factory in the process of processing cod liver Cod liver oil: useful properties and rules of use  Cod liver oil: useful properties and rules of use
   (most often Norwegian cod).

 Fish oil capsules - will help restore your metabolism

The positive impact on the health status

The use of fish oil capsules is not only a perfect remedy, as well as a means of preventing the development of many diseases. Soft capsules, which contain oil, are suitable for use in adults and children, at the same time is completely eliminated foul smell, taste during their use. The ease of use provides gelatin and glycerin-based drugs. The most important point that the healing properties of fish oil after its encapsulation not decrease.

The beneficial effects on health and the human body as a whole is due to content in fish oil vitamins, fatty acids. We can say that this product has a natural origin, has been successfully applied to normalize metabolic processes in the body. It proved its positive effect on the exchange of phosphorus and calcium in the body. There is a better absorption of calcium and phosphorus, as in fish oil contains vitamin D. Without the participation of the vitamin process of regeneration, bone regeneration can not occur fully. In this context, it becomes clear why it is recommended to take not only the children but also the elderly. In children is the prevention of rickets in older age prophylactic administration of capsules of fish oil prevents the loss of bone tissue.

It is known that with increasing age people have an increased risk of fractures due to changes in hormonal profile and the development of osteoporosis, so an additional source of essential vitamin D is cod liver oil becomes Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?  Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?

This drug is required to appoint a patient fractures, as against its reception takes better calcium absorption, the healing process takes place much faster bone is fully restored. Fish oil also contributes to the normalization of mental activity, so this drug successfully used for the treatment of dementia in old age. Recently, there is evidence of its use as a preventive agent for Alzheimer's disease. It is sufficient to apply only one capsule per day of the drug.

Balanced vitamin composition of fish oil has beneficial effects on skin, hair. With a lack of vitamin A can cause symptoms:

  • dry skin
  • bundle of nails
  • dry, brittle hair

Vitamins A and D, which are contained in a large amount of fish oil capsules were improving skin condition helps to avoid the discomfort associated with dry skin. There beneficial effect on the condition of the hair, as vitamin D is an essential vitamin for hair growth, and vitamin A eliminates dry and brittle hair.

 Fish oil capsules - will help restore your metabolism

The cure for stress and not only

The use of fish oil capsules avoids the negative effects of stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 , The development of depression. This natural medicine from stress due to the content of this product in a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to the production of serotonin in the body and reducing substances hormone stress. Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary nutrients for normal body functioning. Their beneficial effect mainly consists in the effect on the cardiovascular system. Slows the formation of blood clots, improves blood circulation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids help patients who have problems with excess weight.

It is enhanced burning of body fat, resulting in weight loss. Fatty acids enter into the food chain, there is no ability to directly synthesized in the body. In this regard, it is important to periodically carry out preventive courses of fish oil to offset the existing deficit.

The product is a natural product, but it does not mean that it has no contraindications. To receive any medication should be taken into account are certain contraindications:

  • availability of individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to the drug
  • in the presence of excess of calcium and vitamin D
  • pathology of the digestive tract and urinary system (eg, chronic renal failure, the formation of kidney stones in the gallbladder), violation of the functional activity of the thyroid gland

In case of chronic kidney disease, liver, and heart damage organic nature of the appointment of fish oil must comply with strict conditions. If a pregnant woman decides to start taking fish oil, it is necessary to solve this question with the gynecologist, a woman who watches over the entire period of pregnancy. This recommendation should be followed in lactation Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!  Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!
   or lactation. Due to the balanced composition of vitamins observed positive effects of fish oil on the health of people who have a variety of allergic diseases. Fish oil capsules are not designed for continuous use, they can take courses. During the year, it is recommended that three preventive treatment medication. The duration of the average is one month. A person who is interested in strengthening their health, should also take fish oil capsules, but before it get expert advice.

Niacin - Contraindications: Keep up the pressure

October 12, 2011

 Niacin - contra
 Niacin has an active effect on the human body, so it can not have contraindications for use. Provides niacin Nicotinic acid: what is its benefit to man?  Nicotinic acid: what is its benefit to man?
   and adverse effects that may affect the course of some diseases.

 Niacin - Contraindications: Keep up the pressure

What side effects characteristic of nicotinic acid

Niacin can cause a number of side effects, they are mainly related to the release during the action of nicotinic acid histamine. At the same time there is a reddening of the face, upper body and arms, burning and tingling at the site of redness. There may also be dizziness, sudden drop in blood pressure (particularly when abrupt transition from horizontal to vertical position - if the drug is administered parenterally, ie, intramuscularly or intravenously, a condition called orthostatic hypotension). Increases the secretion of gastric juice, there are violations such as nausea, diarrhea, itchy skin.

Not always the side effects require discontinuation of the drug, in the absence of contraindications to the use of his body gradually adapts to the release of histamine and has not reacted rapidly and gradually all the effects associated with histamine, come to naught.

But sometimes it is necessary to revise the designated dose and duration of use of nicotinic acid. If you apply nicotinic acid for a long time, it may appear a violation of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal liver function (including its fatty degeneration), irritation of the gastric mucosa with the formation of erosions and ulcers (especially if the patient suffers from gastric ulcer and duodenal intestine), disorders of the cardiovascular system (lower blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia), impaired renal function, worsening of diabetes.

 Niacin - Contraindications: Keep up the pressure

Contraindications to the use of nicotinic acid

Contraindications for the purpose of nicotinic acid is not so much, however, they need to be taken into account, otherwise avoid complications.

For reception of nicotinic acid is contraindicated during exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially in the acute gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. The stimulation of gastric acid secretion in conjunction with the expansion of blood vessels can lead to an exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease and gastrointestinal bleeding. It is dangerous to prescribe niacin and exacerbation of ulcerative colitis (inflammation of the colon) - it also may cause bleeding.

Not allowed the use of nicotinic acid tablets under the age of two years, and parenterally - for children of all ages. The sharp expansion of blood vessels can cause the same sharp decline in blood pressure, up to the collapse. C care should be taken into nicotinic acid in glaucoma, gout Gout - the "disease of kings"  Gout - the "disease of kings"
 , Kidney function and liver function, low blood pressure, a tendency to bleeding.

Parenteral administration of nicotinic acid is not recommended for very high or low blood pressure, atherosclerosis, certain metabolic disorders Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
   (e.g., in gout), severe kidney disease with a significant reduction of their function.

 Niacin - Contraindications: Keep up the pressure

Features of treatment with nicotinic acid

It is believed that it is not necessary to use nicotinic acid for the treatment of disorders of lipid metabolism in patients with diabetes Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
   - Changes in the blood vessels in diabetes mellitus can cause various complications in the application of nicotinic acid.

Prolonged treatment with nicotinic acid and its use of high doses required to follow the work of the liver - a violation of its features are found in such cases often enough.

If there are signs of toxic effects of nicotinic acid on liver cells, it is recommended to include foods rich in methionine. Methionine is an essential amino acid and has a lipotropic effect - removes excess fat from the liver and prevents the formation of fatty liver. Methionine rich dairy products, particularly cheese.

Nicotinic acid injections are very painful, so if you have the opportunity to appoint a nicotinic acid inside, this form should be preferred. The ingestion dose is better to increase gradually - so you can avoid the side effects. Take the pill should be after a meal, not liquid and wash down with water.

Caution is needed when assigning nicotinic acid drugs simultaneously lowering blood pressure (it may occur sharp reduction) and anticoagulation (nicotinic acid also reduces blood viscosity, which, in combination with dilation of blood vessels may contribute to bleeding).

Niacin is a vitamin, however, it has enough of contraindications and side effects, so it must appoint a physician.

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